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The Ultimate Packing List – Thailand

      Thailand is one of the most popular tropical getaways for Indian people who want to holiday abroad. There are many things that attract visitors here – the culture, the history, exotic beaches, night life, and of course, the friendly people. If you have planned a trip to Thailand, you must be wondering what to pack for your trip. Well, we are here to help with some great tips on what you should bring for your Thai holidays.

        One piece of advice that applies to almost all destinations is you should travel as light as possible. Thailand is also famous as a shopping destination, so you would definitely want to buy stuff from there. So, considering weight restrictions of flights leave ample space for your purchases.

1. Clothes

     Clothes take the maximum of our packing space. So, it is important that you sort it out first thing. The climate of Thailand is hot and humid. So, pack breathable cotton and linen fabric clothes. But, inside shopping malls and during your flight, it can be quite chilly because of the air conditioner, so you might pack a thin jacket for such times. There are a variety of things to do in Thailand, so depending on how you plan to spend your day you will have to dress up accordingly.

For the beach:clothes for the beach in thailand

      Beach bumming will definitely be one of the things to do in Thailand. So, make sure you bring beach essentials – a beach tote bag, beach swim wear, a beach towel, flip flops, sunscreen lotion, sun glasses and a wide rimmed hat. Thai people are somewhat conservative when it comes to dressing. So, once you are out of the water, it is best to cover up – girls must always pack a sarong as it comes in really handy to cover up in such places.

For temple visits:dress decently for temples in Thailand

     Pay particular attention to what you wear when you are visiting temples in Thailand. It is considered disrespectful if you are not dressed appropriately and you might be asked to cover up before entering the temple premises. One simple rule to follow is to keep your shoulders, as well as your knees, covered. So, half sleeve tops or t-shirts are okay, for bottom full pants or trousers are best. Girls can wear long skirts as well. It makes sense for ladies to carry a scarf as it comes in handy to cover up. Also, you will be needed to take off your shoes, before entering the temple, so comfortable slip on shoes will work best as it saves you the hassle of untying and tying the laces multiple times.

For sightseeing:clothes for sight seeing in thailand

      Thais in a city like Bangkok is quite modern and fashionable. So, you can dress like your usual self when sight-seeing in the city. Just keep the climate of the place in mind. Cotton tees, light breathable linen fabric clothes work best. If you have hiking and trekking in your itinerary, make sure to pack synthetic fabric long sleeve tees and pants as they are best to keep your safe from bugs. Hiking socks and comfortable but sturdy hiking shoes should also be on the packing list.

For night outs:clothes for thailand nights out

     A Thai trip is not complete if you have not enjoyed a night out in the city. So, girls can pack a decent fancy dress with matching sandals and accessories. Casual dressing is fine for men in such places.

2. Toiletries:


       Pack small size packs of all the essential toiletries you typically need for Thailand. It’s not that you will not them locally, but why waste time unnecessarily in going to super market. A typical toiletries bag must have body wash/soap, shampoo, and conditioner, face wash; face cream, body cream, lip balm, deodorants, tooth paste, tooth brush, sunscreen lotion with at least 30 SPF, and shaving essentials for men. Girls should bring minimal makeup things as the weather is quite hot for anything to stay. As in any tropical climate country, mosquitoes are also a nuisance in Thailand. So, pack some anti-mosquito repellent sprays or patches. A bottle of hand sanitizer is also essential in the hand bag.

3. Medicines:medicines

     No one likes to fall sick on a holiday. But, it’s best to pack some essential medicines for common ailments like headaches, upset stomach, allergies, etc. Also, pack an antiseptic cream and band aids for minor scrapes or scratches.

4. Shoes:shoes in thailand

     Since you will have to remove your shoes quite often in Thailand – in many shops, temples, massage parlours, etc., it makes sense to pack shoes from the slip on variety. Pack a flip flop as they are best for beaches. For moving around the city where you might have to walk a lot, comfortable slip on sandals is best. For a dinner at a high-end restaurant or for a night out, you might want to add a dressier sandal to the list. If trekking and hiking are on the itinerary, appropriate adventure shoes need to be packed as well.

5. Water Bottle:water bottle

     You need to keep yourself hydrated when you are in Thailand. So, it makes sense to carry around a water bottle with you. Safe to drink water is available for refilling almost everywhere in Thailand and it will be easy in your pockets than buying packaged water every time.

6. Rain Gear:

rain gear

     If you are travelling during the rainy season in Thailand, appropriate rain gear is a must. Even when it is not the season, it can rain anytime in Bangkok, so pack a light raincoat or a fold-able umbrella to save you from a sudden shower. It is also essential to have a waterproof backpack if you are carrying gadgets like a DSLR with you.

7. Universal Adaptor:

universal adaptor

    The outlets in Thailand are varied and may not be compatible with all your gadgets. So, it is best to pack a universal adaptor. It will come in handy when you want to charge your phone, camera and other gadgets.

8. Camera and Smart Phone:

camer and smartphone

     There will be ample opportunities for you to click pictures in Thailand. So, take along a good camera. Or if you are used to clicking pictures on your mobile, carry a charger and a power bank. If you are an avid photographer, do not forget to pack an extra battery, extra memory card, and the charging unit for your camera.

      So, now you have a quick list to refer to for packing for your Thailand trip. Apart of these make sure you have your passports, travel tickets, Thai currency, and hotel booking print outs in place before leaving for the destination. Packing a travel guidebook for Thailand or a good book to read during your flight is also a must.

       Travel light and enjoy your stay in Thailand. If you need any help in planning your trip, the travel experts at can come to your rescue.


Food is one of the most basic needs of humankind. Although clothing and shelter might also find a parallel mention, it is not as important as food. The human beings, in their early days have managed to live without clothing and shelter, but never ever have managed to live without food!

Food, which was once quite common to all of mankind, started to take its own forms and our thoughts depending on the geography, the temperature, the lifestyle, and the availability of resources in different places of the planet. This has given us a new word that has more grossly been misused than used – ‘cuisine’! you might have seen this word paired up with a lot of want to be restaurants that claim to be multi-cuisine, but just give a glimpse of a little Spice and herb and claim it to be from another culinary procedure.

In all the cuisines Around The World, some of them have managed to stand out and proclaim their superiority in terms of taste and awesomeness. Let’s discuss a few of those cuisines that have managed to stand up and stand out.

The first everything on this list has got to be the Mighty United States America!

United States of America:

The United States of America might not have a cuisine of its own. However, just like the Constitution and the idea of Democracy, the United States has managed to perfect whatever was given to it in a very crude form. Yes, the hamburgers belong to Germany, the pizza belongs to Italy and the french fries belong to either Belgium or Netherlands. However, we all went to associate these dishes not with the countries of origin but with the United States of America. It all has got to do with the brand United States. It has to be agreed that the United States did give a facelift to all these dishes. Hamburgers well just confined to Ham in Germany but the United States gave it chicken patties and beef patties. French fries were dressed in ranch, and the United States gave the idea of dressing them up with ketchup. Pizza in Italy was thin crusted and the United States came up with the idea of filling the pizza crust with cheese.

Even though the United States has messed up with a few dishes like that KFC and the overly sweet ice creams, we have to give this country that you credit of making food an industry as opposed to a habit.


With no intended references to people in today’s politics, Italy should be credited with inventing the idea of using simple ingredients and making some of the most robust dishes. You cannot just imagine the magic that a little bit of flour, cheese, and tomato can bring about.With these Limited ingredients, they have created an entire series of dishes that do not fail to the light the taste buds of every person across the globe. These dishes include but are not limited to the thin crust pizza, the pasta, the Lasagna and even a series of desserts like pannacotta.One of the things that make the Italian cuisine even more special is that they are quite agnostic towards the ingredients that they use. They wouldn’t hesitate to make different variants of a dish with one of it spicy, one of it tangy and one of it sweet.


Tne of the grandest contributions of Italy to the world has the different variations of one of the world’s most favorite beverages – coffee! Almost every coffee that ends with the letter O can be attributed to Italy – Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Macchiato And a lot more.


Maybe, food is one of the very few things that China has been original with! Legend says that the pasta of Italy where brought by Marco Polo when he visited China and pasta is nothing more than a Europeanised version of the Chinese noodles. The list of things that make it be a part of Chinese preparations as ingredients is nothing short of baffling. We are not even referring to the extremes but more of moderate Chinese dishes like pork, Duck and different varieties of fishes.

chinese food

China, being such a large country have different choices of cuisines right within the country. the Szechuan cuisine is something that we all know. It has an extra quotient of Spice that makes it quite distinct. The entrepreneurial and the frugal spirit of the Chinese also ensures that they achieve the maximum efficiency in terms of quality and taste by using a very minimal number of ingredients, and also the least expensive ones.


You can build a wall to protect your country from them, but you can never stop the Mexicans from exiting their culinary influence across all the cuisines of the world. Mexico has a mix of elements that include everything. There is spice, there is tang, there is zest, and there is so much more to Mexican cuisine.


The Mexican food can fit in any meal of the day. It is so full of nutrition and even the little elements like avocado, lime, tomato, and garlic at to the antioxidant properties along with the chilis. If you would like to have a Perfect Combination of Taste, health and the portioning then the Mexican cuisine is the one that you will need to look forward to!

The food from Mexico is literally a culinary Fiesta.


If there is a mention of food, it cannot be complete without the mention of India. India is a subcontinent, and each food has its own signature in terms of taste and awesomeness. However, there are things that are common to any cuisine across the country. It is nothing more than the spiciness!

Indian food

The food of India exhibits a distinct flavor of pungency, sourness, and spice that beautifully coexist to give out a dish that is distinct in taste. Much like the United States, India has also managed to unify the different dishes around the World – just that it happened at a time of History when India was among the very few known countries in the World.

The Persian Biryani and the Mongolian Samosa are synonymous with India more than their places of origin.

India has a legacy with beverages and desserts as well. The Sulaimani Tea of Hyderabad, the Filter Coffee of South India and Kumbakonam in particular, the Lassi and the Rasmalai of North India are a few dishes that put India as a bound name in the list of countries that flaunt their culinary awesomeness.

Ask any tourist they will tell you the importance of food, which is an integral part of their journey to another part of the world that they have never experienced. It is always a great idea and a good practice to understand the different cuisines around the world, and prepare yourself for the culinary experience that you will Treasure forever, both in your mind and in your taste buds!

10 Thai food recipes that you must try at least once in your lifetime

Thailand is one of the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world and its cuisine reflects that. Thai food is a delicious amalgamation of spicy flavors, unique tastes and fresh plucked ingredients from all corners in Thailand. You must really try the most traditional and authentic Thai dishes you must try before you die otherwise you will miss something really delightful!!

Well, just talking about it makes my mouth water!! So let’s jump right in and see what food dishes are the most famous across the world and which you just need to try yourself!

Pad Thaipad thai

Welcome to the Thailand’s national dish which is purely authentic and traditional Thai. Fresh ingredients mixed with spices and herbs define this delicious dish which can be customized in many ways. This stir fried noodles can be made with fish sauce, tamarind sauce, crushed peanuts, choice of vegetables or chicken, beef, pork. You can customize the flavours and tastes by adding in other variety of meats, scrambled eggs, beansprouts or lime juice.

Tom Yum GoongTom Yum Goong

This is one of the prized Thai seafood dish which is to die for! You will keep asking for more after having this and it will not be an exaggeration to say that you are likely make this for dinner multiple times! Preparing this dish will take you 15 minutes and is super easy even for the novice cooks. All it needs it shrimp, lemongrass, salt, pepper and some hot and sour sauce to spice it up.

Por Pia TordPor Pia Tord

One of the most delicious appetizers in Thai cuisine, this is a fried spring roll which comes with a side of a sweet and sour dip. The ingredients in the roll range from stir fried fillings of a choice of vegetables, chicken, pork, even duck! You must simply try the Por Pia Tord which comes with the apricot dip!!


This is a gastronome’s delight come true! This heavenly curry dish is made from creamy coconut cream which lends it a thick and rich taste. The main ingredient in this recipe is the meat which is simmered in the coconut cream at a slow sim to bring out the meat flavors and lend it a slightly sweet taste. So this is one dish for the foodies who like their dishes mild and not spicy. You just need a bowl of warm steamed or sticky rice to devour this amazing dish!

Som TamSom Tam

This is one of the most authentic Thai dishes and pretty easy to whip up at home too as the ingredients are simple and can be prepared in a jiffy. This lovely sounding dish is a tossed salad made from shredded papaya, sliced beans and chopped tomato. You can then pound the veggies and the dressing in a mortar and pestle to lend it its spicy flavor which nicely coats the veggies.

Moo Sa-Te Moo Sa-Te

An alluring dish made from pork, this dish has the pork nicely grilled on a slow flame on a wooden stick and coated with a mixture of spicy turmeric and chili. This is a wonderful starter for an authentic Thai recipe which comes with a side of a medium spicy sauce made from grounded peanuts spiced with red chili. Another way to have it is with a side of a sour sauce made from pepper and finely chopped cucumbers.

Tom Yam KaiTom Yum Goong

This is one classic Thai recipes which is heavenly and will leave you asking for more portions again and again!! Foodies of all ages are likely to be lovers of this delicious soup made from chicken simmered on a slow flame with many herbs and spices like lemongrass, chili and fish sauce. Mm mm…you just need some authentic ingredients to try this out yourself at home! This yummy flavorful dish is not to be missed by any means!

Massaman CurryMassaman Curry

Whew!! This one is strictly for the spicy food lovers! Though you can make it less spicy by asking for less spices. This is fusion food curry made from dried peppers, cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin slow simmered on a light flame with a choice of meats like chicken, lamb or fish.

Geng Khew Wan GaiGeng Kheaw Wan Gai

This is the king of curries in taste and in spiciness! This green curry is made from ground green chilies, Thai eggplant and many herbs which make this curry flaming hot. The curry can be made with chicken, beef or a choice of vegetables. If you like it mild, use less of the green chilies.

Kai Jiew Moo SaapKai Jiew Moo Saap

This is often called the Thai comfort food as this is very easy to whip up and can satisfy all your cravings owing to its medley of flavors and tastes. All you need is eggs whipped up nicely with soy sauce and fish sauce with salt and pepper added. Once the eggs are nicely beaten, you can add finely chopped or minced pork in it and beat it once more. You can now fry this omelette sprinkling it liberally with oil. You can leave out the pork if you want. Once it is nice and crispy, enjoy it with steamed rice to have a yummy and satiating dinner.

Thai cuisine is a gastronomic delight and is just waiting to be explored. It has a great fusion of fresh ingredients mixed with the choicest of meats or vegetables which can be whipped up into a fantastic lunch or dinner. It is a great way to liven up a meal and make it at home as it doesn’t require too much effort. Just buy the ingredients off the supermarket shelves and you are ready to become a chef!

Beautiful Things to do in Pattaya

    Pattaya is another island destination of Thailand located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is the most visited island of the country only after Bangkok city. In 2016, this city was visited by more than 30 million travelers from across the globe, and 27% of it constitutes the Chinese population. Infact, the city runs its livelihood on tourism and allied services alone.

     Pattaya is famous for its nightlife and derives a shady reputation because of its sex tourism industry. Nevertheless, it is not totally closed for the other travelers seeking unique experiences. Pattaya is easily accessible by a fantastic road network, and is 100 km from the Bangkok City. Here are top 15 things to add to your to-do list while you are exploring Pattaya islands.

1. Pattaya’s Mini SIAM

mini siam       The Mini SIAM is a collection of more than 100 miniature replicas of the landmarks from around the world and is essentially divided into two sections – Asia and the rest of the World. It features miniature of world famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc DE Triomphe, Sydney Opera House, St. Petersburg Church and the Statue of Liberty.

2. Floating markets

floating market bangkok thailand      Those of whom have been to Pattaya before, or for that matter even the new visitors, floating market is something that one’s eye cannot miss out on. In olden times, the water was considered as the most vital survival element, and due to that, most well known civilizations are seen to have settled across the water sources. The floating market has all its shops floating on river waters and the only way to access them is by boats. The market is filled with traditional shopping centers where you can bargain for traditional clothes, handicrafts, paintings, Thai Silk, fresh vegetables, fruits and fruit produces. If you have not tasted Dragon Fruit before, now is the time. It is mouth watering and delicious. The market is also an ideal place for trying multiple local cuisines.

3. Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum

ripley's believe it or not museum pattaya       Ripley’s believe it or not is among the most popular American TV shows hosted on the NBC. While you are in Pattaya, why not see the unbelievable in person!  It features several entertainment series such as the ‘Believe it or not’, the 4D Moving Theater, Haunted Adventures, Louis Tussaud’s Wax works, Scream in the dark and the Infinity Maze.

4. The Sanctuary of Truth 

sanctuary of truth pattaya      The Sanctuary of Truth is a religious escape to the deeper perspectives of the traditional Buddhism and Hinduism beliefs. A gigantic wooden construction, it covers an area of more than 2000 square meters. The top of the building is 105 meters in height and is designed to withstand extreme variations of seashore weather conditions. The wooden construction reflects the ancient Eastern philosophy and knowledge and teaches its visitors the basic principles of humility, cycle of living, life’s relationship with universe, and common goal of life towards Utopia.

5. Art in Paradise

art in paradise pattaya

          Art in Paradise is one of its kind optical illusion galleries in Pattaya. Fully interactive, it sports 10 3-dimensional galleries to tweak and challenge your visual capabilities. They also have branches in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The 360° tour takes you across myriad 3D paintings with illusions of depth and distances; sure to intrigue you to no end.

6. Pattaya ATV Adventure

atv tours pattaya

      ATV Lovers, Ahoy! Hop on for a fun filled adventure and explore the enchanting countryside of Pattaya. The ATV tours are conducted in the outskirts of the city and are available in two versions – fun and extreme. The first route is a 28 kms drive and lasts for 2 hours and the extreme tour is a 42 kms trip lasting 4 hrs of adrenaline rushing experience.

7. Flight of Gibbon Chonburi flight of Gibbon Chonburi

       Zip lining may not have been a sport that many have heard of before, but it is certainly a sport that is thrilling for all ages. The zip line rappels and descends you from a sloping height at breakneck speeds. In this case, you not only enjoy the thrill, but you also pass through the varied natural beauty and the rare species of the Thai tropical rain forests such as the hornbills and the forest gibbons.

8. MAX Muay Thai MAX muay thai pattaya

      Thai boxing or Muay Thai is the most popular close contact martial art practiced all over the world. Its infamous popularity is because of the fact that it is played without any body guard unlike other close contact sport and applies a range of techniques that are also used in MMA fights. If you are Thailand, you cannot afford to miss out on a live Muay Thai show. The martial art also has a spiritual significance among the Thai people as it was used by the Thai soldiers for protecting the royal elephants during war.

9. Flyboarding Experience flyboarding pattaya bangkok

      Flyboard is a sport that was invented in the year 2012 by Franky Zapata, and is a latest addition to the extreme water sports. Get set for a propelling action as the water jet spins you over the waves for that extreme adrenaline experience.

10. Khao Kheow Open Zoo open zoo pattaya

         The Khao Kheow Open Zoo is the outcome of responsible and sustainable travel which aims at the preservation of the animals and provides them with a protective environment. The zoo features animal species from across the globe. The zoo takes you through vivid wildlife experiences such as the Forest and Wildlife Tour, the Biodiversity experience and the Night Safari. It is the best way to educate the value of the environment to the future generations.

11. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

      Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a tropical garden that is among the world’s most beautiful botanical gardens. Experience the vivid colours of Thai culture with the live Thai Cultural Shows, elephant shows and Safaris, that will keep you engaged all day. The garden also displays the performance car collection, mini zoo, waterbirds and other attractions.

12. Hop to the Koh Samet Island PattayaKoh Samet Island Pattaya

        Koh Samet Island or the Paradise Island is 45 minutes drive by ferry from Pattaya and is 70 kms long stretch of sun and sand coastline. The nearby Hat Sai Kaew or the Diamond beach is the longest beach on the island. They offer vast stretches of powdery white beaches and jade blue waters and are best for a tranquil getaway.

13. Explore the Sapphire Mines at Chantaburisapphire mines pattaya

        Chantaburi is a small industrial island on the East Coast and is famous for its sapphire mines, rubber plantations, pepper and pineapple tapioca plantations, fish byproducts and several other local produce. Visit the island and find out how they mine, fine cut and polish sapphires, topazes and spinal rubies found in abundance on the island.

14. Visit the neighboring Koh Sichang wishing cavewishing cave pattaya

       Travel through the Gulf of Siam and pay a visit to the lesser touristy Koh Sichang Island, also known as the Chinese Land in Thailand. The ferries to Koh Sichang start from the Bali Hai pier as early as 08:00 am. The visit takes you on a spiritual journey of the Saan Chao Pho Khao Yai, a Chinese Temple, which holds the best kept secrets of the 3000 year old Feng Shui philosophical system. Nestled on the mountain top, you visit several natural caves on the way. It is believed that visiting the cave helps you to instill the sense of peace, harmony, happiness and prosperity in your lives.

15. Bungee Jumping bungee jumping pattaya

      Pattaya is among the most preferred destinations for adventure sports and one such adrenaline rushing sport is bungee jumping. After a quick briefing, you climb up 197 metres to the diving point, to the highest bungee jumping site in Thailand. This challenge literally confronts you with your deepest fears and you feel all the adrenaline rush as you swing down the air, and hang suspended mid air, above the ground.

Trip Notes : 

  1. Though late nights might seem alluring, it is best to avoid it, especially alone.
  2. Respect the local customs – it is modest to ask before clicking pictures to avoid intimidation and embarrassment.
  3. Thai people are considerably slow in speaking English. Do not be surprised if they take some time to reply and respond as fast as you do. Be patient!
  4. Responsible Travel – Dispose the garbage responsibly at the tourist sites.
  5. Safety – Stay away from unknown vendors at the sight seeing areas. Consider asking your hotel or ask for tour guide authentication when considering traveling to the sites.
  6. Being infamous as a red light district, expect criminal activities and regular police raids at these sites. You should avoid getting caught at wrong places at a wrong time.
  7. Preserve your personal documents such as passports, visa, cash and valuables safely. Best, carry limited cash and keep a scanned copy of all documents on email.
  8. Stay away from drugs
  9. Bargaining is a common practice here with the Tuktuks. So go ahead and try your bargaining skills. Also, it is a good idea to use Public Transport Network. Consider picking up the latest MRT maps from the airport.

Murugan Temple of Malaysia

Malaysia is a country located in South East Asia, and is a home to many popular tourist attractions. The tropical climate of Malaysia, its sea and beaches as well as the unique culture of the people living here attracts millions of interested travelers to this place. Not only this, Malaysia is also widely known as a land of temples and you will need a lot of time to explore them. One such temple that you should definitely visit in Malaysia is Murugan Temple. But to visit the temple, you need to go through the Batu Caves first, which are located around 13Km north of Kuala Lumpur in the Gombak district.

The Batu Caves are of great importance to Hindus around the world. The caves are also widely known as  the “Home of the god of war” and is a popular destination, absolutely worthwhile your visit. In the series of these limestone caves, one can find temples, shrines and statues that are around 400 million years old. The Caves received its name from the Sungai Batu (Stone River) that flows near the hill. These caves are also the central point of Thaipusam, the biggest Hindu festival in Malaysia. Thaipusam is also the most colorful and vibrant occasion of Malaysia and generally takes place during the months of January and February.

About Thaipusam- The Birthday of Lord Muruganthaipusam murugan temple

The festival is mainly organized to celebrate a prominent event in the history of Hinduism, when Lord Murugan was handed a spear by Goddess Parvati, which he used to end a life of evil forces and a demon called Soorapadman, who had possessed a boon that gave him the ability to protect himself from the attack of any god. You also must have noticed the same spear in most of the paintings and sculptures of Lord Murugan.

The word Thaipusam is derived from the month called “Thai” and Pusam indicates a star which is at his highest point during the festival. Another reason to celebrate this festival is that it marks the birthday of the Lord Murugan. Now the festival has also been declared as the public holiday with a better traffic management, which allows the chariot to move through the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

The Temple Cavebatu caves malaysia

What you must know before visiting the temple is that you need to take wooden 272 steps to reach the temple, that are said to be built in the year 1920. At the base of the steps, you will come across the larger-than-life statue of Lord Murugan himself. The statue is 427 meters high and guards the entrance of the temple. The statue is also said to be covered with the 300 liters of pure gold paint and attracts large number of devotees every year. In the Murugan Temple, you will find many exquisite statues and carvings related to Hinduism. Also, there are many smaller caves and pathways, but the most important caves include the Art Gallery Cave, the Temple Cave and the amazing Dark Cave.

The Dark Cavedark caves malaysia

The Dark Cave is 2km long in length and is a natural cave complex, which is covered with unique fauna. You can reach the dark cave from the 200th step. The dark cave is also a perfect exemplar of the artistic side of nature and offers you mesmerizing sight of the exquisite cave pearl formation and nature’s wonderful ornament.

The Art Gallery Caveart caves - batu

At the bottom of the Cave, you will find the one of its kind Art Gallery Cave, which is an outdoor museum in true sense. The museum exhibits many Hinduism related paintings and Hindu statues. You can also visit a nearby lake, which is a home to beautiful Koi fishes, turtles and tortoises. Also remember that the Batu Caves remains open from 7am to 7pm, so it is best to start your tour early morning, so that you do not miss any part of the cave or museum and make the most of your tour.

You can also take Batu Cave tour Package in Malaysia or a package that include a Batu Cave tour. The best thing about these caves is that they are not only a religious center for Hindus, but also rejuvenates the mind and soul of all its visitors. So any person of any religion can visit the Batu Cave and Murugan Temple to enjoy the serenity and calmness of this place. So plan your trip now and experience the divine feeling of visiting Batu Caves.

We, as consumers of Indian cinema, would know how difficult it is to break out of stereotypes. Thailand, as a tourist destination, is not an exception to this rule. We have always looked at Thailand as a destination that is full of parties, beaches and a lot of other entertainments. Little do we realize that Thailand, just like any other East Asian Nation, also has a rich history, and the vestiges of it are still visible all along the country in their fullest awesomeness.

Here are a few places in Thailand that one should consider visiting if they are history aficionados.

The Rattanakosin island

With a Legacy of over a couple of centuries, this Island takes the credit of being one of the first planned cities in Asia. This Island houses the Royal Residence of the king of Thailand, also known as the Grand Palace. The motive of this Island been chosen as a destination for a plant city was the intention to fortify the Royal premises.


In addition to the Grand Palace Complex, this Island also houses the what who temple of the reclining Buddha which is considered to be one of the most sacred places when it comes to Buddhist worship. The golden Mount and the what sweetheart are also some of the places of pilgrimage that need to be considered while visiting the Rattanakosin Island. This Island is also the home to the giant swing which was once an integral part of the culture of Thailand.

The Phimai

Thailand, apart from India and Indonesia, was another place where Hinduism and Buddhism peacefully co-existed, and the Phimai Temple Complex is a resounding testimony to that confluence. Considered to be a Khmer landmark that’s even holder than the torchbearer – the Angkor Vat – this temple marks the end of the Khmer Highway.

Though this temple is predominantly Buddhist, there are signs of Hinduism and Animism in the sculptures of the Temple. This temple houses a sanctuary, two pagodas, a war-field and above everything, the World’s largest Banyan Tree!!


Doesn’t this sound like a place where you can play your live Temple Run!?

The Death Railway

Thailand’s history was not always about the gold-studded palaces and peace-loving monks. They’ve had their fair share of the dark ages as well, the worst of which came in during the World War II when the Japanese occupied the lands, and forced all the Allied Prisoners and the Romusha Workers to work on a 415 Km long Railway Line connecting Thailand and the Erstwhile Burma.

Over 12000 Allied POWs and over 90000 Romusha workers lost their valuable lives during the constructions of the Railway Line. There are two points of interest on the Death Railway. One of them was called the Hellfire Pass, owing to the starved workers working in the flame-lights of torches, making it look like hell. And the other one in the Bridge on the River Kwai, which was immortalized in one of the greatest war-movies of all time!

So, the next time you hear the whistle of the theme-music of the movie, take a moment to think about this tourist paradise that braved the atrocities of a brutal Japanese Military!

Sukothai Historical Park

Imagine a place that is dotted with an abundance of temples for Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism, spanning about five dynasties – the Sukothai, Ayuttha, Khmer, Lanka and Dvaravati! Doesn’t the very mention of these make you go wide-mouthed with awe? This is what the Sukothai Historical Complex is all about!

Visiit Sukothai

Being a home to 21 temples constructed across many centuries, this place is also blessed in multiple dimensions with a plenty of lakes and trees!! This is a place that has to be a must-visit on your trip to Thailand!

No wonder, the name of the place ‘Sukothai’ translates to ‘Dawn of Happiness’ in the local language Pali!

Chiang Saen

Some cities have had a historic importance pertaining to a ruling dynasty, and some of them have disappeared in the annals of time! Some of them, however, stand out by defying all the powers that try to subdue their awesomeness. Here’s one such pinnacle – the Chiang Saen!

The Chiang Saen was one of the earliest settlement in Thailand, boasting of a legacy that predates the present by about 1500 years, when the Chinese and the Mongoloids moved into the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Having had its heydays in the time of Lanna kinks, this place was ransacked by King Rama I, and it had remained a ghost town left with a few remnants of its glorious past until the 19th Century. It sits on the banks of the Mekong, and today, it is one of the most sought-after places to visit in Thailand! One add-on to the attraction-quotient of the place is the 1200 Kg-heavy Buddha Statue!

Pu Phra Bat

No, this place has got nothing to do with the Cricketing world or the DC Comics World. This is a piece of history in Thailand that is way ahead of what we know as ‘history’. The Pu Phra Bat is known for its unusual rock formations that are over 6000 years old. Research suggests that these rock-formations might have been results of continuous erosions. The earlier human inhabitants of Thailand used these rocks are canvasses to showcase their artsiness, the vestiges of which can be seen on the rocks even today!

Pu Pra Bhat

These rocks also carry with them, some history from the Khmer and Dvaravati empires. There’s a ‘Tangled’ like legend that says one king hid his beautiful daughter in one of the cave-rock formations until she managed to escape with her Prince Charming!! And we thought Disney was innovative!!

The Phanom Rung

The Phanom Rung is what a loud trumpet of the prosperity and power of Khmer looks like! Built between the 13th and 14th centuries, this is essentially a Temple Complex. It was started as a center of Hindu Worship, and later transformed into a Buddhist Shrine, but retaining the elements of Hindu Architecture and worship.

The temples are lined in such a way to reflect the structure of ‘Kailash’ or the Abode of Lord Shiva. There are some spaces where the importance to the deity Vishnu is also seen! Thailand, it seems, is not only a place where Hinduism and Buddhism co-existed, but even Saivism and Vaishnavism co-existed!!

In Civics… let’s not forget History:

Yes, it is true that today’s awesomeness of Thailand is built on parties, beaches and massage-parlors. However, in all this, let’s not forget that this quaint South East Asian country has a great history to boast about, and for us to visit – and this history is probably richer than that of Europe and surely richer than the ‘discovered’ lands on the West of the Atlantic!!

Thailand is a place that is so known for its party, it’s beaches and a whole lot of a vivid spectrum of things that it offers. Wildest cliches make Thailand a great tourist destination, there are a lot of other attractions that make Thailand worth visiting even beyond these little things.

Here are a few destinations in Thailand that are so offbeat, that you might not have even thought about visiting them.

The Siriraj Medical Museum:

This Hospital is the equivalent of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences for Thailand. the Royal family of Thailand gets their medical treatments from this Institute. It’s more than a century old and boasts of a royal lineage that a few other institutes can even think about! However, the museum of this institute has a very easy connotation. Housing some weird artifacts like bones, preserved organs, pathological fetuses, parasitic worms, and The Skeleton of the founder of this Institute, this Museum presents itself as a weird centre of attraction.


The Amulet Market :

As the name implies, there is an entire corridor filled with thousands of Sacred trinkets that are permitted to offer protection against all kinds of Evil. This amulet market is frequented by locals and international tourists. There are different kinds of amulets that range from chunks of wood to even real human body parts like hair. These amulet are said to carry some divine or secret magical power that could be in the form of parts of temples from far away like incense sticks, or pieces of metal or medals blessed by monks, or even some are millets that have engraved images of Buddha.


One thing that makes the amulet market special, whether you call it good or bad, is that there are no guides. You have to identify your kind of amulet all by yourself. This makes the visit to this place even more interesting, just to watch other people pick their amulets.

The Haunted Skyscraper :

From the early to the mid-nineties, Thailand was a booming economy. However, during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the economy of Thailand cell considerable and it contract it to as low as 10%. This is left a lot of projects in progress hanging Midway.

One of these unfortunate projects is a 49 story skyscraper that was known as the Sathorn Unique. Bringing together both residential and commercial elements, this skyscraper was all set to be the face of Thailand economic growth but the economic depression thought otherwise. This has left the building in a very easy state giving it quite a haunted appearance. Adding to this is the mystery in abandoned rooms, lifelike mannequins, and a picture of the King.

This building was closed for commercial exploitation in June 2016. However for those who have some pumping adrenaline and a thirst for adventure this building is not totally of the limits. As responsible travel promoters, we would recommend you to exercise at most care to avoid injuries from deformed ceilings and damaged metal sheets.

The Bangkok Aeroplane Graveyard :

Those who are familiar with the concept of flight graveyards might know the Davis-Monthan air force base in Arizona. This south-east Asia answer to Arizona albeit in a flavor of being commercial and touristy. Dubious thanks to a flight crash that happened in the late 90s, the Boeing MD 82 was considered a bad omen. One of the Planes that was disengaged from the workforce became a dwelling place for one couple in the outskirts of Bangkok. In 2015, another Boeing 787 was added to this site to serve as an additional point of attraction. These two together, so as living spaces and centers of revenue for the people who live here.


The family that lives here has very aesthetically defaced the plane. They have removed the seats, the paneling, the television sets, and the oxygen masks. Adding to this they have ever done the interiors to make it real home-like and well decorated. The steps to these homes are made of discarded aircraft tyres. Just like any other Thai attraction and just like any other Royal citizen of Thailand, the interiors of this plane also has a photograph of the king of Thailand.

If this one has finished your curiosity and you have decided to visit this plane homes, make sure that you remember that this is a private property and not a public place. The respect for privacy and everything that is in there is to be regarded at highest intensity point

The Museum of Counterfeit Goods :

If there is a point at which China exerts a lot of pressure over Thailand, it has to be in the form of counterfeiting a lot of branded products. The law and order officials of Thailand have taken a very weird yet effective step to counter these. They have created a museum exclusively for counterfeit goods.

Sitting on the 26 floor of the law and order headquarters of Bangkok, this is a rather weird place to display counterfeit goods. However, the utility value is of utmost importance. You have a guided tour by a law and order executive who is well was in pointing out counterfeit goods, and they will tell you in detail how to spot counterfeit goods and how to stay away from getting fleeced.


This place has a collection of over 3500 counterfeit products including but not limited to clothing brands like Gucci Armani and a lot more, toys and even Automobile parts. It is no surprise that the allegation by the officials is that 95% of these counterfeited goods come from China. The intensity of counterfeiting is so much that only 500 products out of the 3500 can be put on display.

If you are interested in doing some intense shopping in Thailand, this is one place that you should definitely visit, not for knowing what to buy but for knowing what not to buy!

The Giant Swing :

Why Led Zeppelins have given us the eternal Joy of Stairway to Heaven, the people of Thailand have stepped out a little out of the box and have given a swing to heaven. Made of teak wood that is over 20 meters tall and a couple of centuries old, this swing is thought to be the good luck charm for the men of Thailand.


Until 1935, this swing used to be a part of a famous ceremony where men climb onto it and swing the full distance to Grab a bag full of coins which was supposed to bring them a lot of good luck in everything that they did. However due to the overwhelming number of deaths that happen because of the ceremony, this swing was shut down in 1935. Today this swing serves as a grim testimony to some of the weird ceremony is that Thailand used to have.

The Queen’s Institute :

Talk about Southeast Asia to any nature-aficionado, and they cannot imagine a Southeast Asia without venomous Snakes and insects. This mandated that Thailand had to have some extremely good command over the medical procedures regarding snake bites and insect harms. This is the very reason why the Queen’s Institute exists today.

This Institute was started with a motive to create and research on vaccines and medicines for rabies and smallpox. When the instances of snake bites started to increase in Thailand, the institute shifted its focus in research on Venom and extraction of anti-venom.

Today, this Institute houses several species of venomous snakes, their antivenom, and even has a show which displays how to extract the Venom from the snake for the purpose of creating the anti-venom.

As Offbeat as Thailand can be :

It is high Time We moved out of the confines of beaches and parties when we think the toilet. Thailand has a lot of attractions and is a very Wholesome tourist destination, but sadly has been pushed to be in a party Paradise.

Let this serve as a guide for you to explore all the other options that Thailand offers comma and enjoy this beautiful place. Because sometimes, Thailand is a lot more than just the items that are offered even in the best tour packages to Thailand!

   For people in India, Dubai is such a marvelous destination point it proves to be a viable option in terms of too many parameters, like economy and time.

   Dubai is such a wonderful option for long weekends and it gets only better when the weekend is 4 days. With so many weekends of 3 or more days coming up in 2018, it would be a great thing to know what should be visited in those 3 days.

    Given below is a complete list of what you should visit in Dubai if you are planning on a 3 day vacation to the United Arab Emirates:

Day 1 – Awesomeness & Entertainment:

The Burj Khalifa:

        No 3-day tour of Dubai, or any number of days for that matter, would be complete without the mention of this particular landmark on this list. You should never miss the opportunity to be on the top of this engineering marvel, and the tallest building on the planet. This place offers breathtaking views of the Dubai Skyline, and your observation deck not only tells you stories but also the history of the place and the building. You will not be disappointed for all that excitement that you will talk as you ascended the floors!

Bounce! 1-Hour Free Jumping:

     Let’s admit it! That is a kid inside every one of us that wants to come out every now and then, and what better place than Dubai? Bounce! in Dubai should be a must on the list, if you have kids along with you. A series of interconnected trampolines give your kids the much-needed entertainment that will rain of all the excess energy that they have so you can enjoy a hassle-free tour.


   Well, let’s not confined the kids by age. There is a place where adults can Trampoline as well! This should be an ideal stress buster for you. That’s why you came out on a tour in the first place right?!

    Amid all those huge skyscrapers and shopping attractions, there are little things like this in Dubai that make it a very Wholesome destination for a 3 day tour.

Hub Zero:

    Want to get really adventurous with all activities, but the scorching sun of the desert area does not allow you to do that? The hub zero is the perfect place for you then find featuring a lot of adventurous activities like Rock climbing, race tracks and Laser tags, this place is perfect for any adventure junkie, whose adrenaline travels are a little beyond control!

The Green Planet:

      Given the page with which Dubai keeps moving all the possible things indoors,  getting a great forest to be stocked inside a 4 storied building is surely not a thing of awe, especially when it comes to this Emirates!


      This feels like literally living in tropical Paradise. You will get to see a lot of Exotic reforms including but not limited to butterflies, frogs, birds and a lot of other things. Do not forget to carry your camera as you will be capturing some of the most precious moments of your life!

A Gourmet Dinner Cruise:

      A day that was filled with a lot of excitement and adventure deserves to finish with some grandior and luxury. You can finish up this exciting day with an amazing luxury dinner Cruise in the streams of the Dubai creek. Doesn’t the idea of having a four course meal away from the bustle of the city served on board a floating restaurant excite you?

     This Cruise offers magnificent and breathtaking views of the city along with a dining experience that you will never ever forget!

Day 2 – Exploration & Adventure:

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus:

      Yes there is a way to explode Dubai in the most compact way possible. One of the best ways is to get an early seat on the Hop on hop off bus that will take you on a tour around the entire City highlighting a few places that are of utmost importance.


    This Hop on hop off tour takes you to places of interest like the Burj Khalifa, the souk, the palm, the Dubai Marina and a lot more. It also come packaged along with a guide who will give you a clear description of what you see!

Ski Dubai:

     You would never expect a ski Resort to be there in a place which is filled with sands of a hot desert.

    The ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East. This place houses 5 different ski resorts with increasing levels of difficulties and an escape and also an exciting live Penguin zone. Even if you are a total Rookie to skin a snowboarding, this place has instructors and lessons who will get you on board it on to this wonderful world of playing with snow.

Dinner Cruise:

       You might ask why are we repeating it on day 2. There are too many options to have dinner on a Dubai Cruise. If one has been completed on day 1, there are too many other options on day to come out and it is not worth missing even for three consecutive days! Most of the water rides and see attractions of Dubai happened around the Palm Jumeirah.

Day 3: Water and Aquatic Life:

      If you are thinking about Dubai and sons in a single sentence, you don’t have to just think about the desert salon. For there are a few amazing beaches in Dubai that make it a complete tourist destination offering almost everything that a destination has got to offer!

Sea You Water World:

    All exciting water rides around the Palm Jumeirah are synonymous with this particular provider. Be it kayaking, or surfing or a simple water boring games, Sea You water world has everything to offer! The contrast that the chill of the water offers against the heat of the deserts of Dubai creates a memory that will burn in your hearts for the entire lifetime.

The Aquaventure Park:

   Even before the waters from your previous water attraction at Sea You dry off, you’d find yourself in yet another center of adventure – the Aquaventure Park.


    Housed in a five-star property near the Palm Jumeirah, this aquaventure Park is an attraction that nobody should miss on the trip to Dubai. There is no better place to spend the warm afternoons of the gulf than in this aquaventure Park.

Early Dinner at Dubai Marina:

      The Dubai Marina is one place that you should never miss in the list of places to visit in Dubai. This picture is spot known for its awesome view during the day become an epicenter of dining activity during the night. After a long and tiring day, swimming in all the waters, it would be a great idea to have an early dinner at the time of sunset point this not only gives you a great treat to your tongue and your stomach, but also a visual treat your eyes looking at the sun set with all its reddish hues!


Wind Up!

    That would probably be the end of an amazing trip to the paradise of the Middle East known as Dubai. With lots of memories and pictures, you will only leave this Paradise with an idea to visit the same place again and again!

    A properly planned trip to Dubai is bound to take a lot of things off your bucket list. Trust us to create the ultimate and customisable tour package to Dubai. Book your Dubai Tour package with Visiit!

     We have seen a lot about the awesomeness of this amazing immediate called Dubai, and the Amazing options that it offers in terms of shopping. Shopping in Dubai only gets better in this Special Season called the Dubai shopping festival. The Dubai shopping festival is a very compelling reason for you to visit Dubai at the end of December and in the beginning of January. Shoppers from all over the world converge at Dubai to experience shopping like never before.

     While the entire place is an award of shopping, there are a few specific shops and brands that you will need to check out to make sure that you have gotten the best bargain out of this Dubai shopping festival.

The Dubai Mall:

      Wouldn’t it be great to see a Confluence of too many awesome things at a single point? This is what the Dubai Mall is all about. Standing right next to the tallest building in the world, this is the world’s largest shopping mall with about a million square metres of shopping. This Mall reflects what Dubai is all about – the awesome brands like Armani and Zara, real compact Ice skating rink that offers the much-needed offbeat entertainment, and of course, the extravaganza in the entire experience.

Dubai Mall

       As if the pre-existing awesomeness wasn’t enough, the Dubai Mall is all set to expand to be an even bigger shopping Paradise, nearing its completion before the commencement of the Dubai shopping festival. This is an absolute right time for you to book your tickets to enjoy and drench yourself in this retail therapy of the Dubai shopping festival.

The O-Concept Store:

        Dubai has always been a point of convergence of cultures this is best reflected in this concept store that brings together the amazing and outstanding fashions of both the East and West. Be it the European fashionista’s dreams, or be it the conservative Middle East Asian fashionistas dreams they have it all. And it’s not just limited to clothing, they also have jewelry, furniture, home accessories and a lot more.

Sneakers Paris:

      This palace in Legend has made its way to the United Arab Emirates. Yes, you get a wide variety of sneakers that are found nowhere else on this planet, well except for Paris of course! The kind of shoes that you get here are uniquely flavored, for example, you get Adidas sneakers in three winning seats one in Gold, one in silver, and one in bronze! You can also find limited edition shoes of premium brands like Nike and Puma.


    Did we say that this show also has exciting options for men as well? For once, you do not have to be seated when the women do all the shopping that they need!

Amongst Few:

    Now that we have been looking for shoes, let us look at another shop that specializes in shoes but along with a lot of other things.

    As the name implies, this shop is not for everyone. This shop features a very very unique list of items that are on sale, founded on a very unique philosophy, specific to the Emirates. This shop brings a brand of premium shoes, along with a lot of other Lifestyle products including but not limited to incense, audios, sunglasses, pens, Vinyl records, DVDs and magazines. This shop brims with so much awesomeness, that it feels more like a product catalog of elite products than a shop itself!

Mall of the Emirates:

    This mall holds a very unique distinction. It was a Pioneer for a lot of things. For example, we can take the opening of the Apple store, the magic planet entertainment center, the ski Dubai and a lot of other things.


 We are sure you the flabbergasted by the awesomeness of the brands that are presented. To name a few that is Paul Smith, Alessandro Michele, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and a lot more!

The Zoo Concept:

      Relax! This place has got nothing to do with animals or animal products, or anything about the zoo for that matter, except for its location near the old Dubai zoo. The zoo concept is rather an Orbit location that focuses on limited edition Auburn Street well, accessories, and a lot of Pieces that serve as showcase of the local talent around Dubai. The collection includes but is not limited to cosmetics, Apparels, collectibles and even fancy hats!

Human & Beings Pop-Up at Box Park:

       If the shops in the Dubai shopping festival where to be a collection of phones, then this particular shop should aptly be called the Apple id iPhone of the collection of shops over there! Such as its devotion to minimalism which is the sign language that is rarely seen in the extravaganza of Dubai. The collections in this shop are a little different from what you would find in the rest of Dubai.

      But let not their devotion to minimalism full you regarding the collections. They have an amazing collection of oversize dresses, kimonos, leather sandals, handbags, and a lot of accessories.

The City Walk:

       You might be one of the Shoppers who would like to be in Commune with nature when you are shopping around for your stuff. If that is your kind of shopping, Dubai has an answer for you as well. The city mall is open between the Jumeirah Beach and Downtown Dubai and it offers a very different shopping experience from what the rest of the shops in the shopping festival have to offer that while some of the shops are inside the mall, some of them open onto the outer Courtyard that lets you have a breath of fresh air.

City Walk

     While the shops in here are in that very different, you can experience something that you will not experience in other places, which is the street art exhibition which includes a lot of Graffiti and a lot of art pieces that come from the locals.

       This might not be the most exhaustive list of the options that are available in Dubai for you to shop during the Dubai shopping festival. However, these are the places that you will definitely need to know if you are going to make your visit to Dubai more memorable, especially this shopping season!

       Dubai has always been in a very celebrating mindset and has never come down when it comes to the mood of celebration. When the new year sex in the celebration only become better and figure. There are a few things that are quite exclusive to Dubai when it comes to the New Year celebrations in there.

       Among them, the most prominent one is the fireworks. Fireworks light up the entire Dubai skyscape during the new year celebration. Do the whole of Dubai joins in the celebrations, there are a few places that stand out from the rest in giving you an unforgettable New Year eve celebration experience in the gulf.

Dinner at Burj Khalifa:

         The first and foremost of this should obviously be the tallest skyscraper on this planet – the Burj Khalifa


       The Burj Khalifa is one place where you can look at the Fireworks not by looking up but by looking down. This is once in a lifetime and one of life’s best experiences ever. While you are doing all this, don’t forget that there are a lot of wild parties that are going on right in the hotels that are above or below you in that super tall Tower….  because a Gala dinner awaits you for the New Year being more complete as well.

A Royal Retreat at the Palace:

        Ever wanted to live life king size? This amazing palace in Dubai is going to make your dreams come true. The United Arab Emirates gives you an opportunity to book your own Palace to celebrate the new year in Dubai. If you have already started dreaming about it, the Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai is the place that you will need to look for!

      Guaranteed to enthrall you with a never before experience, this initial about is one thing that you should never miss when you are on the pursuit of enjoying the new year in Dubai to the fullest.

Beach party at the Atlantis:

Fireworks explode over Palm Jumeirah in Dubai on Jan. 1, 2014, to celebrate the new year. Dubai's glittering fireworks display that lasted around six minutes spanned over 100 kilometres (60 miles) of the Dubai coast, which boasts an archipelago of man-made islands.

      The word ‘new year’ is synonymous with parties, and that can be no better party location than the palm beaches of Dubai. With some breathtaking views of the Fireworks at the beach, coupled with the high energy dances and all the celebrations at Dubai brings through, this stands out as one of the most preferred might spots for party in Dubai! Did we mention at the party here starts as early as 7:30 p.m?

The Desert Camp at bab Al shams:

    If you are traditionally rooted person who likes to stay away from the bustle of the city, and if you would like to indulge in some traditional experience of the Gulf, then this is the place that you will need to spend your new year at.

bab al shams

       Book a luxury desert resort in here, and enjoy the traditional music, the dances and scrumptious Arabian food. And yes, I had a camel show and some amazing horse riding to this list of attractions!

Beach parties at blue Marlin and Nikki beach:

Nikki Beach

       Are you that kind of person who likes to party the New Year Ibiza style? Dubai has some attractive offers for you as well! Enjoy the full fledged parties on the beach which bring in some of the classes DJ’s from around the globe just for you to dance entrance to the punches of the electronic music!

       Be it the food, the drinks or the music, we are pretty sure that these things are going to keep your new year celebrations memorable at least for that entire night!

Go Streetsy at Rove’s:

     Maybe all this part of celebrations, parties, beaches and these things might not have caught up on you. Would you like to welcome the new year Street style? The celebration at Rove’s would be a great option for you to indulge in a new year sans the luxury elements.

     Enjoy a great selection of kebabs, street food, some nice conversations, and an unforgettable walk at this one of a kind new year celebration in Dubai.

      You might have info from here that Dubai has a new year celebration for everyone. There is one for party freaks. There is one for beach lovers. There is one for foodies,  and there is one for traditional aficionados.

       So what are you waiting for? It’s about time you had your back to Dubai, or at least started to book your tourism package for Dubai with Visiit!