“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society”- Billy Graham

Father’s day is around the corners and it is no surprise that you are unprepared, confused and in a dilemma thinking over the best gift for him like every year. We are all left baffled with the same issue and end up buying the same old boring neckties for him. But didn’t we all know the importance of this man in our life or his contribution in molding us into a proper human being?

Our first known superhero and icon- father did not spare any chance in giving out their love and pampering for us ever. From satiating our hunger over that famous cheesecake to getting us whatever we craved for; our father is the inseparable figure in our lives that without a doubt deserve more than ball pens and ready-made cards, this Father’s day.

Best Places to Tour with Dad

Show how much he means to you by gifting him an unforgettable trip this Father’s Day to one of these exotic places:

For the dad who is always up for some adventure


Your dad makes several plans to Rishikesh in his entire life only to have it canceled for some reason or the other. This Father’s Day, make his dreams come true and take him out for a super-thrilling river –rafting experience. After all, it is not every day that you get to witness your dad freaking and screaming with a life-jacket on.

For the dad who yearns for a holiday at the mountains


There is no place better than the mountains to celebrate a day special like Father’s Day. Treat your dad to some fine vintage wine at the daunting hills of Mussoorie’s Landour. Constructed by the British Army, this decades-long dainty hamlet still flaunts brimming with the charm of the early Victorian age. Away from the city hubbub, Landour wears the blanket of serenity and is full of quaint cottage like lodgings. Wait no more, book your tickets right away and take your dad into the laps of nature. Mountains calling!

For the dad who’s idea of holidaying is by hitting the roads

Road Trip to Chandigarh

Your dad is struck with monotony, driving and taking the same route from office to home and chandigarh-vice-versa. But hold on, you can change this and take that car out from the garage for a better use. Long road trips have always known to be perfectly romantic. How about altering the meaning of ‘romance’ by driving your dad to a tempting road trip ever? The GT Karnal route that takes you to Chandigarh is by far the best road voyage ever. The famous ‘Punjabi Dhabas’ aligning the entire trip is just a cherry on the top. Get down treating your dad’s taste buds to some authentic ‘Punjabi-cuisine’ and you are guaranteed to make him wish he was there before.

Other places recommended for enjoyable road trip includes Cochin to Vagamon, Kolkata to Kalimpong, Bangalore to Wayanad, Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar, Hyderabad to Papikondalu and Chennai to Chalakudi. If you are residing nearby these cities, then you should definitely plan for a road trip to these destinations with your dad this Father’s Day. (Out of my personal experience, I would say Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar road trip is truly amazing.  It is enjoyable to drive across Mumbai Pune Expressway Tunnel).

For the dad who doesn’t minds being pampered


Fathers are probably the busiest species alive on earth, whom we have never seen relaxing. They are experts in juggling home and office, oblivious to the fact that they too can afford to rest and take leaves over an annoying headache. Now that they won’t relax or sit back to rest. Why not spoil him by checking into the majestic Agra’s royal villas? There are several resorts which offer a variety of relaxing activities including spa therapy, health club, poolside cabanas and amazing sundecks. How about getting an awesome room aided with a large balcony with the view of Taj Mahal? Pampering could not have been any better for him.

If your dad is a true alcohol connoisseur

Sula Vineyards

Dads with no liking over biweekly tipples are rare to find. If your dad’s idyllic way of celebrating things is by raising a peg, then Sula Vineyards is the perfect place for you, in Maharashtra’s Nashik district. Sula is forever remarked as one of the country’s best vineyard which allows paid tours, where you get the luxury to witness the epic conversion of grapes into wines. The story does not end there. Your father can revel in a most memorable stay at the vineyards besides enjoying the process of wine making.

For the dad who’s rule of life is ‘perfect-fitness’


You would have grown up seeing your dad sticking to his health regime without a single fail. ftiness-freak-father-visiit-packagesHow about gifting him a vacation that would satiate him physically and emotionally as well? Get a date fixed with Hyderabad’s marathon this coming August and just see his sudden extension in the morning routines. All of a sudden he would be having a newfangled short-term goal that he would love to cling on to.

For the dad who dreams about hitting the beaches every weekend


Goa has never ever turned anybody down, owing at the hypnotic charm that all swears on. Agoa-visiit-packages perfect spot to fix your date with dad, over some fried sea-fish and beer. Goa’s Baga and Calangute beaches hold parties that continue through the night and would have your dad’s teen spirit come out and dance. Never mind, if he is not into partying or boozing, you can always head towards the Arambole beach, which is a symbolizer of peace. Take a long stroll by the blue waters or sit back enjoying the warmth of the sun.

For the dad who isn’t much of a traveling lover

There are dads who skip out on the idea of hopping into different places and instead prefers sitting back over a long warm conversation at some plush resort or villa. You can still treat him good; all you have to do is book him a luxury hotel in your city which has a wide varietyfather-roadtrip-visiit of services like indoor games, pools, attached restaurants and a good view of the city. There is nothing he would love more than this.

This year, as a replacement for the stereotypical gifting ideas, embark upon the idea of gifting him a vacation of his life. Gift your dad a vacation that he would lock the best moments in his memory box till the last breath, and help him enjoy some of the best days with no cell-phone rings and office calls to disturb him. This Father’s day, make him feel special and give him the ode for being the best dad ever.

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