Adrenaline and Dubai!!  Well, prepare to be pleasantly surprised as the world’s most famous dining and shopping destination can almost be labeled the world’s adrenaline city as well looking at all the adventurous side to it.

  Dubai the flashy and luxury capital of the world is on its way to fast becoming the adventure capital of the world too! So let’s dive right in and review the adventure-filled and adrenaline pumping activities Dubai has on offer:

Reign supreme at Burj Khalifa

   Welcome to the world’s tallest building, the astounding Burj Khalifa which has a whopping 125 levels where the top level is almost 1500 feet high above the ground level having an observation deck. Love heights, then go ahead and view the world at 1820 feet at level 148.

1. Go Shark Diving:

   Don’t have a diving certification? No worries. Experience the dive of a lifetime at Dubai Aquarium’s shark encounter package with all their ferocious sharks swimming in 10 million liters of water. Test your nerves and go for the kill!


2. Go for Stand-up paddle boarding:

   Learn and do stand-up paddle boarding in the fabulous Kite beach in Dubai. There are wonderful instructors to teach you the skills to do it and it feels like you are on the top of the world doing something so damn exciting.


3. Take a helicopter tour:

   View the splendor of Dubai by taking a bird’s eye view of the city’s skyline in a helicopter ride starting from 15 minutes to one hour. The helicopter sightseeing trip is wonderful to experience all the city’s attractions and how they look from above.

Helicopter4. Go Para Motoring:

   Soar hundreds of feet over the desert in a paragliding machine with an inbuilt engine in Skyhub in Dubai. View spectacular glimpses of running giraffes and gazelles in the sands underneath and experience unforgettable moments in the Gulf most lavish capital.


5. Go Skiing:

   In the heat of the Dubai, experience the cool and chilling outdoors at Ski Dubai, with a mammoth 245,000 square feet of indoor playcity within the Mall of Emirates. Chill out at the winter wonderland by doing a variety of sports like sledding, tubing, zorbing and yes photography with the cute wintry penguins is simply not to be missed.

Ski6. Day at the desert:

   Spend a day watching a stunning sunrise more than 5000 feet over the desert in a hot air balloon in Dubai and cherish the experience with your loved one. Get out your selfie sticks and take this whopper of a ride and don’t forget to Instagram it! On offer is also a vintage safari in Land Rover with breakfast and lunch packages to make it a day!


7. Tandem fall:

   Adventure lovers Ahoy! Experience the thrill of a century by doing a freefall over 14000 feet towering above the Palm Jumeriah followed by a breathtaking descent too! Don’t forget to capture this magnificent activity on video done by locals and yes show it off at Facebook and Instagram!


8. Dune Bashing:

   An adventurous and iconic activity to do in Dubai is Dune Bashing done in a 4 seater big vehicle. Experience the thrill of bang into sand dunes and ride over them crazily! Feed the photographer in you by taking madcap selfie’s on the sand and while driving especially at sunset which has glorious backdrops and captivating colors.

Dune9. Bungee Jumping:

   This is a simply not to be missed thrill in Dubai for all adventure lovers! Bungee Jumps can be done at various places across the capital like the Dubai Kartdrome. Learn this fun loving and heart pumping activity and go for it by jumping over 60 meters. Adventure seekers below 120 kilograms are allowed only!


10. Deep Water Scuba Diving:

   Explore the under waters in the Gulf by going scuba diving in the deep blue waters. The gulf abounds in flora and fauna in the region which can be nicely discovered by booking either a beach scuba diving or a shore scuba diving package. Get ready to be astounded by the rich diversity of sea creatures and get up close and personal with sharks, stingrays and lovely fishes.


11. Sand Boarding:

   Experience the sand dunes of the desert in the Gulf and go sand boarding. You can learn this awesome and fun activity and then it will be just perfect and you can go smooth sailing over the plush soft sand in the desert. Yep, once you are smoothly sailing why not try racing on the sand with your bunch of friends!


12. Go Jet Skiing:

   This fun activity is regulated by the local government and can be done in few restricted places. That makes it all the more fun and exciting to try!!  Ride on a jet ski at the rate of more than 60 kilometers per hour and experience the wondrous thrill yourself! Dubai Marina, Umm Sequim are some of the places where this is permitted. Don’t forget to keep a distance of at least 300 meters from the people swimming in the water.

13. Fly boarding:

   A recent invention, the fly board allows you to swim underwater and surf at the same time in the deep waters. Fun and easy to learn, this is a must do activity when you go the Gulf Capital. Soar high more than 10 meters over the sea level and get your juices flowing! It is a weather friendly activity and can be easily learned and is doable by everyone as it’s easy and safe to do.


14. Zip line:

   Come and see the world’s longest zip lining path for yourself when you visit the sassy city of Dubai. Go Zip lining more than 1900 feet above the world famous Dubai fountains at a speed of approximately 65 kilometers per hour and get your heart racing. Go on and book this activity with XDubai on their Facebook page or their website and yes you have to be chosen to do it. XDubai picks 30 people each week for the Zip lining so do apply in advance. Take care that you need to be 130 centimeters tall and at least 10 years old to take part in this thrilling act.

ZipLine   So my dear readers, save some days to get your heart racing in the Gulf’s crowning city and experience the adrenaline pumping activities of Dubai! Keep a few days on the itinerary to get your juices flowing in this land of fine dining, wining and of course shopping. Click here to get more such exciting updates for world’s top class destinations!

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