Think about long-weekend plans to chill out after all the hectic work, and what comes to your mind is Nandi Hills or Coorg or Yelagiri or Kodaikanal or Khandala or Mahabaleshwar or Shimla or Goa! (Hope we’ve covered quite some metros!) What if we told you if there is a destination that’s international in every way it can get, and it could very well be a wholesome long-weekend destination, and better still, a destination your boss would love to chill out as well?

5 Things About Bangkok:

The answer, as most of you might have guessed it, is nothing other than the Thai paradise called Bangkok. Bangkok is a wholesome destination – be it party or be it pilgrimage, be it beaches or binges, be it markets or massages, Bangkok has it all. Here find 5 Things About Bangkok And here are a few reasons your boss would love it that you’re going to Bangkok:

1) It’s just a weekend!

What better delight for your boss than the fact that you’re gonna go on an international trip, and that too, without taking a day off? With flights that leave late in the nights on the first day and reach you back on the early morning of the fourth day, there’s no need for you to take the day off (Assuming you’re not jetlagged or hungover!) Isn’t that an absolute delight for your boss!?


2) A place of rejuvenation!!

Bangkok gives you an experience that will make you feel young again – young in your mind, body, heart and soul! The temples that exude sanctity, the beaches that exude serenity, the beaches and the parties, everything makes you feel young again!! And when you’re young again, it surely means better productivity! (Unless and until you’re still daydreaming about your Bangkok experiences!)


3) Exchange Rates

Well… Thai Baht doesn’t have a positive exchange, but given that it’s just under INR 2 per Baht, you’re not gonna feel that poor! And what’s more? There are tons of things that you can buy for yourself… and maybe your team and your boss!! 😉 And better still, if it’s not gonna burn a hole in your pocket, you won’t be depressed for the next bonus or payhike! For all you know, it could be your next destination as well!


4) The Heat!!:

No… It’s not what you think it might be – we’re just referring to the temperature! Bangkok is essentially tropical. This means you’re gonna sweat out a lot. Even of you have all the beaches, parties and temples, your boss would be sure that there is, deep within you, a longing to come back to the cozy confines of your air-conditioned office! Let’s admit it – every tourist place has its flaw! (Folks from Chennai are an exception to this!)


5) The Packages from Visiit:

We’re not kidding!! 😉 If your boss would like to take your team on a team-trip (not essentially company-sponsored), offers amazing rates on wholesome tour packages to Bangkok, and it gets better with bigger numbers. Why don’t you tell your boss to drop in a line…and you could go on your Bangkok trip again to celebrate your Q2 achievements!

But yeah… let’s all face it! It’s not that you care so much for what your boss things… but we thought we’d just let you know! If you haven’t been to Bangkok yet, we’d surely suggest you check out’s packages to Bangkok! See you all there! 😉

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