Adventure is worthwhile. – Aesop

While going out on a trip, it is very important to know the do’s and don’t. We plan and arrange everything beforehand and make sure that we are not missing or leaving anything important behind. However, there are certain things which we should never carry with us when we are out on a trip.

Those things that are not to be carried on a trip are those that are not needed or there is some problem with them. To avoid getting overburdened and trouble with unnecessary things it is very important to know which things you should never carry on a trip.

Your list of things not be carried on a trip :

Hardcover books :

Hardcover books increase the weight of the luggage and they are also inconvenient to pack and carry. You can take paperback editions instead to carry them conveniently to the tourist spots. Having paperback books will help you pack your luggage easily as they will fit in anywhere or you can also carry them in your handbag.

Shoes that hurts :

You should never carry shoes that hurt you because you may have to walk places and those shoes will simply ruin your trip. You can definitely not enjoy your trip with a foot ache. You need to have comfortable shoes to visit different tourist places and enjoy them without any pain.

Toiletries :

Carrying toiletries with you is not a good idea at all because you will be getting them as complimentary in any hotel you stay. Moreover, if you book a hotel through a travel agency, then you will surely get a good hotel that will offer you toiletries and other complimentary things.


Iron and hairdresser :

Stop yourself from carrying certain unwanted stuff. They are available at the hotel and are nonessential items. So, don’t burden yourself with stuff and travel light. On top of that, if you travel to beach resorts then there you might not require an iron or hairdresser. You can simply enjoy the cool breeze with your hairs open.

Wine :

One may think of enjoying a trip to the fullest by opening a bottle of wine which is an amazing idea, but you need not have to carry it with you. You can simply ask for one at the hotel reception at an extra charge. It will save you from getting embarrassments if any how the wine bottle breaks open. It may also damage your dresses and other important stuff that are in the bag.

So, the next time when you are going out on a trip then make sure to leave the things mentioned above behind, as you will be only troubled and charged extra for extra baggage. So, leave them at home and travel light and enjoy your trip. It will also leave you some space in your luggage for all the shopping that you will do during your vacation or trip. A trip is always enjoyed when you have relaxed mind and body and traveling light is the only way to do so.

There will be many items yet needs to be addressed in don’t list, Always travel light and feel the pleasant of nature.

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