Andaman is famous amongst local and international travelers for its world-class diving, legendary beaches and far pitched location in the medium of nowhere. Andaman Islands is the best place to take a break from your regular 9-5 schedule. It’s beautiful opaque bright green waters are enclosed by mangrove forest, primeval jungle and snowy beaches that dissolve under blaze and purple sunsets.

The inhabitants of Andaman includes friendly combination of Southeast and South Asian settlers along with Negrito ethnic groups, which their arrival is still puzzled by the anthropologists.     The archipelago includes around three hundred islands but only some are allowed to tourists. Havelock is bit far island remains famous for diving and beaches. Both Andaman and Nicobar Islands is said to be the most pursued tourist destination in the world. In this blog, we will be discussing must visit places in Andaman Islands.


Bharatpur Beach:

Bharatpur Beach1

It is located near Neil Island exactly at the jetty. Bharatpur Beach is popular for its white shores and coral reefs. It is best to visit beaches during late evenings and early mornings. If you are interested in indulging in snorkeling, you will find the morning time best for this activity. You get a chance to explore the beautiful of coral reefs situated here. There are no words to describe the attractiveness of reefs. It is the reason Neil Islands are popularly referred as ‘Andaman’s coral capital.’ There is no need to worry if you are not a snorkeling enthusiast. Still, you can spend time by enjoying breezy beaches by settling on hammock with a book and iPod. You can lavishly enjoy the cool and calm sea breeze and pamper yourself.


Cellular Jail:

Cellular Jail

It is also referred as Kaala Paani which means black waters. Cellular Jail is one of the notorious leftovers of India’s fight for independence. It is situated at Port Blair. It is a must visit place during your Andaman trip. The construction was started in the year 1896. It was completed in 1906. The bricks were imported from Burma to construct this prison. At present, the Cellular Jail is converted into a hospital. Almost forty doctors practice and serve the population.


Limestone Caves:

Limestone Caves

It is situated at Baratang Island. It is a must visit location in Andaman tourism. Though there is nothing much to see, the caves remain marvelous with its natural wonder. It is worth to take speedboat journey from the caves. During the boat ride, you will be covering a tribal forest where it is a dwelling place for native Jarwa tribe. The stalagmites and the stalactites gather your attention as you enter the caves. Due to erosion, some unique shapes have been formed inside the caves. It is best to hire a guide so that you can gather lots of details about the history of caves and the local tribes.


Aquarium and Marina Park:

Aquarium and Marina Park

Marina Park is situated at Port Blair. Samudrika Marine Museum is the other name of Marina Park. Indian Navy manages this park. It was established with the main goal of creating awareness about preservation of aquatic resources and life in the Andaman Islands. There are five sections in the park. They are marine life, past of Andaman Islands, people information, archaeology and geographical information. There are miniature models in form of islands. It is displayed with large tanks containing different types of aquatic fauna and flora and natural coral reefs. These are some unique resources of these islands. The park is open on all days expect Monday.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands have exotic tourist spots which is worth to visit. Apart from quaint and relaxing beaches, Andaman Islands have rich treasure of rare fauna and flora. Here, we have mentioned places that are of prime significance and that should be included in every itinerary.


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