If you wish to experience quaint environs, sparkly seas, golden beaches and sunny skies, you have to pack your bags to enjoy a lavish trip to Andaman.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is famous for its serene shorelines and ever welcoming weather. You can indulge in wide range of outdoor and fun activities in Andaman. There is a long list of mind blowing places and scrumptious seafood you should not miss in Andaman. All these makes your holiday a memorable experience. It is a charming island for a serene family getaway, an adventurous place for diving lovers and a shelter for honeymooners. Andaman Island welcome every traveler with an amiable experience. If you are wondering why you need to visit Andaman, here is the answer.

Places to Visit in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Sea Walking:

North Bay Beach is one of the popular beaches in Andaman. You can indulge in sea walking and also visit Octopus Garden. It is awesome to see coral reefs, colorful fishes and several marine life forms swimming near you. It is the popular sea walking place in Asia.

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex:

If you wish to indulge in speed boat rides, rowboat paddling, jet skiing, parasailing or banana rides, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex is the best place in Andaman. It is a favorite spot for all water junkies. You have to step here first once you arrive at Port Blair.

Museum Circuit:

It is best to explore the culture and history of these islands by going for a museum tour. As these islands are rich in history, you will find the museums as the greatest place to visit. There are two famous museums like Samudrika Naval Marine Museum (Port Blair) where you can get a sight into biodiversity of marine life and Anthropological Museum gives awareness about the lifestyles of indigenous tribes staying in the interiors of Andaman Islands.

Radhanagar Beach: Havelock’s Gem

Though it is more than a decade since Time Magazine crowned this beach as the ‘best beach in Asia’, its beauty and charm have not dropped a bit. It is famous for the turquoise blue waters, breathtaking sunset and white sand. Radhanagar Beach is one of the beautiful places you should visit in Andaman.


It has the highest peak in Andaman. It is an ideal relaxing place for nature lovers. It has a group of caves, crocodile sanctuaries and popular turtle nesting site. The northernmost city in Andaman is Diglipur.

What’s more you are waiting for? Andaman is a hidden trinket in the Indian Ocean. It is sure you would get mesmerized by the beauty of this charismatic island. If you have already visited Andaman, ensure to share your memorable experiences and inspire others.

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