“We Travel, Not To Escape Life, But More For Life Not To Escape Us!”

Life is not measured in years of existence, but moments of experiences! A life full of memories and unforgettable experiences make it more wholesome and meaningful. Needless to say, ‘Travel’ is one of the many things that gives this experience. 

Places to Visit in Andaman

There are a lot of ‘aspects’ of travel – people would want when it comes to travel – their kind of experience. It might be an intimate date with the sands and the pristine waters, or an engaging fare with fresh and natural delicacies of the place, or an adrenaline-rushing adventure, or a brush with the splendid history…

…and there is Andaman and Nicobar Islands for everyone!!

For anyone on a lookout to have their finger in every pie of travel, Andaman is the place to be! This archipelago is a melange of experiences! Here are a few places that form the major chunks of the epitome of travel-awesomeness that Andaman is:

1) The Cellular Jail:

The first in the list of the places to visit in Andaman would unanimously be the Cellular Jail! Thanks to Priyadarshan’s movie ‘Kala Pani’, everybody is aware of these semi-dilapidated structures that whisper the wails of our valorous freedom fighters. The first step into the premise is sure to give you a shiver down your spine, partly in pity and partly in pride! If that’s not enough for you, and if you’d like to get drenched in a spirit of patriotism, you should consider visiting the Cellular Jail in the nights when there’s an AV treat waiting for your senses, in addition to the splendid view of the prison-complex’s three floors lit in our Indian Tricolor!


2) The Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island:

The Havelock Island is the spirit of Tourism in Andaman embodied in an enthralling landscape – Velveteen white sands, fertile greens of the palms and the mesmerizing light blues of the waters that put Aishwarya Rai’s eyes to shame! No wonder, Havelock is a bound destination in the exhaustive list of places to visit in Andaman. You could start your warm late-afternoons enjoying wading in the shallow waters, and take a walk in the evenings on the sands of the west beach, double-dating your loved one and the golden hues of the sunset!


3) The Limestone Caves:

We’ve talked about Andaman’s history! More than just ‘history,’ there’s a living, breathing evidence of Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ tryst with history over the millennia… way before it was recorded – The Limestone Caves of Baratang Island. Even if you fail to consider the stalactites and stalagmites inside the moist caves, the walks through the swamps and the wooden bridges is an experience worth treasuring… for another few millennia! PS: Don’t be surprised to see a crocodile sunbathing! Perhaps Baratanga is the only place it has it its list of places to visit in Andaman! 😉


4) Wandoor Beach:

Maybe the repetition of beaches to visit in Andaman might be overwhelming to a reader, but surely not for a traveler. Wandoor Beach is one of a kind – the waters are relatively calm and it’s a sight to see those surfy waves raise to mere inches! It is so shallow that you can literally walk in the waters, and with some skill, maybe even float on it. Wandoor beach is nothing more and nothing less than Nature’s pristine infinity pool, making it a must in the list of places to visit in Andaman.

places-wandoor-beach-visiit5) Scuba Diving in North Bay Island:

Almost every Indian Citizen has seen the North Bay Island – that’s the one you get to see on the back of the 20 Rupees note. However, the experience there is more than what you see on the red-hued pine-pulp paper! North Bay is a scuba-enthusiast’s paradise and the ‘enthusiasm’ is diving-experience agnostic. Just train to scuba-dive within 20 mins, and catch a date with the coral-reefs, some of the most colorful fishes and creatures that defy your definition of ‘creature’! This is the icing on the top of the places to visit in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


6) The Mud Volcano:

The Mud Volcano in Andaman tops the list of the most unique places to visit in Andaman. It will break your stereotype of volcanoes boiling with red hot lava – this one spews our bubbles of thick slimy mud. This volcano is fondly known to the locals as ‘jalki’. The way that leads to this volcano is an experience in itself – a steep-rise trek through some lush greens!!

Trivia: Did You Know? The only active Volcano of South Asia is in Barren Islands Andaman! And guess when it last erupted!? On 23rd January, this year!

A Few More Things:

It would be a sin not to mention about Andaman’s food! Though Andaman’s cuisine is a cocktail of the Bangla, Tamil & Andhra cuisine, the availability of fresh seafood makes every dish taste very special! There lobsters, crabs and fishes, and not to mention the insanely tasty coconuts that will put our Pollachi second in the list!

It’s a place for adventure buffs! Be it plunging into the waters snorkelling and scuba diving, or defying gravity with paragliding, Andaman has it all. If those are too much for you, there are speed-boat rides!!

A meticulously-planned trip to Andaman will surely be wholesome, adventurous, memorable & cost-effective too!!

Andaman – A Sea of Difference… Literally!

The moment you leave mainland India to reach Andamans, your transformation starts. It’s an experience not to be missed – before we head to Thailand and Indonesia, let us give some time for the Paradise in our own land!

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