It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the kids of the 90s are the pioneers of today’s Technologies. It’s not just about pioneering in technology, but also about introducing a lot of friends and fats in today’s world.

These kids have experienced some of the awesomest things that one can ever get to experience. These things range from little chocolates to getting the knees hurt while playing some silly games.

For a kid who has grown in Chennai or any other part of extreme North Tamil Nadu, there are a few attractions that mean the world to them. These are the attractions that these kids were always on the Lookout for whenever they had a chance. Let’s look at a few such attractions that meant everything for the 90s kid.

Little Folks:

       When the idea of theme parks were in its infancy and when the kids of the 90s when a little more than infant, Little Folks was one thing that all the kids look forward to finding one of the earliest theme parks in the suburbs of Chennai, its features a series of entertainment, Joy rides, swimming pools, and a lot of activities including but not limited to dance, mimicry, and a host of other things.

It was such an immense thing of joy and Pride for a kid to flaunt that they have been to Little folks!

The VGP Golden Beach


      The VGP Golden Beach is to keep parts as Sachin Tendulkar is for cricket. It has spanned a few generations in being on the top 10 of the list of theme parks to go to when it comes to Chennai and its suburbs. Couple that with a few uncanny attractions like a huge dosa and the person who is resistive to any Temptation that they keep up a straight face no matter what, the VGP Golden Beach will always be known for the excitement that it offered to any kid.

The MGM Dizzee World

         In the mid and late 90s, MGM Dizzee World was a great option for someone who was always on the Lookout for something new even in terms of theme parks. It offered something a little unique and different for its time. You could pay a bulk amount right at the entrance and enjoy some of your favorite rides multiple times. It was not that you had to pay for every single right. It meant that you did not waste time at the ticket counters, or had to search Oscar for change.


    A few Tamil movies that were released around that time made this MGM Dizzee World a very famous place and a most sought after location when it comes to finding theme parks in Chennai.

The Kishkinta

        If New Delhi Had its Appu Ghar, and if Mumbai has its EsselWorld, then Chennai should be talking about this theme park in that level. Kishkinta which was situated well within the limits of the city of had a great Getaway option for school students and college students are like. This used to be the ideal getaway for college people who bunk classes, for parents would like to take 40 children on a vacation that would silence them, and for schools in Chennai to plan a one-day outing with their students.


        Created by The pioneer of 3D cinema in India this theme park was not something extraordinary in terms of water offer comma but it was surely a cut above the rest in the way in which it was advertised. Little things that meant a lot to the Chennai kids made Kishkinta – the Wave Pool and the Chennai Kutraalam The tagline: “Once More Polaama Daddy!?” kept on a going in the thoughts of the children.

The Chennai Trade Fair

      For the folks of the city of Chennai couldn’t even prepare to leave the mainstream city, the Chennai Trade Fair post an amazing option to get the dose of entertainment. However, it came with the challenge, that it would happen only once a year but for 3 months in the months of January February and March.


   The Chennai Trade Fair incorporated pretty much everything that a theme park would have to offer, except for swimming pools. There were a lot of joy rates comma eateries, places to buy stuff, and thematic stalls organised by different departments of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Chennai Trade Fair Transformers the island Grounds into an epicenter of celebration and frolic every time, every year.

         While there were many options like this zoo in Vandalur, the crocodile farm and the boating at Muttukadu, this theme parks and the Chennai Trade Fair where always options that were a little different, that made children look forward to a lot of entertainment that they might not be able to find anywhere else. This is pretty much the exhaustive list of things that make every 90s kid take a trip down the lane of nostalgia!

Weekend Getaways from Ahmedabad

Are you looking for places near Ahmadabad to spend some good moment with family? If yes then this blog is just apt for you. Here you will get lots of idea about several wonderful places to spend hours with your family and friends.

After a tiring week, the weekend seems to be a perfect couple of holidays to spend quality time with family. There are so many splendid places near Ahmadabad where in weekend families go for a small trip to have fun and get refreshed. Some of the worth visiting places near Ahmadabad is given below with details. Go through them and choose your favorite location.

Places to visit near Ahmedabad

1. Maniar’s Wonderland:

Located 13 Km from Ahmadabad on Sarkhej Sanand Highway Maniar’s Wonderland is one of the popular places for family men. This is an amusement park which is divided into two parts. One is Wonderland and the other is Snow Park. This adventurous snow zone covers 8000 square km.


This splendid park assures you to have a day full of fun and thrill. Here you would get to experience dancing snowflakes, snowmen, snowy caves, igloo with a low temperature of -10 degree Celsius. This place can be enjoyed by juniors as well as the seniors.

Not only the park here you will get a number of attractions such as Aqua Ball, Aqua Roller, Traffic Island, snow huts, wooden sledges, artificial penguins, session of snow fall, a play zone for kids, Desert bikes in the Wonderland. In the Snow park, there is a wide field where you can enjoy snow ball fight with the children and can experience the thrilling Ice-Age.

The tickets cost Rs 450 for adults and Rs 400 for children (below 4 feet in height). The ticket is valid for 30 minutes in the snow park. This park remains open every day from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. To reach here you need to drive from Karnavati Club on the Sanand highway.

2. Adalaj ni Vav:

Stationed 18 km from Ahmadabad Adalaj is one of the popular historic picnic spots among the people of Ahmadabad. This ancient heritage structure was constructed in the year 1498 by the king of Vaghela dynasty Rana Veer Singh of Dandai Desh. This ancient construction reflects the works of Indian architecture.


The literary meaning of the Gujarati word ‘Vav’ means step well. This well is nearly about 5 stories deep. In that period of time, there were so many such wells as then it was the semi arid zone of Gujarat. Local people used these wells for drinking, washing, bathing and also for sacred purposes.

These step wells were constructed by sandstone following the Solanki architectural style. The whole structure especially the top had been designed in the shape of an octagonal with a carved large number of pillars. This popular tourist attraction is located 5 km from the capital of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. If you want to reach here you can avail train as Kalupur is the closest station to Adalaj step well. Else you can also drive down on the highway.

3. Indroda Nature Park:

Located at 25 km from Ahmadabad, Indroda Nature Park is another fine attraction to spend quality time with children and family. This great picnic spot is stationed on the bank of Sabarmati River. This very place is largely considered as the second largest hatchery dinosaur egg in the world. And thus this park is popularly known as India’s Jurassic Park.


Followed by the thrilling name this park allows you to be astonished and thrilled by the giant dinosaur figures in the park. This splendid park covers 400 hectares of the area. This whole historic park is run by the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation or simply GEER.

Here in this park, you would get see some wonderful historic things which are divided into respective sections. Such as Dinosaur and fossil section, Mammal section, Reptile section, Marine section, Walk in Aviary, Earth section, plant section, Avifauna section, and the botanical garden. On the mammal section, you would experience massive skeletons of sea mammals such as a big blue whale.

Indroda Nature Park also has a wilderness Park where you would be able to experience innumerable species of birds, butterflies, hundreds of nilgais, and so on. To reach here you can avail bus from Ahmadabad as bus services are very frequent on this route. Else you can also avail train. If you wish to travel by car then drive along NH 8C all the way to Dholakuva.

4. Akshardham, Gandhinagar:

Situated at 28 km from Ahmadabad, Akshardham is a striking monument made of pink sandstone. This splendid temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. The encircling of the temple is as sacred as the temple itself. located in one of the greenest cities in India Akshardham is considered as a popular tourist attraction in Gandhinagar. The place is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and keeps the visitors in a calm and quiet environment which is apt for a picnic.


This huge temple is made of 6000 metric tons of pink sandstone from Rajasthan. This 108 feet high temple features 8 balconies, 264 sculpted figures, 220 stone beams, 17 domes and 97 carved pillars. Here you would experience the reflection of Vedic architecture.

The temple itself stands as the key attraction featuring historic exhibition halls with life like depiction of Lord Swaminarayan’s life. This very temple was inspired by HH Yogiji Maharaj and was constructed by Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha.

Spending your holidays with your family in Akshardham temple premises will not be a bad idea as here you can breathe in the fresh unpolluted air and can enjoy the unspoiled nature with family. To reach here you need to drive almost 31 km from Ahmedabad.

5. Thol Bird Sanctuary:

Located at Mehsana district Thol Bird Sanctuary is 28 km from Ahmedabad. The special feature of this lake is that it is not a natural lake but an artificial manmade lake near Thol village in Gujarat. In the earlier days, this place was constructed as an irrigation tank in the year 1912 by Gaekwad Regime. He intended to provide irrigation facilities to the local farmers. Later it was declared as the Thol Bird Sanctuary in the year 1988.


If you visit this place you would get in touch with 150 species of different beautiful birds. In this vast variety of species, two most prominent species are found in abundance here. That is Flamingoes and Sarus Crane. Conforming to the Environment Protection Act 1986 this Bird sanctuary has been proposed to be declared as an Eco Sensitive Zone. This whole area is a semi arid zone in Gujarat.

Three of the season appears with prominence in this Thol Bird Sanctuary, summer, Monsoon, and winter. Except for various birds mammals like bluebull, wolf, blackbuck, golden jackal, and striped are found here. Spend your weekend at Thol Bird Sanctuary in the lap of nature and return with a lot of memory. To reach easily, ensure to drive via Ognaj- Vadsar road.

6. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary:

Located at 61 km from Ahmadabad Nalsarovar is another bird Sanctuary in Gujarat. This place was declared as a bird sanctuary in the year 1969 as this zone is considered as the heaven for all the migratory birds from November to January. This place is so apt for those who are looking for one-day picnic spot near Ahmadabad.


Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary is the largest Wetland Bird Sanctuary in Gujarat. Visiting this bird sanctuary would keep one in touch with over 210 species of birds in the winter days along with various plants and animals. Migratory birds such as White Storks, Flamingoes, Brahminy Ducks, and Herons are found here.

Anytime between 6 AM to 5:30 PM you can visit this heaven like a sanctuary. Remember that the bus services on this route are infrequent and there is no accommodation. So it is wise to avail private car to reach this place. Car parking is available from 1 km of the sanctuary.

There is an extra charge at the entry for the camera. Boating is available and the charge is negotiable with the boatman though the prescribed charges are mentioned at the entry. The best time to visit this sanctuary in the early morning in the calm environment when one can experience the flock of birds to snatch their food from the surface of the water.

7. Zanzari Waterfall:

Situated at 62 km from Ahmadabad Zanzari waterfall is one of the major tourist destinations near Ahmedabad. If you are looking for places for a one-day trip with family, then Zanzari waterfall is apt for you. This waterfall is located on the Vatrak River in Dehgam. This waterfall is a continuous series of a waterfall with the main fall of 25 feet high.


Nature lovers and nature photographers must visit this place at least once to capture the splendid beauty of nature in the frame. Before exploring this place take some dry food, drinking water, umbrella with you. Take more precaution if you are accompanied by children.

Kids would love this place as camel rides are available here though a bit expensive. If you have planned to visit this place you are advised to explore this waterfall after monsoon as then you would find the heavy flow of water falling from the top. It is better to visit in the early morning or in the evening as during the day you would feel very hot as there no shade is available near the waterfall.

Winter is the best season to explore this place. Be very careful and wear gripped shoes while climbing the rocks as the rocks are very slippery that your steps might slip and get injured. To reach here drive along the Dahegam- Bayad highway, then travel for 32 km after Dahegam and then turn right, then trek 3.5 km to reach the waterfall.

8. Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park:

This place is said to be the largest amusement park in Gujarat. Located at 74 km from Ahmadabad Tirupati Rushivan Adventure park is a wonderful entertainment park for both adults and children.


Here you will get splendid water rides of various types. It is a fantastic picnic spot for family people. Not only would the kids the adults also go back to their childhood. The ticket costs Rs. 300 for adults as well as children. Adults must visit this place along with the children to get unconditional fun.

There are a number of jaw dropping rides are found in this park. Such as Merry-go-round, Bull ride, Flying Fox, Dashing Car, Dirt bike, Wonder wheel, Scary drive, Swing chair, Cycling, Columbus, Frees Bee and so on.

Not only the rides you would get amazed, there are variety of entertainer events such as Jungle Safari, Water Park, Archery, Riffle shooting, Hit the sixes (cricket), 6D Theatre, children adventure zone and so on. To reach this place, make sure to drive along the Vijapur- Himmatnagar highway via Gandhinagar.

9. Lothal:

The literary meaning of the word Lothal is ‘The Mound of the Dead’ Located at 78 km from Ahmadabad Lothal is one of the major historical places in Gujarat. This place is immensely renowned for being one of the most important cities during the Indus Valley Civilization.


This place was discovered in the year 1954 continue to reflects an earlier India from each of its stones. This place is so apt for those who prefer historical places for one day vacation with family. This place is the southernmost outpost of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Here you would get to experience the wonderful maritime architecture and excellent town planning of earlier India. This kind of historical places is really good for kids.

The key attraction of this place is Lothal Museum where you would experience insightful findings of Indus Civilization. This place is highly relevant for a one-day outing with family. To reach here drive along NH 8A till you reach Lothal.

Few places that are perfect for one-day family outing located within the 100 km from Ahmadabad have been described. Do follow the details and decide your next destination.

Getaways are something which is now becoming more important in the busting city life. Now a day’s people living in metros have to commute a minimum of two and half hours in the congesting traffic, for sake of their work. The taxing and sedentary work curtails their freedom of being relaxed and close to nature. So breaking away from these shambles brought by the urban life has become essential and in that sense Getaways become more important. But always you have to be careful is choosing the way you want to spend the weekend or short vacations. It should be taxing, instead is should be rejuvenating.

One such place for Chennaites is Mudaliar Kuppam. Situated in ECR about 83 KM from Thiruvanmayiur, it is an offbeat destination. It is a brackish water lagoon bordering Bay of Bengal.

What to enjoy in Mudaliar Kuppam?

Mudaliar Kuppam


It is Brackish Backwater with lot of aquatic vegetation like water hyacinth, green algae etc. Though the lagoon stretch for a very long distance, the real waterway opened for tourists is 3-4 km only. At times there might be some dryness and black water at few places which may be a eyesore but  in general it is serene water way that people can enjoy.

Mudaliyarkuppam Backwater


Pristine Beach. You cannot see such cleanliness in city beaches. But it may not be good idea to swim in the beach, because of the depth. The local people advice not to do. But you can make body wet by lying near the water. There would good amount of calmness and privacy which we are not finding in any city beaches.  There are no vendors in the beach except for a tender coconut seller.  Tamilnadu tourism which is promoting this place provides camping tents. If you are going in a group, this would be really helpful. Only down side in this beach is that there are very few number of shelters, which are basically trees. You have to be under sun, most of the times. So you need to plan you timings accordingly. The beach is worth spending 2-4 hours of time.  We can also contribute ourselves in keeping the beach tidy.

Mudaliyarkuppam Beach


Boating is the main attraction of this destination. Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation has a boat house by name Raindrop Boat House. They have variety of boats and charge us based on the timings. The Boat rides include pedaling boats, Rowing Boats, Speedboats, Motorboats, one-seater Kayaks(Self Rowing), water scooter and Banana Boat. There are absolutely no waves and ride is so placid.

Mudaliyarkuppam Boating


One can see birds while you boat along the backwater. This is truly a very good experience. Though I could not see so many varieties, it is said that they would be migratory birds like greater flamingo, Kentish plover, lesser different varieties of Plovers, Sandpiper, Terns, Gulls, Shanks and Storks depending on the season.  But getting to see this is few hours drive from Chennai can be great relaxant.

Mudaliyarkuppam Birds

Things to be take care

  • There are no restaurants or shops in that location. It is better to take snacks and food as required while keeping the tidiness of beach in mind. The boat house staffs say that they deliver food in the beach. You can also try that.
  • Have cash to pay for tickets and other expenses.
  • Alternate set of clothes, towel etc if you want to take wet yourself in sea. Even there are decent bathrooms in the boat house to take bath.
  • Spread to sit, if you are not okay with sand
  • Good number of water bottles
  • Umbrella(s) can be handy, if someone is not okay with direct sun.
  • Beach Set – Toys if you are going with children
  • Tips for the boat man are not encouraged by the boat house authorities. But still they may be nagging.



  • They place lonely unless you have crowd. But mobile phone signals are working.
  • Have boat house and boat man number handy.
  • There is some vegetation in the beach. Some locals are taking liquor there. So avoid going near that.
  • The boat house provides safety jackets during the boating session.


Attractions Nearby

  • Monuments in Mahabalipuram
  • 7D- Theatre in Mahabalipuram
  • Satrus Dutch Fort
  • Thirukazhukundram Temple
  • Alamparai Fort