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Here find the 20 Fun Things to do in Singapore below,

Fun Things to do in Singapore

  1. Sister Island Marine Park

    Sister Island Marine Park

Amidst splendid blue waters, you can see Singapore’s biggest coral reefs here and wild dolphins splattering around. A wide variety of biodiversity and flora and fauna, this is a perfect place to go snorkelling alone or with a friend and make wonderful memories.

You can visit the many restaurants here or have picnic lunch after you apply for a camp permit with your friends and family.

  1. Whizz away on Segway Mini-Pro

    Whizz away on Segway Mini-Pro

At the Fullerton water boathouse, the Go Green mobility hub has Segway Mini pro’s on hire or purchase in which you can zoom around and explore all of Singapore. Learning it is fast and easy and takes just 5 minutes even for a novice!

Do take loads of pictures and do it with your friends and family so that you have someone to take your pictures and make it a memorable day out.

Visit all the nearby attractions on the Segway Mini-pro and experience the totally awesome feeling!

  1. Stand Up Paddling

    Stand Up Paddling

Wait, what I just write. Yep, you read it right. Stand up paddling is a sport which is best done in a country like Singapore which has no waves or high tides at all. It can be done by novices or experts and is really easy to do and the paddles can be rented by the hour.

You need another reason to do it? Well, Olympian athletes use Stand up Paddling for their muscle and balance training.

  1. Go to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

    Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Situated near the Chinatown MRT, this temple is of the Tang dynasty and is a place of worship for Buddhist locals. It is a unique temple as it is said to house a tooth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism at the top storey while a huge hall in the lower level has the monks and devotees chanting away.

It draws Buddhists from across the world who come and pay obeisance as its one of its kind in the world. Don’t miss it!

  1. Hiking at Mount Faber

    Mount Faber

Mount Faber’s Top is possibly the best place to get a gorgeous view of the entire Singapore as you trek upwards from the lower levels of the mountain. This is a not to be missed experience, especially for adventure and nature lovers. Splendid flora, fauna and the city views are just waiting for you once you start walking on this amazing path. You can easily park your vehicle at the Mount Faber Loop area and then walk from there.

A touch of history awaits you as you cross the murals under the mountain’s podium which made of copper!

  1. Visit Tiger Sky Tower

    Tiger Sky TowerPhotograph by Don Alexis Paciencia

This amazing and tall sky tower is the tallest observation tower in the whole of Asia and is the place to visit to enjoy lovely views of Singapore in its full glory. It is located 131 metres above sea level and you can watch breathtaking views of Singapore and also Sentosa!

  1. Marina Bay Sands Shows

    Marina Bay Sands ShowsPhotograph by Lily Fraser

This is just a not to be missed item on this list! Just taking a walk along this beautiful and enchanting pathway in Marina Bay Sands and you will witness the South Asia’s biggest water and light show!

The show becomes, even more, enchanting with laser effects on the lights and water with a soothing orchestral soundtrack playing in the background. And yes, it’s is free!

  1. Hog at the Streat 2017

    Hog at the Streat 2017

Streat is the one a year food festival which is eagerly awaited by all food connoisseurs. An array of food joints, small hawkers and huge crowds make this place the best open air festival ever for foodies of course!

  1. Ballet Under the Stars

    Ballet under the Stars

This is one open air show which absolutely should not be missed by anyone, ballet lovers or not! 2017 will see this event entering its 22nd year of existence. Singapore Dance Theatre presents its best dancers moving to a fusion of contemporary and traditional ballet dances which you should simply not miss! Other attractions include dinner from restaurants there or you can bring a picnic dinner at Fort Canning Green.

  1. Tree Top walking at Macritchie

    Tree Top walking at Macritchie

In Macritchie Reservoir Park, there is a stunning suspension bridge connecting the two end points in Macritchie and is an awesome walk amongst the tree tops affording an amazing view of the entire park. It is a not to be missed day for nature lovers as it is the perfect place for viewing the entire forest and the wildlife present within.

Just get lots of water and insect repellent as it’s a long walk and mosquitoes are present in good numbers.

  1. Mind Games

    Mind Games

It’s the perfect place to hang out for locals and tourists alike and a place where you can spend quality time with your friends or family. You just need yourself to be present and phones and IPads can take the day off! This place has all the board games you can think of starting from Scrabble to Pictionary and costs only 2$ per hour. Well, that cannot be beaten by anything!

  1. Esplanade Bay

    Esplanade Bay Singapore

Well, music lover rejoice! This one is for you solely! Music performances are held at Esplanade Bay in the open air and are free for all visitors. With stunning natural beauty as the background and starlit night and your friends and family by your side, it all seems to be just heaven!

  1. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

    Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

This is a wetlands reserve and mangrove swamps which have a great variety and abundance of flora and fauna. It’s an adventure lover’s dream come true and best of all, it’s free!

  1. Go Shopping at a Flea Market

    Go Shopping at a Flea Market

All the ladies and the men too come right in! Shopping at a flea market is one thing which you just have to do. Where else can you get a bargain like 4-5 pieces of clothing for just under 20$. There are many flea markets across the city but the best one is arguably at Scape. Come early to get the best deals and choice!

  1. Go MegaZip

    Go MegaZip

When you visit Siloso beach, you have probably heard people screaming upwards who are zipping down. Yes, that’s called Mega Zip, and you zip all the way from the highest point of Sentosa to a point which is lowest and far away. Do not miss this for anything as it doesn’t compare to skydiving or any other sport at all. Zipping away to glory and screaming at the same time, boy you gotta try that!

  1. Go Farm exploring

    Go Farm exploring

In far away places like Kranji, Singapore still has many farms tucked away which are a treat to behold. They are free to visit and you can soothe your eyes with the lush greenery and the domesticated animals. Have a quiet day here and it will take you back to the golden days of farming!

  1. Go Swimming

    Go Swimming

Go swimming at the pretty and awesome pools which are open to the public and situated right in the middle of heartlands. Beat the summer and enjoy the waters at this amazing place. They cost 1$ and have huge colourful slides, splash pools and lazy rivers which are perfect to enjoy with friends or family.

  1. National Museum

    National Museum

This is an architectural delight and pleasure to visit as it’s full of history and will amaze children and adults alike. The great big dome and the inviting galleries are a delight to watch which has been lovingly maintained by the museum team since the1850s. The entrance fees are zero and this is a great motivator to get your entire family and or hang out with your friends.

  1. Lego land

This is an awesome place to take your young children and yes their older siblings are likely to like it too. This is just the perfect place to enjoy the variety of activities on offer which has been designed like a theme park. It has more than 40 learning centres and rides and they are all designed towards learning something new.

  1. Hipster Hawker Stalls

    Hipster Hawker Stalls Singapore

Cool hawker centre stalls sell so many yummy traditional and new hip Singaporean cuisine and that too at dirt cheap rates. A full on beef belly burger with yummy gravy on it can be had for only 5$! This is awesome news for you to have a great lunch or dinner with your friends or family or hang out with your date.

Singapore is a unique mix of cultures and customs from around the world as more than 40% of the residents of the country are from other nations. Each ethnic group has its own distinctive style and manner of doing different things and as a visitor to the country;

It is certainly good if you know a few of them to have a pleasant experience:

Gum Free Zone

  1. Any food being eaten or especially chewing gum on any form of public transport is subject to a strict fine of 500$. Yes, you did read it right! Buying and eating the chewing gum attracts heavy fines and can even land you in jail. So before you land in Singapore, either garbage all your chewing gum packs or eat it on the plane! But if you happen to have a prescription for having chewing gum, then go right ahead and have it!


  1. Ok so apparently many Singaporeans have a fear of losing anything or missing out from any experience. Let me put it this way; they have a fear which even has a name in Chinese, Kiasu which is the defined as the fear of missing any experience which another person may be enjoying. It’s called FOMO-fear of missing out in English and has made it to the dictionary as well.

Flush The Toilet

  1. Do flush after you do your thing! Yes, forgetting to flush the toilet after using it can be a nightmare for you and can land you in jail. Doing the flushing is a civic duty and not doing it timely can be painful as it has a fine of 150$. Oh no, there is no way out from this as people are doing regular checks as well to catch the ahem, offenders.

Watching Pornography is Prohibited

  1. Moving around in your hotel room or even your own house in Singapore without having any clothes on or in the buff can land you in jail! Going around naked and watching any form or pornography on any device can land the offenders in jail for up to three months and/or a hefty fine of 3000$. Whew! So yes, George cannot roam around naked like he does in his jungle! Or whenever you are in the mood to be in the buff, just tightly shut all your home’s windows and curtains before you even think of doing that! Don’t forget to close the balcony door.

No shoes inside the house

  1. Shoes are a no-no at the time when you are entering anyone’s house. Do remember to take it off near the door and enter bare footed or you may have to clean their carpet! Ha-ha, not really but this is a major custom in Singapore amongst locals of almost all ethnicities so take note and do remember it next time you visit anyone.


  1. Remember your manners everyone! Do remember to call any older man, ‘Uncle’ and an older woman ‘Aunty’ as this is politeness personified and expected of everyone. Anyone related or a complete stranger is to be treated and referred to in the same manner.


  1. I am going to teach you all a new word now – Chope! So chope means booked by someone, and it can be done by using a handkerchief or even a tissue paper. Let’s say you visit a food joint and are searching for any empty table or chair to sit on and have your dinner, if you spot a tissue on the tabletop, it has been chopped. This is a funny practice in Singapore but beware and absolutely do not stake claim to any place, table, a seat which has been chopped.


  1. Smoking my dear friends is banned in public places like malls, parks, swimming pools, community centers, and library and within 5 meters of a bus stop. Do not take chances and be caught or fined or even worse jailed for the offense. Keep on the lookout for smoking allowed signs or just don’t do it to be on the safe side of the law.


  1. So you are a high street artist and want to show off your talent on the roadside of a popular mall, just remember to get a permit from the public commissioner first. The country has made it mandatory for anyone requiring the use of any public space to officially apply and get the permit for it and then use the open space. This includes getting the local police permission as well. Go on, display your talent to Singapore, and just remember to get the permit my friend!


  1. Do not ever tip any person who has offered you any service or product! Tipping as a practice is not acceptable in Singapore and is not considered safe so refrain from tipping at all. All service places and restaurants charge their patrons with 10% service charge and the local government taxes and so do not expect any more tips for their employees or waiters. Do appreciate anyone’s exemplary service by giving a compliment to them verbally!

Stay on the left

  1. Stay to the left of everything while walking or while in your car on the road. Left side signifies patience and being content with a slow speed of moving or walking. Right side mostly refers to people moving fast or cars moving fast on the road. Being on the right side when you are standing on the escalator is not considered the norm as people who are in a hurry do walk up the escalator on the right side and expect space for that. This is an unspoken rule which typically all locals follow. The rules remain the same for cars on the road my friend!


  1. Please queue up all my dear friends! So there is an unwritten custom in Singapore to queue up for everything that is of significance like the line for a food joint, McDonald’s or a theater show. It is considered a duty to queue for anything, and everything and people hate anyone who is willingly breaking a line. So my dear try not to be on the wrong side of the queue!

Hungry Ghost Festival

  1. There is a unique festival held annually for the ancestors of the Singaporean locals called the Hungry Ghost Festival. There are a few telltale signs of the festival’s existence like food offering on the road – fruits and food scattered about left for hungry ghosts to come and have. People are told not to play in the playground at night and not to sit on the empty street shows at night and not to go swimming at night as ghosts may wander about wanting to do these activities to make merry and then eat after that, so it is best to not come in their way.


  1. Chopsticks are to be treated properly and to be kept down in that same style only. Never ever hand over a noodle bowl to anyone with chopsticks sticking up straight at a 90-degree angle as it is said to signify being at a funeral and has an extremely negative connotation. The most ideal way to keep chopsticks is to lay them straight across the bowl and hand over the plate or bowl to the guest.

Priority Seats

  1. Seats are assigned priority in public transit and are labeled as well to mark them for a few groups of people like the elderly, handicapped, pregnant women or children. It is a good and accepted Singaporean practice to offer your seat to one of the groups of people mentioned above if you are occupying one of their labeled positions. If not, still it is expected that all individuals behave cordially and helpfully by giving priority and support to them and offer their seat as needed.

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Singapore is a beautiful country with many unique and strange customs followed in the country, but at the same time, it is a tolerant country as well. If you happen to visit the country and don’t know any particular custom, it is fine if you don’t know and you say sorry if you do something not acceptable. Just have a learning mindset and be willing to learn from the locals and you will have a significantly memorable stay. So my dear amigos, be a Roman when you are in Rome and be a Singaporean when you are in Singapore.

Singapore is  a city that has been dubbed by many as a perfect blend of “East meets West.” There is great food that can be found at “hawker centers,” along with other beautiful sights and other activities to do.

There is also a lot of diversity that live on this tiny island that lives harmoniously. It is also easy to fly to other Southeastern Asian countries. Singapore is a great sunny place to visit on its own or to make it a stop on your tour of southeast Asia, no matter what it is not a set to be missed.

What to pack and bring is always on the traveler’s mind, and this list gives great tips on what you should always bring with you and what you should think about bringing for those “just in case moments.” One rule of thumb when it comes to packing is to don’t over pack! If you happen to forget something chances are that you will be able to find it in Singapore. If you follow this list, you will be all set to pack up and be on your way to Singapore.

Things to Always Pack

Swimwear & Sunnies


Singapore is a city that essentially has summer all year long. So you always want to pack your sunnies, sunscreen and a swim suit. These will come in handy when you want to go to the beach and or if you want to spend a day at the Botanic Gardens.

If your hotel has a pool, you will also want to have your sunscreen ready and make sure to bring at least SPF30. It is always hot and humid, and you will probably be sweating a lot, so make sure you bring enough sunscreen to reapply multiple times per day. The temperature ranges from 25 and 31 degrees Celsius and the humidity range from 70-80%, so it’s HOT!

You will want to bring swimwear to be able to cool down during long, hot days.

Bug Repellent (specifically for mosquitos)

Bug Repellent

It’s always a good idea to bring a bottle of mosquito repellent. You can make a travel size bottle, which should suffice, but you might want to decide on how long you will be in the city on how much bug spray you will want to pack.

You will want the bug spray for when you visit sites at night or do night activities. You don’t want to be focusing on swatting away bugs and mosquitoes instead of an emphasis on the beautiful sights around you.

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

It is no surprise that it is hot in Singapore and it is critical to stay hydrated all day and night. You want to pack at least two water bottles that will last you throughout the day.

You might come across some water coolers at the some of the public buildings or train stations to fill your water bottles up for free when they become empty. But it is important that you bring water bottles, this also helps to reduce down on costs of buying bottled water.



As mentioned above, it is sweltering, and you will be sweating a lot. You don’t want to forget your deodorant because you don’t want to have those sweat stains in your photos and you don’t want to smell.

If you are used to a certain brand of deodorant, you will want to bring your own, even though there are toiletries that are available at stores in Singapore. They can be extremely pricey and will most likely not have the kind of deodorant you like or are used to.  And it’s one less hassle to worry about.



Always be sure to check what country you are traveling to so that you know what type of adapter to bring. Singapore uses the G power sockets, so you will need a converter if you are going from a country that doesn’t use the G power outlets.

These are easily found at travel stores, and you will want to pack it so you can charge camera batteries, phones, or use hair dryers, etc.



A backpack or a day pack is a great thing to bring. Not only will it be convenient for traveling, but will be great to put your water bottles, maps and any knick knacks that you may pick up during the day.

Make sure you get something that is light and versatile, you don’t want anything heavy when you are going on and off trains or in and out of taxis or anything heavy on your back when you are just walking around.



Oh clothes, this is usually the hardest part of packing for any trip and the thing that tends to get overpacked the most. One thing you want to think about when you are packing clothes for Singapore is first, the weather and second, the activities you are going to participate in.

The best advice would be to bring clothes that are comfortable and light because it is so hot in Singapore.

Cotton T-Shirts are perfect for Singapore and a pair of comfortable sneakers. DO NOT bring flip flops for walking around, you will regret it! Tennis shoes are great for walking around because they will give you the most support and your feet won’t hurt as badly at the end of the day. Flip flops are perfect for the pool, but not for long walks.

For women, you may want to consider skirts and dresses or shorts, as they will be the coolest items of clothing to wear and easy to move around in. They are also versatile to take you from daily activities to night events.

You will also want to pack one nice outfit; it’s always best to pack at least one dressy outfit because you may want to enjoy a meal at a nice restaurant or you may want to go out one night and be dressed up. This would also be an excellent way to fit in for fancier occasions.

Now that we have gone through the essentials of what to pack for any day during your visit to Singapore. It’s time to go through distinct seasons you may be traveling in and what to pack if you happen to be going to Singapore during these times.

The first is Monsoon Season which takes place from November through January. Early November to early January you expect a lot of rainfall. Most malls and pathways are covered, however walking to and from the metro could get you drenched. You don’t need to pick winter clothes though, even though it is raining it is still warm.

Pack a Cardigan


There will be slight breezes during Monsoon season during the evenings, so a light and comfortable cardigan or two will be the great way to combat the chill and keep you comfortable and warm.

Rain Jacket or Light Jacket

Rain Jacket or Light Jacket

Don’t be caught in the rain with just a shirt on; you will want to pack a rain jacket or some light jacket so that you don’t get cold during the rain falls. It will keep you dry and comfortable.

These are an item you can spend a lot of money on, or you can get something cheap just for your trip, it’s up to you the type of expense you want your rain jacket to be.




There is a lot of rainfall during the monsoon season, so you do not want to forget this essential item. While a rain jacket will help in keeping you dry, an umbrella just adds extra protection and keeps your backpack dry or other items you may be carrying around, especially if you have to stop and look at a map, you do not want that getting drenched in rain water.




If you hate umbrellas, as some people do, then think about getting rain covers. They have these for phones, cameras, backpacks. They keep all your items free from rainwater. They are perfect for backpacking trips or day trips if you know you will be out and about during the rain of monsoon season.

There are also some miscellaneous items that you may want to think about bringing with you. These are considered “non-essentials” but will add to your trip. You may even have some of your own misc. Items that you always like to travel with. This list is just a suggested list or some things you may have forgotten that you want to pack.

Camera and iPhone

Camera and or iPhone

A camera is a journey essential. While most people nowadays only use their iPhone to take photos, you may want to consider also bring a digital camera along as well.

You don’t have to bring anything too fancy, although if you are a photographer, whether professional or amateur, you can make more elaborate camera if you would like. But in case your phone dies, or you run out of storage (which this very well might happen) you will want to have a backup to take photos on to captures beautiful moments and memories.



Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world and from time to time you may be asked to show your ID. So you want to make sure you have your ID or passport on you at all times.

You will already be bringing your passport and ID because of flying, just make sure to keep them on you at all times.

Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitizer

Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitizer

These may seem like a silly item to have on a packing list, but it is essential. They come in handy when you are out and about, and you need a quick hand wash before eating.

Singapore Dollars


You don’t need to worry about exchanging a lot of money before you reach Singapore. They have ATMs, which are safe and easy to use. They also have money exchanges located everywhere, which are also safe and easy to use.



Make sure you pack any prescriptions you will need. Also, bring any brand or type of medicine that you are used to and have to have. If you get headaches, you may want to bring ibuprofen or Tylenol.

But don’t fret too much on bringing over a lot of medications, they will be available over in Singapore. This is just a suggestion if you don’t want to have the hassle of having to go out and buy medicine.

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

This is another weird one, but it is an essential. You will be thankful that you brought plastic bags and sandwich baggies that come in handy for dirty clothes, wet clothes or dirty shoes. Your suitcase will thank you.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are great to put in your suitcase to keep it smelling fresh all throughout your trip. You won’t be having any more smelly clothes since you most likely won’t be able to wash clothes until you return.


Here’s a rundown of the most important aspects of what to pack. The beautiful thing about traveling to Singapore is that no matter what time of the year you visit, it will always be warm, which makes it a little bit easier on packing.

  1. Bring cotton lightweight t-shirts, comfortable tennis shoes, and a swim suit
  1. Dressed keep you fresh and warm and are versatile from day to night
  1. Be sure to pack one nice outfit
  1. A rain jacket is a must during monsoon season
  1. Sunscreen, bug repellent and deodorant are better to be brought from home as they are cheaper and cause less hassle
  1. Be sure to carry your ID with you at all times

Now that you have a guide to packing and know what essentials you should bring with you to Singapore. Keep in mind that you might deviate from the above list, especially when it comes to the miscellaneous items. Think about your trip and tailor your packing list specific to your journey. Remember less is more. So get to packing your bags and enjoy your time in Singapore!

Women in their colorful sarees with painted foreheads prancing about, bargaining with street hawkers selling fragrant incense, spices and flower garlands to serve the Hindu deities resting inside temples that rise amidst all the bustle and chaos as sculptural marvels – this wee locale is truly a melting pot of Indian culture and heritage.

Complete Travel Guide (Shopping, Hotels, and Restaurants):

Little India has become quite a popular tourist destination for anyone who wishes to experience the unique lifestyle, art and delicacies of India in under a day.


Little India

Little India located near Serangoon river, is one of the oldest districts in Singapore. It originated in 1855 and was built up by the Tamils – Natives sent from south east India, who were primarily prisoners under the British rule and chose to stay back after they were released.

Trade flourished in little India back in the 1900s mainly because of cattle trade and its significance has been reflected in the naming of several roads in the colony such as ‘kerabu road’ (kerabu in Malay means Buffalo).

As the demand for places of worship among the community grew, temples such as Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and Narasinga Perumal Kovil were constructed, adding to the socio-cultural development of the district.

A large portion of the present day population comprises of laborers from Tamil Nadu who were offered jobs in Singapore. Through its rich, unique cultural heritage and history, Little India had been a significant contributor to the development of Singapore as a country.

How to reach:


Little India, more popularly known as ‘Tekka’ in Singapore is quite popular and easy to find. It is located right across from China town and can be reached by moving east along the Singapore River.

From the city, it can be easily reached by riding the MRT to Little India station and by taking exit E to race course road.

What to see:

Festival of Lights

Little India has a wide range of activities that attract varying groups of people. Be it a family on a vacation or a group of young energetic nomads who wish to unwind. There is always something for everyone.

The ambiance of this place is a unique combination of south Indian and Chinese traditional architecture. Picture perfect downtown alleyways abutted by colorful building facades

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Photograph by Cidi M.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is located in Serangoon Road and is one of the oldest, most culturally driven and most visited places in Little India. It is characteristic of the Tamil’s style of temple architecture, being built by the laborers who settled here in 1881. The migrants wanted a strong presence before their eyes to make them feel at home while at a foreign land and what better reason to construct a temple?

It features the great powerful goddess Kali as the main deity because the people believed Kali to be the Destroyer of Evil and they needed to feel safe while being away from home.

Most of the people who visited this temple were the ones who worked at lime kilns and thus, they named the temple “Soonambu Kambam Kovil” which means “Temple of the lime village”.

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple:

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

In the late 1800s, a few influential community leaders who had contacts with the East India Company wanted to build a temple specifically for Vaishnavites – the ones who worship Lord Vishnu, and that resulted in building the ‘Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple’.

This is also located in the Serangoon Road. Due to its unique architecture, this temple was declared as a National Monument by the Preservation of Monuments Board in 1978.

The temple would have festivities in full swing on the days of Brahmotsavam (last week of September/first week of October, Vaikunda Ekadasi (December).

Temple of Thousand Lights:

Temple of Thousand Lights

Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, also known as the temple of Thousand Lights was built by a Thai monk in 1927. It is located in the Race Course Road in Little India. The architecture of this building combines features from India, China, and Thailand.

Due to this uniqueness and the originality, this temple is one of the most visited and the largest Buddhist cultural monuments in Singapore.

House of Tan Teng Niah:

House of Tan Teng Niah

Sitting proudly at 37 Kerabu road, right at the centre of the neighborhood, it is clearly one of the most vibrant and colorful attractions in little India.

Although the house is of Chinese architecture reminiscent of Chinese colonization of Singapore, credit goes to the Indian community for its renovation, maintenance, and repainting. The picturesque, lively mansion is an ideal spot for selfies and photo shoots and is the only traditional Chinese survivor in a predominantly Indian locale.

Prince of Wales Backpacker Pub

Prince of Wales Backpacker Pub

The next thing you would need after a dose of culture is a place to relax and unwind with your spouse or friends.

Prince of Wales Backpacker Pub in Dunlop Street- an Australian pub located 450m from the MRT station has a very relaxed ambiance.

This place has one of the cheapest liquor and food that you can get in the locality. It also supports the Independent Music Scene so you can get to see local bands performing here regularly.

Where to eat:

street food in singapore

Be it mouth-watering, freshly made south Indian thalis or fragrant biriyanis with luscious cooked meat on beds of soft rice this tiny district is truly a tantalizing joy ride for your taste buds. Little India’s hotels and street stalls offer a wide spectrum of pocket-friendly dining choices for all predilections.

The curry culture:

The curry culture

If you’re someone who enjoys authentic Indian cuisine and would want to experience its unique flavors and sheer variety without burning a hole in your pocket, then curry culture is the right place for you.

This restaurant, located on the village road, offers a wide range of scrumptious of Indian delights from fish curry to chicken tikka masala across the varied scale of spiciness – 1 being tolerable for a European native to 10 – a hardcore desi. With appropriately sized delectable portions, discreet, friendly service and sheer variety, this restaurant is guaranteed to offer you a memorable dining experience.

The banana leaf apolo:

The banana leaf apollo

One of the most popular and highly recommended restaurants, banana leaf apolo is almost always crowded during peak hours. However, it’s an excellent choice for a small group gathering. The restaurant, located at 54 race course road, lives up to its name and serves its food on fresh plantain leaves- an eco-friendly alternative to plates.Some absolutely yummy dishes offered in this restaurant include the fish head curry, biriyani, kolhapuri and masala chai.

Khansama Tandoor restaurant:

Khansama Tandoor restaurant

Located at 166 Serangoon road, this restaurant offers enjoyable tandoor buffet lunches as well as a la carte dishes at reasonable prices. If you’re feeling so hungry that you could eat a whole lamb, then fret not! Try the legendary and delicious whole cooked leg marinated lamb at this quaint restaurant.

Komala Vilas:

Komala vilas

Located at Serangoon road, this restaurant boasts of authentic south Indian breakfast. Famous for its idli and Dosa sets, it also has a splendid selection of north Indian food. This restaurant is more suited for takeaways.

Be sure to try the mouthwatering chaat sold here, especially the bhel puri – made with spices and puffed rice, and the flavourful pani puri. This eatery is a favorite among the recent immigrant Tamils who miss home – cooked food.

The Tekka centre:


Tekka centre located in the corner of Bukit Timah road and Serangoon road is a busy place with a great atmosphere. It contains, not only shops that sell sarees, fabric, and meat, but also hundreds of stalls serving a variety of affordable, traditional, freshly made Indian food.

If you want to rest and unwind after a day of relentless shopping, you could opt for dinner with beer which is just 10 dollars here. With the bustling crowd, Bollywood music echoing from stalls and storefronts and the faint aroma of curry and meat in the air, this place is what one might call ‘a true Indian experience’.

Allauddin’s Briyani:

Allauddin’s Briyani

If you’re a fan of biriyani – which is fragrant rice cooked in a tasty curry made chicken/ mutton or boiled egg, this small outlet which boasts of being the ‘Biriyani specialist’ would definitely tantalize your taste buds. Allauddin’s biriyani is located inside tekka centre. It is one of the most pocket-friendly stalls there and it’s known for its fast and friendly service.

Where to shop:

Where to shop

Although the shopping scene in Singapore is dominated by Gleaming mega malls with swanky showrooms set in air conditioned spaces, little India presents a very different experience that would leave you with a lasting impression.

A wide range of Indian and Asian products, souvenirs and artifacts, just as diverse as the people there being sold in bustling street markets would make you redefine your shopping goals.

Buffalo road:

Buffalo road

Being one of the most vibrant yet crowded roads in the locality, Buffalo road is the best place to go if what you’re in search of is dried spices and fresh farm produce.

Bounded by multicolor facades of the Indian and Malay influenced architecture, Buffalo road truly comes to life at dusk with fresh street food and loud guffaws of socializing locals.

The MRT station opens out directly into Buffalo road, making it one of the first places to explore once you reach little India.

Thieves market:

Thieves market

Located at the Sungei road – half way between Little India MRT and Bugis MRT, the odd name of this place stems from the fact that back in the day, this bustling road hosted flea markets selling stolen goods. However now, all the goods on sale are legitimate and regulated.

Thieves market is the right place for antique enthusiasts and bargain hunters. Flocks of people come here to browse through lines of street stores selling vintage clothes, trinkets, souvenirs and artwork.

Mustafa centre:

Mustafa centre

From its inception in 1973 as a small 900 sq.ft shop space selling a variety of electronic items at Serangoon road, Mustafa centre has seen exceptional growth till date. Years of slow and careful planning and the growing clientele is responsible for this place developing into the ‘shopping paradise’ it is today.

This huge complex of buildings containing narrow isles packed with stalls selling a vast assortment of Indian and south Asian specialty goods would require a day or two to explore thoroughly. There is a unique abundance of designer products at low prices, be it watches, bags or textiles. It is infamous for it jewelry showrooms where gold and silver products could be bought at inexpensive rates. It is also known for its souvenir gift shops selling traditional Asian artifacts and hand crafted accessories.

In a nutshell, Mustafa centre is a shopping hub known for its plethora of goods ranging from rare Indian spices and essential oils to high tech electronics, from Chinese and Indian wooden artifacts to designer watches and saris, from small food stalls selling Asian specialty dishes to swanky bars and restaurants. It is a must visit place offering a unique and varied shopping experience.

Little India arcade:

Serangoon Road

This playful array of shops at Serangoon road has within it, a selection of stalls and open markets selling everything Indian- from beautifully sequined sarees to dried herbs and exotic spices, from traditional artwork and crafts, to fragrant incense and sweets.

You could also get your hand painted with intricate henna patterns or try your hand at tie dye and traditional Indian block printing. Once could also purchase fresh vegetables and farm produce in bulk at the cheapest prices.

Where to stay:

park royal singapore

If you’re a fan of wonderfully weird hipster themed boutique hotels then head to hotel wanderlust at Dickson road in Little India.

If you’re more of a luxe traveler who doesn’t mind the trading cost for the class, then Parkroyal on the Kitchener road or Village hotel Albert would offer you a classy and comfortable stay.

Head to hotel 81 Dickson or hotel 81 Rochor if you’re in search of more pocket-friendly options.

“Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are, in fact, plans to protect man!” – Stewart Udall

Be it a small country like Singapore, or a large country like India, biodiversity is one of the most important factors that make the country a wholesome one. Some countries have the luxury of landmass area to boast of this biodiversity – the Yellowstone National Park and the Yosemite of the United States, the Corbett and Kaziranga of India are fine examples of this, considering they are, respectively, the 4th and 7th largest countries in the world.  

However, if there’s one country that has managed to incorporate this essential ‘feature’ of a healthy nation, it has to be Singapore. Within the 800 Sq. Km range, they have managed to incorporate a bird-park, a zoological garden, and an aquarium, in addition to geological parks and botanic garden. Come to think of it, Singapore is really a super-healthy ecosystem, compressed into a tiny city-state.

Here are the pillars of the super-diverse biodiversity that Singapore is:

Jurong – Where birds throng:jurong bird park singapore

You know Singapore has played awesome when one of the countries in the bottom 15 by area tops the list of bird-parks in the world by count of birds. Jurong is Singapore’s pride in their commitment to biodiversity. Not only that, the Jurong Bird park also gives an excuse of relaxation to the people of Singapore –  a much-needed contrast when it comes to the buzzing lifestyle that Singapore has.

It lies on the slopes of the Jurong Hill, and

Some of the mind-blowing facts about Jurong would surely make you go wow:

  • Jurong houses about 5000 birds. As discussed earlier, this is the largest number of birds in a bird-park. Just imagine the density of birds in that small area!
  • Jurong is a home to about 400 species of birds, and is the second biggest in this aspect. The first one, Weltvogelpark Walsrode, is 10 acres larger than the Jurong.

PS: 29 of the 400 species of the birds in Jurong are threatened.

* All it took for Singapore was about 6 years to know that it needed a bird-park. While Singapore gained independence from Malaysia in 1965, Jurong opened to the public in 1971!

* There’s a bit of sad news here: Jurong will be moved to Mandai, a new park area by 2020! The memories of awesomeness, as much as the birds, will continue to live on!

Jurong is much more exotic than what a normal bird-sanctuary would present. There are dedicated parks for each kind of birds – one for nocturnals, one for flightless birds, one each for penguins and pelicans, and one for lories, where you can feed them with a special nectar.

There’s a very special aviary for the  Southeast Asian birds that simulates a thunderstorm with drizzles every afternoon… and this is taking hospitality to a very different level! It’s Singapore telling the birds “Welcome to Jurong! Make yourselves home!”

Singapore Zoological Gardens – Literally… Animals’ Pride:singapore zoo animals

Maybe the authorities of Singapore, way back in the 1970s thought “Why should birds have all the fun?” And they came up with the Singapore Zoological Gardens… or the Mandai Zoo, as it’s locally called, just a couple of years after Jurong opened up.

The Singapore Zoo plays host to about 315 species of animals, in which about 48 are considered to be threatened or endangered in close-to-natural habitat enclosures spread across a whopping 69 acres. The Zoo attracts no less than 1.7 million visitors year after year.

While we might dream about breakfast with either your loved one or someone who you’re a fan of, Singapore zoo hosted one of the most amazing breakfast-programs in this history of breakfasts and in the history of zoos – Breakfast with Orangutan. The visitors get to closely interact with the primates. One of the icons of the zoo and the stars of the show, Ah Meng, departed in February 2008.

The Singapore Zoo goes beyond the classical confines of the word ‘zoo’ – the ‘Elephants at Work and Play’ and ‘Rainforest Fights Back’ shows take the experience of the zoo a lot beyond what it’s meant to be. It’s no longer a trip to the zoo, but more of the trip down the trails of animal empathy!!

The SEA Aquariumsea aquarium singapore

Singapore has taken their love for animals, literally to new depths. The SEA Aquarium is a living, breathing and rather, a swimming testimony of their awesomeness. Until 2014, the SEA Aquarium remained the largest of its kind on this planet, until taken over by the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China.

The SEA Aquarium houses some of the largest aquatic creatures including but not limited to the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, scalloped hammerheads, the Japanese spider crab, and relatively not-so-common-in-captivity species such as the guitarfish and the chambered nautilus. It also has the largest collection of manta rays, including the only giant oceanic manta ray not in the wild.

The SEA Aquarium also brings aquatic life from all over the world, and to keep it convenient for the visitors, and to keep the fishes in their home-like space, the SEA Aquarium is segmented into different attractions. The ones from South China Sea, The Bay of Bengal, The East African and more than anything, the sharks are sources of attraction to the SEA World!

The SEA Aquarium is flanked by the attractions that make it even more wholesome – the centers of dining, shopping and the Cove Adventure Park. The adrenalin-pumping rides and the stomach-filling dining options make your trip to the Marine Life Park of Singapore complete.

Singapore – An Animal Lover’s Paradise

Let us not confine the definition of an Animal Lover to someone who loves to keep a billion pets at home. There’s always some kind of love in looking at animals (though in captivity), at the least, housed in spaces where they’re free to move around, and not confined to a space where they can barely walk.

When you have put birds in aviaries where they can freely fly, and when there are fishes in places where they can freely swim, you know Singapore is a great place, not only for human beings and technology to flourish, but also for humanitarianism and animal-life to thrive… in the most natural way!!

When you plan a vacation to another country, you look forward to the new excitement, fun and amazing experiences that has in store for you. But unfortunately that’s not always the case. Sometimes visiting a new country can also make you feel depressed and disoriented, especially if you are travelling alone. Singapore is also one such country which is quite different from other countries in South East Asia. In fact planning a trip to Singapore from India is something that you must consider for your next holiday trip.

Trips for First Time Visitors to Singapore from India

Singapore, a place with exotic reputation, is worldwide known as the city of skyscrapers and a city with mystic charms. So if you are planning your trip to Singapore this vacation, then doing some research about the place and knowing a few things in advance can surely help you to make the most out of the place.

Here are 25 Tips for first time visitors to Singapore from India:

Singapore is a fine Citysingapore is a fine city

One of the most important things that you must know about Singapore is that the city takes a very tough stand on fines for basic public behavior and anti-social issues. So during your stay in Singapore, make sure you follow all the rules, regulations as well as social norms that you might need to follow.

Remember Cameras are watching YouRemember cameras are watching You in singapore

Yes, Singapore is a city that has cameras installed in almost all the places. So while roaming in the city, always remember you are being watched. This is also one of the reasons of no crime or non existent crime rate in the city.

Do Not Chew Gumdo not chew gum in singapore

Yes chewing gum in Singapore is like breaking a law and it is totally illegal. So if you have a habit of chewing gum then work on it as this habit can get you in trouble in Singapore.

Do Not Litterdo not litter in singapore

This is another important thing that you must keep in mind while wandering in Singapore. You will be forgiven for littering things on the streets only twice and doing it for the third time will land you in trouble as you might end up cleaning the streets on Sunday with a signboard around your neck saying “I am a litterer”.

No Tipping Pleaseno tipping - singapore

Yes, many people have a habit of tipping  in pubs, clubs, restaurants as well as hotel. But in Singapore, tipping anyone can make you suffer. So no tipping please.

A Buyer’s Paradisebuyer's paradise-singapore

Singapore is undoubtedly the best shopping destination. Walk down the Orchard road where you’ll find many designer boutiques, malls, and fashion stores lined on each side of the road. You will also come across stores displaying the latest digital wizardry.

Also, don’t forget to wander through the different locales and streets of Chinatown and Little India and Arab street for shopping. You can also go for window shopping at these places as it costs nothing.

Enjoy a sling at RafflesEnjoy a sling at Raffles- singapore

“When in Singapore, feed at Raffles” is what the famous English author Rudyard Kipling said about the place, which still holds true today. The legendary Raffles hotel is always considered as one of the best hotels in the world. This hotel has  welcomed many literary talents to its doors which includes Joseph Conrad, Noel Coward and Somerset Maugham.

Even film stars, royalty as well as sports persons prefer to stay at Raffles when in Singapore. If you have budget issues, then you can also go for a refreshing Gin Sling in the Long Bar rather than an overnight stay.

Try the Glorious foodtry the glorious food in singapore

Singapore is known for its amazing and mouth watering delicacies that gives you a whole new experience and leaves you spellbound with its exotic flavor and unique use of spices. Being in Singapore, you cannot afford to miss to try out lip smacking Nonya and Peranankan food. The Nonya and Peranankan food is the unique blend of Chinese and Malay cuisines.

If you are planning your trip in July, then you will also get a chance to be a part of the annual Singapore Food festival. You will also come across many workshops, food points and stalls offering delicious food.

Singapore Zoo Night Safarisingapore night safari

This is not just a typical zoo, going on a Zoo night safari in Singapore will help you explore an “open” green environment, where animals wander in the lush green jungle and parklands.

In this zoo, all the animals are kept in quite spacious lands, separated from visitors by dry or wet moats. At night, the Singapore zoo turns into a completely different feel with the famous night safari. A Singapore Zoo Night Safari gives you a whole new experience of exploring wildlife in a tropical jungle at night. While on a safari, you will also come across 1000 nocturnal animals from 100 species in their habitat.

Spend Leisure time at Sentosa Island Resortsentosa singapore

Located at a distance of 15 minutes, you will find the Sentosa resort getaway, which is a beautiful blend of culture, modernity and luxury. Apart from all the luxurious facilities, staying at these resorts will also provide you an opportunity to enjoy water sports, golf as well as peaceful retreat. You can also reach this place by bus, car, taxi or cable car- the choice is all yours.

The rainforest here covers 70 per cent of the 500 hectare island and is a home to monkeys, peacocks, parrots, monitor lizards and a great flora and fauna. The long stretch of beach on this island is perfect for a long walk and to spend some quality time in the lap of the mother nature.

Night Moves and Grooves at Clarke Quayclarke quay singapore

Well, it is not wrong to say that life begins at Clarke Quay after the sun goes down. Yes, served as the commercial waterfront area filled with merchant vessels in the 19th century, this place is now converted into a colorful and stylish meeting place. The place also houses music bars, cozy cafes and exotic and comfy restaurants. You will find this place too much crowded on weekends because of its food, popularity and overall ambience.

Enjoy the Traditional Foot Massagefoot massage singapore

Well, while on a vacation, you surely deserve some pampering and being in Singapore you cannot afford to miss the traditional foot massage. Reflexology or foot massage has been a part of Chinese culture since a very long time. It is in fact a great way to relax your body from long day tiredness and instantly makes you feel fresh and relaxed.  You will find many amazing spa centers and hotels to enjoy a nice and relaxing foot massage to make your trip even more exciting.

You can communicate in Englishyou can communicate in English in singapore

Yes, English is king in Singapore. Around 80% people in Singapore speak and understands English. Apart from Malay, Chinese and Tamil, English is one of the main languages that people use to communicate with each other. The reason why English is the most used language in Singapore is that it didn’t get separated from the UK till 1963.

Relive the historyRelive the history - singapore

To explore the vast and varied history of Singapore, don’t forget to visit Chinese heritage center where you will get to see the scenes and streets of Singapore from the time of the 19th century.

Go for Bird Watchingbird watching in singapore

Not many people know this, but Singapore is a home to Asia’s biggest bird park, also known as the Jurong Bird Park. This park provides you an opportunity to enjoy the sights of more than 8,000 birds. This park is also the award winning park with the highest artificial waterfall in the world. You will also love spending time close to the nature in this park.

Spend some time on a Cruisesingapore cruise

What could be better than enjoying the sights of Singapore river on a cruise with your dear and near ones. You will love the overall experience and freshness and charm it will bring to your life. Trust me, seeing Singapore through Cruise will never want you to leave the place. In fact, it is a must to do thing for all newly wed couples as the romantic feel and ambience of the cruise will help you grow your bond like never before.

Start your day earlyStart your day early in singapore

If you really want to make the most out of your Singapore trip and want to cover all the places in a few days than there is no better way than starting your Singapore excursion early. All you need to do is to put on your sports shoes and start your day by visiting Singapore Botanic Garden that opens at 5A.M. The great thing about this Botanic Garden is that  this tourist place is 150 years old that houses numerous horticultural attractions.

Take Breaks to Resttake breaks

It is very important to understand that going on a vacation is not just about exploring places and roaming here and there. But it is also about giving yourself a break from all the hustles and bustles of life and allow your body to rest by getting a good amount of sleep. Singapore may have an endless list of tourist attractions and amazing food to taste, but give yourself an ample amount of rest to start your next day with freshness and energy is also very important.

Explore the cultureexplore the singapore culture

Singapore is all about the rich culture and tradition and it is not wrong to say that this place has a culture within a culture. This place also allows you to explore the culture of China, India and Arab, by visiting Little India,  Little China and Little Arab street.

Soak yourself in the Sunsoak yourself in singapore sun

To enjoy your luxury time in Singapore, all you need to do is to go to a sandy beach and relax yourself. Drink your favorite cocktail and enjoy the feel of Singapore’s amazing tropical climate. You can also head to Sentosa to enjoy your time with swimming dolphins.

Get some Altitudeget some in singapore

For all those people who love heights or are interested in enjoying the paranomic sight of the Singapore, then this place has plenty of options to do so. From Singapore Flyer to the Sands Sky Park at Marina Bay, you can go to multiple places to enjoy the exquisite site of the down below from the top. The best thing about Singapore’s flyer is that your car will be so large and the flyer wheel will move so slowly that you will not feel any fear while enjoying a ride on Singapore flyer. You can also visit at the 1-Altitude Gallery which is located at the highest point in Singapore.

Praise Modern Artmodern art in singapore

If you are an art lover and love spending time exploring exquisite art, then Ritz- Cartlon hotel is the best place for you. Some of the displays include Rainer Gross’ geometric compositions as well as Andy Warhol and David Hockney’s vibrant use of colors in their art.

Explore the Reptile’s worldreptile park in singapore

Spread in the area of 2 hectares, this park is the largest reptile park in Asia. This park is a home to thousands of crocodiles as well as king cobras, python, anacondas and many other varieties of reptiles. Visiting this place will surely help you bring some great memories home.

Explore the eateries and Restaurantstry the glorious food in singapore

The mouthwatering and lip smacking food of Singapore will make you fall in love with the place even more. There are many amazing restaurants, cafes and food points available to help you take care of your hunger pangs. You will love the exotic flavors and taste of the food here.

Singapore hotel suits every budgetsingapore hotels that suit every budget

Yes, being one of the most popular destinations in the world, Singapore offers uncountable options to stay for tourists. From luxurious to affordable hotels and resorts, you will get anything you need in Singapore. These hotels will take care of all your requirements and will make sure you have a great time staying there.

So whenever you plan your trip to Singapore, just make sure to keep all these above mentioned tips in mind and explore the place in the best way possible. Whether you believe it or not, but a little research about the destination you are planning to go can save you from facing troubles. So remember these tips and have a great time in Singapore.

Singapore is constantly evolving itself as a world class cosmopolitan city. Every year throngs of tourists come here to experience this country with all its majestic skyline and futuristic architecture. But, there is also a different side of it that lies in its history. Singapore boasts of a number of monuments of historical significance that tells the tale of its tumultuous past and its glorious journey to where it stands today. Founded by the British as a trading colony in 1819, Singapore has also been occupied by the Japanese and has been a part of Malaysia before gaining independence in 1965. In the subsequent years, Singapore made rapid strides in all-round progress to become one of the most prosperous countries in Asia.

You cannot experience Singapore in all its hues unless you have delved into its history. In this article, we are sharing our top picks for the historical monuments of Singapore. It includes war memorials, museums, and places of religious significance that needs to be visited to get an insight into its rich past.

Here are the best Historical Places in Singapore:

  1. National Museum of Singapore:

    National Museum of Singapore

With its history dating back to 1887, the National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum in the country. A perfect amalgamation of Neo-Palladian and Renaissance Style, this museum is one of the architectural icons of Singapore. It underwent a massive restoration over a period of three and a half years and was re-opened to the public in Dec 2006.

It is the place where you should go if you want to know about the ancient history of Singapore in a way that is interesting and rewarding. It is home to eleven precious artifacts which includes the Singapore Stone and the Gold Ornaments of the sacred Hill. With guided tours, video montages and interactive exhibitions, it guides the visitors through Singapore’s past to its present.

The National Museum of Singapore is a dynamic place today with a host of events lined up each year – from an art exhibition, live performances, film screening and more, making it one of the important historically and culturally vibrant places in Singapore.

  1. Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

    Victoria Theatre and Concert HallPhotograph by Patrick K T. Tan

Standing tall for over a century now, the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall was known as the Town Hall and Victoria Memorial Hall in the past. This colonial building with a huge clock tower has seen so much and has soaked so much of the past, including the harrowing days the war.

Steeped in architectural beauty, today it is a center for performing arts. During the World War II, it was used as a hospital. You can watch a performance here or just meander through it and marvel at its intricate architecture.

  1. Kranji War Memorial:

    Kranji War MemorialPhotograph by Abhimanyu B.

Kranji War Memorial commemorates all the brave hearts that died in the line of duty defending Singapore from the invading Japanese force during the World War II. Comprising of 4 parts namely the War Graves, the Military Graves, the Memorial walls and the State Cemetery, the memorial represents all the three branches of the military.

There are 24,000 names inscribed on the Memorial walls – of soldiers whose bodies were never found. Every year, on Sunday closest to November 11, a remembrance prayer is held here. Visit this site to pay homage to the brave men and women who lost their lives in war. This memorial stands as a memory of the difficult phase Singapore had been through and a testament of how it has survived the tests of time.

  1. Changi Museum:

    Changi Museum

Want to know about Singapore’s history dating the World War II, Changi Museum will tell it all to you. Home to a huge collection of photographs, drawings, paintings, letters, and personal effects donated by the former prisoners of war who were put behind the bars in Changi prison.

They provide insightful details of their lives during the dark days of World War II. The museum stands to inspire the future generations and to honor the spirit of the brave men and women who would not bend under the Japanese force. Visitors can opt for a guided tour to understand the significance of this place in a better way.

  1. The Civilian War Memorial

    The Civilian War Memorial

A heritage landmark, the Civilian War Landmark stands in remembrance of the civilians who lost their lives during the Japanese occupation. It was inaugurated on 15th February 1967 – a day that marked the 25th year of the capture of Singapore by Japan – by Lee Kuan Yew who was the Prime Minister at that time.

Consisting of four identical pillars, each representing the four main races of Singapore – Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian, the memorial is built over the area where the civilian war victims were buried. A symbol of Singapore’s multiracial culture, it is one of the important historical landmarks in the city.

  1. Fort Canning

    Fort CanningPhotograph by Jack Oh

One of the important landmarks of the city, the history Fort Canning – a small hill in the Southeast of Singapore history dates back to the ancient times. The Malays called it the ‘Forbidden Hill’ as it was believed to be the burial ground for kings and supposedly haunted. Sir Stamford Raffle built his residence here and it came to be known as Government Hill.

In 1861, it was renamed Fort Canning when a fort was built here. This place was significant from the military point of view also during the British rule. Today, Fort Canning Park stands here which is a haven for history buffs with an amazing collection of ancient artifacts; it is also a venue for music concerts. Fort Canning recounts the evolution of Singapore from a trading port to a world class International maritime hub.

  1. The Battle Box

    The Battle Box

The Battle Box, now a historical tourist hotspot was once a bomb proof underground command center. Built 30 feet below the Fort Canning Hill in Singapore, the walls of the bunker were constructed with one-meter wide concrete to withstand direct bomb and shell attacks.

It housed as many as 500 men and soldiers during the later stages of the war. It is said it was here that the British decided to surrender Singapore to the Japanese thus marking the beginning of the end of British rule. It also marked the beginning of the darkest days in Singapore’s modern history.

The Battle Box was also used by the Japanese during the Japanese occupation of Singapore. There are 26 rooms in the Battle Box open for visitors and it exhibits the various stages of wartime scenarios of that time.

  1. MINT Museum of Toys

    MINT Museum of Toys

Boasting of an enviable private collection of vintage toys, the Mint Museum of Toys located in Arts and Heritage district in Singapore will make you take a trip down the memory lane. The collection of these toys is owned by Singaporean Chang Yang Fa and it said to be the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

Founded in the year 2007, the museum is one its kind in the world. Today it has over 50,000 vintage toys from over 40 countries dating to the period of the 1840s to 1970 showcased in the museum. About 8000 are put on display in the multi-storeyed contemporary building on 26 Seah Street.

From Batman, Astroboy, Dan Dare, Bonzo the Dog, vintage comics, teddy bears, to various pre-war Japanese toys, the collection here is simply mind boggling. Kids, as well as adults, will find the experience at this place to be truly rewarding. The acronym MINT stands for Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys.

  1. Fort Siloso

    Fort Siloso

Located on the Sentosa Island (former Pulau Blakang Mati) off south of Mainland Singapore, Fort Siloso is the only restored gun battery of the 12 that existed at the time of World War II. The Fort was built to defend Singapore in the case of a sea invasion.

The Japanese also used it as a prisoner of war camp. It now houses a military museum and has a rich collection of arms from the times of WWII, military tunnels, and various wartime artifacts.Also known as the Surrender Chambers, there is also some actual footage of war preserved here which visitors can watch in an interactive tour.

  1. Andrew’s Cathedral

    Andrew’s Cathedral

St. Andrew’s Cathedral is an Anglican Church and the largest cathedral in Singapore. Designed in Neo-Gothic architectural style, it is a treasured national monument. During the World War II, it was used as a temporary hospital. With white exterior and pinnacles reaching the sky, it makes for a sight to behold.

The land where the Church stands was commissioned by Sir Stamford Raffles and a church was constructed here by 1936. However, it had to be demolished in 1855 due to safety concerns. The church that stands here today was completed in the year 1861 and has been standing tall for over 150 years.

Situated in close proximity of the City Hall MRT, this church is easily accessible via public transport. It is open on all days and welcomes visitors from all walks of life. It gets quite busy on weekends so, if you want to have a quiet time here, time your visit accordingly.

  1. Thian Hock Keng Temple

    Thian Hock Keng TemplePhotograph by Sid Das

Dedicated to Mazu – the Chinese Goddess of the Sea, Thian Hock Keng Temple is the oldest Hokkien Temple in Singapore.  It is said that the early Chinese sea farmers use to come here to pay homage to the deity for a safe passage through the turbulent South China Sea.

Thian Hock Keng literally means the Palace of Heavenly happiness. There are two shrines in the temple – one of Goddess Mazu and the second one situated at the back serves the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. The temple in all its grandeur is an architectural masterpiece. Built in the southern Chinese style, the whole structure is assembled with using any nails.

Intricate carvings of dragons, lions, phoenixes and various motifs adorn the complex. The temple underwent a major renovation that started in 1998 and completed by 2000 at a cost of US $2.2 million. The temple is a national monument and is quite popular among visitors.

  1. Sultan Mosque

    Sultan Mosque

Sultan Mosque, also known as Masjid Sultan is the biggest mosque in Singapore and is an important historical landmark. Gazetted as a National Monument, Sultan Mosque has a history that dates back to 1824. It was built by Sultan Hussein Shah, the first Sultan of Singapore and after a century of its construction, it was in need of dire reconstruction.

The new magnificent mosque that stands today was built in 1928 and it replaced the old mosque. Boasting of grand golden domes, huge prayer hall that can accommodate 5000 people during mass prayers, and piercing minarets, it is an architectural masterpiece. When you pay a visit here to make a point to check out the onion domes.

The base of these domes is made up of glass bottle ends donated by the poor Muslims. This ensured rich and poor both could contribute to the construction of the mosque. At night, the mosque is wonderfully lit and its grandeur can be spotted from a distance.

  1. Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

    Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Located in the heart of Little India in Singapore, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is dedicated to the goddess Kali, the destroyer of evil and a fierce embodiment of Shakti. It is said to be built by the Indian pioneers who came to Singapore to make a living. They prayed to goddess Kali for safety in a foreign land.

During the World War II, many are said to have taken refuge here and it is almost a miracle that this temple and its idols remained unscathed even during the war. It is more than a century old, but due to its renovation in the recent years, it looks fresh as ever. Adorned with multi-hued statues and intricate sculptures, it is one of the must visit historical monuments in Singapore.

Planning to take a trip to Singapore but do not want to miss out on the various historical landmarks it has to offer? Ask the travel experts at Visiit to design a customized Singapore trip itinerary tailored to your needs.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi: “Lee was a far-sighted statesman, and a lion among leaders.”

Japan’s Shinzo Abe: “A great Asian who laid the foundation for Singapore’s prosperity today.”

Germany’s Angela Merkel: “Mr. Lee led Singapore to become the epitome of progress and modernity in Southeast Asia.”

Former US President Barack Obama: “Lee Kuan Yew was a true giant of history, and the great strategist of Asian affairs.”

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair: “Mr. Lee was one of the most extraordinary leaders of modern times” and “the first to understand that modern politics was about effective government, not old-fashioned ideology.”

All these people’s emotions and respects have been triggered by the demise of one man who single-handedly transformed a once-corrupt, neglected and resourceless city-state into a resounding epitome of modernity, holistic living, and an epicenter of business and people alike!

Lee Kyan Yew the great leader

We’re talking about Lee Kuan Yew, who can rightly be referred to as the father of Modern Singapore.

The History

history Lee Kyan Yew

We might have watched in the film ‘Anniyan’ or ‘Aparachit’, Singapore didn’t undergo a linear growth unlike its European or the American counterparts that are trying to become Singapore. It all can be attributed to the vision, the tirelessness, the commitment and the determination that Lee Kuan Yew had towards making his motherland a great one.

Lee Kuan Yew shares a lot of similarities with the Father of India – Mahatma Gandhi. Just like Gandhi, Lee went to the Great Britain, studied law and went on to create the People’s Action Party. However, unlike Gandhi, Lee Kuan saw some active participation in Politics after the Independence.

He was the Prime Minister of Singapore for eight consecutive terms and held some ministerial or advisory position for 56 years until 2011.

The Steps for the Future

steps for future Lee Kyan Yew

Lee Kuan was a visionary like no other – when nations around were thinking about how to capitalize on the agonies of the past, he was thinking about the future of his dear Singapore. He implemented policies that span every segment of state-improvement.

His policies included

  • Tourism Development
  • Economic Reforms
  • Production Optimization
  • Anti Corruption
  • Population Control
  • Punishments
  • Water Management
  • Foreign Policies

If we think about it, Lee knew what exactly to concentrate on. Right from getting the UN Membership and creating the ASEAN, he exerted the presence of Singapore on the planet, so it will not be forgetten.

What can we learn:

what we can learn steps for future Lee Kyan Yew

There’s enough of material and blogs about what Lee Kuan has done for Singapore, and it is best left for historians and scholars. However, what we need to look at is the things that we can be inspired by.

Getting the priorities right – Lee Kuan did not care about the ‘trophies’ like building monuments, but more at developing what is needed for a great Singapore.

Focusing on smaller elements – Who ever thought population and matchmaking would be government initiatives? But Lee Kuan set it up, knowing these little elements play important roles in making the nation as wholesome as it is today.

Giving the 100% – Until he was 85, Lee Kuan was committed to making Singapore a better place. Though he was no longer the Prime Minister, (which he relinquished in 1990), he continued to contribute in making Singapore more awesome than it already is!

So, the next time you visit Singapore, take some moment to contemplate on this great man, because most of what Singapore is now – that transition from being a third-world country to a first-world country in less than three decades is attributable only to the legend called Lee Kuan Yew!

With a name that is derived from Sanskrit, and the legacy of a prince spotting a Singa (lion), Singapura (the original name), or Singapore as we all know it, is a city that transforms itself from bustling business hub, to a buzzing city at night. The lion city is at its exquisite best at night with a glistening skyline like no other. Tread on your own path, and discover the many hidden secrets of this mega cosmopolitan when here at night.

  1. Bright Lights on the Bay (and the I Lights Festival)Bright Lights on the Bay singapore packagesOne of the world’s most expensive real estate areas, Marina Bay is beautiful like no other. The tall skyscrapers and the lights that illuminate them, shine of the bay area water, reflecting hues like only an artist can imagine. A must see here is the i Light Marina Bay festival that kicked off in 2010, which sees artists of international repute celebrate the creative and sustainable usage of lights, while spreading a social message. Held in March, the festival offers multiple activities and educative guided tours. Imagine spelling a word, holding hand held lights, which are captured by a cameraman using a long exposure camera! In case you aren’t here in March, stroll down the bay nonetheless and experience its beauty first hand.
  1. Chinatown by nightchinatown singapore visiit400 food stalls across 4 streets – enough said for a foodie! With pocket friendly food from every corner of China, this is a must visit especially post 7pm. While here, you won’t be able to help but appreciate the cleanliness and how well connected it is! Bring a wallet with loads of cash. There are loads of souvenirs to pick. If possible, visit Chinatown during the annual festival.
  1. Trishaw Touringtrishaw riding singaporeWhile in Chinatown, take a Trishaw tour. The 4 hour, all inclusive tour will allow you to dine at a 5 course restaurant, shop at the local markets and allow you to take a boat ride too. If you want to feel like a boss man – take a trishaw that has neon lights and a boom box to add to the fun! You will surely be the centre of attraction.
  1. Night Safarinight safari singaporeBoasting of over 1.2 million visitors a year, the Singapore Zoo night safari is one of the very best in the world. The zoo is an open air one, with special lighting so as to not disturb the animals. And unlike zoos you have been to in the past, don’t expect to see cages, nor expect to have to walk, since the zoo has a tram too! While covering 35 hectares, pick a drink from the Cocktail Express or a bite to eat from the Gourmet Express.
  1. MAAD Marketmaad singaporeMAAD is an acronym for Market of Artists and Designers, and is the biggest recurring one in the city. Setup in 2006, the objective was to promote innovative designs and creativity; which is why on a given Friday each month it holds an exhibition. Over 3000 people visit it each month and take inspiration from the work displayed. This of course while enjoying live DJs perform and sipping away on a drink from the make shift bar. Very unique indeed.
  1. Zoukzouk singapore

They call themselves an institution – not a club! Patrons have been thronging this entertainment club for over 26 years from across the world, and it holds the distinction of being awarded by the Ministry of Tourism – Singapore, for its extraordinary customer service. Accommodating 1500 people, the club has guest DJs performing frequently. They play all sorts of music and the LED unique LED lights make for a very lively environment.

  1. Avalonavalon singaporeThrowing its door open in 2011, the Avalon is a club located in the top notch Hotel Marina Sands Bay. Known for their electronic music, which is played by the best DJs in the world, the ambiance of the club is to die for. The sound system is mammoth and state of the art. The installed laser lights really allow revellers to let their hair down. Remember to dress your best if you are visiting here – you never known when you might bump into a Hollywood celebrity!
  1. Clarke Quayclark quay singaporeBite into a bit of Singapore’s history and visit the Quay. During the early 18th century, this was its commercial epicentre, with boats bringing necessary goods for trade. Becoming too polluted the government disallowed trade. Doing what Singapore does best, it transformed the entire area; and today, it houses various restaurants and clubs. The G-Max reverse bungee is a popular attraction as are the floating pubs. Shiraz and Mad about Garlic are people magnets too.
  1. Orchard Area/ Orchard Towersorchard area singaporeOnce a little road that had plantations of nutmeg and other fruits, has transformed into the shoppers ultimate dream. A 2.2 km paradise that defines what retail therapy ought to be! Restaurants, shopping malls and restaurants that serve every cuisine are intermittently lined with famous fashion houses and even an art gallery. A great place to hang out till late!
  1. Holland Villageholland village singaporeLocated in the central region of Singapore, the Holland village remains a chosen destination to shop to exhaustion, and then dine away into the early hours of the morning. It is known for its speciality outlets – especially in art and crafts and is a preferred destination for foreigners. Since a lot of expatriates live in the Holland village, there is a strong presence of wine bars and Italian Pizza outlets, unlike the main city areas. Original Sin and Three Crowns Booze & Grub are two outlets that are must visits. The latter is also known for its open air rave parties!
  1. James Power Stationst james power station singaporeBuilt in 1926, St. James was Singapore’s first coal based power station. The electricity produced was used for commercial and residential purposes. By 1976, the plant was shut do too inefficiency in operations. However, what may still look like a power station is actually a massive entertainment complex that has multiple dance clubs and food joints for over 10,000 people! The holy grail of celebration, dance and music. The power station earned over $40 million in 2016! Entry to the complex is not expensive and visitors need to pay just once to enter the complex. The power station looks splendid in the evening. Make sure to take a selfie with the led lit chimney in the background.
  1. Chijmeschijmes singaporeOnce a catholic church in 1906, the Chijmes is today a hall that serves multiple purposes. The complex houses an art gallery that is renowned. It also serves as a spot to shop and eat, with scores of entertainment options such as theather, musicals and recitals. This is a great place to click photographs since a lot of marriages take place here.
  1. Dempsey Hilldempsey hill singaporeThe Dempsey hill is referred to as a food sanctuary! Rarely will you come across such an amalgamation of food, entertainment and concept based stores in the world. COMO is arguably the most reputed restaurant in the complex. It’s interesting to note that Dempsey Hill has an Impression art studio that allows you a hand at pottery while a salon caters exclusively to pets. The food is as exquisite as the brands that sell here. Make sure to spend time here with a loaded wallet!
  1. Singapore Pub Crawlsingapore pub crawlIf organised bar hopping is alien to you – you got to do this! The Singapore Pub Crawl is committed to showing foreigners around the city (at night) and will organizing a bar hopping and clubbing experience like no other. With a very reasonable charge, the crawl leader will take you to four pubs, one after the other and where you get to have 4 free shots in each pub. You get to have a lot of other drinks at low rates. This concludes with a stop at a night club where you dance away into the morning. The crawl allows you to meet crazy bar hoppers/clubbers just like you and makes for the experience of a lifetime.
  1. Beer Marketbeer market singaporeThe Beer Market sees you visit the bar as a buyer of Beers, which change in price as its demand fluctuates in the bar. Hence the same bottle of beer is priced differently at different times in the evening. Customers remain glued to the LCD screen as update prices are constantly displayed. This keeps the excitement of placing an order for your drink at the opportune time. And yes, LCD screens also project sports matches that keep the sports lovers all pumped up.
  1. The Chupitos Barchupitos singaporeThe bar takes pride in being Singapore’s only shooter bar (where only shots are served to you). The bar has over 130 shots on offer which allow you to have a taste of various drinks without really drinking too much. The bar mostly hosts a lot of parties but is open to public. Expect a lot of rush on weekends and a lot of noise too.
  1. Altitudealtitude singaporeOccupying the top three floors of the One Raffles Palace, this is a place of dreams. Altitude owns the proud distinction of being the world’s tallest alfresco bar, and Singapore’s very best. The view from the top is to kill for; 282 m above sea level and with a 360 degree view of the world below. The food is great, the ambience greater – and the view simply the greatest!
  1. Ku De Taka de ta singaporeNow renamed as Ce La Vi, this uber high end bar at the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands is a one that can empty your pockets quicker than if you were buying jewellery! The bar offers a breath taking view of the city below and serves great food to go with it. Expect to see celebrities here, and to be on your best behaviour!
  1. New Asia Barnew asia bar singaporeConsidered a legendary bar, the New Asia Bar is located on the 71st floor of the Stamford. Being the tallest hotel bar gives it an unmatched view from the top. The DJ plays amazing music to the grooving crowd. The New Asia Bar is known to serve one of the best cocktails – little wonder it is rated in the top 50 bars of the world! Reach in time to see the sun set, and enjoy your way into the night. Thursdays is the best day of the week to be here.
  1. Loofloof singaporeAnother world renowned bar, the Loof is a relaxed bar that has furniture inspired from Singaporean culture. While the view from here is good, the ambience is unparalleled. Rich timber furniture with high bar tables and chairs give it a very contemporary and airy feel. It is a lot less noisy than other bars and allows for warm interactions!
  1. Tanjong Beach ClubTanjong Beach Club singaporeThe Tanjong Beach club is a sun kissed beach club with crystal blue waters and golden sand and is located in Sentosa. Regarded by Condé Nast Traveller as one of the world’s finest beach clubs, this beach club allows visitors to escape into a West Indian like beach, breaking free from Singapore’s concrete jungle. There are a host of string parties that are organised. Make sure to be dressed in beach wear as you sway to the sound of sea waves and music.
  1. The Wave Housewavehouse singaporeThe iconic wave house is one of kind in the continent of Asia – with 70,000sq.ft of beachfront inviting visitors. It is rated as one of the best beach lifestyle experiences in the world and is renowned for ‘The Wave’ – an artificial wave creator that unleashes an 11 foot wave at those who dare. The wave house gives you a chance to meet the world’s best surfers. As the sun sets, the surfing dies down and the DJs take over, making it a party you’d want to be at!
  1. Play Houseplayhouse singaporeA naughty one, the play house is a concept based bar, where women dress up as nurses, air stewardesses, school girls and what not, to primarily feed into the male fetish. They go along with the character, and engage in small talk with patrons as they serve them drinks. It is common to see them pull up guests to the dance floor too. Don’t expect plush interiors, but a fun filled evening. After all, when was the last time a nurse poured a drink for you?
  1. Atticaattica singaporeAttica is known for just one thing – the hottest and most sexy looking girls you can get to party with! Why you wonder? Well the simple reason being the bouncers, who are allowed to sift through the long queues and allow only those who meet a certain ‘standard’. The club also attracts a mature crowd since it has a higher age limit to qualify for an entry. But have no doubt; this place is a magnet for both locals and foreigners.
  1. Singapore F1 Grand Prixsingapore f1 grand pixIf you’re lucky to be in Singapore in September, don’t leave in a rush – at least not without witnessing the Singapore Grand Prix! Forget the night clubs; this is the event you want to see. Being the only night circuit race in the Formula One calendar, each year over 110,000 tickets are sold off to racing enthusiasts. The fact that cars race each other, and zip by you at over 300 kmph is an exhilarating experience and one that can only be seen to be experienced.

So there you have it. If you are one of those that believed that Singapore is a boring city to be in at night, you stand corrected!

Shopping, food, fun & frolic, history and unique experience make up the Singapore night life.

Do visit. You’d never want to leave.

“There’s No Greater Love Than The Love For Food!” – George Bernard Shaw

The Singapore that greets our eyes, be it from the downloadable wallpapers, or the visualization in the movies, or the view when our flight descends on the asphalt of the Changi International Airport is sophisticated, organized and modern. It is so formally adorable that sometimes, in fact, most of the times, we fail to realize that there is a culinary paradise in that small city-state!

Singapore Foods:

We thought we’d talk a little about the awesome food-options that Singapore gives you. While we’ve talked enough about the hotels and restaurants, we now thought we’ll talk about something more than just venues – the tastes, the cuisines, the feelings, the innovations and the mood that every morsel brings along!

The Jugalbandhi of Cuisines

The Jugalbandhi of Cuisines - Singapore visiit

Singapore is cosmopolitan in every way and food is surely not an exception. As inferred from an early 1980s Tamil Song, Singapore is a peaceful melange of people from China, Malaysia and Tamil Nadu who have peacefully settled in this city-state. They have brought with them, not only their cuisines and dishes, but also opportunities for everyone to explore and experiment with everything.

This meant that there could be Idlis with some accompaniment incorporating soya sauce, and something more on the same lines!  

The Innovations Within

The Innovations Within cuisines- singapore packages

Singaporeans (And when we say that, we mean the people who have settled in Singapore and not alone the ones who have lived and have grown up there) have a penchant for being adventurous, at least with respect to food. There are instances of restaurants in Singapore coming up with their own innovated versions of their hometown classics. The only that’s unique in every dish of this kind is that they have evolved their own hometown’s classics – some from China, some from Malaysia, some from Indonesia and some from India.

What’s more enticing about this aspect is the story of how these dishes was born. The diaspora and the diversity of Singapore has contributed heavily to the culinary awesomeness that Singapore is today!

From Streets to Star Hotels

Singapore's Streets to Star Hotels visiit packages

Singapore is a place for everyone, and it is only fair for us to expect the food to literally cater for everyone’s needs as well. This puts a mandate upon Singapore’s food culture that it should be cut out for anyone and everyone, and it is quite effectively addressed.

There are hotels that present dining to be an exquisite and elite affair, and there are street-food joints that are capable of tantalizing your taste-buds, albeit at an economy. While these two extremes co-exist peacefully, there is a wide spectrum that houses most of the restaurants in Singapore – the moderate one that offer a decent ambiance and more-than-awesome food that most people wish to relish on!

The Diversity of Ingredients

singapore ingredients foods

Singapore incorporates a whole lot of flavors & fused innovation into the dishes that it stands for. There’s a restaurant that serves fish-head curry, and you may ask what’s so special about it. Incorporating fish-head into gravies and stews is a very Chinese practice, whereas the curry is something quintessentially Indian. These two have fused together to give out a dish that’s uniquely Singaporean. And this is what Singapore’s food-scene is all about!

What has been quoted here is a small example of the many hundreds that exist across every kind of eateries in Singapore. Just like people marry between their origins, the cuisines and dishes are also born that way! For all you know, the scene in Ra One where curd is mixed with noodles, might come true!

The Epicenter Outside the Zones

singapore- the epicentre visiit

There’s something that has turned heads towards Singapore as a culinary capital. We would like to emphasize that with an example. Take Komala’s chain of restaurants. It is a South Indian speciality restaurant headquartered in Singapore. Well… nothing strange about it right? Komala’s has branches all over the world, and this still wouldn’t make anything strange. Here unfolds something strange: Komala’s has branches in Bangalore and Chennai, which are considered the Mecca and Medina of South Indian food. Such is the influence and awesomeness of Singapore’s food, even in the places that you cannot afford to imagine them!

Food – Auxiliary to Everything

singapore- from auxillary to everything visiit

There are places on the planet whose identity is, to a considerable extent, food, cuisines and dishes. Countries like Thailand, places like Hunan, Sichuan and Manchuria, and cities like Hyderabad fall into this category – so much that no city-tour of Hyderabad is complete without a course of Hyderabadi Biryani and Kebabs.

However, Singapore is not in that league… and not outside that either. Food is a passive-aggressive component of travel in Singapore. While Singapore is not known for food, Singapore wouldn’t be the same without its signature foods either! As we’ve discussed earlier, it wouldn’t be a surprise for a Chinese to drop in to Singapore, taste their own signature-dishes and exclaim “Hey! This is something so Chinese, yet so different… and still tastes awesome!”

Planning on a Singapore Food-Trail?

Singapore Food-Trail

We have also compiled a list of awesome restaurants to satisfy the bakasur in you when you’re at Singapore. Singapore is not about a place where you eat quantity, but rather binge in the variety and the innovation in the dishes that Singapore offers.

So, what are you waiting for? Just book your Singapore Travel Package with at one of the best-possible prices, and with packages customizable to your requirement. Check in for a formality, and step out to explore all the food-things that Singapore stands for – Classy Rooftop bars and restaurants, small-yet-significant eateries that serve some dishes that you might not get to taste anywhere else on the planet, some lip-smacking street-food, and for all you know, some home-dishes of yours with a twist that you’d never expect!

And when you do this, remember that there are better things to do when experiencing food, than just posting a snap on Facebook or flooding your Instagram with filtered pics and the hashtag #foodporn!

“Your Diet Is a Bank Account, and Good Food Choices… are Investments!” – Bethanny Frankel

Happy Eating!