Exciting Places to Visit Near Bangalore

Bangalore (now Bengaluru) is India’s one of the most popular and developed cosmopolitan cities that blesses its inhabitants and tourists alike with heartwarming climatic conditions, shopping spree and sightseeing.

In spite of the bustling crowd, the city sprouts with some amazing local beer joints and intriguing locals who are bound to make the day of any weary traveler. What amazes tourists about this city is its ability to create a heterogeneous crowd with equal ease and familiarity that is found in a particular local area.

Indians and foreigners are constantly attracted to the city for job prospects and traveling. However, if you are looking for weekend getaways from your busy schedule, Bengaluru has some outstanding and joyous trips in its neighboring areas that are sure to pop the bubble of your mundanity.

1. Dharmasthala (298 km)

Located in the state of Karnataka, Dharmasthala is a major attraction as a weekend destination especially if the tourist chooses the time of Pongal to visit the place.


The spot is renowned for attracting religious enthusiasts as it is the home the temple of Sri Manjunathaswamy, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The lingam made of gold is considered to have sprouted from the earth.

2. Dubare (249 km)

If you are a fan of wildlife beauty, then choose Dubare as your next weekend destination. You could witness lush greenery and wild animals amidst the dense raw jungle. The place literally celebrates almost all the local festivals with equal pomp and enthusiasm.


Witness the woodpeckers, partridges, leopards and the majestic Asiatic elephants in their grandeur amidst the wild as you indulge yourselves with the adventurous outdoor activities.

3. Coonoor (297 km)

The hill station located 1,850 meters above the sea level is the highest in Nilgiri Hills. The south Indian spot is renowned for its scenic adventures like trekking and hiking for which tourists from all around the world include this on their bucket lists.


The best time to visit is from March to October. During the month of January, Coonoor celebrates the tea and tourism festival.

4. Kudremukh (331 km)


The rich dense forests of Kudremukh located in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka offers a pleasing drive route for the tourists. This weekend destination should be ideal if you choose to visit the place over a drive. In addition, the amazing wildlife and scenic beauties have attracted locals and others with the parallel pleasantness.

5. Coorg (243 km)


As famous kings like the Cholas, the Hoysalas and the Vijayanagara have ruled the hill station back in the fifth and sixth centuries, the place gets a unique historical aspect in addition to its outstanding mountainous beauty. The place is renowned for its coffee and spice plantations as well as Kodagu’s honey.

6. Hampi (357 km)

Stamped as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Hampi in northern Karnataka was home to the infamous Vijayanagar Empire and retains its remnants to this day. Historical connoisseurs and admirers are bound to derive utmost pleasure from the picturesque ‘City of the Victor’.


Explore the historically rich village of Hampi and witness the majestic Tungabhadra snaking around it in all its might.

7. Horsley Hills (144 km)


For honeymooners and couples, Horsley Hills should sound perfect as a weekend getaway. This hill station keeps you aloof from the bustling crowd, unlike other popular destinations. Indulge in lonesome walks and experience the pleasant weather 1,290 meters above the sea level. The place has a sweet story that precipitated into the building of the Mallamma temple, which serves as its major attraction now.

8. Karwar (519 km)

If you are visiting this place, then include a weekday into the weekend getaway, as the popular beach destination is located 519 km north-west of Bangalore.


It has lovely beaches along with the picturesque beauty of the mountains as contributed by the Western Ghats. It has a good number of deluxe hotels that serve best for family retreats as well honeymooners.

9. Yelagiri (160 km)

Are you interested to bask in the utmost quietude of a hilly area? Then, look no further as Yelagiri is the perfect weekend destination to replace the cosmopolitan sameness with a tranquil break.


If you are a fan of the cultural festivities, then visit the station during May and June. Different genres of folk dances and cultural programmes are organized to showcase the traditions, customs and culture of the locals.

10. Bheemeshwari (105 km)


Another attractive tourist destination, which is significantly close to Bangalore, is Bheemeshwari. The loveliness of the natural replenishment of the destination could enchant nature lovers for hours if not days. If you have an inclination towards adventurous activities, then indulge in the local fishing and trekking practices.

11. Biligiriranga Hills (179 km)

The BR Hills offer an amazing trekking route that has been a major attraction for the younger souls for quite some time now. One can witness elephants, tigers, antelopes and lots more while trekking through the B.R.T Wildlife Sanctuary.


Although June and November are the recommended times of the year, the hills are lovelier throughout the year with its recent mountain biking and camping facilities.

12. Yercaud (215 km)


Located in the Eastern Ghats, the hill station is mostly known for the Yercaud Lake that is surrounded by well-wooded trees and gardens. The off-road adventure in Toyota Hilux adds to the attraction of the adrenaline junkies. Ideal as a weekend getaway destination with friends, explore the Japanese bonsai gardens and the mind-blowing activities to get the best of it.

13. Kanchipuram (280 km)


Perfect for the ladies, Kanchipuram has been a favorite tourist spot for women, especially for its authentic and auspicious saree collections. The place homes amazing temple destinations as well, hence, appearing as a well-rounded standard weekend getaway trip for the cultural people.

14. Kunti Betta (128 km)

The youngsters who look for an apt weekend escape from their new jobs or colleges have mainly popularised this place. Easy bus rides are perfect to reach the spot from Bangalore; after which the 3-hour trekking experience would bestow with all the tranquillity you could possibly ask for.


Ideal for backpacking with your friends or your significant other, this trek could even be looked upon as an unconventional honeymoon trip for its surrounding natural beauty.

15. Skandagiri (60 km)

Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga, is very close to the city of Bangalore, which serves as a perfect weekend retreat to the ones looking for a quick escape. Enjoy the trek from Kalwara village to the top of Skandagiri Hill (recently inaugurated by the Karnataka Government).


The awesome altitude of 1350 meters creates an outstanding view for those who want to feast their eyes and soul after the tiring trek.

16. Gokarna (484 km)

One of the most popular weekend getaways would be the Gokarna district that stands out with its infamous pilgrimage center attracting travelers from all over the country and the world. Even the beaches and the surrounding hills serve as prime attractions.


Praised as Mukti Stala, Gokarna is frequently visited by people to perform versatile rituals after the death of a relative, too.

17. Changanassery (616 km)


The culturally rich Changanassery is renowned for its exquisite lace embroideries such as Eravipuram, Kottayam, Pala, Parrasala, Changanassery, Trissur and Cannoor. The magnificent trading market as established by Velu Thampy Dalava works wonders to this date adding to the richness of Changanassery’s diversity.

18. Bandipur (239 km)

This national reserve aims to preserve the endangered animals of the country. Henceforth, the reserve collaborates with the Indian government to lay particular focus on the preserving of Indian tigers.


Located in the foothills of Nilgiri, feast your eyes with the animals being taken care of in the Bandipur National Park as you spend an amiable weekend getaway here.

19. Erode (264 km)

Also known as the Loom City, Turmeric City or the Textile City, Erode is popular all over the country because of its outstanding power-loom fabric products, readymade garments and handloom.


Also known for its coconut and turmeric production, the place mainly attracts middle-aged people who are ready to explore the rich market culture of South India.

20. Wayanad (282 km)

The name of the place is music to many tourists’ ears as Wayanad comes with a well-rounded package of ideal scenic beauties. In addition, the region states vanilla, cardamom, tea and coffee as its signature productions, which has made Kerala one of the leading exporters of the aforementioned items.


Wildlife sanctuaries, pilgrimage, emerald woods and majestic waterfalls are what comprise the ethereality of the place.

21. Kemmana Gudi (193 km)

Housing some of the rare and endangered species of the country is Kemmana Gudi’s sanctuary. The serene greenery, quiet vegetative beauty and the natural wildlife are some of the major attractions of this weekend destination.


Ideal for people who would love to devote their escape to the natural aura of Indian vegetation, K Gudi has served many happy tourists as the perfect weekend getaway spot.

22. Krishnagiri (89 km)

The City of Mangoes is known to be one of the oldest colonized place in the country due to the presence of different archaeological sites. Renowned for its agricultural practices, tourists throughout the year flock here to witness the famous mangoes that are exported worldwide.


The crop district of Krishnagiri produces 300,000 tons of mangoes on an annual basis, which justifies tourists swarming over the region.

23. Jog Falls (412 km)

Sharavathi River creates the Jog Falls, which is the highest accessible waterfalls in the country with a height of 253 meters.


Source : http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com

The ideal time to visit it would be during the monsoon season as the mighty waterfall then looks regal amidst the heavy downpour. Although the terrain around is not pleasing for unadventurous people, yet the view is worth once you manage to get to the spot.

24. Cuddalore (310 km)


Situated on the Bay of Bengal, Cuddalore has some of the finest beaches in the country, one of them being the Silver Beach (second longest beach of Tamil Nadu). The friendly ambiance and resting tranquility of the place make it an apt destination for weekend getaways. The locals are friendly, which makes Cuddalore easier to travel with friends or your partner.

25. Madikeri (254 km)

The secluded region of the Kodagu people drifts farther from the noisy cosmopolitan cities as you start getting more familiar with its people, natural surroundings and their culture. River Kaveri here holds special significance among the local people, as they are dependent on it for harvesting their crops.


The agro-based economy of the region is still prevalent here, as is evident by the utterly naturalistic ways of living their lives.

26. Belgaum (505 km)

This is possibly the most culturally flavourful weekend destination from Bangalore. Belgaum contains in itself the blend of the three different cultures of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa, which has blossomed into an amazing hub of uniquely diverse people and traditions.


Witness the locals in their exclusive expressions as you tour the numerous villages here. Located in the foothills of Sahyadri mountain range, the place has preserved several historical settings.

27. Tumkur (70 km)

This hilly area is mainly bounded by rivers that have given its people a religious aspect regarding the city.


Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple, Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi temple, Pavagada Fort, Aralaguppe, Sree Siddaganga Mutt, and Kalleshwara Temple are some of the major religious attractions of the city.

28. Bekal (367 km)


The outstanding keyhole shaped Bekal fort presented with the backdrop of the majestic Arabian Sea is gradually becoming the next big thing in Kerala tourism. The customary oceanic climate of Kerala coupled with the scenic backdrops of the sea make the entire weekend getaway worth the time and price.

29. Munnar (475 km)

One of the major South Indian destinations, Munnar houses the foggiest scenic beauties topped with a pleasant alpine climate and lush greenery at the Western Ghats.


The hill station is famous for its wild orchids locally known as Neelakurinchi, which is significant because it blooms once every 12 years. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, cycling, hiking, trekking, etc., are some of the activities tourists engage in.

30. Chitradurga (203 km)


The naturally formed boulders, caves and hillocks give this place an eerie yet auspicious look that tourists have grown a fascination with. This ancient town in Karnataka is famous for its exquisite stone art forms like the fortress of Kallina Kote, Ankali Matt, Chandravalli caves and more.

31. Badami (511 km)

As is evident by the name, the red soil land with red arenaceous rocks gives this small town its signature look that attracts tourists from all over the country.


Badami is home to several cultural heritages, temples and monuments, which make this place an apt escape if you are searching for something ancient to feast your eyes with.

Hope you find this blog interesting. If you have a long weekend or just planning for an outing next weekend from Bangalore, then you could visit any of the above places. You can also share places you have visited recently below in the comment box.

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