Best Climate Guide To Visit Malaysia 

Malaysia has a beautiful tropical climate with the mainland having different temperatures on its different coasts. Overall the weather is hot and humid with intermittent showers happening.

In Malaysia, temperatures vary mildly throughout the year. Rain happens year round and yes it does go away as quickly as it came.



It’s important to note that the rainy season marks the arrival of the northeast monsoon which should be avoided. Especially if you visit the peninsular Malaysia and the Sarawak geographical area, it is better to avoid the months from November to February. Langkawi is also having great season.

In the lowlands and highlands there is a different weather pattern which is followed.

In the west coast of Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur September and October are the wettest months almost throughout the day. In the mountainous area of Cameron Highlands, Kelabit Highlands and the national parks, see the weather forecast before you plan to visit the area.

Temperatures in this area range from 22 to 32 degree Celsius and showers occur on a daily basis. Showers coming in this area including Kuala Lumpur and Malacca provide a lovely relief for the humid temperatures. Lovely sea breezes also blow in this area which becomes absolutely marvelous in this area. The highlands are located at an altitude 1500 metres affording remarkable temperatures to this area which makes travelling here a breeze.

Travel travel

Travelling to different cities and islands within the country of Malaysia is best done by the many airlines which currently operate. The ones of choice are Air Asia and Firefly which are the two budget airlines operating many flights from one city to the other. Air Asia became big later but Kuala Lumpur was the first city it started flying from before expanding to other cities within Malaysia and then wider to the rest of the Asian world.

Within the country, the best option for local travel in the cities and for day trips are the taxis. It is advisable to note that Malaysia being an Asian country, haggling is still the norm and locals do ask the taxi drivers to switch on and go by the meter but like all places, they frequently don’t do that.

So if you end up going without the meter and by a fixed rate, do bargain the best you can and reduce the cost of the ride. Also see if you can share the fare with a fellow passenger as the taxi drivers often try to charge per head for the ride and if you are the only passenger, you may end up paying fare for four people.

Other public transport in Malaysia is reliable and cheap too. You can travel by bus and minivans for the longer citywide distances too. Though in cities like Sabah and Sarawak, due to the long distances, travel needs to be done by boats across islands and air planes especially for distances too far away.

So go ahead all our lovely and regular readers and enjoy visiting the wonderful and spectacularly beautiful country of Malaysia in its full form. Do remember the tips we shared with you in the article and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more such wonderful and informative articles to make your travel comfortable and memorable.

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