July is an excellent month for couples to celebrate their honeymoon and brew up their love. The temperatures remain warm just like their hearts. There is no best time than this month to relax your mind and bodies by exploring the world. Kick start your new life by planning a romantic trip. Here sharing five best destinations you can visit in July.


1. Valley of Flowers (India):

Valley of Flowers

It is an amazing area situated inside the preserved lands of Himalayas. It is exactly in Uttaranchal, India. It is a popular UNESCO World Heritage location. The flowers bloom during July just like your love blossoms during your honeymoon. The beautiful shades of greens and pinks seen in between will make you drop in love with nature. Though Valley of Flowers is not known to all, it is one of the excellent destination you can visit during the honeymoon trip.


2. Hamilton Island (Australia):

Hamilton Island

Do you want to enjoy your honeymoon in a place where there are less crowd and attention? Hamilton Island is the best place you should consider for July trip. It is a mesmerizing place where blue skies of Australia bussed with the sun. You can enjoy memorable moments by having a close eye to eye chat under palm groves or hand in hand wander across the beach.


3. Tuscany (Italy):


When you think about Italy, romance is the first thing that comes to mind. People in Italy make perfect love just like making sauces. Tuscany is a popular region where most couples prefer to explore together. Although the weather would be hot to almost 35 degrees Celsius in July, you can still enjoy sun-kissed background. Explore the magical countryside by wearing comfortable shorts and soothing summer dresses. Tuscany is the best example of simplicity and natural beauty.


4. Mauritius (Africa):

mauritius tourism

Everything regarding Mauritius influences romance. When you imagine Mauritius in mind, you can say ‘love is in the air.’ It is a most preferred honeymoon destination in the world. It is best to travel to Mauritius during July. Nature, the beaches and the resorts- everything will refresh your mood and soul and make you enjoy honeymoon in the best way.


5. Annecy (France):

Annecy tourism

When you enter Annecy, you will feel like stepping into your dreamland. It is a humble small town. It has an equal share of free-spirited performers and wishing wells along with Nutella crepes every footstep. If you want to spend some private and peaceful time together, Annecy’s lake is an excellent place. You can try ice creams of different flavors and relish tasty dishes of this country. It is sure you will experience a sweet journey throughout this place.

These are some of the best places you can plan to visit during July. If you have explored any other places other than listed above, please share your experiences below in the comment box. It will help others who are planning their honeymoon trip in July.

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