Best Time to Visit Goa

   Goa has always been and will continue to be one of the best destinations, not only for summer but also for any kind of a holiday that you might want to plan with your friends, or with your family or with your colleagues!


    However, just like any other tropical destination, Goa has its set of disadvantages. In the winter months of October, November, and December, Goa becomes quite crowded and is also insanely expensive. It might be a great idea to enjoy an integral part of Goa like the Beer festival and The Film Festival in the month of November and December. This, on the other hand, might put you a little tight on the budget. If you would like to experience Goa in a way that the climate is moderate, and the places are still with the tourist appeal, the best time to visit Goa would definitely be at the end of March and at the beginning of April. It is not only these factors but also the cost-factor that contributes to the appeal of Goa in this particular season!


    Goa is literally overnight from Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, and 24 hours by train from Chennai. Although people who are in a tour to Goa might not care for anything on the way, there is an amazing waterfall called Doodhsagar that should not be missed, and it is quite a sight to see them on the train from Bangalore to Vasco.


    When it comes to accommodation, it is always better to choose beaches that are quite close to the most happening hotspots but not quite at them. Beaches like Anjuna and Miramar might be great places for you to book your accommodation – the accommodation options here add an extra dash of saving in addition to the time that you are choosing to travel!

     It is not just the economic factors that contribute in making end of March and beginning of April as the ideal time to visit the beach Paradise of Goa. It also has got to do with the climate, the visuals, and the beaches that have the ideal amount of tide at this time. A special mention has to be made about the Sinquerim Beach in Goa which would be an ideal spot for you to photograph the sunsets with a Portuguese Fort setting in the background.


     This time also makes it ideal for you to try the adventure sports in the Calangute beach. The core of Summer might be a little too hot for you to handle the Sands, and the monsoon that ensues would mean that the waves are a little too rough for water sports.You can try a variety of water sports like Jet skiing, Banana Boat, and even paragliding! Baga, which is the adjacent beach to Calangute, is the official party capital of Goa. This time of the year is when you get your party done for cheap. This would also mean that you get to have a lot of your dance floor space so that you can enjoy dancing around with your partner, or even alone. In all this, let’s also not forget that Goa is a Shoppers’ Paradise, especially when it comes to beachwear! With one of the very few bikini shops in India being there at Baga, you can be beach ready for any beach in the world with the shopping over there.


     Just like any other time of the year, visiting the secluded beaches of North Goa is a definite yes for any season. Experience the Solitude and pristineness of the beaches like Arambol, Vagator, Chhapora and a lot more in the serene North Goa.

      We believe that these are more than enough of reasons for you to pack your bags with not many clothes, board an overnight bus or train to this beach Paradise and enjoy the awesomeness of Goa in this time of the year when it is at its best, both in terms of freedom and economy!

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