Vijayawada is a popular shopping destination in Andhra Pradesh. It can be described as a paradise for shopaholics. This city popular for Krishna River and Goddess Durga is one of the fast developing cities in the state Andhra Pradesh. Though it does not have numerous glitzy malls, it has plenty of quality shopping areas all over the city.

It is popular for small antique shops housing exquisite handicraft items native to Vijayawada. It provides profound choices in terms of artwork, paintings, furniture, jewelry, textile and ethnic toys resembling dramatic features of society. We should not miss to mention that Vijayawada is highly popular for the Mango Pickle. It is commonly referred to as Avakaya. has briefed the popular shopping places in Vijayawada so as to remain helpful for your Vijayawada trip.

12  Best Shopping Places in Vijayawada

1. Besant Road:

Besant Road Shopping places In VijayawadaDo you want to shop in a flea market type of environment, Besant Road is the right option. You can shop enjoying the effervescence of real life and shades strewn across the city. Besant Road provides plenty of option and there is no chance for you to experience disappointment. Garments especially sarees are the best article to purchase from this area. It is popular for Kalamkari Print, which is a traditional style that highlights various conceptions of Hindu Goddesses and Gods. It is present in all the garments displayed here. It has a lot of demand among buyers.

Mangalagiri Sarees is also another popular attraction in Vijayawada. Along with sarees, you can find a lot of accessories such as bangles and junk jewelry sold on street side shops. If you are looking for a customized shopping experience, you need to visit the most popular shop- Kamadhenu Silks. It is a shop with an amazing collection of salwar suits and sarees for women and kurtas and sherwani for men.

2. MG Road Markets:

MG Road Shopping Places in Vojayawada

When you visit the MG Road, you can find a lot of shops providing a different type of gifting items made using stone, metal, wood and marble and jeweler made out of silver. Ensure to visit Kalanjali Arts and Crafts shop to purchase all the best gift items for your dear ones. If you want to purchase exclusive silk garments with a mild touch of Kalamkari print, there are several shops in MG Road that offers the best service.

3. Old City Streets and Eluru Road:

Old City Streets Shopping Places in Vijayawada

The other name of Old City is One City. Here, you can find a lot of textiles of various kinds. It is must to visit the Vastralatha Building located in Old City as it is an important place for garment retail in Vijayawada. Eluru Road completely satisfies your shopping requirements with its numerous shops and several options. The entire has a long list of shops ranging from electronics and clothes to sweets.

4. Kondapalli Shopping District:

Kondapalli Shopping District In Vijayawada

You may not be a toy fan but visiting Kondapalli toys village is the must thing to do in your Vijayawada trip. The culture of Vijayawada can be easily seen in form of toys. The toys produced here depicts the lifestyle and culture of the city. The toys are carved and made using softwood trees of the Kondapalli Forest Reserve. All the toys are bright in color and surely attracts you in the first look.

5. Grocery shopping- Big Bazaar and Spencers:

Big Bazaar and Spencers In VijayawadaGrocery shopping is important for every person. The shopping becomes incomplete if you do not shop for groceries. You have to spend most of your time in nearby retail shops all throughout the month. Spencer is a leading retail market in Benz Circle.  Big Bazaar is situated in Governorpet. Both the retail outlets remain perfect for shopping monthly requirements.

6. PVP Square:

PVP Square In Vijayawada

If you are thinking Vijayawada as a rural place, it is completely wrong. PVP Square would eradicate all your wrong ideas about Vijayawada. It is a mall that is almost 20,000 square meters in size. It is constructed to provide complete shopping, entertainment, and luxury for the residents and travelers of the city. It is a highly frequented and popular shopping mall in Vijayawada. It is completely air-conditioned and houses several popular fashion brands like Woodland, Pepe Jeans, Fastrack, Louis Philippe, Van Heusen and much more.

If you wish to enjoy some fun activities with your family and friends, you need to enter the Scary House. It offers you a completely scary experience. It has three level parking space which can accommodate about 500 cars. There is also a separate parking area for two-wheelers.

7. Ripples Mall:

Ripples Mall In Vijayawada

MG Road is also referred to as Bandar Road. As mentioned earlier, it offers several dining and entertainment options. You can also find several shopping malls in this area. Ripples Mall is the prominent name when it comes to window shopping. Though it is not very big in size, it still has numerous shopping outlets where you can shop lavishly.  You can also have delicious food at the food court within the mall. The mall has the most popular PVR Cinemas. No matter, you wish to watch international, national or regional movies, you should definitely plan a visit to this mall. It is an excellent choice for people of all age groups.

8. Trendset Mall:

Trendset Mall In Vijayawada

If you are searching for a one-stop place for shopping in Vijayawada, Trendset Mall is the right option. It has all-entertainment, dining and shopping. It is brilliantly designed to impress people of various tastes. The complex has a large list of features, which you should allot plenty of time to shop in this mall. The mall is spread for more than 23,000 square feet and it has about five levels. It houses a 4D theatre, six-screen multiplex where you can enjoy all the latest movies. The food court can accommodate about 250 members. It offers plenty of options to choose from more than 10 cuisines.

9. Kalanikethan:

kalanekathan In Vijayawada

Kalanikethan is the leading name in India for purchasing clothes. It has a wide collection that emphasizes culture, traditions and local values and at the same time has a drop of a western vibe. It is a renowned chain with more than 40 shops in all the shopping malls in South India. In Vijayawada, Kalanikethan has its own outlet. If you want to purchase some wedding ghagra cholis, churidhars or sarees, this is the place you should definitely check.

Kalanikethan shop in the MG Road is popular for about four decades. It has served the natives as well as the travelers from various states of the country.

10. Bang Shopping Mall:

Bang Shopping Mall In Vijayawada

It is another popular shopping spot in Vijayawada. Do not see its name and develop wrong assumptions. It is a shopping mall perfect for serious shoppers. You can buy amazing trendy clothes if you want to give a new look to your wardrobe.

11. MVR Mall:

MVR Mall In Vijayawada

MVR Mall is situated on MG Road. It is located very close to the PVP Square Mall. It is the best destination for lavish shopping in Vijayawada. You can purchase luxury and high-quality items at a cheap price. It also offers convenient and comfortable shopping experience. If you are thinking where to purchase cosmetics, jewelry, footwear or western outfit, you need to step into MVR Mall.

12. LEPL Centro:

LEPL Centro In Vijayawada

LELP Centro is a popular option in MG Road. Here, you can buy anything you wish, from footwear, accessories, and clothes to sports gear and much more. It has all the features of a good shopping mall. It also has several decent restaurants where you can relish some delicious dishes when you want to take a break from shopping. Dining venues, entertainment options, parking area, large shopping space, LEPL Centro has all. When you step into this eight floors shopping complex, you would feel like being in a world-class shopping mall.

Did you wonder that there are so many shopping places in Vijayawada? Make note of these names and ensure to visit these shopping areas during your Vijayawada trip. You do not have to keep thinking where to go or what to shop, you can just make use of this guide, locate the place and start to shop.

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