Places To Visit Near Kolkata For Youngsters

    The fact that the city alone has a lot of places to visit, there are also various other places near Kolkata that could serve as perfect getaways. To escape the the busy streets and explore new exotic locations is something that everyone would look forward to.



      A place know for its religious importance. Located in the banks of Ganges, the temple here can surely can take a step close to divine side. If you are visiting Tarakeswar taking a dip in the holy Dudh Pukur is kinda mandatory. The Buddhist Temple located nearby is also a must visit spot.



     The flawless grace of nature of this place is nothing less than a boon to the city dwellers. Located in the banks of river Ichamati, this is one place where anyone experience the abundance of nature. The perfect place to serve as getaway for anyone who wants to take a break from the routine robotic life.



        If you are person who is into history and stuff this is  the exact place where you need to be. The distinctly designed terracotta temples shout out loud the importance for art in past. The Serenity of the place sure does eases you down and gives a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Piyali Islands


       For all those who do not want to visit the conventional Sunderbans in West Bengal, Piyali Islands come as a perfect spot to experience nature’s treat. A blissful drive from Kolkotta takes one this exotic beauty after crossing a bridge over the river Piyali which connects the island to the mainland. Since it is often named as Pseudo Sunderbans, therefore we can expect the vegetation, landscape and topography to be similar.



        An alluring beauty surrounded by high hills is located about 250 km drive away from Kolkota. Embracing the charm of the beautiful necklace like dam which is the second largest earth dam of Asia which is about 10.8 km freshwater dam at the joining of river Kansabati and river Kumari, this admirable greenery is a picture perfect. The gently lapping lake offers a grand view of the sunset. The lake also provides boating facilities to the visitors.



       What would be your thoughts if you can have an entire beach for your own? The exact place to experience the feel. Away from the busy streets of the  of the main city and located around 135 kms from Kolkotta, Bakkhali comes across as a treat to its visitors. The mystic sunset here is something that needs a special mention

       Being one of the most secluded white sand beaches in India, Bakkhali boasts of a 7 km long beach ending till Frasergunj.



      This is the place where you can experience the the grandeur of the nature in West Bengal. The sprawling dense forests combined with the wild life and the infinite tea estates is what Dooras is all about. This enthralling beauty stretches from river Teesta on the west to the river Sankosh on the east. An impeccable place to experience the richness of nature.A drive through the Dooars plains, the gateway to Bhutan and the whole of North east India, can be the experience of a lifetime.



     A wondrous small hamlet in the lap of Northern Bengal brings immense joy. An untouched rural corner, Samsing serves as a bearer of some exotic orange orchids. This beauty possesses lush green tea gardens and dense forests.This exquisite God’s creation is unique in every way possible.



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       The mystic vision of the amazing beauty is absolutely picture perfect. The gushing waves in the beach does make your heart skip a beat. The dense forest of Tamarisk trees is definitely a highlight of this place. If you are adventurous person you can indulge yourself in various activities like Paragliding, Rafting, Zorbing, and Kayaking.

Neora Valley National Park


      The moment you step foot here, its like nature giving a tight slap on your face and showing the mankind what the things that you are missing. The is full of diverse range of flora and fauna. A place where just while away the time just by admiring its beauty.

We all know that summer is around the corner when a lot of students stop playing cricket and start studying for the exams, besides the heat of the Sun. It would also mean that in another few weeks a lot of school children will get to enjoy their summer vacation, and it gives a great excuse for the parents to take a break from their strenuous work schedules.

When we talk about summer vacations, especially in Tamil Nadu, we are generally referring to the summer hotspots like Ooty and Kodaikanal. There is more to summer than these two places that have been made famous by a lot of movies. There are a lot of places that are still untouched by the commercial elements and offer a very peaceful and serene vacation.


Perched somewhere at the end of the Nilgiris, Masinagudi is literally eclipsed by Ooty! People who would like to break away from their strenuous schedules and enjoy a vacation that is in Commune with nature opt for Masinagudi as one of the primary choices. What makes Masinagudi even more awesome is that it is a great place for you to set up a cab on the flat hilltops over a few things that give you a Direct Access to the star-studded Sky, the chiller climate and the Grand display of nature garnished with the symphony of the birds that sing in the morning.


If you have got a vehicle of your own, then Masinagudi should figure out in the list of places that you would like to visit for a summer vacation.


Deep within the Anamalai mountains, this little town of Valparai provides a perfect escapade for someone who is on the Lookout for a perfect summer vacation in Tamil Nadu. With lush greenery, Pristine waterfalls, winding roads, vast expanses of tea Gardens, and only a few options for a stay, including the government Cottage, Valparai presents itself as one of the most ideal locations for someone who does not want to stay away only from the heat, but also from the crowd.


Valparai is quite accessible from Pollachi, which again is quite accessible from Coimbatore, by air and rail as well.


Just a little off the fabled town of Theni, which is quite famous for its grape plantations and lush Green Fields, lies this quaint town of Megamalai. This place, although has not many sightseeing options to offer comma is a great place for a group of friends who would love to chill out for the summer or a couple who are on the Lookout for a romantic vacation where they get to spend time with themselves than in visiting locations.


Megamalai has only one Government guest house and is quite accessible by bus and train from Theni and by air from Madurai.

A quiet walk in the crude footpaths between the tea plantation in the Twilight is definitely and experience worth treasuring.

Let us not keep ourselves confined to the classics, for travel is not about exploring the famous places, but is more about making the places famous, because our explorations matter as well.

Food is one of the most basic needs of humankind. Although clothing and shelter might also find a parallel mention, it is not as important as food. The human beings, in their early days have managed to live without clothing and shelter, but never ever have managed to live without food!

Food, which was once quite common to all of mankind, started to take its own forms and our thoughts depending on the geography, the temperature, the lifestyle, and the availability of resources in different places of the planet. This has given us a new word that has more grossly been misused than used – ‘cuisine’! you might have seen this word paired up with a lot of want to be restaurants that claim to be multi-cuisine, but just give a glimpse of a little Spice and herb and claim it to be from another culinary procedure.

In all the cuisines Around The World, some of them have managed to stand out and proclaim their superiority in terms of taste and awesomeness. Let’s discuss a few of those cuisines that have managed to stand up and stand out.

The first everything on this list has got to be the Mighty United States America!

United States of America:

The United States of America might not have a cuisine of its own. However, just like the Constitution and the idea of Democracy, the United States has managed to perfect whatever was given to it in a very crude form. Yes, the hamburgers belong to Germany, the pizza belongs to Italy and the french fries belong to either Belgium or Netherlands. However, we all went to associate these dishes not with the countries of origin but with the United States of America. It all has got to do with the brand United States. It has to be agreed that the United States did give a facelift to all these dishes. Hamburgers well just confined to Ham in Germany but the United States gave it chicken patties and beef patties. French fries were dressed in ranch, and the United States gave the idea of dressing them up with ketchup. Pizza in Italy was thin crusted and the United States came up with the idea of filling the pizza crust with cheese.

Even though the United States has messed up with a few dishes like that KFC and the overly sweet ice creams, we have to give this country that you credit of making food an industry as opposed to a habit.


With no intended references to people in today’s politics, Italy should be credited with inventing the idea of using simple ingredients and making some of the most robust dishes. You cannot just imagine the magic that a little bit of flour, cheese, and tomato can bring about.With these Limited ingredients, they have created an entire series of dishes that do not fail to the light the taste buds of every person across the globe. These dishes include but are not limited to the thin crust pizza, the pasta, the Lasagna and even a series of desserts like pannacotta.One of the things that make the Italian cuisine even more special is that they are quite agnostic towards the ingredients that they use. They wouldn’t hesitate to make different variants of a dish with one of it spicy, one of it tangy and one of it sweet.


Tne of the grandest contributions of Italy to the world has the different variations of one of the world’s most favorite beverages – coffee! Almost every coffee that ends with the letter O can be attributed to Italy – Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Macchiato And a lot more.


Maybe, food is one of the very few things that China has been original with! Legend says that the pasta of Italy where brought by Marco Polo when he visited China and pasta is nothing more than a Europeanised version of the Chinese noodles. The list of things that make it be a part of Chinese preparations as ingredients is nothing short of baffling. We are not even referring to the extremes but more of moderate Chinese dishes like pork, Duck and different varieties of fishes.

chinese food

China, being such a large country have different choices of cuisines right within the country. the Szechuan cuisine is something that we all know. It has an extra quotient of Spice that makes it quite distinct. The entrepreneurial and the frugal spirit of the Chinese also ensures that they achieve the maximum efficiency in terms of quality and taste by using a very minimal number of ingredients, and also the least expensive ones.


You can build a wall to protect your country from them, but you can never stop the Mexicans from exiting their culinary influence across all the cuisines of the world. Mexico has a mix of elements that include everything. There is spice, there is tang, there is zest, and there is so much more to Mexican cuisine.


The Mexican food can fit in any meal of the day. It is so full of nutrition and even the little elements like avocado, lime, tomato, and garlic at to the antioxidant properties along with the chilis. If you would like to have a Perfect Combination of Taste, health and the portioning then the Mexican cuisine is the one that you will need to look forward to!

The food from Mexico is literally a culinary Fiesta.


If there is a mention of food, it cannot be complete without the mention of India. India is a subcontinent, and each food has its own signature in terms of taste and awesomeness. However, there are things that are common to any cuisine across the country. It is nothing more than the spiciness!

Indian food

The food of India exhibits a distinct flavor of pungency, sourness, and spice that beautifully coexist to give out a dish that is distinct in taste. Much like the United States, India has also managed to unify the different dishes around the World – just that it happened at a time of History when India was among the very few known countries in the World.

The Persian Biryani and the Mongolian Samosa are synonymous with India more than their places of origin.

India has a legacy with beverages and desserts as well. The Sulaimani Tea of Hyderabad, the Filter Coffee of South India and Kumbakonam in particular, the Lassi and the Rasmalai of North India are a few dishes that put India as a bound name in the list of countries that flaunt their culinary awesomeness.

Ask any tourist they will tell you the importance of food, which is an integral part of their journey to another part of the world that they have never experienced. It is always a great idea and a good practice to understand the different cuisines around the world, and prepare yourself for the culinary experience that you will Treasure forever, both in your mind and in your taste buds!

The month of March might remind people about different things like examinations and taxation, but when it comes to Celebration, the month of March can’t remind us of anything better than the colorful festival of Holi. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show In many parts of North India and also in a few places in the South. Although this festival has a Universal appeal with regards to colors, there are a few places that stand out in the list of places where Holi is celebrated with a greater intensity of celebration!

Here are a few places where Holi is celebrated in the most amazing fashion:

Hampi –  the Holi of South India:


We have always thought of Holi to be a North Indian festival. While it is true to a considerable extent, it is not fair to totally Quarantine South India from this celebration.  the former capital of the Vijayanagara Kingdom is also a hot seat for the celebration of Holi in South India. Maybe, the driving force behind Holi being such a great celebration in Hampi is because of the overwhelming number of Travellers from the west who throng in huge numbers to see this  UNESCO World Heritage site. In all this, it has to be acknowledged that Hampi is a great place to celebrate Holi where the entire town dons a very festive mood with a lot of colors, drums, and celebrations overall.

Dharavi Slum in Mumbai:

The very image that hits our head when we hear the word ‘slum’ is that of a depressing, downtrodden and a chaotic agglomeration of cottages and kutcha houses. However, during the time of holy, this place sports a totally different flavor altogether. People who are familiar with the evergreen Tamil film Nayagan would be aware of the festivity of Holi aptly portrayed in the song ‘Andhi Mazhai Megham.’ there are specialized tour and travel packages that cater to providing you the experience of playing Holi with the children in the slums of Dharavi, where the happiness of Holi is totally unattenuated and cute to say the least.

Anandpur Sahib in Punjab:

We have always been full as a festival of colors and not as anything else. However, in this place called Anandpur Sahib in Punjab, Holi takes a Sikh avatar. Conceptualized by the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, this festival is called as Hola Mohalla. Instead of people playing with colors, you can see a lot of games and activities that showcase the strength and the sportiveness of the people around. The events include wrestling, Sword fighting, martial arts and even Turban tying. This is not just a festival, but more of a tradition. The practice of Hola Mohalla dates back to the year 1701.

Cultural Holi at Shantiniketan:


The very name Shantiniketan would be giving away for who started this culture. Yes, it is none other than India’s very own Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. This festival is a fine example of how Bengal mergers the core aspects of its culture along with the cultural signatures of India. The festival is observed as Basanta Utsav, literally translate into spring festival. People who gather for this festival get dressed up in the colors of spring and dance around the campus of the sprawling Visva Bharati University. This, however, ends with the sprinkling of colors which makes the festival Indian as much as the festival is Bengali.

The Royal Holi at Udaipur:

It can’t be helped that anything that has got to do with Rajasthan, and especially the cities of Udaipur, Bikaner, and Jaisalmer has a touch of ‘Royal’ in it. The Holi celebration at Udaipur is not an exception to this Golden rule. One of the signatures of the Holi celebration in the Mewar district is insanely huge Bonfire that is it on the night before the Holi. The Holi celebration at Udaipur would not be complete without the magnificent procession of the Royal Family of Mewar.

We have always looked at India to be a melange of cultures. Nothing from pets this fact as loud and clear as the celebration of Holi. You can see a riot of colors in every Street that you visit, and you can see Smiles and happiness on the faces of people that are even greater than the vividness of the colors. There is still a festival that has to match up with the awesomeness and magnificence of Holi!

VISIIT-Vaganza in Vidyutsav 2018

Curiosity might work differently for cats, but it surely kindles a child to explore more! Visiit, with its ingrained philosophy in travel, decided to inculcate the spirit of travel in the little Minds. The perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of the Carnival “Vidyutsav” on the 3rd of February 2018 at Vidya Mandir in the Estancia Special Economic Zone.

The festival started off with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the respected Principal. A day full of events was planned to bring in a lot of engagement, fun enjoy and chair in the form of smiles on the faces of the kids who will probably get their first glimpse of travel.


The organizers had planned a grand platter of Fun events like a magic show, games like quiz and cycling, and a lot of gifts and coupon as well. The carnival was thoroughly enjoyed both by the kids and parents are like, quite visible in their degree of participation and the inadvertent smiles that they sported all along. It was a whole new world come alive for the kids!


Visiit had the privilege to be one of the sponsors for this amazing event. We organised a fun filled travel quiz that was centered around identifying location and places of tourism-interest! The enthusiasm was nothing short of spectacular – we were overwhelmed by the participation of the kids and the parents almost every minute of the entire duration. We saw Social networking turn traditionally adorable, as friends started bringing their friends, and the chain continued. This was an amazing day of learning, fun and a totally different experience for us all together. As a little token of our love and appreciation, we are proud to say that the winners were gifted with pouches, pen stand, and holiday discount coupons – and there were about 130 winners!


We owe a lot of gratitude to the management of Vidya Mandir and the Parents Teachers Association of the school for arranging and facilitating such a wonderful carnival! We hope and we believe that one day, the kids will be enthusiastic Travellers, and we will be glad that we had a little part to play in this Awesomeness!

“Beneath the helmet, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there is something we don’t know, something beyond scientific measure. Something that allows him to soar, to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even those who are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even fathom. When he goes out to bat, people switch on their television sets and switch off their lives!” – BBC Sports, on Sachin Tendulkar.


Today, the big screens are about to witness the magic that the small screens have been experiencing for 24 years.. From 1989 to 2013 – the Era of Sachin Tendulkar! When the nation’s talking about this, here’s our small tribute to the Master Blaster!

If there’s a list nation-wide emotion that all the people in India will connect to, Sachin Tendulkar is a bound name on the list. When we travel around the world to see places of history, but here’s Sachin Tendulkar who traveled around the world creating history in every place! Apart from the fact that Sachin created history there, there are places that have other significance’s! Here are the places that have an ‘alternate’ history than Sachin!!


* Karachi – Sachin’s Test Debut in 1989:

This once-capital City of our brother Pakistan has a history to boast that’s as awesome andvisiit_Sachin_Tendulkar as rich as India’s! Karachi was, in a very literal sense, very close to Bombay, and it can be felt in the malls like Dolmen, the museums, the mosques and the Ocean Tower Observation Deck! One of the most awesome things about Karachi is its food – the succulent kebabs and the meat-delights of the place make it a meat-lover’s paradise! No wonder, Sachin butchered the Paki bowling attack – even the likes of Wasim and Waqar!!



* Old Trafford – Sachin’s First Test Century in 1990:

Be it Cricket or be it Soccer, Old Trafford has shared a very unique and memorable Sachin-Tendulkar-1990-visiitsynonymy with sports – if it’s Manchester United for Soccer, it’s gotta be Sachin’s maiden ton for Cricket! This place marks the beginning of various histories – like war-memorials, aqueducts & museum! No wonder, Sachin’s legacy of test-centuries began here! If all this is not enough, there’s just one term that gives enough of tourism – Manchester United!



* Colombo – Sachin’s First ODI Century in 1994

Can you believe it took Sachin 78 ODIs to score his 1st 100? And he was dismissed for a visiit-sachin-columboduck in his first ODI? How does it even matter now, right!? Well… If you haven’t started traveling yet, it’s not too late! And Colombo, just like ODI and Sachin’s Innings, provides wholesome entertainment. With lakes, parks, zoos, cathedrals, buddhist shrines, beaches and parties, Colombo is just what a tourist would love, just like how Sachin’s innings is what a cricket-lover would love!!


* Sharjah – Sachin’s Desert Storm in 1997

Ask any 90’s kid to visualize Sachin, and they’d inevitably do it with Sachin wearing the kit Sachin_Tendulkar-visiitthat he wore for Sharjah! When everybody was looking at Michael Bevan, Sachin came out of nowhere and smashed an innings everyone would remember for a lifetime! Likewise, when everyone was looking at Europe & US for Travel, the Gulf Region developed like crazy in the 90s, and has become one of the most primary tourist destinations. Sharjah, Dubai & The Emirates thrive on tourism.


* Gwalior – Sachin’s Double Century in 2010

Little did we even imagine it to be possible… A Double Hundred in an ODI. What Sachin did MS Dhoni is happy as Sachin Tendulkar reaches 200 in the last over, 2nd ODI, Gwalior visiitopened a new perspective to the game! Gwalior was just an obscure place in northern Madhya Pradesh. When you get into the city, what unfolds before you is a rich combo of palaces, forts, pilgrimage centers and museums! Just so you know… History can be made, and can exist in the most unlikely places!!

We’re not talking about a sporting icon! We’re talking about a legend. A legend whose awesomeness gave us numerous moments to be proud about… and numerous memories to treasure! And so does travel – you’d have numerous moments to be proud about, and numerous memories to treasure… after every trip!

Destinations for all mothers… Maybe mother of all destination

We’ve talked about how travel is not an escape from life but more for life not to escape us! At this moment, we are called to celebrate the Divine Love called Mother, who gave us this life!!

“All this travel wouldn’t be possible without your successful travel into this Earth, for which a Divine embodiment of Love travelled carrying you for 9 months”

With utmost respect and love to all the Mothers on the planet, Visiit brings you a few exclusive locations your mom would love to travel to! Before we go on with the list of places, let us remember that sometimes, our mothers might still be young at heart, but their bodies might fail to comply.

* Chikkamagaluru (Chikmaglur)

Literally translating to ‘The Place Of The Young Daughter’ (Chikka Magal Ooru), this place probably the pinnacle of coffee lovers’ paradises in India! If your mom wakes up every day to the invigorating aroma of that hot beverage, this is her place to be… because the coffee in Chikmaglur can redefine the standards of awesomeness. The lush greenery & the subtle chill of the Western Ghats adds to the sipping-experience. What’s more? The place is also dotted with pilgrimage centers & wildlife hotspots!

* Pondicherry (Puducherry)

Pondicherry is more than just Chennai’s short-term solution for Goa! This quaint French colony has some places that exude peace like no other – the Matri Mandir of Auroville and the Aurobindo Ashram. Treat your mom to some not-so-spicy continental delicacies! If all that wasn’t enough, let your mom shop in the Sunday Bazaar of Pondy – not only the experience, but even the price would be a sure delight for your mom!

* Vishakapatnam

Thanks to the movie ‘Ghazi,’ everyone knows about Vizag (as it is fondly addressed). The place has lots of adventure to offer. If that’s your mom’s cup for tea, all well and good. Even if not, there are a plethora of temples that can give a divine immersive experience. While it’s needless to say that Vizag, being a coastal town, has its offer of amazing beaches, there is also a Naval Museum to explore India’s tryst with Sea Warfare!

* Shirdi

This place needs no introduction – the Sai-Devotees have taken care of that! However, the pilgrimage-appeal is not just confined to Sai Sthalas alone. The Dwarakamai Masjid (The name should tell you know unique the place is) and the Maruti Temple are surely worth a visit! Wanna bring out the child in your mom? Try out the Wet N Joy Water Park! To top it all, there’s Dixit Wada Museum that gives the historic side more than just the spiritual side of Sai!

Your mom has seen you grow up and become energetic in the days of your youth!? And if travel can make you young, then why not bring out that youthfulness in your Mom this Mothers’ Day!?

Best Honeymoon Places in India on March 2017

Spring is knocking on the door with colorful flowers replacing winter blooms, plesant weather prevails and sunsets more beautiful than even more, a March Honeymoon in India is the ideal place for newlyweds. Famous destinations is either the start or end of peak season which ensures less crowd, best places and resorts.

If you are planning for Honeymoon then list out the best places to visit on March for honeymoon, we always make your destination to be an easy one. Have a list and choose your favourite March honeymoon places.

Jaipur, Rajasthan –City of fairy tales

Jaipur Rajasthan

There are many designed palaces, opulent heritage hotels and mighty forts make Jaipur to be one of the top honeymoon destinations in India.

Upcoming Festivals in Jaipur: Holi and Elephant festival, lot more to come in this March,

This is the best time to witness the vibrant colors of Jaipur which becomes one of the best honeymoon places at India in March to its festive spirit. Its pleasant weather is one of the best bonuses of March.

Honeymoon experiences of March in Jaipur:

Romance at the ruins of Amer Fort at disk and enjoy a dinner date in one of the best resorts at Jaipur and feast on rich and spicy Rajasthani foods. If you love adventure then take a cycling tour to reach Nahargarh Fort that’s one of the top places to visit at Jaipur.

Auli-Snowboarding and Skiing Destinations:


Auli is one of the popular destinations for skiing and snowboarding destinations at India. For snow destinations, the best time to visit Auli is during the winter month. March prevails to be the relaxed romantic vacation. This is one among the many beautiful honeymoon places at March. Auli offers snow spotting with uncrowned tourist spots.

Auli is held with tourists from December end to February end. It’s one and only in March that many toursits visits here but the white sheet snow is still available. Its privacy and beauty is with fill adventure with utmost luxury and comfort that makes Auli to be one of the perfect honeymoon destinations for March honeymoon.

Best Honeymoon experiences at Auli in March: Skiing and Gondola ride are main one for couple visiting. When you watch the sun rise and set beyond snow-capped peaks especially at spring and fall are one among the most romantic things to do in any hill stations.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu-Adorable Romantic Hill stations:


Ooty, or Ootacamund, is one of the most of the romantic honeymoon places at Tamil Nadu. Landscape looks magnificent with eminent rolling hills. They are many beautiful locations such as Botanical gardens, lakes, and tea gardens

Ooty is another crowded hillstation. Ooty is best visited in March. Welcome spring starts on greenery around and temperature stays around 20 degrees celsius – the perfect time for honeymooners.

Best honeymoon experiences at Ooty in March: Climb up to Doddabetta Peak – the highest one in Nilgiri with your loved one; enjoy boating on the glistening Ooty Lake; and walk hand-in-hand through the colorful botanical gardens and spice plantations.


Slum Tourism in India

Slum tourism is a good initiative, which the local and foreign tourists are taken to visit the impoverished areas. It is increasingly getting popular in India, Indonesia, Brazil and other countries. During this tour, you will come across the second face of the popular cities in India.

Every one of us would have seen and heard about slums in television but here in this trip, you will be taken for a trip around the slum areas.  The visitors can learn and get to know a lot of information on this tour. You can actively engage in activities like soap making, leather tanning, embroidery, pottery making, recycling, banking, instant and dry foods making, and much more.

Surprisingly, most of the foreign tourists have started to show great interest in slum tourism in India. It is since they wanted to know about the real India. The tourists start with a brisk walk or hire a cycle to roam through the alleys of the fly. The slum tour package that will help the tourists to explore the struggling lifestyle and crushed path in India.

A visit to Dharavi

Slum Peoples, Dharavi
Slum People, Dharavi

Dharavi is one of the Asia’s biggest slum settlements. It is located in Mumbai. If you are a first-time visitor to Mumbai, you would be surprised to watch the metro city having such a large slum settlement. Holiday tour visitors only watch the glitz and highlights of Mumbai. But in slum tourism, you will experience the real side of India. Dharavi resides 100,000 people on about 530-acre land. It has public schools, single room cinema hall, markets, small scale industries, temples, churches, and mosques. Most of the slum residents are employed in household industries.

Highlights of Dharavi

It is estimated that the entire slum makes a turnover of about US$500 million. A mixed of all religion is seen in Dharavi. You can watch people from various parts of India settled here. Some of the major highlights in this area are.

Papadum Making: While touring this part of Mumbai, you can watch many women making papadum, a crispy thin Indian food especially used as a side dish. So, women in this region use the seasoned dough to make it flat and dry them up in the hot sun. It is then packed and sealed for sale. The tourists can learn the knacks and tactics of this food by directly watching the preparation.

Papadum Making at Dharavi.
Papadum Making at Dharavi.

Biscuit Bakery: Fresh tea time biscuits are baked and sold hot all over Mumbai chai or tea shops. These biscuits are popular for its taste and freshness.

Biscuits Bakery, Dharavi
Biscuits Bakery, Dharavi

Recycling Area: Plastics from all corners of the city are collected and recycled in Dharavi recycling area. It includes plastics, old computers, and computer parts. There is heavy machinery to recycle which they have turned to a small button and toy parts for producing the Barbie Dolls.

Recycle Area, Dharavi.
Recycle Area, Dharavi.

Spend time on the rooftop: The visitors can take a whole view from standing on the rooftop of the Dharavi factory. Guess! It will remain as a memorable view to watch the small tin shaped huts packed closely with human lives.

Pottery Colony: There is a separate area where artisans mold their pots. Travelers who are interested in learning pottery can easily learn here. They make pots using unfired and sun-dried clay.


There is also a community center which the tourists can help the people over there by donating money. The community center stages activities for kids and teenagers. Some of the activities that take place in community center are soft skills training, computer coaching, yoga, dance and there is also a library. Furthermore, you can get to know the lives of incredible people by stepping into the Dharavi residence.

Dharavi is interesting to discover and learn. Contact our tour desk for more details.