Aquatic sports is one of the greatest attractions for tourist, whether International or national. Singapore is a city that has a large number of water sports attractions. These attractions are for people of all age groups. If the attraction area is equipped with proper apparatus and functions under good guidance, then they are a hassle and danger-free entertainment option.

Stand Up Paddling

    If surfing sounds to be an adventurous choice for you, then you can go for another better option – stand up paddling. This is a much easier alternative. This is a sport that can be tried by anybody above the age of seven. You can do this in positions of kneeling or while standing on the surfboard. You can move ahead by using a row. However, it is imperative that you are a good swimmer. Once you are comfortable with the style you can try pilates and yoga for more fun. You can get instructor support and advice for better safety.


    You can get training for Stand Up Paddling at SUP School. It is open even for kids above seven years. Once you master Stand Up Paddling, you can try yourself by adding  Pilates and Yoga to the sport. The training cost would be between S$60-S$100.

Venue: Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

Outrigger Canoeing


   The outrigger canoe is water sport that is filled with excitement and adventure. There are instructing boards and experts who can give you important tips on the techniques that should be followed for better safety and support. These training sessions are often ninety minutes long where you can get to know about the positions to main while you are in the canoe, paddling patterns and the postures to be maintained. You can include kids over the age of 12. Singapore Paddle Club offers excellent training at a reasonable cost (i.e.) S$50 for three sessions.

Venue: Silosa Beach Walk, Sentosa



     Dinghy sailing is yet again another popular water sport that can be tried while you are in Singapore. However, prior to trying this please ensure that you have a good affinity for the sea. You can get training sessions where you will be taken to the northeastern coast of the city and will be trained throughout the day. You can learn tricks of tying sailing knots, get to know the various terms used by seamen. You can get to know the various trick of sailing. Kids above the age of 14 can try the sport. The cost of learning Sailing Proficiency Course is S$160.50 per session and the Level 1 Course is S$535 for four sessions.

Venue: 32, Netheravon Road

Adventure Water Rides


    Wild Wild Wet is one of the most popular water sports parks in Singapore where you can get a large number of adventure rides. The rapid speed and the adventure ride are super exciting and fun. Children must be accompanied by elders for guidance and better safety. There are rides where the age specifications are maintained which must be adhered to. You must abide by the rules of the park so that you can enjoy to the fullest.

Venue: Wild Wild Wet, Pasir Ris Close

Jet blending


    The jet packs are yet again one of the most popular water sports that is done at the Ola beach club. This is one of the best attractions in Singapore that attracts tourist who has indulged from the various parts of the world. Prior to the experience, you will be given a good training on the various safety aspects and the ways the apparatus is to be used and secured. This will help you to be secure and enjoy to the fullest.

Venue: Ola Beach Club, Sentosa

           These water sports are for one and all. With good training and security apparatus, you can enjoy some best moments.

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