India is such a vast expanse of a nation, and it is so huge that it is called a subcontinent. With such a large area, the diversity in tourism comes as an added advantage. There are different kinds of tourist spots in India including but not limited to hill station, beaches, adventure sports, Wildlife sanctuaries, party capitals, palaces, excavation sites, nature spots, Health Tourism, and even medical tourism. With so much of places and Diversity, it is very difficult to cover the whole of India in 3 days. In fact, it is difficult to cover even a small part of India in 3 days.

However, we have given below, a list of places that you could ideally visit if you had the facility to transport yourself in a jiffy from one place to another.


For an average Indian, Goa is a place to party. It is more of a place where you get cheap alcohol, and you get to experience some of the coolest beaches. It is true that Goa is a Paradise for all the above said things. However, Goa is a lot more than what is presented in the above line. Goa has too many attraction that make it a very holistic tourist destination.

Goa is a land of beaches. There are different beaches for different kinds of activities. If you are an adventure lover, there is the Calangute beach that offers you paragliding, speed boating, Banana Boat and even water skiing. If you are a party person, the Baga Beach is the home to some of the most famous clubs in Goa including but not limited to Tito’s and mambo’s. Baga Beach is also the home to one of the very few branches of The Bikini Shop in the world, The Other being at Brazil. If you are a person who would love to experience the remnants of the Hippie culture in Goa, then Anjuna beach is the place you will need to look forward to. Don’t be surprised to see a person carrying a guitar and playing it for their own pleasure irrespective of the people who are watching them. Go for the towards the north of Goa and you will find beaches that are an absolute peace to be at, like the Arambol and the Vagator beaches.

Goa is not just about these beaches, but it can also double up as an amazing place of pilgrimage. We are not just talking about the Legacy of the churches left by the Portuguese, but even about the temple that were constructed by the Maratha kings who ruled this place even before the Portuguese came in. Bom Jesus Basilica which was the house of the cadaver of Saint Xavier is one place that no one will want to miss on a visit to Goa. In addition to this Church, there is also the Mahalaxmi temple and shantadurga temple which you should not miss on a visit to Goa.

Leaving alone the hard core part of Goa, there are a lot of other things around Goa as well. The beaches in Karwar are as good as Goa but without the crowd and commercial elements. The Dudhsagar waterfall which is on the route from Londa to Goa is one of the most picturesque spot for trekking. Just a couple of hours away from Goa is the adventure hotspot of Dandeli. Dandeli is a place where you can try multitudes of adventure activities like grappling, rafting, kayaking and even camping under the stars.

The National Capital Region:

The national capital region of New Delhi is a mini representation of what the entire subcontinent of India is about. New Delhi is a hotspot when it comes to multiple effect it has a very rich history that dates to the 6th century BC. It is a multi religious hotspot having Temples, mosques churches and even worship centres of independent faiths and it has been under the rule of various dynasty spreading over 2000 years, and with various religious affiliation. It has seen a commercial dimension and cultural dimension. With so much to explore, the national capital territory should definitely be on your list of places to visit on a three day trip to India.

Some of the must see spots in New Delhi include the Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, the Lotus or the Bahai temple, the Akshardham mandir, the Humayun’s Tomb, the Parliament House, the Raj Ghat, and the Jama Masjid. In addition to all of these, there are a lot of things that you should try in Delhi. New Delhi is famous for its kebabs and Rotis. There are a lot of shops that have been in the city ever since the 17th century. New Delhi is also a great place for economy shopping. The Chandni Chowk and the Sarojini market give you great options to shop in pocket friendly fashion. You can also at the Karol Bagh and the Palika Bazar to this list.

By annexing the neighbouring regions like Gurgaon and Noida, New Delhi has become a very different place. In addition to all these historic, culinary, cultural, commercial and religious elements, New Delhi also has a lot of things that are in line with the modern outlook of the world. Noida and Gurgaon are the places where you can find a lot of Information Technology related companies and they also have become the centres of shopping for World renowned brands.


Chennai is an essential part of this list only to showcase the diversity that India has, and Chennai goes on to showcase the diversity that each City would have in itself. It is not just about the diversities but also about how the cities of India can beautifully balance these differences. Chennai is usually referred to as the cultural capital of India. In addition to being the official capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is the cultural epicenter of mini signature aspects of India like the Bharatanatyam dance and the Carnatic music. Chennai has its own food culture and the masala dosa, which is a dish that is popular in Chennai, has been listed by the BBC as one of the dishes to try before you die.

Goa is all about beaches and parties. Delhi is all about culture. Chennai is about everything that Goa and Delhi of a together and has a couple of beaches, and one of them, the Marina beach, is the second Longest beach in the world after the Miami. Chennai is the house to the international headquarters of the theosophical society founded by Annie Besant. Your experience of Chennai starts right from the aromatic treat of the filter coffee. If you would like to enjoy the nature in Chennai, where is the Guindy National Park, which is one of the very few national parks inside an urban area. There is also the crocodile form which was the brainchild of the noted herpetologist Padma Shri Romulus Whitaker.

An evening stroll on the vast beaches of Chennai, eating the local snacks called the budgies can be an experience worth treasuring. Just a little about an hour from Chennai on a drive is the Mahabalipuram Shore temple which has been declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You may also consider attending a Carnatic music concert which happens in the month of December, or a Bharatanatyam dance show which is bound to give you a complete cultural experience of the south of India.

While the 3 day trip to India that has been described here could be extremely ideal, it only gives you an idea of how diverse the subcontinent is. There are different options of tourism from different places in India, and it would not be an exaggeration to say even a full year would not be enough for you to experience this amazing place.

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