Are you a foodie Do you keep browsing where to eat tasty foods in Bangalore? Well, you have landed the right page. Bangalore or the Garden City of India displays a contradiction on every turn. This IT hub still reminiscent of the sleepy town has turned into a metropolitan city in India. The people of old Bangalore is shocked by the increase in population of their city. It is mainly due to the numerous IT companies in this city.

The traffic has become the nightmare and the romantic alleys have lost its charm due to the pressure of millions of cars and two-wheelers. But still, one thing that remains unchanged and is developing gradually is the scrumptious food in Bangalore. Those days have gone when you used to only indulge in Dosas or Kodava in Bangalore as now Bangalore is a motivating mish-mash of old and new with a number of options of various dishes found in different food corners. Here is a list of best dishes found in Bangalore. Now it is your chance to decide from which platter to start from.

Yummy dishes in Bangalore

1. Benne Masala Dosa

Benne Masala Dosa has its origin in the city of Davangere located in Karnataka. The literary meaning of the word ‘benne dosa’ is simply the Butter Dosa. To prepare this delicious dish an addition of generous butter to the normal dosa is needed. Moreover, a side dish like Coconut chutney gives the dish a mouth-watering taste and a better presentation.

It can be noted that this platter is served only with the chutney and not with sambhar as the other normal dosas. This tasty dish is made out of rice batter and cooked with rich butter to make sure that the dosa has a golden crunchy layer. Benne masala dosa is typically Kannadiga.  Though Benne masala dosa is similar to the masala dosa but is smaller in respect of size. You would find this dish in every reputed food corners and restaurants in Bangalore.

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For best experience visit CTR a south Indian Restaurant located at 7th Cross Road, Margosa Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore. So, what are you thinking of? Do not waste time and satisfy your tummy with this mouth-watering buttery dish in Bangalore.

2. Mangalore Buns

This dish is the sweet obsession of the Bangalore people as this delicious dish gives a mouth-watering taste when tasted from a reputed food court. Mangalore buns are considered as the popular breakfast and tea time snack. It is a tender, sweet and fluffy puri made of bananas. This local tasty dish belongs to the Mangalorean cuisine of Udapi zone is quite easy to prepare.

This popular dish is served with sambhar and chutney. If you are planning to taste all the delicious dishes in Bangalore, then starting with Mangalore bun would not be a bad idea. It would be better if you relish this dish with potato bhaji or kurma.

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For best taste, you can taste this platter from Chetty’s corner in Serpentine Road and in New Krishna Bhaban in Sirur Park. Else The Fatty Bao restaurants located at 610 3rd floor at Indira Nagar is also a place worth visiting. Mangalore buns are served hot. It is not like a normal bun.  Just go and taste this delicious food.

3. Dal Obbattu

This Kannada delight is a local platter of Mysore region and considered as one of the most popular street food in Bangalore. This yummy platter is popularly called as bobbatlu or Puran Poli. This popular dish is made of toor dal, jaggery, cardamom powder, rava, and flour and can be stored for two days at room temperature. This scrumptious dish is highly demanding during the festivals such as Diwali and Ugadi. This delicious dish Dal Obbattu is served hot with ghee sprinkled on it.

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You can try this platter at Holige mane which is located at 57, 6th Cross near Adyar Bhavan in Malleswaram. Do not be the unfortunate who has missed this tasty platter.

4. Idli Vada and Dosa

This famous south Indian breakfast is considered as the signature street food in Bangalore. The piping hot idlis, the soft vadas, and the crispy dosas are very affordable, easily available and are exceptionally tasty.

Dosa is similar to the types of pancakes. It is made of fermented butter. The main ingredients which are needed to prepare Dosa are rice and black gram. Idli is a spicy cake which is very highly favored in south India as well as in the neighboring country Sri Lanka. And the Vada is the fried snacks available in India. These popular south Indian delights are served hot with coconut chutney and sambhar.

The neer dosa can be found at some of the reputed outlets that are an integral part of Bangalore cuisine. Butter Dosa, Lemon Bath Dosa, Paper Dosa, Rava Dosa, Masala Vada, Kesari Bath, Poori Sagu are the dishes you must not miss. The Lemon Rice Dosa is made of lemon rice and Potato playa.

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You can try these delicious platters at Idli Dosa Café located at 184, 9th Main, HSR Layout, sector5. Else you can also visit Central tiffin room at Malleswaram, Brahmin’s coffee bar, Basavanagudi, and a number of street stalls on Thindi Beedi at VV Puram. Fulfill your appetite by tasting these mouth-watering dishes in Bangalore.

5. Bhaji with Filter Kaapi 

This street food is very much popular in Bangalore especially during the rainy season. There are a number of street food corners who sell this crispy Bhali that wins the heart of millions of Bangalore people. These deeply fried vegetable bhajis are immensely demanding during the monsoon as eating crispy vegetable bhajis gives the best essence of the rainy season.

Mirchi Bhaji, Aloo Bonda, Raw Banana Bhaji, Capsicum Bhaji, and Uddin Vade which is made of Urad Dal are the platter you must taste at least once. These scrumptious dishes are served hot with onion salad and grated carrot, dhaniya pudina chutney and coffee.

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You can try these dishes at A2B Veg restaurant located at CMH Road, Bangalore. Else Shivaji Bhaji cart at Vijayanagar, Basavaraj’s Bhaji Bandi in JP Nagar and in Pramod’s jalebi and Bhaji at Koramangala can also be visited. Taste this crispy food along with a cup of refreshing hot coffee with your friends and family and enjoy your evening.

6. Vada Pavs

Vada Pav is one of the popular dishes in Mumbai as well as in Bangalore. This is nothing but a simple sandwich which is made of the bun- bread and vada stuffed in it. Boiled potato, spices, green chilies, garlic, turmeric, asafetida are needed to prepare this yummy fast food. This spicy platter is served hot with fried green chilies and gunpowder chutney.

There is also the non-vegetarian version of this platter as then the veg vada is replaced with a stuffed minced meat and then it becomes the delicious keema pav. Alo Vada Pav, Chatpata Vada Pav, Schezwan Vada Pav and Paneer Vada Pav are the dishes you must not miss.

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You can try this delicious food at Goli Vada Pav, located at the 7th sector, HSR Layout in Bangalore. Else Dadan Vada Pav at Indiranagar and at Chatar Patar in Jaynagar are also good places. Explore the best outlets and experience this mouth watering food along with your friends.

7. Sandwiches and Parathas

The young generation of Bangalore is always fond of such snacks that give the yummy taste in just one bite. And for them, sandwich and parathas are the best options. There are innumerable sandwich stalls that provide tasty and healthy sandwiches which are quite famous among the young Bangaloreans. There are various kinds of sandwiches that vary in price ranges and tastes. Vegetable or non-vegetable both are found in these stalls.

Other than sandwiches tasty Parathas are also enough to satisfy the tummy of the people of the young generation who would not mind a little butter in Bangalore. Aloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Pyaaz Paratha, Mooli Paratha are some of the lip-smacking Parathas available in Bangalore. These mouth-watering parathas are served hot with green chili, tangy pickle and a piece of melting butter on the top of the paratha.

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Taste these scrummy dishes at Hari Super Sandwich Zone located at 171 Aurobindo Marg, 3rd Block, Jaya Nagar East. Else Tiwari’s ghee paratha and chai in Banashankari, Paratha Plaza at Koramangala and Golmaal paratha at Jaynagar are some of the well-known restaurants in Bangalore.

You are advised to try out chocolate sandwich and carrot paratha as these two are the most popular among the mentioned dishes. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy these wonderful Bangalore delicacies with your friends and family and please the tummy.

8. Kebabs and Rolls

Freshly grilled kebabs and crunchy rolls are also enlisted in the list of popular street food in Bangalore. Rolls such as chicken rolls, vegetable rolls and mutton rolls are some of the mouth-watering rolls in Bangalore. To make this roll crunchy, tasty paratha is used to wrap the stuff and served with juicy sauce.

Grilled tikkas and yummy kebabs are also meant to be tested at least once. Dishes such as chicken kaathi wrap, double egg chicken roll, reshmi kebab, mutton bhuna, mutton tikka paneer roll and tikka, baby corn tikka, mixed vegetable tikka roll, veg roll, mushroom roll and tikka are some of the irresistible platters that you must not miss.

You will be mistaken if you try to match the rolls with the typical Kolkata rolls as Bangalore rolls gains its own tasteful version. For those you are health conscious and thinking of avoiding such rich food can replace the paratha of the roll with a roomali roti.

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You can try these finger-licking dishes at Khan Saheb and Chakum Chukum Calcutta On A Roll which is located at ground floor, Sri Shiva Sai Complex, 7th Main Road 13th Cross Road, Indiranagar and in Sha-E- Darbar at Yesheanthpur are the best food corners to taste Kebabs and rolls. Do not waste your time just rush to your nearest food corner and have some of these scrummy snacks with your friends.

9. Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian is a crispy, crunchy, tangy and spicy preparation which is relished by a large number of people in Bangalore. This pocket-friendly delicacy is considered by the young generation as one of the best street foods in Bangalore. This scrummy dish is made of deep frying cauliflower balls to be tossed in the deep soya sauce.

 For garnishing the platter chopped spring onion is added. Though the dry version of Gobi Manchurian is a well-liked snack the gravy version is also available in the market. Ingredients like cauliflower, maida flour, corn flour, capsicum, spring onion, chili souse, soya souse, ground pepper, minced garlic are needed to prepare this dish.

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You can try this lip-smacking dish at Ravi Gobi Bindhu Chinese Center located at 1162 22nd Main Road SiddannaLayout, Banashankari Stage II, Bangalore. Else Murli in Bellandur, Spicy Corner in Jeevanbheema Nagar, Srinathji in Marathahalli is also some of the noteworthy restaurants situated in Bangalore. Give a treat of Gobi Manchurian to your friends and family and enjoy your evening.

10. Bhel

Bhelpuri is a crispy delicacy belongs to the chat genre. Ingredients such as puffed rice, tangy imli, vegetables, onions, bhujiya, and chutney are needed to prepare this spicy dish. This is one of the popular dishes in all over the India. But Bangalore has its own taste. An intimate cousin of this affordable street food is sev.

Sev puri is an intimate variation that is made of curd, small pieces of potato, tamarind dip and garlic. Dishes such as Aloo Dahi Puri and Masala Puri are some of the best dishes that you must not miss.

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For the better experience, you can try this mouth-watering street food at Karnataka Bhel House located at Bull Temple Road, Kamalanagar, Chamrajpet, Bangalore.  Else Basavanagudi, Tikki Tikki at Koramangala, Sri Sairam’s Chats and Juice at Malleswaram are some of the reputed restaurants where you can get to taste this delicious dish. So hurry up! Taste this wonderful pocket-friendly street food with your friends and enjoy your moment.

Some of the noteworthy famous dishes are mentioned above. Taste all these affordable scrumptious dishes with your friends and family and satisfy your hunger.


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