Do you wish to travel but staying back due to budget? There are several exotic international destinations which you can travel within Rs.50000 from India. Here listing mind blowing international travel destinations that do not hurt your pocket. The prices mentioned here is for two person that is two pax.

Sri Lanka:

Sunset on Beach with Coconut Trees, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful quaint island nation. It has lots to attract visitors like delicious cuisine, historical remains of Sigiriya, naughty elephants in large elephant orphanages, endless pristine beaches and intriguing mythological tales it bonds with India.
Recommendation Period of Stay: 6 Days
Activities: Sightseeing, archery, exploring the serenity, water rafting, visiting stunning dzongs.
Approximate Budget: Rs. 15,000 (covers flight tickets, food, accommodation, transportation and mobile sim card).You can purchase ‘Simply Sri Lanka’ travel packages at Visiit. Ensure to try our latest discount feature.



Singapore is an island country and bustling city-state in South East Asia. It is a highly visited country in the world. People from various countries dream to visit this amazing high-tech city once in their lifetime.
Recommended Period of Stay: 5 Days
Activities: Singapore has lot of attractions and sightseeing places like Little India, Merlion Bay, Garden by the Bay, Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, Woodlands, etc.
Approximate Budget: Rs 15,000 (covers breakfast, accommodation and transportation).
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Being a Fun loving and vibrant country, Thailand has everything including all cluttered cities, spiritual temples, ancient banyan trees, tropical forests, pristine virgin beaches and vivacious nightlife.
Recommended Period of Stay: 8 Days
Activities: Enjoying the nightlife, night markets, shopping, exploring rain forests, relaxing at beautiful beaches, short island tour to Phuket, Bangkok city tour, etc.
Approximate Budget: Rs. 18,000 (covers breakfast, accommodation and transportation).



If you want to spend your honeymoon in a pleasant and peaceful environment, Vietnam is the right country that remains within your budget. You have lot of options for hostels and homestays. It is a wacky and stunning country with marvelous attractions.
Recommended Period of Stay: 5 Days
Activities: Visit Ly Thai To Statue, Ngoc Son Temple, Hoan Kiem Lake and Ha Noi city, enjoy the authentic water puppet show, try snake liquor, indulge in boating in Vietnam’s famous Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.
Approximate Budget: Rs. 20,000 (covers sightseeing, accommodation, breakfast and transportation).



A wonderful combination of architecture, nature, art and culture. It is one of the best places you need to add in your travel wishlist.
Recommended Period of Stay: 5 Days
Activities: Street food tour, city tour, shopping, checking out Petronas Twin Towers, nature walks, sunbathing on immaculate beaches, explore tea gardens, etc.
Approximate Budget: Rs. 20,000 (covers sightseeing, accommodation, transportation and breakfast).



Bhutan is a mesmerizing kingdom with full of stunning valleys, friendly denizens, intimidating dzongs and serene monasteries.
Recommended Period of Stay: 5 Days
Activities: Visiting stunning dzongs, enjoying the serenity, indulging in archery, water rafting, etc.
Approximate Budget: Rs. 35,000 (includes sightseeing, accommodation, transportation and breakfast).
These international destinations are some of the best places in the world ideal for vacation, honeymoon trip or family getaways. It is recommended to book your flight tickets five to six months in advance so that you can save a considerable fee. If possible,
book your travel packages in advance to avoid last minute rush.

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