“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground”

Maldives – a small archipelago in the Indian Ocean is nothing less than a paradise on earth. Mother Nature has endowed Maldives with all her blessings in form of the blue sea, extensive lagoons, white expanse of sand beaches, great reefs, natural forest and a pleasant weather. Moreover, Maldives is extremely popular among adventure loving people for activities like – diving, snorkelling, surfing etc.

Maldives Glowing Beach:

All these together make up for a perfect destination to relax and enjoy. Apart from all these Maldives houses a fairy tale land called the glowing beach. Yes, indeed the name is right as the water at Vaadhoo scatters thousands of glowing specks at night.

Location of Vaadhoo Island:vaadhoo-resort-visiit-packages

Vaadhoo Island is one of the famous islands of Maldives that attracts a maximum number of tourist to the country. It is located in the Raa Atoll. Tourists usually hire boats from Male to reach Vaadhoo Island. This entire water path between Male to Vaadhoo Island is imprinted with breathtaking scenery. You can also avail island aviation flight from Male. This time you might capture an overview beauty of the island.

What Makes the Beach Glow at Vaadhoo Island?

It sounds something very unnatural that a beach glows at night until you pay a visit yourself to find that it actually happens in reality. The sight you confront at Vaadhoo Island at night is something like a dream vision. It is clearly not the glow of the moonlight. You are even more amazed to find out that the glow takes your footprint if you happen to walk on the beach. Then what is it actually? Is it a trick of the mind? The answer to this is no. There is a natural phenomenon behind this unnatural scene.

This phenomenon is mainly caused due to the presence of tiny bioluminescent creatures not visible to the naked eyes that are found in plenty in the ocean water. These bioluminescent creatures are phytoplanktons called ostracod crustaceans according to a research.

The reason for their glow is yet not explored but many believe that it is either for mating or to drive off the predators that these tiny creatures emit such a beautiful light when they dash against the shore or come in contact with any obstacle as such. Whatever the reason may be but they exhibit a grand show that is indeed a delight to vision.

Maldives – A Home of Bioluminescent Beaches:

Maldives has remained a mysterious island for many. The incredibly beautiful sights that adorn the island is itself so fascinating that you can spend days watching them without getting bored. However, the surreal phenomenon that embraces the night scene of the beaches is far more encapsulating. Your encounter with the sea of stars is something that can cast a spell around you. You are certain to feel that you have landed in a make believe world.glowing-beach-maldives-visiit

Though these bioluminescent phytoplanktons are common creatures inhabiting in the sea water this unusual sight caused due to their presence is typical to the beaches of Maldives. Such sight is created in many other beaches of the world. However, the intensity of blue light emitted by these creatures is so less that it is hardly noticeable.

Maldives is said to be the home of bioluminescent beaches because here you get to see the bright shining light of these fluorescent phytoplanktons in their full zeal and true color. The glow of each of them is short lived but you get to see a constant shine as they are present in huge number in the sea water.

Best Time to Visit Vaadhoo Island:

Vaadhoo Island offers you a good sight all the year round. The weather is so perfect every time of the year that you are sure to receive a warm welcome. The place has hardly disappointed its guests whatever the time of the year may be. You get to see the glowing see throughout the year. However, if you plan to visit Maldives, the best time may be mid-summer to winter. The view is best experienced when the moon is thin and comes up late in the sky.

Recommended Stay Near By:

Vaadhoo Island is interspersed with numerous hotels and resorts for all types of tourists. They offer the best services in terms of food, entertainment, and hospitality. There are so many budget efficient hotels that make your holidays worthwhile. Here is a list of few recommended hotels:

  • Adaraan Prestige Vadhoo
  • Finivaage
  • Small Island Lodge
  • Velassaru Maldives – 2.3 Km from Vaadhoo Island
  • Jumeriah Vittavelli – 7 Km from Vaadhoo Island

These hotels offer various advanced amenities at reasonable rates to adjust your budget.

Why is it Worth to Visit Vaadhoo Island?

Vaadhoo Island is undoubtedly the greatest attraction of Maldives and all credit goes to the bewitching sight of the glowing beach. Tourists flock in large numbers to witness this amazing out of the world view. You can make the ultimate use of your time and money by planning your next holiday to Maldives with a special night visit to the Vaadhoo Island. The aura created by the shining beach entreats you to seize the moment forever.

The “firefly effect” created in the Vaadhoo beach is one of the best things that everyone must see in their lifetime. It is more than a sight. It is rather a visual treat that the eyes can recall every time it shuts down. Your experiences get enriched with the addition of this jewel to it. So plan your next vacation to Maldives with your family and friends and do not miss to visit the Vaadhoo Island.




‘Get Ready for Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses’

Maldives is no doubt the most alluring honeymoon spot of the world. It is a mesmerizing island located in the Indian Ocean that attracts countless honeymooners from all over the world every year. Maldives, a coral island is known for its azure beaches, blue lagoons, and extensive reefs. The vast expanse of beaches with the lush green forest all around creates an ultimate aura of love. What can be more romantic than spending time with our life partner in such a setting? The place gives you ample opportunity to explore a real-life fantasy that can become a memory to be cherished for a lifetime.

How to Reach Maldives from Chennai?

The simplest answer to this is by air. Flights take off from Chennai airport every day and land in Male International Airport which is located in the country’s capital Male on the island of Hulhule. Hulhule itself is a tourist spot. You can plan your journey after a short stay here. how-to-reach-maldives-visiitThere are other airports like – Ibrahim Nasir International Airport that helps you land at other locations in Maldives. Private cruise is also available from Chennai port but they are very few in number. However, cruise journey is time-consuming. So when you want to make the ultimate usage of your time get your visas confirmed and board a flight to your dream destination – Maldives.

Where to Stay?

Maldives is interspersed with several ravishing hotels and resorts. All you need to do is book your stay well in advance to get the most exquisite room through which you can enjoy nature’s beauty with your better half. Here are a few hotels/resorts that might give you a pleasant stay:


  • aaaVee Nature’s Paradise:

    It is a private island located in Dhoores This resort gives you chance to live in Dhoores Island which is a wonder island where nature is at its best. The entire island is yours and you can escape out of this world to a world of fantasy where you can mingle with nature and your beloved to enjoy a blissful fiesta. Stay at aaaVee Nature’s Paradise starts from as low as Rs.15, 000 onwards.aaaveee-visiit-packages-maldives

If you have booked aaVee Nature’s Paradise within six months of your wedding, you can enjoy enormous compliments like a bottle of wine, a bowl of fruits and beautiful bed decoration using local flowers (to make your honeymoon special and memorable). You need to submit wedding certification at the reception. Ensure to bring a copy of wedding certification while accommodating the resort.


  • Fun Island Resort:

    Located in the vast expanse of white sand beaches, Fun Island Resort is one of the most fun-islands-maldives-visiitentertaining resorts in Maldives. Its packages are all inclusive of open air bar with regular live music, a cafe and a beach bar, gym, dive center and spa offering massage services. You can engage in different types of activities like – snorkeling and dolphin safaris. It is a must visit resort in Maldives. Do not forget to include Fun Island Resort in your Maldives honeymoon package.


  • Paradise Island Resort and Spa:

    It is a five-star resort located in the North Male’ Atoll very close to the Male International paradise-island-maldives-visiitAirport. This resort offers you one of the most extravagant stays in Maldives. The service quality is excellent and so you get to enjoy your stay surrounded by marine life on all sides. Paradise Island can make your honeymoon days very special that helps you to give a new start to your journey of togetherness.

Your stay at one of these resorts/hotels caters to both your budget and your needs. In fact, they have more to offer you than what you expect just to make your days worth remembering.

Things to do in Maldives:

Maldives is one of the most engaging honeymoon destinations of the world. Couples can engage in a number of activities during their stay here. The most romantic activities are lying down together on the beach, taking a dip into the clear blue water of the ocean, chilling out and enjoying a perfect sunset romantic dinner with your heartthrob are the treats that the island offers to the honeymooners. Besides these are a variety of other activities that make your holidays an adventurous one. These include:

  • Diving: 

    Maldives is the best-known scuba diving destination of the world. divingThe crystal clear water of the ocean helps to peep into the marine life located deep inside the sea. So hold the hands of your beloved and set diving to experience the glimpse of a unique world.

  • Dolphin Spotting:

    When you see dolphins playing and performing different kinds of stunts with the acute precision you are definite to amaze yourself as well as your better half. This particular activity has attracted many couples to the place.

  • Snorkeling:

    If diving is not your cup of tea then snorkeling might give you somewhat similar adventure. Youmaldives-dolphin-spotting-visiit-packages are sure to be awe-struck with the sights of the colorful fishes, turtles, and other marine creatures and you need not go very deep for all these.

  • Island Hopping and Shopping:

    Maldives has numerous small and big islands resided by the natives. If you are interested to know people, their culture, religion etc. then you can plan for island hopping. Moreover, the local markets of Maldives attract couples for shopping. The items are beautifully and colorfully displayed that they act as a head So you can buy presents that are unique to each other and can pick up gifts for your friends and relatives.

Reasons to Visit Maldives:

You must be wondering what the sea beaches of Maldives can offer you different from the Chennai beach. Why should you choose Maldives as your honeymoon destination which is ones for life event? These reasons might satisfy you:

  • Indulge in Under Water Romance:under-water-romace-visiit-maldives

    Now this is an experience that is very uniquely associated with the Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant. Sit close to your lover and gaze at the aquamarine life that surrounds you.

  • Visit the Glowing Beach:

    The beach has attained its name because of the glowing tides caused due to some natural phenomena. How can words explain the trance you go through when you have your lover by your side and such a lovely sight right in front of you?glowing-beach-maldives-visiit

  • Enjoy a Couple Spas:

    Couple Spa at Maldives has an essence of its own. The spa experience that you get to enjoy here is matchless in the world. So make a simple spa experience into an unforgettable memory.

  • Stimulate Your Tastebud:

    The cuisine of Maldives has attracted thousands of food loving people across the world. You can enjoy different delicacies of seafood with your better half during your exotic dinners.

Maldives has the ability to transform your envisioned honeymoon days into reality. The weather, climate, communication, people, food and everything else is very compatible for honeymoon couples. People of Chennai have always loved this destination. So make Maldives your home for your honeymoon days and give a grand start to your life of togetherness.



“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets”

My Honeymoon Trip to Maldives:

I had an arranged marriage. As I belong from an orthodox family I could hardly talk to my partner before my marriage. To be very frank we were looking forward to spending few hours together so that we can know each other well. But it wasn’t possible even after marriage as our house was crowded due to the ceremony. My husband loves traveling. He has good taste in choosing a travel destination according to the situation. When he purchased Maldives tour package for our honeymoon, I was excited. It was the first time for me to visit Maldives.

He informed me about our honeymoon after completing all booking procedures. He asked me if the place is relevant or not. I searched it on the internet and I was overwhelmed with joy viewing the outstanding pictures of Maldives and Maldives luxury resorts. I was left speechless.

Our flight was on 8th March early Morning. We started packing our clothes a week before. Then the day arrived. After checking our final packing list we went to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata at 5:45 AM. We collected our boarding passes and got into the flight, Air India. I was a bit nervous as it was my first flight experience and a first foreign trip as well.


I couldn’t ever imagine how beautiful the Earth is if I hadn’t seen the group of Islands of Maldives from the sky. It was spectacular like anything. I hold my spouse’s hand in excitement and it feels like our friendship is forwarding towards the next step.


We landed on Maldives International Airport at 10:05 AM and had our immigration checking. I found the temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius, neither cold nor hot. After all the checking procedure was done we came to Male Taxi stand and hired a taxi to our Resort. I was looking outside the window of the taxi.

The city was totally different, as it was so well-organized, well-managed. I could not stop myself from placing my neck outside the window and let my hair blow in the energetic fresh air. My husband grasped my hand. In a few hours, the taxi reached its destination. Getting off the taxi I was amazed viewing the vast beauty of Maldives. I was spellbound. It was Lux South Ari Atoll Maldives.

The breath-taking view of the Olhuveli Beach made both of us stand still for 5 minutes with jaws drop. I was so impressed by the grandeur of the resort that I asked my husband why he has chosen such a luxury stay, he answered that nothing is grander to our relationship. I was ecstatic.

Unforgettable Honeymoon Trip:

The very next day we woke up late as we were tired of 17 hours flight journey. We decided to relax and spend some quality time with each other. We ordered fried sea fishes and fresh squeezed orange juice for our breakfast. We went on the beach. I was so excited that I sunset-maldives-visiit-honeymoonremove my slippers and started running on the white soft sand, dipped my feet into the crystal clear water and uttered in silence “you can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. I look behind; my husband was waving his hand to me to come back. I went back to him; he delighted me with a smile. He was flattered by my spontaneous act.

On 10th we packed our bags and went out for sightseeing. We decided to start our outing from National Museum at Male. It was the first national museum of the country inaugurated in 1952. A various collection of artifacts were displayed in the museum. Including throne, royal sunshade, furniture, costume, shoes, arms and so on.


Then we explored Grand Friday Mosque. This Islamic center is a prime attraction in Male and it is the largest Mosque in Maldives. At last, we decided to hit Vaadhoo Island which is famous for the ‘sea of stars’. It is said that the bioluminescence is originated from a type of phytoplankton named Dinoflagellates. I disbelieve the fact that in Vaadhoo sea waves glow and sparkle. But when we reached the beach we failed to move and stood still in surprise. It seemed like the dark sky has fallen in love with the ocean and the stars are busy decorating the waves. The beach was twinkling. We finished our day on Vaadhoo Island with a long romantic sand walk.

On 11th we wanted to do something different, something adventurous. So we went to Olhuveli Beach for some activity. We went on scuba diving. The scuba diving team asked us to read a safety form and sign below. The instructor gave us a black scuba diving costume. I was terribly afraid of underwater activities as I had never been to water not even in a pond, and this time it was the Indian Ocean.


Though my husband was encouraging me from the beginning, my situation was pathetic. However, every coward should get at least one chance to show courage and to me, it was this time. The instructor gave us 45 minutes training before diving deep into the ocean as it was really quite difficult to inhale and exhale through mouth. Once the training was done the instructor took us deep into the water. I closed my eyes in fear.

When I opened my eyes I was like wow! I was hypnotized viewing the breathtaking beauty of marine life. The sound I could hear was only the sound of my heartbeat. I found several colorful fishes swimming around us, I wished if I could touch them. Vibrant corals, dead corals affected in Tsunami, mesmerized my eyes. The heavy blue water and its silence had nailed our honeymoon. I was magnetized to scuba diving.


The next day we decided not to have a hectic day but to relax on a beach chair. We took few snaps to frame the memory. It was very heartbreaking that our honeymoon has come to an end. My husband read me and assured our next trip very soon. I smiled and realized that I have started feeling special with him. This thought made me blush.

On 13th we checked out from Lux South Ari Atoll Maldives and reached Maldives International Airport. Our heavenly holidays were about to finish and we were returning to our normal life, this was painful.  The next day we landed at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata. A smell so familiar cuddled us as we spotted our family members has come to receive us.

If you have thought foreign trips can only be as dream in your life, then you need to read this blog. Going abroad means not just visiting the UK or the USA. There are several beautiful countries and cities in the world. You can easily plan for foreign trip with a budget of Rs.30,000-40,000.


Conrad Koh Samui - Thailand
Conrad Koh Samui – Thailand

Do you love relishing Thai curries? If so, you should purchase Thailand tour packages and experience paradise for real. Thailand airfares are relatively cheap. Moreover, the stay options are not expensive. Thai people are friendly and warm in nature. You can buy a lot of things at the cheap price. If you are not able to cover the entire country, you need to check out main tourist destinations during the trip.

AIR TICKETS: The average cost of round trip tickets from Chennai would come around Rs. 12,000 (Chennai-Bangkok).

RECOMMENDED STAY DURATION: With Rs. 750 you can manage to stay for 6 days  for vacation rentals, guest houses, hotels or even Visiit offer economical stay option.

PLACES TO VISIT: Tarutao, Santikhiri, Phuket, Bangkok and others.

THINGS TO DO: Medical tourism, elephant tourism, floating market tour, local shopping.

Thailand Packages Starts@ 4800. Book Now!


Cape Weligama - Sri Lanka
Cape Weligama – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful place that would keep your breath away. The capital city of Sri Lanka is Colombo. It has large number of traditional architectural structures like Buddhist sculptures and churches to visit and fabulous beaches to discover. No matter, you wish to explore the culture, relish the local cuisine, explore the city or buy local souvenirs, it is sure you will find Colombo, Sri Lanka trip memorable and affordable.

AIR TICKETS: If you book the return tickets in advance, you can travel to and fro Chennai- Colombo at the cost of Rs. 11,000.

RECOMMENDED STAY DURATION: In about 4 to 5 days, you can cover most of the best tourist spots.

PLACES TO VISIT: Pettah (shopping), Gampaha to enjoy the scenic beauty, Dehiwala Zoo, St. Antony’s Church and Mount Lavinia Beach.

THINGS TO DO: Golfing, city tour, shopping, massage and spa therapies, clubbing.


Rice Field - Vietnam
Rice Field – Vietnam

It is not viewed as tourist place by most Indian. But Vietnam is a beautiful place with the lot of hidden treasures and amazements. It has everything from tropical islands to rugged sets in the Northern region. You can eat a lot of exotic and weird food and mostly different kinds of sea foods. If you plan with a leading travel agent like, the entire Vietnam trip would not cost more than your budget. You can choose homestays instead of high-end hotels to save an extra sum.

AIR TICKETS: If you plan the trip on time, you can get air tickets for less than Rs. 16,000. Check flights from Chennai to Vietnam for best prices.

RECOMMENDED STAY DURATION: It is suggested to stay around 6 days. You need to spend Rs. 7500 for 7 days accommodation.

PLACES TO VISIT: Mekong Delta, Sapa, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Ha Long Bay, Hanoi, and others.

THINGS TO DO: Island tours, cultural tour, caving, local market tours, boat or yacht cruises, sightseeing, wildlife tours.


Indra Jatra Festival, Nepal
Indra Jatra Festival, Nepal

If you have a long weekend and planning for a budget trip, you should consider visiting Kathmandu, Nepal. You have lots to explore, do and see in Nepal. It is the best destination for all kinds of travelers. This beautiful city is situated amidst scenic landscapes and lofty peaks. You can view several Buddhist temples, witness the grand Mount Everest or trip to the beautiful Himalayas. Nepal is well known for reasonable shopping options.

 AIR TICKETS: If you are booking tickets in advance Delhi to Kathmandu flights, it will cost around Rs. 9,000.

RECOMMENDED STAY DURATION: The hotel’s tariffs are reasonable. There are both budget and high-class hotels. It is recommended to stay for around 4 to 5 days.

PLACES TO VISIT: Casinos, Nagarkot to view the beautiful Mount Everest, Garden of Dreams, Pashupatinath Temple, etc.

THINGS TO DO: Shopping, trekking, mountaineering, gaming.


Alila Seminyak Bali - Indonesia
Alila Seminyak Bali – Indonesia

Indonesia is popular for its perfect beauty as it is surrounded by rich cultural heritage.

It is best to plan for seven days trip that would not cost more than Rs. 40,000. It includes flight expenses, stays and other charges.

AIR TICKETS: It is recommended to book six months in advance, where flight tickets would cost Rs. 13,000 -17,000.

RECOMMENDED STAY DURATION: It is suggested to trip Indonesia for about 7 days.

PLACES TO VISIT: Batu Secret Zoo, Pangandaran Beach, Wakatobi, Jakarta, Toba, Derawan Island, Bali and others.

THINGS TO DO: Local sightseeing, volcano tours, water sports, cultural and religious tours, nature tours and temple tours.



Cambodia is recovering from the damage of Khmer Rouge’s rule of terror. Several problems still exist. However, the healing and reconstruction process is on a fast way. More and more tourists are re-experiencing Cambodia’s attractions. Most tourists get attracted by visiting the spectacular temples of Angkor. But the country has lots to offer besides Angkor Wat like colonial buildings, tropical beaches, and numerous natural attractions.

AIR TICKETS: You can easily book flight tickets from Chennai for Rs. 26,000.

RECOMMENDED STAY DURATION: It is best to stay for 7 days. It would cost Rs. 6000.

PLACES TO VISIT: Preah Vihear, Sihanoukville, Tonle Sap, Silver Pagoda, Bokor Hill Station, Kratie, Koh Ker, Banteay Srei, Bayon Temple and Angkor Wat are some of the must-visit attractions of Cambodia.

THINGS TO DO: Leisure and recreational tours, religious tours, cultural visits.


Six Senses Laamu - Maldives
Six Senses Laamu – Maldives

It is a famous honeymoon and holiday destination for Indians. If you want to visit a foreign country teeming with Indians, Maldives is the perfect place. It is popular for its beaches and water sports. You can enjoy delicious sea foods in Maldives. It is best to stay with locals to enjoy the complete experience.  Purchase Maldives travel packages online at discounted price.

AIR TICKETS: The average cost of round trip ticket from Bangalore would cost Rs. 30,000. It is suggested to book three to four months in advance.

RECOMMENDED STAY DURATION: You can cover the majority of top attractions in 5 days.

PLACES TO VISIT: Utheemu Ganduvaru, Biyadhoo Island Resort, Hukuru Miskiiy or Old Friday Mosque, National Museum, HP Reef, Banana Reef, Manta Point, Alimatha Island, Sun Island Spa and Resort and Bluetribe Moofushi.

THINGS TO DO: Indulge in water sports, relax and spend time on the beach, get full body massage.



Marina Bay Sands - Singapore
Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Tourism is the main economical source of the country. Most people think that it is an expensive country. In reality, you can enjoy a lavish holiday in Singapore even in the shoe-string budget. You have to plan and choose your package in advance to make your trip enjoyable. The street food is delicious and affordable. If you are planning a trip to Singapore, check out our Singapore holiday packages for best deals.

AIR TICKETS: If you book four to six months in advance, you can get tickets at prices between Rs. 8500 and 13,000.

RECOMMENDED STAY DURATION: You can cover the majority of tourist attractions in 5 days.

PLACES TO VISIT: Civilian war memorial, Temple of 1000 lights, Istana, Merlion Park, Singapore Flyer, Sentosa Island, Flea Markets, Marina Bay Sands Mall, etc.

THINGS TO DO: Wildlife tours, beach tours, garden festival tours, art and culture tours, food tours, local sightseeing, nature tours, shopping.