When it comes to traveling in Indonesia, Bali is the most popular destination, and so it does not need a great introduction. Bali attracts tourists for many reasons such as surfing, diving, temples, culture, arts, food, etc. But, one of the best attractions for the tourists is the beaches in the region. Bali has long stretches of crystal clear sea, white sand beaches, black volcanic sands. It is perfect for activities such as sunbathing, surfing, and swimming. You can find many types of beaches in Bali such as ones with big rocks due to lava or corals, and ones with white or black sand. Here, you will get to know some of the beautiful beach destinations to visit in Bali.

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1. Nusa Dua Beach


This beach has many luxury hotels all over it. There are colorful varieties of flowers and plants in this region. It is a wonderful paradise with fragrant trees, wild mangroves, tall palm trees and orchids amidst golden sand and clear Blue Ocean. With low waves, this beach is idle for swimming. Also, the crystal clear water is suitable for snorkeling.

2. Kuta Beach


In Kuta Beach, the waves are higher and the currents are quite strong. With these aspects, this beach is the ideal one for the surfers. This beach is visited by a lot of locals and tourists. The Kuta beach is the favorite spot for night parties in beach clubs.

3. Sanur Beach


The Sanur Beach is situated on the coast of the Sanur village in south Bali. It is known for the golden sand and tiny corals. There are shells on this beach for the avid collectors. This beach is famous for the crystal clear water, mild waves, and also for creatures such as starfish.

4. Balangan Beach


This is a quiet and small beach that is hidden away from the tourists. There are strong currents and high waves, so this beach is not meant for swimming. During low tide, you can enjoy sunbathing.

5. Geger Beach


This beach is beautiful with white sand and it is calm than the other beaches that are known among the tourists. You can see many local seaweed farmers working here for their livelihood.

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