We all know that summer is around the corner when a lot of students stop playing cricket and start studying for the exams, besides the heat of the Sun. It would also mean that in another few weeks a lot of school children will get to enjoy their summer vacation, and it gives a great excuse for the parents to take a break from their strenuous work schedules.

When we talk about summer vacations, especially in Tamil Nadu, we are generally referring to the summer hotspots like Ooty and Kodaikanal. There is more to summer than these two places that have been made famous by a lot of movies. There are a lot of places that are still untouched by the commercial elements and offer a very peaceful and serene vacation.


Perched somewhere at the end of the Nilgiris, Masinagudi is literally eclipsed by Ooty! People who would like to break away from their strenuous schedules and enjoy a vacation that is in Commune with nature opt for Masinagudi as one of the primary choices. What makes Masinagudi even more awesome is that it is a great place for you to set up a cab on the flat hilltops over a few things that give you a Direct Access to the star-studded Sky, the chiller climate and the Grand display of nature garnished with the symphony of the birds that sing in the morning.


If you have got a vehicle of your own, then Masinagudi should figure out in the list of places that you would like to visit for a summer vacation.


Deep within the Anamalai mountains, this little town of Valparai provides a perfect escapade for someone who is on the Lookout for a perfect summer vacation in Tamil Nadu. With lush greenery, Pristine waterfalls, winding roads, vast expanses of tea Gardens, and only a few options for a stay, including the government Cottage, Valparai presents itself as one of the most ideal locations for someone who does not want to stay away only from the heat, but also from the crowd.


Valparai is quite accessible from Pollachi, which again is quite accessible from Coimbatore, by air and rail as well.


Just a little off the fabled town of Theni, which is quite famous for its grape plantations and lush Green Fields, lies this quaint town of Megamalai. This place, although has not many sightseeing options to offer comma is a great place for a group of friends who would love to chill out for the summer or a couple who are on the Lookout for a romantic vacation where they get to spend time with themselves than in visiting locations.


Megamalai has only one Government guest house and is quite accessible by bus and train from Theni and by air from Madurai.

A quiet walk in the crude footpaths between the tea plantation in the Twilight is definitely and experience worth treasuring.

Let us not keep ourselves confined to the classics, for travel is not about exploring the famous places, but is more about making the places famous, because our explorations matter as well.


Cosmopolitan Bengaluru (the erstwhile Bangalore) is one of India’s most dynamically created urban communities. It is flavored with a considerate atmosphere and is also a thriving partying, feasting and shopping destination. Truly, it’s familiar luxuries are a gift from heaven to the exhausted voyager who has done the hard yards. It is an extraordinary city for blending with local people who can impart knowledge of the place. In spite of the fact that there are no world-class sights, you’ll discover stunning parks and striking Victorian-era engineering.

Bangalore city is a perfect place to visit around with your family and friends and nurture the rich culture and heritage of the place. Apart from being a modern day tech-city, Bangalore has immense instances of its rich heritage that truly signifies the beauty and passion of the place. There are lots of places to explore and go into the deep history of those places. Bangalore is just the perfect place to relax and enjoy the classy historical and modern-day outlook of what India stands for!

Here’s a detailed outlook of some of the most popular tourist spots in Bangalore where you can spend time with your family:-

Bangalore Palace

The Majestic Bangalore Palace embodies the flavor of old magnificent lavishness. This focal fascination of Bangalore – the royal residence is a 19th Century marvel. Chamarajendra Wadiyar’s British Guardians purchased the first property in 1873 from the chief of Bangalore Central High School, Rev. J Garret. The castle is remarkably tremendous and spread over 45,000 square feet.


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Aside from being a noteworthy traveler goal, the royal residence is a host to various social occasions, musical shows, and relational unions. According to convictions, King Chamarajendra Wadiyar drew his motivation for building the royal residence from the Windsor Castle of London.

The rock seats enhanced with fluorescent blue clay tiles on the ground floor, a fabled Ballroom, the renowned painter Raja Ravi Varma’s artistic creations, vine-secured dividers, and the Durbar Hall on the main floor meet up to shape the predisposing Bangalore Palace.

Cubbon Park

     This stop is a noteworthy touring fascination, with 300 sections of lush green foliage. Having been set around Lord Cubbon, it is a perfect place for nature darlings and those looking for a quiet environment. One of Cubbon Park’s highlights is bandstand that hosts shows – literally, a trumpet of the Victorian Era testimony that Bangalore and its tourism is.


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The Bangalore Aquarium is an auxiliary attention in this stop. Being the second-largest aquarium in India, the aquarium is an absolute must for a complete visit of Bengaluru. The Cubbon Park is under the control of the Department of Horticulture.

Bannerghatta National Park

     Nature-lovers and photographers are definitely in for a treat in the Bannerghatta National Park. Bannerghatta in Bangalore is the diverse gathering of natural life here including but not limited to elephants, panthers, jackals, foxes, boars, sloths, Indian gazelles, spotted deers, porcupines, Asiatic Lions, Royal Bengal Tigers, and  even the dreaded-yet-majestic cobras.


Bannerghatta is also an abode to a lot of trees that thrive in the semi-tropical climate. The sandalwood, neem, tamarind, bamboo and eucalyptus are a few of them. The animals that roam free and wild, the trees that relish the breezes and the chirps of birds are surely a treat to the people who would like to break out for peace in the weekends from Bangalore.

Brimming with the abundance of nature, the Bannerghatta National Park has a special place for everyone in Bangalore. Beyond being a wildlife galore, the wide assortment of adventure sports like trekking and climbing make Bannerghatta more wholesome than it already is. All things considered, Bannerghatta is a brilliant meet with nature in its most expected peace.

Lal Bagh

     Lalbagh Botanical Garden is situated in the heart Bangalore, earning its epithet ‘The Garden City.’ It is broadly and globally prestigious community for herbal culture, taxonomy and also, in aiding the preservation of plants.


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A safe house for all nature-enthusiasts, Lal Bagh covers a range 240 sections of land in the core of the city and has about 1,854 species of plants. It was dispatched by Hyder Ali in 1760 and finished by his child Tipu Sultan. The garden highlights uncommon plants of French, Persian and Afghani origin and has bestowed the status of a Government Botanical Garden.

The place houses the Lal Bagh Rock which is more than 3 million years old. This professional flower bed, a sure delight for photographers, additionally comprises of the acclaimed glass house where a yearly flower festival is held each year and is likewise a home to an aquarium and a lake.

Tipu Sultan transported trees and plants from nations everywhere throughout the world and planted them, not knowing what his creation would become. Here and today, Lalbagh Botanical Garden has one of the world’s biggest accumulation of uncommon plants.

In addition to being rich in foliage, this garden likewise houses various feathered creatures, for example, Myna, Parakeets, Crows, Brahminy Kite, Pond Heron, Common Egret and Purple Moor Hen.

Innovative Film City

     Innovative Film City is a standout among the most famous vacation spots in Bangalore. This attraction is found 40 km away on the outskirts of the city on the way to Mysore. Covering a territory of about 58 acres of land, the creative film city was inaugurated in 2008. The place is segmented into three sections.


Attractions include entertainment arenas, rides, exhibition halls and so on; Innovative Style houses activities centered around shopping, eating, unwinding and a lot more! Innovative Studio that has an institute and a studio is a great choice to film motion pictures.

Chunchi Falls

     Chunchi falls, is a just about 50 feet high course of falls. The best time to visit this fall would be directly after the rainstorm when there is sufficient water in the Arkavathi river.


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There is a power station in front of Chunchi falls. Prior to the power station being introduced, Chunchi falls would have a great deal of water.

Nevertheless, after the power station is introduced, the measure of water has diminished drastically in the Chunchi falls. One should not attempt to step nearer to the falls as it may be unsafe and risky. Chunchi falls has seen mishaps sometime recently. It is strongly advised not to remain there until late night. As the place is deserted, the chances of some unwanted happenings are quite high.

Wonder La – Water Park

     Wonder La is said to be the best carnival in the city and draws in every one of those searching for a surge of adrenaline. It likewise includes some casual, fun rides, subsequently attracting guests of all age groups. There are about 53 water and land based rides. The dance floor with electronic controlled rain showers is the main popular attraction of this theme park.


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The free fall ride in Wonder La is unique and gentle. When you are visiting the theme park in winter season, you can enjoy and play in solar heated water. The theme park has five restaurants that can accommodate 1150 members. There is also a conference room where more than 1000 members can accommodate. Wonder La is the most famous weekend excursion spot for people in and around Bangalore and Chennai.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

     This landmark is situated inside the Tipu Sultan Fort. Worked in the vicinity of 1781 and 1791, the Emperor alluded to it as the ‘Rash-e-Jannat’ which implies the homestead bliss and envy of paradise.


Presently, it has been changed over into a historical center and is kept up by the Archaeological Survey of India. The structure has two stories and has great wooden carvings that decorate the segments and galleries.

Bull Temple

     Bull temple is related with legendary and religious noteworthiness, the altar is a famous love put. It is one of the quiet, tranquil and most established places in Bangalore. It is devoted to Nandi bull, the vahana of Lord Shiva.


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The bull temple is arranged in Basavanagudi, worked in the Dravidian style of engineering. Kempe Gowda, the originator of Bangalore, got the bull sanctuary worked amid his opportunity. This sanctuary considers as a part of the most seasoned sanctuaries of the city and draws fans from everywhere throughout the nation. There is a tremendous icon of Nandi Bull inside the sanctuary, measuring 4.5 m in tallness and 6.5 m long. It is said to have been cut out of a solitary shake.

The bull likewise has a little iron plate on its head. According to the custom, the plate keeps the bull from developing. The icons of God Surya and Goddess Chandra are giving an extraordinary scenery to the statue. It is trusted that the Vishwa Bharti stream starts at the feet of this statue.

Lumbini Gardens

     Lumbini Gardens is an open stop on the banks of the Nagawara Lake in Bangalore, Karnataka named after Lumbini of Nepal to devote to Lord Buddha of Nepal. It contains an eco-accommodating sailing park and a 12,500 square foot counterfeit shoreline and children pool.


The recreation center has created as an event congregation for kids. You will likewise observe families and youthful couples getting a charge out of the rides and nourishment from the close by sustenance slows down.

Situated close to the Nagwara Lake, the Lumbini plant is one of its kind Garden fascination of Banglore. The garden collects awesome measure of guests all days of the week. The wonderful peaceful condition of the lake offers the guests with entrancing perspective and exercises that individuals come to appreciate with their friends and family. The Lumbini cultivate is committed to Lord Buddha is an exceptionally wonderful child stop and has a sculling club which the guests appreciate in particular.

Aside from the children stop, the garden has delightful wellsprings and an extension of 1.5 km to stroll through with a perspective of the lake and perfect greenery on the other side. That is not every one of, The Lumbini plant is additionally known for the nourishment slow down and acclaimed restaurants adjacent that had made the place a top pick for large groups and families.

Ulsoor Lake

     Built by Kempe Gowda II in the second century, this lake was prior known as Halsur or Alasur. In spite of the fact that not fit for swimming, sculling can be delighted in at the lake.


Ulsoor Lake is one of the greatest lakes in Bangalore which is situated on the eastern side of the city. It draws its name from the name of the area it is arranged in, in particular, Ulsoor, near M G Road.

Extended more than 50 hectares it has a few islands. The present day lake was made by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring, Bangalore’s official. Ulsoor or Halasuru is one of the most established neighborhoods in the city of Bangalore. It is situated in focal Bangalore and starts generally close to the eastern end of MG Road. It is well known for its various sanctuaries and tight roads.

HAL Aerospace Museum

     HAL Aerospace Museum hall is India’s first Aerospace historical center set up by HAL (Hindustan Aeronautical Limited) in 2001. It is situated at the Old air terminal street as a piece of HAL commence. The place is an unquestionable requirement visit for every one of the general population wishing to witness the magnificence and development of the Indian Aviation Industry through the progression of time.


This exhibition hall is an endeavor by HAL, outstanding amongst other aviation organizations in Asia, to make Indian Nationals comfortable with the complexities and glory of the Aviation Industry in the nation. The gallery is overseen and kept up by HAL itself and draw in individuals from all age bunches to witness something immaculate.

ISKON Temple

Situated in Rajajinagar range of Bangalore, ISKCON Temple is a worshipped hallowed place committed to Lord Krishna. The sanctuary under the direction of Madhu Pandit Dasa and was introduced in the year 1997 by Shankar Dayal Sharma. Aside from a religious sanctuary, ISKCON is a social complex obliging devoted gods of Sri Radha Krishnachandra, Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Nitai Gauranga, Sri Srinivasa Govinda and Sri Prahlada Narasimha.


Well, this is not an exhaustive list and you can well imagine from the above-mentioned places how the city envelopes a rich legacy of art, architecture, and culture. Thus, Bangalore is a genuine cool place on Planet Earth which is the capital of Karnataka, a noteworthy state in the southern piece of India. It is a city of dreams and reality joining hands together. It is rapidly gaining importance as a must visit tourist place in India where you can cultivate the galore of splendid places and tourist spots.

Young Solo Trip to Thailand – A Divine Exhilaration

Planning a solo trip abroad? A trip to Thailand should be on your mind and very rightly your choice is spot on. Exotic temples, breathtaking beaches, thrilling adventure sports, happening nightlife, rejuvenating Thai massages, and mouthwatering Thai delicacies await you in the Thailand – The Land of Smiles. As Thailand is quite a tourist centric country, travelling solo is relatively easy if things are planned in advance. The country attracts a lot of young solo travellers from India and worldwide who are here to explore its culture, beaches, nightlife, and food.

How to reach Thailand from India?How to reach Thailand from India

India is connected to Thailand via numbers of flights that take off from various major cities in India. Most travellers fly into Bangkok and make it their base to explore the country. There are direct flights to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport provided by both domestic and international airlines from Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. If you want to land in Phuket, Pattaya, or Chiang Mai, you will also have the option of getting connecting flights.

Where to stay in Thailand?where to stay in thailand

There is no dearth of suitable accommodations to suit every budget in Thailand. Luxury hotels, boutique hotels, resort, to affordable hostels – you will find quite a few options that will meet your needs. Depending on the season the prices vary. So, by planning and booking in advance, you can find a good deal. Typically, solo travellers like to stay in guesthouses and hostels as this gives them a chance to meet like-minded solo travellers and exchange travel experiences with each other. In Bangkok, you can explore accommodations in Banglamphu area or Silom.

Experiences in Thailand:

Food:thailand food

Thai food has won the hearts of people from all around the world. So, when you are in the country enjoying the local delicacies are a must. The best place to do so are the local night markets where you can find a line of mobile kitchen shops selling noodles, spicy hot soups, fried rice, etc. Dining here will never make you feel that you travelling solo as the seating are often mixed and lively. If you are big on seafood you are going to love the food here – don’t forget to try Grilled Fish ( Pla Pao), Fried Rice (Khao Pad), Steamed Chicken on Rice (Khao Mung Gai), and Thai Shrimp Noodles (Pad Thai Kung). Some areas in Bangkok to explore street food are Chinatown, Phetchaburi SOI 5, Sukhumvit 38 and Talat Phu.

Massage:thai massage

Thai massage is famous world over. When in Thailand, you cannot do without a rejuvenating session of Thai massage. Thai massage focusses on pressure points in the body and typically starts from the feet and gradually moves to the head. There are massage parlours in almost every area in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand. But, for best experience always choose reputed parlours who have trained and professional staff. Even if it costs higher, it will be very much worth it. Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School is touted to be among the best places to get a Thai massage.

Full Moon Party:thailand full moon party

If nightlife and partying are on your mind on your solo trip to Thailand, then do check out the ‘Full Moon Party’ on Haad Rin Beach on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, for once in a lifetime experience. It is quite popular among tourists and takes place on the full moon of every month. Fire skipping ropes, booze, street performances, dance, and music are its top attractions. Like all such events, drugs peddlers are also known to be active here. So, if you plan to be there stay away from locals who tend to be over friendly and stay safe.

Places to visit in Thailand:

This tropical paradise in Southeast Asia is quite a diverse country and each city in this country has something different to its visitors. You cannot explore the country in just one visit. Such is the charm of Thailand – it will allure you visit again to experience it in all its beauty and glory. Depending on what you want to do here – be it exploring the culture, beaches or nightlife, you will have plenty of things to do.

Bangkok:bangkok in thailand

The capital of Thailand is a perfect amalgamation of the ancient and the new. Glorious temples and palaces, busy streets, lively markets, and happening pubs – you find it all here. Top attractions that should be on your list include the Grand Palace – the official residence of the King of Thailand, which also houses the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Pho famous for the huge reclining Buddha statue. If shopping is on your to-do list don’t head to the malls – instead, go shopping at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Since it is open only on weekend, make sure that your timings are right.

If you want to enjoy a couple of drinks and want to meet like-minded people, head to the lively Khao San Road towards the evening. This street comes alive at night with bars, pubs, cafes and lines of street food vendors. But, this area can get uncomfortably crowded at times and many travellers complain of petty crimes – so be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

Another thing that you must experience in Bangkok is the famous Calypso Cabernet Show. It is quite popular among the visitors here. The performers of the cabernet show are all lady boys! It is quite a show of beauty, music and dance that celebrates human spirit and diversity in a unique and eccentric way. It is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience and definitely warrants a watch.

Pattaya:pattaya in thailand

About 150 km from Bangkok is the resort city of Pattaya, often dubbed as the Sin City. With innumerable go-go clubs, beer bars and massage parlours, the city’s reputation as the sex city is not without valid reasons. Many young travellers are attracted to the place to have some fun and frolic on the beach.

Spend half a day on the Pattaya Beach and enjoy some water activities like jet skiing, windsurfing or paragliding. Indulge in a Thai massage as you lounge by the sea. The Pattaya beach is very touristy and hence can get really crowded at times to be relaxing. If you want to spend some time in a less busy beach, check out Jomtien Beach – a clean and nice sandy beach with cafes and bars, but relatively less crowded. If you want to get the panoramic views of the Pattaya city often seen in guide books, head to the Khao Pattaya viewpoint – a small hilltop between South Pattaya and Jomtien Beach.

Just 7.5 km west of Pattaya is the small island named Koh Laan, which boasts of clean sandy beaches. These beaches are not so crowded makes for a great place if you are interested in lounging by the sea and sun bathing. This island is easily reachable by sea through a ferry which takes about 45 minutes or a speed boat which will let you reach the island in just 15 minutes. Tawaen Beach is the most popular beach on this island.

Of course, now comes the most fun part in Pattaya – the nightlife. This is what Pattaya is rather infamous for. The Walking Street of Pattaya is the hub for the partying in Pattaya. Traffic is not allowed on this street from 7.00 pm to 3.00 am and during this time this street pulsates in the vibes of its own. Home to countless bars, pubs, cafes discotheques, cabaret venues and restaurants, this place makes your head dizzy with loud music, colourful neon light, and throngs of the crowd.

Well, not everything is so sinful in Pattaya – you must also check out ‘the Sanctuary of Truth’ – a colossal wooden temple that is an amalgamation of art, religion and philosophy and ‘the Big Buddha’ – one of the largest Buddha statues in the world.

Phuket:phuket in thailand

Phuket is mountainous island covered with rain forests and is famous for high-end exotic resorts, spas and happening clubs and nightlife. Home to some of the best beaches of Thailand, Phuket should be on your travel itinerary.

Phuket is located on the southwest coast of Thailand and is about 850 km always from the city of Bangkok. Given the distance you have to travel to be in Phuket, it makes sense to earmark at least 2-3 days for it. The fastest way to reach Phuket from Bangkok is via flight, but then it is also the most expensive way. If budget permits you should opt for a flight else you can travel by train and bus which can take anywhere between 13 to 16 hours. Take the night sleeper train from Bangkok to Surat Thani and then an early morning bus from Surat Thani to Phuket. You will start from Bangkok at night and will be basking on the beaches of Phuket by next afternoon.

In Phuket marvel at the beauty of the sheer limestone cliffs that crop out vertically from the sea waters in the Phang Nga Bay. Nestled in this bay are some of the exotic species of flora and fauna that you might be able to see. Do make it a point to check out two famous spots here – the James Bond Island and Koh Panyee. If you are a water sports enthusiast, you can indulge in activities like canoeing, kayaking, speed boat rides, etc.

Another day should be spent on the famed Phi Phi Island here. Also known as the Thailand’s super star island, this island lives up to its name with clear azure waters, sheer cliffs towering over the sea shore and the mysterious maze of rainforest jungle. Bask in the sun, meander on the beach and gorge on some delicious seafood delicacies.

You have not experienced Phuket in the truest sense if you have not taken a stroll on the Patong’s Bangla Road after dark. This street is the place to experience the happening night life in Phuket. After sunset, the Bangla Road on Patong Beach becomes alive with neon lights, blaring music, cheap beer, and many street performances. It is a friendly and happening place with a line of beer bars – each of them trying to compete with each other to allure customers.

After spending your time on the beach and enjoying the nocturnal life in Phuket, you must also check out the famous temple in Phuket Wat Chalong. Beautifully designed with tiny pieces of glasses, it looks exquisitely magnificent.

You cannot leave Phuket without watching Phuket FantaSea Show. FantaSea is huge and sprawls over an area of 140 acres at Kamala. With wonderful lighting effects, the FantaSea show is a fantasy show performed by trapeze artists and performing animals, on Thai culture with a mix of humour, love, magic and menagerie. The show is staged every day at 9 pm except Thursdays and Tuesdays.

Chiang Mai:chiang mai in thailand

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and beach parties, head to the North of the country to Chiang Mai. It is a large city with numerous temples and natural attractions but is relatively calm and laid back. A visit to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep – a venerated temple and one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Thailand, should be first on your to-see list. Another temple that must be visited is Wat Chedi Luang that dates back to the 14th century during the rule of the Mengrai dynasty.

Want to appreciate the ancient architecture of the place, then add Wiang Kum Kam the Underground Ancient City to your itinerary. Just five kilometres from Chiang Mai along the course of the river Ping, this ancient city dates back to the eighth-century Haripunchai Kingdom.  Stone tablets with ancient inscriptions, sculptures, earthenware, etc., are all over the place.

If you are a nature buff, add a trip to the Doi Inthanon National Park to your list. Home to a wide range of animal and bird species, it is truly a nature lover’s paradise. With about 362 bird species, it is also a great place for bird watchers.

For more advice on your solo trip to Thailand, do get in touch with the travel experts at


“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things” Henry Miller

In the lap of the Western Ghats in Karnataka among the lush green forest lies a small town, Kodagu better known by its anglicized name Coorg. This small town of India has earned a big title by being called as the Scotland of India. The place is soul-capturing because of the enchanting view of mountains and the aromatic smell of coffee. It is a perfect destination to visit when you want to spend some time in serenity away from the hustle of the crowded cities. It is a place where honeymoon couples can make sweet memories to be cherished all throughout life.

Coorg is a dream destination for short trips as it can offer you so many things in so less time. If you are planning to trip to Coorg, then it is recommended to buy all inclusive Coorg packages at

Here listing eight best reasons to visit Coorg this summer vacation :

Captivating view of the mountains:

The mountains look so amazing from Coorg that you just do not get tired of appreciating them. People who love trekking are sure to surprise their appetite as trekking options are available from Kakkabe to Thadiandamol, the highest peak in the region. There is yet another trekking route from Bhramagiri or Pushpagiri range.

Fascinating waterfalls:

There are basically two eye-catching waterfalls in this region, Abbey Falls and Iruppu Falls. People fall in love with the rhythm of the Falls. These two falls give you ample memories which you can capture on your camera and cherished later. The Abbey Falls is located in the coffee plantation region. The Iruppu Falls is located close to Nagarhole National Park which is a home of diverse types of flora and fauna.

Exquisite cuisine:

A visit to Coorg also gives you a chance to stimulate your taste buds. The local people of Coorg make delicious dishes for the visitors. Some of the famous dishes include Pandi curry, Atti payasa and Baimbale. Non-vegetarians can taste new recipe where meat is cooked with coconut and curry leaves.

Availability of coffee:

Your love for coffee can also urge you to visit Coorg. It has the biggest coffee producing plantation in India. Different varieties and flavors of coffee is produced here. The entire place reverberates with the smell of coffee.

A seat of culture and tradition:

Coorg is not only rich in natural beauty but it is very rich culturally also. The Tibetan monastery is counted among the top monasteries of the world. The Omkareshwar temple is also located in Coorg which is the house of Lord Shiva. This temple boasts of a fusion of Islamic and Gothic culture.

Food for adventure:

 If you are among the adventure loving people then Coorg can offer you a lot. Microlight flying is one of the famous things to do in Coorg. This is attracting people from different places. There are trained instructors to give you proper instructions before you can fly off to get scenic view of the place from high up in the sky.

Dubare elephant camp:

If you wish to have fun with elephants and ride on them then come here. This is a government training camp for elephants. Here you can even get down in the water and scrub them when they come out for bathing in the morning.

Kodava hockey festival:

This tournament is hosted every year. It is one of the most famous hockey tournaments held in India and even finds its place in the Guinness Book of World records.

With so many things to see and so many adventures to encounter, Coorg can be the next destination for your vacation. Do not miss the chance to pay a visit to one of the best tourist destination in India.

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How to find a Cheap Summer Vacation

Vacations are always the best ideas for unwinding and rejuvenating after an exhausting and tiresome daily schedule. They are always looked upon as a chance to get away from the monotony of the regular life. Such tour travel plans allow us to spend some quality time with our family and friends. However, these vacations often come with a certain cost. In fact, holidays which are planned for long distance destinations can be quite expensive. Hence we must plan our vacations in the most astute manner.

Cost Increasing factors

There are certain aspects that contribute towards the rising price index of vacation tours. The first aspect will be that of the traveling cost. Most people opt for flights these days so that they do not have to waste time in traveling and they can enjoy their vacation destination to the fullest. However, flight tickets can be very expensive. They can escalate the total cost estimate of your holidays several times. Hence it is advised that you can do the planning beforehand. One must keep a close tab on the flight rates to their planned destination for a while. If required you can also consult a travel agency in this context. These agencies are often able to provide you with attractive tour packages where the cost of travelling is kept low. Yet again within these all inclusive packages, one can also get hotels rooms at a subsidized rate.

With these two aspects sorted and taken care of the overall cost factor of the tour package will go down automatically and too by a considerable margin. These travel agencies are often preferred by people so that they can enjoy their holidays without a second thought. These agencies take care of all the arrangements from your pickups to hotel rooms to that of sightseeing. The entire vacation is rendered to you free of any hassle at the payment of a certain tour package amount.

Ways to reduce prices of vacations

However in case you are looking forward to planning your own summer vacation at a considerably low price then you need to do the planning well ahead of time. It is advised that you should book the travel tickets and the hotel rooms six months earlier. This will allow you to get subsidized rates of travel and also you can escape the rocketing peak season hotel tariffs that are applicable for those who make last minute reservations. Once again you can also do a thorough investigation on the place and can find out all about tourist spots that you can visit. Try to travel by public transport instead of hiring your own vehicle. This will help you to keep the cost factor of the entire vacation low. A thorough research can also educate you about the other specialties of the place such as its local cuisine, shopping markets, handicraft centers etc. The essence of arranging a cheap summer vacation lies in the aspect of how well can you plan the entire tour.

Top 7 hill stations in the South which are blessings from the summer heat

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. – Aldous Huxley

Summer is not a bad season as everyone thinks. It is the season of holidays so that you can go new places and have some fun and adventure. You will find numerous wonderful places such as hill stations where you can actually enjoy the summer in the coolest way possible. South is said to be the home to various hill stations that can be a blessing for you form the summer heat. Below are 7 of the most amazing hill stations which are also one of the best tourist places you will ever visit:



Ooty is located in Tamil Nadu and is one of the best tourist spots to hit during summer. The place is also called as the Queen of Hill Stations has amazing views to offer. Located at the backdrop of Nilgiri Hills and forests sprawling with Eucalyptus and Pine with azure blue lakes and aromatic coffee and tea plantation.


This place was founded in the late 1800s by American Missionaries. It is known as the Princess of Hill Stations. It is blessed with the cool misty mountain air along with a cave named The Devils Kitchen and gorgeous waterfalls with granite tipped cliffs. The place has a star shaped man-made lake with splendid greenery that also makes it The Gift of the Forest.



Another beauty in the list is this beautiful hill station which is The Scotland of India. It is a kaleidoscope of all essentials which make a wonderful hill station trip. Scenic beauty and greenery are an attraction of the place. If you are visiting South India then this place is a must.



A little town located on the Western Ghats is a perfect place to visit during summer. This place is suitable for those who love to have coffee because it is also known as the unofficial coffee hub of Karnataka. The place is full of monuments, landscapes, frolicking fauna, waterways and much more that will make your vacation memorable.



This place is brimming with natural beauty along with other gorgeous views of palm trees, misty mountains, and massive plantations. Ask a travel agency to plan a trip to Kerala, God’s Own Country.



A name that will not pop in your mind usually but is a place worth visiting is Dandeli. A calm and quiet atmosphere of this place attracts tourists from all over India. Kayaking, caving, rappelling are some of the adventurous activities you can look forward to.



Another wonder on the Western Ghats is this beautiful hill station of Wayanad. The name is derived from Vayal Nadu meaning Land of Paddy Fields, it has sprawling green plains with mysterious caves to make you fall in love with this place. Exotic jungles on the way will make your trip worth memorable and thrilling. Contact tour operators to book a trip for you to this awesome place.

Explore 10 new places in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik which is also called as the Pearl of the Adriatic is a place worth visiting. While I have always searched for a place full of attractions, beauty and amusement, I found it in Dubrovnik. With a spectacular seafront location at Dalmatian Coast, this place is a blend of nature and history. With a historic old city center, the city of Dubrovnik was founded in the 7th century and was ruled by Hungarians and Venetians for centuries.

With my visit to Dubrovnik, I found some of the best places that are worth visiting as one can find wonders there. 10 such tourist places in Dubrovnik are listed below which I visited and will suggest you to do so:

The Old City Walls

Walls have always been my likeness and I have found some of the beauties in Dubrovnik. Built in the 10th century and modified in 13th and 14th centuries, the walls of Dubrovnik are formidable and are as high as six meters and thickness of six meters as well.

Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasury

One of the older Cathedral which dates back to 6th century was destroyed by earthquakes. However, the Baroque style Cathedral church in Dubrovnik has still maintained is the charm and the ruins are also a treat to your eyes. I have found peace ad bliss visiting the place and you too can look for it.

The City Gates

Also known as Pile Gates, this is the main entrance to the most majestic and fabulous city. Make sure to drop to this place and you can see the greatness of the city.

Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar: Fort Lovrijenac

This amazingly huge altar is situated in a rocky mountain which gives a serene and enchanting view to the eyes. The best place to visit in Dubrovnik is this.

The Big Fountain of Onofrio and St. Saviour Chruch

Those who love fountains can go to this amazing square of Dubrovnik where you can see the amazing church standing tall and you can also have a beautiful fountain full of water.

The Dominican and Franciscan Monasteries

Monasteries have always presented a rich culture and so this monastery does the same. Lived by Dominican and Franciscan, this place has something to tell you about them.

The Rector’s Palace and Cultural Historical Museum

What can be better than a museum where you can find the history of this beautiful city in detail? This huge museum is a must visit the place as you can enjoy an amazing journey from the past to present.

The Fort of St. John

Another fort is the list is the fort of St. John which you will simply love to see as the fort is surrounded by water which makes it a magically beautiful place.

Stradun of Dubrovnik

This spectacular stradun will offer a nice view along with a long walk where you will offer the beautiful city in portions at various steps.

The Square of the Loggia

This beautiful square helps you to have a beautiful view which is never ending and can be majestic and magnificent as well surrounding buildings.


Discover off-road camps in Kasmoli in Uttaranchal

Uttaranchal, also known as Devbhoomi is a place full of scenic beauty. It has a small and beautiful village named Kasmoli. The place is loaded with natural beauty and you can see large mountains and fields where farming is done in full fledge. The village serves a perfect spot for hikers, mountaineers, trekkers and other tourists who like to visit hilly areas for a change. You will see that the area of Kasmoli is surrounded by greenery and the farms are full of crops. The place boasts about its beauty and serenity which lags basically in cities and townships.

However, since it is a small village so you will find very fewer options for hotels or other places where you can stay and you have to look for off road camps where you can get shelter and have an exhilarating experience visiting the place. Even camps are not well equipped and luxurious but that is how you get a raw experience of a place like Kasmoli. The drive to Kasmoli itself is a wonderful and thrilling fact because you have to ride between the hills which add thunder to the trip. So, if you are looking forward to having a visit to Kasmoli then a road trip will pay you well for experiences that are worth getting.

The hilly range of Kasmoli serves you with a great hike view and reaching the hilltop will give you the best feeling ever. It is true that Kasmoli doesn’t have much facilities or options for hiking but you can take it as a challenge and fulfill it by doing it all yourself and with few close buddies. After sunset, the place becomes more wonderful as the view of the sunset from the top is just amazing. Seeing the sun setting from the fields full of crops is an experience of a millennium. You can either set up your own camp or you will find few already set up camps that offer you services to stay and have some refreshment before proceeding ahead.

The camps are set up wonderfully and you will get to have some tea and snacks on your way to hilltop or other places. You will simply enjoy your halt at those camps and you can also have some memorable experience there as well. So, next time when you pay a visit to Devbhoomi don’t forget to drive to Kasmoli where you can have the actual thrill with your friends and bikes. The place has many things to offer you and it can satisfy your thirst for adventure in the best possible way. Apart from a random trip to Kasmoli you can also plan a trip so that you can have more time to explore the place patiently and can know more about the place in detail along with all the tourist attractions.

Do not forget to visit the off-road camps as they are the best thing you can see while your trip to Kasmoli.

 20 Excitements in a Kerala vacation

Kerala is a state packed with picturesque mountains, charming hill stations and naturally aesthetic beaches. Let’s look at the 20 ecstatic things to be done in addition to enjoying the crisp climate and strolling the seashores in God’s Own Country.

Blissful Wash at Athirapally Falls

Athirapally falls

Athirapally Falls affectionately called as the Niagara Falls of India is located at a distance of 55 km from Kochi International Airport. The mind-blowing 80 feet waterfalls simply astonish you. Don’t forget to take an invigorating wash at the secure area at the top of the waterfalls. Best time to visit is from June to September.

Being a Spectator of Snake Boat Races

Snake Boat Races

Snake Boat Race are usually conducted from July to September as a part of Onam celebration in Alappuzha. View the dashing boats with awe from a good distance. For the closest vantage point of the race, rent a ship.

Rare Birds of Kumarakom

Rare Birds of Kumarakom

Take a ride in the ship at the Kumarakom Chook Sanctuary to view the unusual and rare migratory birds flying with freedom. Alternatively, stay in a houseboat at Vembanad Lake to view the singular birds.   Located at a distance of 60 km of Kochi, the best time to visit the sanctuary is from November to February.

Varkala Seashore Splendor

Varkala Seashore Splendor

Swim in the vast Arabian Sea at the Varkala Seashore combined with pure and medicinal mineral water to reinvigorate your mind and body. Varkala Beach is also a significant Hindu pilgrimage place attracting most visitors from December to March. It is located at a distance of 50 km from Trivandrum.

Biking in Idukki

Biking in Idukki

Test and hone your biking skills on the curvy hairpin bends and zigzag mountain roads of Idukki. Spot the monumental Idukki Arch Dam while riding through riveting Pala route. There are also two other scenic routes from Kottayam to Idukki.

Flavors of Banana

Flavors of banana

Kerala is renowned for its diversity of bananas. Taste the delicacy of different bananas from the local markets with compliments such as fried chips and fried in batter

Sunset at Kovalam Seashore

Sunset at Kovalam Seashore

For the best viewpoint to watch the spectacular sunset, visit the Kovalam beaches. Lighthouse seashore, Hawah seashore and Samudra seashore offer stunning sundown views. Do visit the astounding lighthouse between 3 pm – 5 pm before watching the twilight.

Neelakurinji Bloom in Munnar

Neelakurinji Bloom

Visit the Eravikulam Nationwide Park to view the beautiful once in 12 years blossoming of exceptional Neelakurinji flowers. To take a look at the endangered mountain goat Nilgiri Tahr, visit the top of the hill via trekking. Tickets are sold at a cheap price of 55 INR per person and the park is shut in February and March.

Natural Stay at Tree Home

tree house

Associate yourselves with nature and its beauty by residing in a Tree Home at hill stations such as Munnar, Thekkady, and Wayanad etc. Do daredevils stuff such as rappelling, trekking and biking. Feel the serenity through the nature walks. Tree Homes are sumptuously priced with the starting price of 10000 INR but will be an enlightening experience

Alleppey Houseboat with Backwater Views

Alleppey Houseboat

Staying in a houseboat at Alleppey and watching the enchanting backwaters along with the delicious cuisine is a heavenly experience. Though the costs of the houseboat are expensive with the starting range of 6500 INR, the rewarding experience is worth each penny.

Jungle Jeep Ride at Thekkady

Jungle Jeep Ride

For the enthralling expeditions of the forest, visit Thekkady and ride through the wild jungle in a Jeep. Watch the incredible Idukki city, marvelous Mullai Periyar Dam, the bountiful vegetable plantations and abundant vineyards. You may even notice the endangered lion macaque on your way. The entire jeep journey is priced at an affordable 1800 INR per person. Merge this with a stay at a tent or tree home for an indelible experience.

Vivacity in Village

For a vibrant village episode, visit the Kumbalangi Built-in Tourism Village. Located 14 km from the Ernakulam Railway station, the village has numerous homestays for the visiting travelers. Sightseeing the local paddy fields, fishing, crab farming and paddling in the mangrove forests are the appealing activities available in this village.

Vacation to Veli Lake

veli lake

Take a tour to the Veli Vacationer Village which is 8 km away from Trivandrum to watch the charm of the Veli Lake. Have a tasty meal at the lake’s floating restaurant and serenely sail on the lake by a paddle boat for a memorable experience. Do not miss out on viewing the fantastic floating bridge that aligns the village and the seashore.

Shikara Sailing in Alappuzha

Sailing in Alappuzha

Go sailing on the backwaters of Alappuzha on the Shikara wooden boats for an alluring adventure. At a reasonable price of 600 INR per hour, you can cover the lovely village life, attractive coconut trees and unique kind of birds during the timespan of four-hour ride.

Spice Gardens of Munnar

Spice Gardens of Munnar

If you are on a trip to Munnar, a visit to the spice plantations should be decisive. Amble along at the gardens to watch the various and authentic forms of ingredients such as black pepper, cinnamon, unique vanilla, and cardamom. You can either visit these gardens on your own or through the touring packages provided by the hotels.

Elephant Extravaganza at Kodanad

Elephant Extravaganza at Kodanad

Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary located 42 km from Kochi is an exhilarating excursion place for elephant lovers. Engage yourselves by watching activities such as elephant bathing and elephant feeding. Exciting elephant safari and watching adorable child elephants are significant actions within this place. The rates range from 350-1500 INR per person depending on the chosen activities.

Tang the Coffee Taste in Wayanad

Cofee at Wayand

If you want to taste the genuine coffee directly from the origin, then Wayanad is just the place for you. Settle in Espresso Plantation Resort or a Homestay which comprises of all audacious adventures such as mountaineering, night safaris, campfire, and coffee plantation walks. The standard prices start at 5000 INR per person.

Architecture of Kochi

Architecture of Kochi

Fort Kochi is a region filled astonishing architecture with the touch of different styles such as Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese. The major tourist attractions are Fort Kochi seashore, Santa Cruz Basilica, Jewish Synagogue, Indo-Portuguese Museum and Chinese Language Fishing Nets. For the best experience, explore the city through a cycle or walk.

Traditional Theyyam Dance

Theyyam Dance

Watch the spectacle of Theyyam dance performed in many temples at North Kerala. This ancient and classical form of art with religious significance is basically staged before the shrines and temple entrances. Don’t forget to look at the Theyyam performance dates before departing.

Tea Estates of Munnar

Tea Estates of Munnar

Visit the wonderful tea plantations of Munnar to smell and stock the refined and original tea. Kannan Devan Plantation Museum provides you with an education about the production of the various tea styles. To watch the old-fashioned and defunct tea estate, visit the Kolukkumalai Tea Property, a 100 years old property situated at the highest elevation in Munnar.



Amazing countries you can travel in less a cost than an iPhone

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. Saint Augustine

Planning a vacation is an interesting and an exciting idea. Vacations are the best getaways that you can offer to yourself and your families. They act as the most rejuvenating experiences that freshen you up and prepares you for the future challenges and tough times. The destinations of these vacations must be planned in the most astute manner. There is no point in visiting the same place time and again, as this will come with a cost every time. Hence the more likely thing to do will be to plan different vacation destinations every time.

Choosing the right destination

At the time of choosing a vacation destination, a number factors are at play. On one hand, people try to look for a place that shall have a good number of tourist spots and attractions, and again the destination must be an economic option as well. Overseas vacation destinations are very common yearnings yet seldom people can have the vision to plan such vacations. The very first restriction that they have is the fact of the cost that will be involved in making such trips. However, this is no more than a myth.

With the onset of the travel agencies and their designing of lucrative national tour packages and international holiday packages, there are a large number of international destinations where one can go holidaying at a cost expense that shall be lower than buying an iPhone.  This is what is done and executed by the travel agencies.  These agencies take care of all the arrangements aspects such as the booking of the flight tickets, booking of the hotel rooms, designing of the sightseeing plan, arrange for local transport etc. In fact traveling in such groups can be a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Things to remember

There are certain points that must be kept in the mind at the time of planning such vacations. The destination that is chosen must have the aspects that satiate yours’ and your companion’s requirements. Some people enjoy pristine scenic and nature beauty and yet again there are people who enjoy cities and their fast and cosmopolitan culture. They like enjoying the urban settlements and their various amenities. These are the aspects that must be borne in mind at the time of planning the holidays and the vacation plans.

The arrangements for such travel plans must be done in a diligent manner. The flight tickets and the hotel rooms must be booked well beforehand so that you can avoid stiff tariff rates. Often experienced travelers like to make enjoyments even a year ahead of their actual destination. Doing a proper research on the place is eminent. This will ensure that you do not leave out on any aspect of the city. You can enjoy all its features, such as its cuisine, the local tourist attractions and the art and culture of the place. The travel agencies can also help you immensely in this context. However, people often do their own planning as well.