15 Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai

       Dubai is a melting pot of different cuisines of the world. With expatriates contributing to more than 30 percent of the population in UAE, there is no dearth of different kinds of cuisines in this country. Indian restaurants are no exception. Dubai is a conglomerate of several nationalities and India tops it. They have set a benchmark in the culinary scene of Dubai with different kinds of cuisine spreading all over the City. And it does not mean to adopt one kind of cuisine, but it encapsulated cooking styles and recipes from various states and provinces of India.

       Dubai is a center of multi-faceted culture. A huge population of India has made it their home for business activities and dwelling place since long. As per Wikipedia, over 2.2 million Indian is living in UAE which makes 30 percent of the total population.

     Indian food is quite popular in Dubai. Indian food is not loved by just Indians and Pakistanis alone, but people from different backgrounds crave for Indian food, also called as desi khana.  Dubai contains a whole lot of Indian restaurants that offer high-quality Indian food. These restaurants are praise for its curries, great flavors, and scrumptious dishes.

Indian Cuisine- Specialties

       Indian cuisine is one of the most-loved foods in the world. It is a wide variety of spicy ingredients, which results in tasty amalgamations of various genre of food. India restaurants all over the world offer a culinary adventure on authentic Indian cuisine. It is best loved for its spiciness, taste and the way it is served.

      When it comes to the hotels in Dubai, there are several kinds to pick from the lot. Here are the best 15 Indian restaurants that have been hand-picked from the lot.

1. Aangan Restaurant, Qusais

    Aangan Restaurant is a favorite not just among Indians in Dubai but also the regional people. Everything on the menu is scrumptious and delicious and you just can’t take hands out of the plate. It has everything on the menu for an Indian cuisine lover. But, you should definitely try the tomato curry lamb shank and the tandoori dishes.


   A restaurant that has won several awards and accolades, Aangan is located at Dhow Palace Hotel and is one of the finest places for Indian food. Though this place serves other kinds of cuisine, the Indian platter is something that the food lovers can vouch for here. A meal for two costs around 50 Dirhams at Aangan restaurant.

2. Rang Mahal, JW Marriott Marquis


    When it comes to high price point, one can opt for the Rang Mahal in JW Marriot. It is perfect for a celebratory meal or any special occasion. Rang Mahal infuses cuisine under the guidance of Chef Atul Kochhar and uses traditional flavors with modern flair and gives a delicious taste. Rang Mahal was opened in 2012 and until then receives several awards. The menu is tantalizing and excellent that you can vouch for everything in general. A meal for two costs around 250 Dirhams in Rang Mahal.

3. The Bombay – Marco Polo Hotel


     The most striking feature of The Bombay is its interior. Add-ons are a live band playing Indian music and then you can divulge in the aroma of Indian food. The best part is that all the prices for the menu are very much pocket-friendly. You can indulge in some fish tikka or a tandoori entree and have a blast with the menu options. Located in Marco Polo Hotel in Deira, Dubai, this is the best place for tantalizing your Indian taste buds. Price for two people will come to around 120 Dirhams.

4. Patiala Restaurant


    The name itself makes you go Balle Balle. This Indian restaurant located at Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai blends authentic Indian flavors with other kinds of the menu also. And it has a contemporary interior made in the world urban setting too. Chefs from Delhi have flown into Dubai to prepare food here. The result is that several Punjabi and North Indian dishes come together and you can get a whiff of each and every dish. Certain signature dishes and authentic recipes that are tasting outside India gets an appeal in Dubai for the foodie lovers out there. One should not miss trying chicken dishes and a few from the non-vegetarian platter. A meal for two costs around 170 Dirhams.

5. Delhi Darbar, Al Karama


     Delhi food is most famous for its taste and inexpensiveness. Here Darbar, situated in Al Karama is a testimony of this.  You can just indulge in any of the Delhi food here and tantalize your taste buds. Dishes like Palak Paneer, Chicken Tikka Masala, Malai Kofta are the main picks here. And you will just love its interiors and the owners have spent enough time on it to make it simple and cozy. You may not find a luxury sofa set or graffiti, but the restaurant is a sure bet on your taste buds. Located on Karma food streets in Deira, the menu here costs 100 Dirhams for two.

6. Naya, Jumeirah Beach Hotel


     Naya is a new kid on the block and it is a family-friendly restaurant that serves North Indian cuisine in exotic and beautiful interiors. The menu includes butter-based curries, Rotis, chappati and tandoori dishes. Naya takes you through a culinary journey through the lanes of North India which includes Delhi and Punjab. Naya is located in Jumeirah Beach hotel and it gives you delicious food that tantalizes your taste buds. The food costs around 175 Dirhams for two people.

7. Ashiana, Sheraton Hotel Baniyas


     The name sounds not so inexpensive, but the food served here is impeccable and delicious. Ashiana’s lamb soup and Murgh Ashiana is the most popular among the lot. Ashiana is an in-house restaurant at the Sheraton Dubai Creek hotel and is extremely famous for the Indian cuisine that’s been served. If you are ok with spending a slightly more money, then Ashiana is the best in Dubai. It gives you a wholesome meal for 300 Dirhams for two.

8. Asha’s, Pyramids Wafi


     This may not be the newest on the block. But Asha’s is a popular contemporary restaurant that gives you North West cuisine in a modern setting. Asha’s is part of a group that spans over six countries and hence each and every food on the menu is a sure bet on your taste buds. The legendary singer Asha Bhonsle found this hotel and she is a great foodie and this made her make her foray into cuisine. The best among the lot is a cherry on the top celebration for those who are looking out for a special occasion. A meal for two here costs around 150 Dirhams.

9. Dakshin Restaurant, Deira


        As the name suggests, Dakshin is the restaurant that serves South India food for the food lovers. You can enjoy your South Indian dish with traditional Carnatic music is being played in the background. This place definitely reminds you of your home. The pick among the menu includes Masala dosa, Onion Pakora, Koondal Porichathu, Egg Masala Appam etc. If there are some non-vegetarian lovers, they can try out some mutton biryani and Murg tikka masala. Located inside Lotus Hotel, Dubai, the meal for two here costs around 220 Dirhams.

10. India Palace, Garhoud


      This is a traditional Indian place with wooden interiors, copper tableware, and heavenly starter items. That’s India Palace in Garhoud for you. Here, the menu is so vast and elaborate and begins with Hara Bhara Kebabs, Lasoon Machchli, Paneer Kofta to name a few. Other dishes include Banjara Kofta, desserts like Saffron Kulfi. Located on one of the prime locations of Darhoud, the food costs around 120 Dirhams for two people.

11. Jodhpur, Al Murooj Rotana


        The name sounds so Rajasthani, isn’t it? Yes.. There you are. It is one of the popular food joints in Al Murooj Rotana and serves traditional Rajasthani cuisine. Check out the macaron chat, butter chicken and a few desserts. Chef Pradeep has taken inspiration from traditional flavors and adopted different cooking methods which in turn make every dish delicious and surprising to the palette. The interiors are so beautiful that it is a mix n match of fifty shed of blue that reflects Jodhpur’s nickname. A meal for two costs around 200 Dirhams.

12. Iz – Grand Hyatt, Dubai


       If you are looking for some five-star dining experience, you should not miss the Iz located in Grand Hyatt, Dubai. Yes, the prices are a bit steep, but the menu is equally tantalizing enough to keep you on the roll. There are several options available for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and the ones worth trying for is the Prawns Masala. A few other try-outs include the Tandoori dishes cooked at the live cooking station. The price for two costs you around 200 Dirhams.

13. Antique Bazaar, Dubai


        The name itself gives you that rustic feel and rhythm of an Indian restaurant. Isn’t it? The best part about Antique Bazaar located on Khalid Bin Walid Street is its decor. Ornate chairs, beautiful sofas, Indian motifs and quick trail to the yesteryear Bollywood entertainer- These are what any visitor can see here. The food is equally scrumptious and delicious with a whole lot of Indian platter being served. There are live music bands playing that add to the necessary zing to the dining experience. A meal for two here costs around 270 Dirhams.

14. Zaika Restaurant, World Trade Centre Area


        If you are craving for great North Indian food in Dubai, this is one of the best places to be. Each and every dish is worth trying. Zaika is the in-house restaurant of Al Murooj Rotana Hotel. Besides food, the interiors here are equally beautiful. The place is pretty and you can even plan a birthday party or a get together here with much fervor. A meal for two people costs around 200 Dirhams here.

15. Options by Sanjeev Kapoor, World Trade Centre Area

      Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor has created a name for himself not only in India but overseas as well. His much popular restaurant Options situated in World Trade Centre area is a sure bet to your taste buds. The food here is exotic and amazing as it comes directly from the kitchen of the most celebrated chef of India. He has a highly-trained chef working for him in Options. The must try from this restaurant include Shaahi Paneer and Shaahi Murgh. Located near Sheikh Zayed Road, this place gives your taste buds a wild dance. The meal for two costs 300 Dirhams.


       Dubai has emerged to be a great destination for food also. There’s no one who doesn’t want to go to Dubai and make their dreams come true. Dubai is usually a fantasy for everyone and food is one among them. Many top-notch businessmen have built their empire here. The top business among them is food and cuisine. The Indians living and visiting Dubai are always in search of Indian food. I am sure that the above list of 15 restaurants is going to help you all.

      These are the top and most popular Indian restaurants in Dubai that can you try out whenever you are visiting Dubai. Once you finish your shopping and sightseeing, ensure to attend the restaurants any time of the week and be a foodie yourself. These restaurants are popular and situated in the prime locations and sometimes keep the Dubai properties much behind.

       All the Indians there may be in the lust of the Indian food. This is going to help those people finding their taste in Dubai.

      Dubai is a popular food destination and with Indian restaurants in every nook and corner, they are a safe and popular option for the foodie lovers. If you are a very big fan of Indian food give yourself a beautiful start and experience awesome food at wonderful places in Dubai. Amazing food is waiting!!


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