Nashik has principally remained as a popular Hindu pilgrimage place since Lord Rama had spent almost 14 years of refugee in this city.  It resides numerous temples and expresses a religious aura. It celebrates the popular Kumbh Mela, which is a religious function that attractions hundreds and thousands of worshippers from various parts of the country. Located on the slopes of Western Ghats, Nashik is the third biggest city in Maharashtra. But there are a lot of places to visit in Nashik apart from faith and religion. It is the most tourist spot that is located close to Mumbai. It is popularly referred to as ‘India’s grapes and wine capital’ due to mass cultivation and production.

23 Incredible Places To Visit In Nashik

  1. Ram Kund:

Being an important holy bathing tank in Nashik City, Ram Kund is one of the top places to visit in Nashik. It measures about 27 x 12 sq. m. Ram Kund was constructed in 1696 AD.  by Chitra Rao Khatarkar. According to the myth, it is believed that this spot has been used by Lord Rama for his bath while he was in exile. It is a beautiful holy spot for Hindus. Devotees ensure to take a dip in this holy tank to free from sins and get their wishes fulfilled whenever they come for Nashik vacationRam-Kund-Nashik

2. Muktidham Mandir:

Muktidham Mandir is a gorgeous marble temple situated in the suburb region of Nashik. It is also a popular tourist spot in Nashik. It is home to the majority of Hindu religion’s god and goddesses. It is a splendid shrine that showcases the model of India’s 12 Jyotirlingas. The architecture of the temple is magnificent. The white marbles used in the temple are from Makran region in Rajasthan. The temple complex resides a Dharmashala and it can accommodate about 200 pilgrims.Muktidham-Mandir-Nashik

3. Sri Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth Jain Mandir:

Located 15 km from the Nashik Main Bus Station, this is a lovely Jain temple on Nashik. It is a popular pilgrimage place in Nashik and also one among the top tourist places.  Sri Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth Jain Mandir is commonly referred to as Jain Mandir. It is a three-floor building. The architecture is not similar to other Jain temple. It is constructed in a contemporary and new fashion. The temple houses special Dharmasala that consists of 100 rooms. It is allowed only for the Jain community.Sri-Dharmachakra-Prabhav-Tirth-Jain-Mandir

4. Sri Kalaram Mandir:

Sri Kalaram Mandir is an ancient Hindu temple located in Panchavati region of Nashik city. It is devoted to Lord Rama. It plays an important part in India’s Dalit Movement. It has an architecture that is almost same to Trimbakeshwar temple. It has been built using black stones with four main entrance doors. Each door faces North, South, West and East directions. It is said that the temple construction took place for about 12 years. There are several similar temples surrounding this temple like Maruti Temple, Ganapathi Temple, and Vithal Temple.  Sri-Kalaram-Mandir-Nashik

5. Sita Gumpha or Sita Gufaa:

Sita Guffa is located near to Kalaram temple and it is 2.7 km from the Nashik Main Bus Station. It is a holy place where Sita prayed Lord Shiva on their exile. It is possible to access the cave that houses idols of Lakshmana, Sita and Lord Ram through a narrow staircase. The cave is also popular for the ancient Shivlinga and it is witnessed by hundreds of devotees all throughout the year. There are five old Banyan trees outside the cave. It has been named as Panchavati, which means five banyan trees garden.sita-gufa

6. Trimbakeshwar or Tryambakeswar:

Trimbakeshwar is a tiny pilgrimage town situated on the River Godavari banks in the footsteps of Brahmagiri Mountains. This town is popular for the Tryambakeswar temple and it is one amongst 12 Lord Shivas Jyotirlinga temples. Lord Shiva is the main deity of this temple. The main feature of the temple is it has three faces representing Lord Rudra, Lord Brahma, and Lord Vishnu. At the top of Linga, a crown decorated with precious stones has been rested. The temple also houses a sacred pond referred to as Kushavarta. It is in the font of Godavari River. It is believed that people visiting Tryambakeswar can attain salvation.Trimbakeshwar-temple-nasik

7. Dudhsagar Falls or Someshwar Waterfalls:

Dudhsagar falls is a lovely waterfall located near Gangapur in Nashik suburbs. It is a popular hangout place in Nashik. It is a beautiful and small waterfall shaped over the River Godavari. The waterfall is 10 m in height. It looks picturesque, especially during monsoon. It has a lot of greenery in its surrounding areas and the water flow remains huge during monsoon. Most youngsters in and around Nashik love to visit this place because of its scenic and serene views.Someshwar-Waterfalls

8. Pandavleni Caves:

Trirashmi Caves or Pandavleni Caves are earliest rock-cut caves located on the Trirashmi Hills in the South Nashik. It is a holy Buddhist place in Maharashtra. It was constructed during the period of Kshaharatas and Satavahanas for the Hinayana Buddhist monks. Several inspirations can be seen in the caves. It is possible to reach the Trirashmi Caves by following the steps that are located on the bottom of hills. After that, you need to trek for about 20 minutes to see the caves. The entry cost is Rs.5 per person.Pandavleni-Caves

9. Sundarnarayan Temple:

Constructed by the Gangadhar Yashwant Chandrachud, Sundarnarayan Temple is located at the Ahillyabai Holkar Bridge’s corner. Lord Vishnu in form of Sundarnarayan is the main deity of this temple. The temple has a beautiful architecture with a vaulted niche that looks similar to the Mughal Architecture. There are three porches and one balcony, globular domes and lobed arches in the east side temple.  The temple also houses carvings of Saraswati, Lakshmi, Indira, Narayana, and Hanuman. It is visited by thousands of devotees all throughout the year.Sundarnarayan-Temple-Nasik

10. Someshwar Temple:

Someshwar Temple is the ancient temple devoted to Lord Mahadeva. It is just 7 km from the Nashik Main Bus Station. Along with Shiva, the temple also houses Lord Hanuman. The entire temple is beautifully surrounded by greenery. It offers a peaceful atmosphere to the shrine. There is also a small children’s park and boating club that offers recreational activities to the devotees.  The riverbeds remain suitable for boating and swimming.Someshwar-Temple

11. Coin Museum:

Coin Museum is situated in the grounds of Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies that is on Nashik and Trimbakeshwar Road. It was founded in 1980. The campus is almost constructed in the land area of 505 acres. It is an exclusive museum in Asia where it houses a documented history and rich collection of the currency system of India. It is developed to educate people about how coins are transferred to the public. The museum displays a wide range of coins, dyes, numismatic material, photographs, replicas, historical artifacts, paintings, copper-hoard objects, and much more. If you are a passionate coin collector, you would find this place interesting and useful.Nashik_Coin_Museum

12. Sula Vineyards:

Rajeev Samant established Sula Vineyards in the year 1998. It occupies about 160 acres of land. Sulla Vineyards is the first commercial winery in the valley. At present, it functions two wineries, one at Dindori and another at Nashik in Maharashtra. The grapes are acquired from own vineyards as well as from local farmers throughout the region. It is one of the best places to visit in Nashik. The vineyards and winery remain open for public as part of the educational tour. There are also wine tasting rooms, 35 room resort, two restaurants, and amphitheater within the estate. The cost of wine tasting tour plus a tasting of five wines per person is Rs.350.Sula-Vineyards-Wine-Testing-Tour

13. Saptashrungi Devi Temple:

This temple is devoted to Goddess Saptashrungi. It is also one amongst 51 Shakti Peethas situated on the Indian subcontinent. It is a lovely two storied shrine. The Devi is enshrined on the top floor. The statue of Devi is very huge. It is about 10 feet in height with 18 hands catching various weapons. Sindoor is used for coating the idol as it is considered auspicious. Chaitrotsav is the important festival celebrated in this temple. It is mostly attended by childless women where they make vows and get blessing for children.Saptashrungi-Devi-Temple-Nashik

14. Anjaneri Hill:

God Hanuam’s birthplace is Anjaneri Hill. It is located at a height of 4264 feet. It is named after Anjani who is the mother of God Hanuman. It is believed that God Hanuman lived in this mountains during this childhood years. It is a lovely place that attracts both hikers and Hanuman devotees. There are two different ways from the Anjani Mata Temple. When you follow the left side, you can reach Sita cave in about 10 minutes. The cave consists of two rooms and it can be accommodated by 10 to 12 members easily. When you take the other route, it leads to citadel and there is another temple dedicated to God Hanuman.Anjaneri-Hill-Tour-Nashik

15. Bhandardara:

Being a small hill station, Bhandardara serves as a holiday resort to people living in and around Nashik. It is situated at the distance of 172 km from Mumbai and 70 km from Nashik. It is not a popular hill station but remains as a lovely holiday spot. It is blessed with immense natural beauty, pristine ambiance, refreshing air, greenery, tranquillity, waterfalls and mountains. Travellers touring to Shirdi and Nashik ensure to stop at Bhandardara. Some of the interested place to visit are Amruteshwar Temple, Wilson Dam or Bhandardara Dam, Umbrella Falls, Randha Waterfalls, and Arthur Lake. It offers plenty of opportunities for small hikes and treks for adventure lovers.Bhandardara-Nashik

16. Harihar Fort:

Harihar Fort is also referred to as Harishgad. It is a famous monsoon trekking spot located near Nashik. It was one among the forts under the Ahmadnagar Sultans possessions. It is located at a height of 1120 m. The fort can be accessed from only one side which is a tall rock cut staircase. It looks like a vertical ladder. There are about 117 steps. It is a thrilling experience to ascend and descend through this patch. The fort consists of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman temples, a small pond, and a small palace. The views remains picturesque from the top.Nashik_Harihar_Fort

17. Tringalwadi Fort:

Tringalwadi Fort is the major attraction in the Igatpuri region. It looks like the fort and caves were built around 10th century. There is no proof whether it has remained under the Marathas control. It is the most favourable spot for trekkers and hikers during monsoon. There is a stone statue of Rishabhanatha in entrance area of the fort. The entrance is beautifully decorated. There is also a large sabha hall and Hanuman temple within the fort. It is very simple to climb this fort. It can be reached within 1.5 hours. It is best to visit during monsoon.


18. Dabhosa Waterfall:

Located at Dabhosa Village, Dabhosa Waterfall is a lovely waterfall near Nashik. It is said to be one among the highest waterfalls near Mumbai. The waterfalls looks beautiful especially in rainy season. The flow remains full at that time. It is surrounded by lot of greeneries. Some of the best activities to indulge in Dabhosa Waterfal are fishing, trekking, laddering, rappelling, zip line, valley crossing, and kayaking. There are two accommodation options near this waterfall. They are Jawhar Hill Station resort and Dabhosa Waterfall resort.


19. Ashoka Waterfalls or Vihigaon Waterfalls:

Vihigaon waterfalls is located at the distance of 59 km from Nashik. It is a seasonal waterfalls located at the Vihigaon village. It is a famous weekend getaway for people residing in Nashik and Mumbai. It is situated in the midst of thick forest. It looks amazing and the path to waterfall has a small hiking route. On the way, you can also bird watching. It is a perfect spot for rappelling especially in the monsoon. It is also a famous place for several movie shots. There is no accommodation and food facilities in and around this waterfall.


20. Brahmagiri Hill:

Brahmagiri is located 31 km from Nashik. It is a mountain close to Trimbakeshwar. It remains as the foundation of the holy River Godavari. When you walk about 10 minutes from the Trimbakeshwar, you can see a signboard about warnings and presence of wild animals. You need to continue next 2 km, which would land you to the Brahmagiri Hill. It has rugged terrains and remains attractive to pilgrims, adventure and nature lovers. The ranges remain rich with scenic spots and natural attractions.


21. Shubham Water World:

It is the most famous park located in the Nashik. It consists of aquatic fun system with 14 platforms that is said to be first in India. It is an excellent fun zone suitable for people of all age groups. If you love to take part in adventurous rides, you need to enjoy the slides and rides like Black Hole, Vertigo, Adrenaline, Turbo Lab, Fast Track and much more. It has all the necessary facilities like parking, food, and changing room. Once, when you enter this park, you would not feel like coming out of the park.


22. Shagun Water Park:

Shagun Water Park is another adventurous park located within the Shagun Resorts. It has a lot of dash and splash activities that amazes you in few seconds. It is set up in the midst of beautiful green surroundings. The place remains calm and peaceful as it is away from the busy city. If you are planning for a honeymoon trip to Nashik or a family vacation to Nashik, ensure to include Shagun Water Park in your itinerary.


23. Keshar Baug Adventure Park:

Keshar Baug Adventure Park is the only adventure park located close to Nashik. It is completely a family entertainment spot with a lot of activities like Z-Bridge, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Net Crossing, Hanging Bridge, Ladder Bridge, Commando Bridge and much more. It offers adventurous activities to the entire family.


Planning for a Nashik tour? Ensure to add all these popular places in your Nashik trip itinerary, which will make your vacation a more memorable one.

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