Dubai has always been a favorite among the tourists and every year thousands of tourists explore it. Since it is a tropical country with soaring temperatures during summer, it pulls a comparatively larger number of crowd during winters. It has so much to offer its tourists that you should definitely not miss it. The winter temperature is very pleasant there. It ranges from 26 degrees to 14 degrees.  Winter has its own charm and Dubai has its own. So a mingled vibe of both is sure worth a try!

1. The mega tall Burj Khalifa

Be it any season, Burj Khalifa should not be missed if you visit Dubai. It is the tallest skyscraper over there rising to a height of 2722 feet. It offers a bird’s eye view of Dubai from its Deck which is very beautiful. It offers you the desert on one side and the ocean on another. It is open from 8:30 am to 1:00 am and is a must try. It is the best human-made masterpiece in Dubai.

2. The archipelago of Palm Jumeirah

Although it is the smallest island among all the 3 planned islands in Dubai, it is one of the most popular spots in Dubai. It has the poshest apartments of Dubai and almost all the high stars restaurants. It is beautifully framed like a tree and if you can manage a helicopter view of it from above, you can actually see the tree-shaped island. It has a number of outdoor activities which can be enjoyed in Dubai and you can cherish the beautiful sunset from there.

3. Dig into the history at Al Maktoum House

If you are a person who loves history, then you should surely visit the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House. It was previously a residence of a ruler of Dubai on whose name the museum has been named after. Here you can see one of the best architecture in Dubai. It has all the documents and photographs which shows you the history of Dubai.

4. The most remarkable saltwater Dubai Creek

This is the most remarkable natural saltwater creek in Dubai. If you are planning a visit during winters, you should definitely try visiting this. It goes through the centre of the city and divides Dubai into two halves- the north Deira and Bur Dubai in the south. You can enjoy an abra ride and a boat ride with your family and friends to explore the entire creek.

5. The most alluring fountain show

The fountain at the Burj Lake is the second largest operated fountain in the world. It is one of the most liked tourist attractions in Dubai. It rises up to a height of 900 feet. It sprays more than 22,000 gallons of water in one fountain show. It plays world music and Arabic music and has 50 projectors. You can see more than 6000 lights at one given time. It feels really pleasant during winters and is open until 11:30 pm.

6. Skiing over the desert arena

Visiting Dubai during winters and not trying skiing in the 22,500 meters of the ski area is surely at nada. Dubai offers great snowboarding opportunities to its tourists with proper professionals. It assures all your safety and you can just glide away. It is the first indoor ski resort in the Mall of Emirates which is very famous in the Middle East. Although it is open all the year round, it’s, even more, fun during winters.

7. The marvelous Jumeirah Mosque

It is most pleasant to visit the Jumeirah mosque in winters. This mosque is frequently visit by the tourists and is one of the most photographed sites. If you are a non-Muslim, then it is the only mosque in Dubai which you can visit. It even has programmes to provides cultural insights to its tourists and also to the localities of Dubai.

8. Try free falling!

Free falling is even more enthralling if tried during winters. This is the best adventure you can try during winters. The spectacular view of Dubai from thousands of feet above the ground while feeling the chilly winds is one of a kind. Over the deserts or over the Palm Jumeirah, no matter which view you take in, it’s a must try.


  1. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post here. Dubai is already in my travel list and i’m planning to travel this next year with my family.

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