Dubai offers a wide range of adventurous activities to its visitors. It is the ultimate destination to feel the adrenaline rush within you. Be it in the air or in the water, Dubai has it all. That’s why traveling to Dubai can never be boring. You will surely be having a thrilling experience in Dubai.

1. Free falling adrenaline rush

If you want to experience the real thrill of life, this is the best you can try especially if you are in Dubai. With a spectacular view while falling, it offers you the best experience of this century. You will be strapped to an instructor and all the safety measures will be taken. You have to jump off a Cessna and fall down at a great speed towards all those skyscrapers, tallest of landmarks, the best of the beaches and many more. The most vivid and breathtaking sight is the plan drop zone over Palm Jumeirah, shaped like a palm tree.

Address: Skydive Dubai, Off Al Sufouh Road, Dubai Marina     Contact No.: 971501533222

2. Explore the sandy coastal reefs of Dubai

You can experience some good wreck dives a little offshore. Dubai offers best underwater experiences especially to the places which are unexplored. There is a lot of things to see in the Gulf of Oman which is off the Arabian Peninsula. You can see parrot-fishes, sharks, turtles, eels and scorpion-fishes. You can frequently see the whale sharks. Most of the Dubai hotels offer it to its customers. In this coral reef, you can even view the color changing cuttlefishes. It is a very popular activity among the tourists who want to seek some adventure.

Address: Al Boom Diving, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah     Contact No. : 97143422993

3. Bike through the soft dunes

If you want to explore the soft dunes of the desert there, you can surely bike through the adventurous terrains of Dubai. Biking through the Hajar Mountains through Ras Al Khaimah and Oman offers the best terrain for biking. You can witness mountain goats, wild donkeys and snakes. You just have to be careful of the snakes and also be careful of the toughness of the place. It is a steep climb and it will be obviously easy for experienced bikers. If you are new to it, you might have a tough time so it’s better to take someone along with you.

Address: Absolute Adventure Center, Dibba     Contact No. : 97143459900

4. Be a kayaker away from the desert climate

If you are not that much of a fan of a desert and want recluse from the crowd, you can go off to the Arabian Peninsula. There you can try kayaking as it has an arena of wetland which is away from the soaring temperatures. You can witness the mangroves all around and you can even see many endangered species over there. You can even check out the inlets and the coves and glide all day in the calm waters. There are many isolated beaches too where you can camp out at night. That is something truly adventurous.

Address: Absolute Adventure Center, Dibba     Contact No.: 97143459900

5. Have a guided hiking experience

There are many people in Dubai who actually consider hiking as a pastime. There are many routes at present in Dubai which the hikers explore. The best hiking experience can be felt through the routes around the Hajar Mountains. There are many high peaks and shorter climbs for you to try. You can even try steep climbing above the sea around Dibba. Non-climbers can try a different round around Ras Al Khaimah. It is a much easier climb for beginners. From the mountaintops, you can witness the spectacular view beneath.

Address: Arabia Outdoors, Dubai     Contact No. : 971559556209

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