Destination Wedding in Thailand

    Destination wedding is getting popular day by day. Over the years, Thailand has played host to several Indian weddings. Now, it has become an easy task when it comes to destination wedding in Thailand. The reason why Thailand is highly preferred is it has some of the best successful and spectacular settings perfect for lavish Indian beach wedding.

    Moreover, Thailand is one of the best places to get married as the country has beautiful beaches, resorts, hotels, rich culture and special wedding venues. Best time to get married in the country is on Valentine’s Day and New Year. Catholic, Christian, Secular, Thai, Buddhist and Indian weddings are hosted and celebrated in Thailand in grand style.

Here are the best wedding destinations in Thailand:

Koh Samui:

     Also known as Samui Island, Koh Samui is the most beautiful and famous island for weddings due to its spectacular scenery, white sand beaches, palm trees and attractive coral reefs. It is the second largest island in the country. There are a lot of local wedding planners and agencies which organize marriage ceremonies and complete the required paperwork.


     Beach weddings in Koh Samui have flower decorated wedding entrance, red carpet for groom and bride, beautiful flower decorations, dance performances, seating arrangements for relatives, tree swing and special photography & video sessions. Couples enjoy taking a beach walk and riding on a swing after the wedding ceremony.   A dinner party is thrown in the evening. There are live musical performances, cocktails, drinks, buffet, DJ and colourful lights in the party.


   All types of wedding ceremonies are hosted in Phuket as the island has a variety of venues for each and every style of wedding ceremony possible. Beach weddings in Phuket are much like carnivals.  There are DJs and swimming pool parties prior to wedding day.


   On the day of wedding, there are special photography sessions for groom and bride together at the beach, a stage for ceremony is decorated with flowers and seats for invitees and guests are arranged in order. Most newlywed couples celebrate in Patong after the ceremonies. Patong is a big beach resort town in Phuket.

Koh Phi Phi:


      Weddings in Koh Phi Phi islands have special photography sessions for groom and bride at resort and beach, makeup and dress up of bride, stage decoration with flowers and cake cutting ceremony. Snorkeling, scuba diving, scooter riding and sailing are some fun activities that newlywed couples and honeymooners indulge in. In the evening, the couples have dinner at the same wedding stage decorated with lights.


   Each year, a lot of tourists visit Krabi which is one of the most famous wedding destination and a resort town close to the Andaman coast. Krabi has many function centers, hotels and resorts which provide venues for weddings and gatherings. The resorts and hotels in the town provide facilities like dressing room for bride and groom, bride chamber, rooms for guests and more.


    There are special photography sessions for bride and groom after the ceremony. Games, dance, special performances, cake cutting ceremony, drinks & dinner as well as party at swimming pool take place in the evening. Newlywed and honeymoon couples love to do rock climbing and snorkeling in Railay beach in Krabi.

Thai Weddings

    Generally, Thai wedding ceremonies happen early in the morning. Monks are invited to pray and bless the couple. Then, the newlywed couples and the monks have lunch.


     If you request to serve Indian food for wedding party, you can simply rely on the best hotels in Thailand. Flower and decoration expenses are cheaper in Thailand when compared to India. All you need to do is consult Visiit tour operator, find a perfect destination for wedding and honeymoon and get married in a beautiful Thai paradise.

6 Best Shopping Spots in Thailand

Go Shopping in Thailand to make yourself Feel Happy

     Thailand is paradise for people who love shopping for the reason that the country provides both tourists and locals with a great shopping experience. Shopping is one of the main reasons for increase in year-round tourism in Thailand. Goods and products are offered at reasonable rates. For that reason, people love to buy designer clothes and other items from Bangkok and other cities.

Here are the 6 best shopping spots in Thailand:

Chiang Mai:

     It is the second-biggest city in the north of Thailand and also the best place to buy handicrafts, bracelets, handbags, natural handmade soaps, toys, clothes, notebooks, silk and everything available at reasonable rates.


        Major shopping attractions in Chiang Mai are CentralPlaza (a shopping mall having numerous clothes outlets and restaurants), Kad Suen Kaew Department Store (oldest shopping mall having everything from books to food to clothes), Tesco Lotus, Rimping Supermarket, Central Festival and Promenada Resort Mall.

Siam Paragon:


          Located in Bangkok, Siam Paragon is one of the largest shopping malls in South East Asia. It is the perfect destination for shoppers in quest of luxury goods. This mall has a lot of restaurants, more than 250 department stores selling both local and international luxury brands such as Adidas, Hush Puppies, Casio, Seiko, Morgan, etc along with consumer electronics stores, Rolls Royce dealership, Maserati showroom and a huge food court.

Pantip Plaza:


        Situated on New Petchburi Road in Ratchathewi district, Bangkok, Pantip Plaza is a covered computer & electronics shopping mall famous for selling software, Macintosh, laptops, digital cameras, gaming consoles, games, DVDs, computer peripherals, robotic toys, graphic cards, speakers, headsets, printers, routers, smart phones and more.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market:


     This world famous floating market sells designer clothes, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, souvenirs, noodles, vegetables, fruits, spices, tea, grilled skewered milk pork, decorative items and more. There are coffee shops and garment shops on both sides of Khlong Damnoen Saduak canal. The speciality of the floating market is that the vendors sell the fruits, vegetable and eatables while sitting on their boats.

Chatuchak Weekend Market:


      A trip to Bangkok is not complete without visiting the world-famous Chatuchak Weekend Market. This market has street shops of clothes, cat & dog faces, traditional food, souvenirs, footwear, fruits, purses, handbags, coconut ice cream, umbrellas etc as well as open air food courts and coffee shops. Everything is available here in open air.

MBK Shopping Center:

      It was once the largest shopping mall in Asia. The shopping center has 8 stories that accommodate 2000 stores selling authentic goods ranging from electronics to garments to furniture to luggage/bags to cosmetics to footwear, along with service outlets, stalls, food court, food stalls, souvenir shops, bowling alley, karaoke center, cinema theater and restaurants.


     It is close to the BTS National Stadium. The shopping center has the biggest mobile sale floor along with the shops that sell mobile phone numbers. Other floors have shops selling statues, Thai silk, handmade items, sportswear, fresh fruits, grilled pork, beef soup and eatables.

Top Movie Locations in Thailand

       Thailand has become the setting for international films of all genres for the reason that the Southeast Asian Country has beautiful beaches, deep & dense forests, spectacular limestone cliffs, floating markets, shimmering temples and more.

Here are the top movie locations in Thailand:

Koh Phi Phi Leh:


     2000 British-American adventure drama film ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo Dicaprio and directed by Danny Boyle was filmed on Maya Bay in the spectacular Koh Phi Phi Leh Island. Some of the best scenes of the movie, The Beach, were filmed on Maya Bay. Koh Phi Phi Leh turned out to be an ideal setting for the Hollywood movie and now the island has become a common movie shooting location and is visited by celebs, actors and stars. Phi Phi visiting tourists often find ongoing movie shooting. Tourists visit the islands via speedboats and indulge in fun activities like snorkelling.


      2011 American comedy film ‘The Hangover Part II’ was filmed in Bangkok. The second part of the comical Hangover series features nightclubs, tuk tuk rides, markets, temples and bars in the city.

Bangkok    2005 released Bollywood movie ‘Zinda’ starring Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham and Lara Dutta was filmed in Bangkok.  This wonderful city pulls massive crowds and is frequently visited by movie and sports stars. Celebrities visit the city to complete movie shooting and for shopping.

Ao Phang Nga National Park:

    The Man with the Golden Gun, the ninth James Bond series film starring Roger Moore was shot in Bangkok, Phuket, Thon Bori and Ao Phang Nga National Park. The climax of the movie is 007 flying over Phang Nga Bay to Ko Tapu (Ao Phang Nga National Park) now famously called James Bond Island. He goes face to face with his foe and the man with golden gun, Scaramanga. One of the islands in Phang Nga Bay was used as the hiding place of Scaramanga.


      These days, tourists take helicopter rides above the islets. James Bond Island close to Phuket is a great location to indulge in kayaking and other water activities and have delicious seafood in lunch.

Phang Nga Bay:

      The Phang Nga Bay is situated close to Phuket. The bay rose to fame once the island area was displayed in the Man with Golden Gun, the James Bond movie.  Approximately 3500 islands are present all over in this bay. These islands have rich vegetation and flora and fauna.


      For several years these islands were believed to be impassable and inaccessible, although now locals and tourists visit the islands via canoes. The canoe trips are charted for both tourists and locals all the way through the cracks in the rocks and tunnels.

         Planet Kashyyyk, the home of Chewbacca and company and also known as Wookiee Planet C of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of the Sith was filmed in Phang Nga Bay.



       Three Academy Awards and eight BAFTA awards winning British biographical drama film ‘The Killing Fields’ was shot in Thailand. Both international and Thai movies are now shot in Phuket.

Long Stay Trips in Thailand

     Thailand is an outstanding long stay winter holiday destination for the reason that the Southeast Asian country has year-round nice warm weather conditions, a wide range of pocket-friendly accommodation options, magnificent white sand beaches, beautiful islands, shopping attractions, spas and more.

Reasons why Thailand is an ideal long-stay long stay holiday destination:

  • Holidaymakers with tourist visa can stay in the country for 60 days.
  • As mentioned earlier, Thailand has a lot of first-class hotels that provide guests with facilities like gymnasium, swimming pool, spa, lounge, bar, meeting rooms, restaurants, etc and services like free Wi-Fi, 24/7 room services, airport transfer and more.
  • Thailand has a lot of beautiful islands, resort towns and tropical & golden sand beaches that tourists can visit and camp during winter, spring break and other holidays.
  • Delicious Thai food is another main reason to spend holidays in the country. Bangkok, the capital city, is a great place to have hot street food, while islands like Phuket, Trat, Ko Samui, etc have many restaurants serving delicious sea food. There are special cookery classes available for tourists who want to learn cooking Thai food.

Long Stay Holiday Destinations in Thailand:

Koh Samui:

      It is the second largest island in the country and has an area of nearly 228.7 km2. The most convenient way to get here is to board a flight from Bangkok to the island or fly to Surat Thani and take a ferry.

      Chaweng is the most famous beach on the east coast of Koh Samui. It is around 7 km long and along the way there are numerous restaurants, spas and shops. Delicious sea food and coconuts are served in the beach restaurants.


       Chaweng Cove is for private beach loving tourists. Some of the must do activities in Samui are visiting the multiple viewpoint options on the island as it has a lot of hills that provide sightseers with great views from the top (the photo spot and view point at Hin Ta & Hin Yai rocks is amazing), getting massage at spas or forest spas in different resorts, and visiting Fisherman’s Village to have delicious sea food along with local & international cuisines.



       It is the largest mountainous island and it is famous for its beaches, amazing views and its nightlife. Some of the top attractions in Phuket are Wat Chalong (the most significant Buddhist temple with three floors and a bone-fragment relic of Lord Buddha), Big Buddha (the Lord Buddha statue measures 45 meters in height), Thalang Road (the most popular and Phuket Old Town’s main central street with restaurants, boutiques and cafes), Patong Beach (the most beautiful, popular and touristic beach having white sand, numerous restaurants, cafes and water sport activities) and Surin Beach.



       Krabi can be visited via ferry from Phuket. The ferry ride from Phuket to Krabi is approximately 2 hours long. Tourists can take ferry ride from Phuket or Krabi to the most famous ‘Phi Phi Islands’ which has become a major movie shooting location and where the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed. Offers: provide a fabulous Thailand holiday package for long stays. We love to encourage long stay travelers with amazing offers and discounts. Our Thailand tour package price includes accommodation, sightseeing, transportation and meals. Please speak to our travel expert for more details.

17 Most Amazing Things to Do in Koh Samui

When we speak of Thailand, what instantly comes to mind are their iconic temples and Pagodas, iconic beaches and a vibrant cultural experience! Thailand may seem overrated for most of the traveler’s bucket destinations, but it has well preserved its best secrets.

Koh Samui Islands is among one of those secrets that unfolds itself with time. It is not for all, but for those who take that extra mile to explore its exotica. Here are listed top 17 Koh Samui Island tourist Attraction.

About Koh Samui Islands:

Tucked away in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui appears like a tiny speck in the vast archipelago of the Thai territory. Surrounded from all sides with the sea waters, Koh Samui is an ideal island escape for adventurers, solo travelers and couples alike. Koh Samui has been gradually gaining popularity as a tourist destination due to its virgin beaches, rich marine life, iconic Pagodas and Temples, water sports activities and cultural extravagance.

  • Snorkel at the Koh Nang Yuan / Koh Tao Islets snorkel in Koh Nang Yuan

Koh Samui Island is a perfect destination for your wanderlust. If that is one of your plans on your checklist, then hop in on the speedboat to explore the numerous small islets on the island. Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao islets offer the crystal clear underwater views of the coral reef. Halt midway on the sea and take a dip in the transparent blue waters. Swim through the multitude of tiny island fishes and experience the myriad color combinations of the coral reefs. Hey! And do not forget to take back that souvenir picture back home!

  • Experience the preserved beauty of Ang Thong National ParkAng Thong National Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is a collection of 42 serendipitous islets riddled with an endless stretch of picturesque and calm ocean views. These secluded islets are dotted with never explored beaches, rugged cliffs, tropical landscapes, natural limestone caves and a diverse preserved marine life. Only two of the islets – Koh Wua Talap and Koh Paluay are accessible for tourists. The islet forests are filled with rare bird species such as the herons and hornbills. If you are lucky, you can bump onto the dolphins and whales at the shallow waters.

  • Raise a romantic toast over the sunset dinner cruisesunnet dinner cruise in koh samui

Your island journey is surely incomplete without that much awaited romantic escape. Nothing can make it even better than an amber sunset on the backdrop and a toast in the hand. Leave the shores and set on course further towards the Gulf of Thailand for a memorable sunset dinner cruise overlooking the islands from a distance. Entice your taste buds with the delectable local cuisines and raise a toast to the vivid setting sun, as it bids a silent good bye from the horizon.

  • Go on a gastronomic local culinary trail Go on a gastronomic local culinary trail

If you are among those with taste buds of a foodie, craving for a culinary wanderlust, then you are at the right place, as Thailand will never disappoint you; Koh Samui is no different when it comes to satisfying your food cravings. Join the local cooking tour on the island itself and learn how to make mouth-watering local recipes starting from selection of the vegetables and spices from the Bophut fresh market till the first serving on your plate.

  • Say cheers with the beerskoh samui brew beer

Love the beer burps? Why not find out from the horse’s mouth instead how they make you get one? Escape to the Surat Thani area, where they engage you in the art of brewing beer in one of the beer breweries. Taste the local rum, Thai wines, cocktail mixes and ales served with the local cuisine for luncheon; an experience you are sure to reiterate back home. P.S: Strictly for adults

  • Capture the cultural secrets of Koh Samui with a photography trailphotographer's paradise - koh samui

If photography is a passion that enthralls you, then Koh Samui Island will keep you engaged all day long. Capture the tranquil and soulful moments of the pristine beaches, the golden sunsets, turquoise waters, and the spectacular marine life.

  • Relax and Rejuvenate with the exotic Spa Treatmentsspa treatments in koh smaui

The island forms an ideal place to seek inner peace. While you walk the lengths and breadths of the exotic Koh Samui Islands, and looking for a relaxing break to recharge yourself, then indulge yourself in a selection of traditional Thai and aromatic treatments and get yourself back in place for the rest of your island exploration.

  • Escape on a Jungle Safari on the ATVsjungle safari atv

Looking for more adventurous ways to explore Koh Samui? Then hop on for an exciting ATV ride on the island. The ATV Tours run twice daily, and is approximately 1 hr to 2 hr drive along select trails on the island. This two hour journey takes you through scenic thick jungles, lush waterfalls and iconic stretches of the island. The tours also include a pre training session on the ATVs before your gear yourself up for the challenge.

  • Go for professional deep diving in Koh Tao deep diving in koh samui

Push yourself an inch further in sea -exploration by challenging yourself with the deep sea diving. The Discover Scuba Diving Program introduces beginners with the basic safety concepts and gets a hands-on experience of the Scuba Diving equipment. The Scuba Diving sessions are early morning tours that head you to the Koh Tao islet or the Sail Boat, approximately one and a half hours drive on speed boat after a quick introductory session.

  • Lie down and relax on the Golden Sands of Lamai Beach golden sands of lamai

Lamai Beach is among the most impressive beaches on the Koh Samui archipelago. Located on the southern stretches of the island, the Lamai beach is lesser crowded than the other beaches and is ideal for a romantic escape. If you are one of those who want to get away from the crowd and remain unfound, then Lamai beach is the one for sure you must consider. Take a romantic dip with your partner on those shallow beaches that are ideal for year the round swimming. One of the best places to look for sea-view resorts.

  • Meet the ancients at the Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks grandfather grandmother rocks- koh damui

Walk further ahead of the Lamai beach and find yourself on the intriguing Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks – or the Hin Yai and Hin Ta. These are natural protruded rocks on the beach and are controversially famous for their resemblance to the male and female genitalia. On high tides, the natural crevasses within the rocks form spectacular rock pools.

  • Tuck yourself away in the secluded Aow Leuk Beach Tuck yourself away in the secluded Aow Leuk Beach

In the series of the virgin and secluded beaches, another name that is famous on the Koh Samui island is the Aow Leuk Beach. Located South East of the island, Aow Leuk is a little difficult to approach and hence, remains untouched by the regular travelers. This 200 meters stretch of the island is lined with powdery white sands and crystal clear waters. The site remains protected and due to shallow waters is ideal for snorkeling and diving. It is also famous for the luminous butterfly fishes, blue angelfish and the parrotfishes.  Due to its isolation, there are limited restaurants and places to stay on this part of the island.

  • Meet the mysterious Mummified Monks at Wat Khurnam Mummified Monks at Wat Khurnam

Wat Khurnam temple is among the most unique temple of Thailand. Lined with elegant red and white, the temple has a vertical casket holding the mummified body of Loung Pordaeng – a monk in his meditative state. People visiting here can connect themselves with the Thai culture and traditions and witness the other monks praying at the shrines.

  • Raise a Tea Toast at the Amari Samuitea toat at amari samui

Love tea? Of course you do! How about a delightful afternoon over a cup of tea and an assortment of bakery products to choose from! Head for the Amaya Bar, which serves a range of hot and cold tea servings to choose from! Served along with freshly prepared and delicious sandwiches, warm scones, pastries and cakes that will engage your taste buds, the Amari Samui is sure to take you on that perfect gastronomic journey.

  • Explore the Infinite Coastline of Chaweng Beach Chaweng Beach- koh samui

The Chaweng Beach or Hat Chaweng is the longest and naturally most diverse beach of the island. Blue-green waters, rows of palm trees, coral reefs and an exciting night life are what attract travelers to this part of the island. It is also the second biggest resort hub of the island. You can choose almost any kind of water sports here – windsurfing, skiing, kayaking, speed boating and snorkeling. The area is full of beach front restaurants, and is ideal to search for nightclubs and lounges for that rocking evening.

  • Soak yourself in the refreshing Na Muang Waterfalls na muang waterfalls

The Na Nuang Waterfalls is a hike up to the island’s central mountains and is a reward for the travelers seeking adventure. The mountains can be accessed on foot or elephants and is divided into two stretches; lower and upper stretch. The lower stretch is safer for swimming and is dotted with numerous food stalls, souvenir vendors and elephant handlers.

  • Give yourself the ultimate healing experience at the Kamalaya ResortsGive yourself the ultimate healing experience at the Kamalaya Resorts

If you are looking for that perfect relaxation and rejuvenation break without engaging in any adventure, the Koh Samui Island has a perfect hideout for the couples and stags alike – The Kamalaya Resorts. The resort is a holistic healing haven and takes you through a time-warped journey of healing, energy balancing and relaxation. The resort offers a range of holistic healing and alternate medicine treatments and sessions to de-stress, detox and recoup your depleted energy levels, recover your vitality and energy.

Places to Visit in Thailand for Family and Kids

Thailand has many unique and beautiful tourist destinations. There are islands, cities, and many historical sites, it would take you many years to travel and see everything. There is something out there for everyone, all types of travelers and budgets. It’s a friendly and affordable country to visit. There is more than just one city that needs to be visited and explored in Thailand, which is why it is a backpacker’s paradise, but that doesn’t mean other travelers cannot venture through the country and see it’s beautiful sights.

Cities in Thailand are great and you can experience a different side of Thailand there, but the best sites to see in Thailand are definitely the historical sites and the beautiful jungles and beaches. There are so many pristine beaches, palm trees, temples, and mountains, that is is hard to decide just where to begin to start exploring. So take a path off the beaten path and away from all the tourists to really experience what Thailand has to offer. This list takes you through all the beautiful places that a visitor would not believe are actually in Thailand. These sites are some of the most incredible and serene and are the perfect places to begin your travels in Thailand.

One of the most visited sites in the country, this was the home to generations of Thai kings. Now it is used for special ceremonies. The Grand Palace represents a mix of Thai architectural styles over the years.

  • KanchanaburiThailand tour packages

A laid back riverside retreat that is surrounded by green mountains. Many of the guesthouses are built on the River Kwai which is perfect for watching the sunset. This town is also great for trekking into Thailand’s wilderness, where you can see waterfalls and caves.

Comprised of more than 40 islands and beautiful limestone cliffs. This is one of the most popular sites to do boat trip excursions. There are also some of the largest remaining mangrove forests which contain many different bird species.

  • Khao Sok National ParkThailand tour packages

A lush lowland jungle that is filled with mountains, caves and waterfalls, as well as wildlife. IT is believed to be over 160 million years old. Visitors can wind through the park through tangled vines and limestone cliffs. There are also over 200 bird species.

  • Ko Phi PhiThailand tour packages

Composed of six islands, most of the tourism is centered on Phi Phi Don, which is also the only inhabited island. There are beautiful white sand beaches and bays which are great for snorkeling, swimming and even scuba diving. There are wonderful sea horses, turtles and other underwater life that you can see while scuba or snorkel diving.

  • Koh Lipe


This tropical island has white sands and clear waters that have an abundance of marine life. IT still remains mostly untouched, though it still has seen development in the past couple of years. It is only accessible by boat. There are beaches that are divided by jungle and hills.

  • Mae Hong SonThailand tour packages

There are great mountains and countryside that is located a few miles from the border of Myanmar. The town is set in a valley that is surrounded by pretty hills. There is a definite laid back atmosphere here and it’s great for hiking into caves and waterfalls and exploring local markets.

  • RailayThailand tour packages

There are great beaches here and limestone karsts. It’s a picture perfect paradise. The evening sees macaque monkeys that gather on Phra Nang Beach. It’s also known as one of the world’s top rock climbing destinations. Railay has 700 routes on the peninsula’s rock faces.

  • Phanom RungThailand tour packages

It’s a Khmer temple that is on the summit of a dormant volcano. IT was built between the 11th and 13th centuries and is believed to be an early model for Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. IT surrounds paddy fields and is the largest Khmer monument found in Thailand. IT faces East and the sun shines directly through 15 of its sanctuary doorways about four times of the year.

  • Sukhothai Historical ParkThailand tour packages

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a complex of ruins that date back to the mid-13th to late 14th centuries. The best way to explore it is with a bike ride and to follow the paths to the buddhas and the crumbling stupas.

  • Koh JumThailand tour packages

A quiet island of rubber tree plantations and deserted bays. This is the best place to swim and relax and forget about the rest of the world and just soak up the beauty of the island of the island. You are surrounded by limestone rock formations and emerald seas. IT’s a little paradise with plenty of bays and beaches that are ready to be explored and little to no people.

  • Chaiyaphum Chaiyaphum

There are plenty of wonderful attractions to see here. There is Mor Hin Khao which has the nickname of “stonehenge” which is a natural sandstone formations that has this otherworldly quality. There is also krachiao, which are Thai tulips that bloom during the wet season. There is also Prang Khru which are the ruins of a 13th century Khmer temple.

  • AyutthayaThailand tour packages

Located 50 km from Bangkok and a UNESCO World Heritage Site lies the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya. It once served as the capital for the Thai empire and was home to more than 400 temples. The remnants have largely been restored and now gives visitors and insight to its grandeur and beauty.

  • Koh Makkoh mak

Koh Mak has retained its cultural values and Buddhist essence and remains one of the last authentic spots in the country. It has a very secluded atmosphere and is largely untouched. There is great opportunities for windsurfing and paddling and lots of sea life to see. You can also hike through the jungle and bike ride to explore the island.

  • PhetchaburiThailand tour packages

One of the oldest settlements in the country that dates back to the 8th century. There are numerous historical buildings and beautiful temples. There are few tourists so you really get an insight to authentic Thai culture and lifestyle.  There are also lush jungles and caves.

  • Chiang Rai White TempleThailand tour packages

An ornate Buddhist temple that is 20 minutes south of Chiang Rai. It was conceptualized and built by Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat, a Thai artist. It does not match the traditional styles of other Buddhist temples, but that was the artist’s intention. The White Temple is supposed to represent obstacles on the path of enlightenment.

  • Khao Yai National ParkThailand tour packages

The third largest national park and a UNESCO Heritage Site, it is home to Asian elephants, white handed gibbons and the giant hornbill. The Asian elephants roam free where other animals are protected from poachers. There are a lot of hiking trails where you can become more familiar with the plants and animals.

  • Koh Lanta IslandThailand tour packages

Offering rustic charm and a laid back atmosphere, some of the finest beaches can be found here. Bamboo Beach is one of the most serene and is the best for swimming, snorkeling and lounging. Here you can experience crystal clear waters and lush forests.

  • Thung Teao Forest Natural ParkThailand tour packages

There are high trees and emerald colored water with beautiful wildlife that is relaxed in its natural habitat. There is also a wonderful waterfall in the middle of the park. There are plenty of beautiful sites to visit and see and capture, as it is a popular spots for photographers.

  • Wat Tham SuaThailand tour packages

A labyrinth of stone caves, also known as Tiger Cave is a great place to see. It is located in high jungles and these caves house many temples, as well as monks, several monks that have been there since birth. You can also climb to the top of the cave and experience something very serene.

  • Long Neck Hill Tribe Villageslong neck island

Known for their colorful dress, unique customs and handmade crafts they live on the outskirts of Chiang Rai. You can walk through the villages and meet the members. The women are the most striking as they wear the brass coils around their necks. It’s a great way to experience an authentic culture.

These are just some of the best beautiful places to see in Thailand, from national parks to serene beaches this is just the beginning of wonderful adventures that can be had in Thailand. Take a step away from the typical tourist areas and travel off the path and you will be sure to discover some incredible places in Thailand. Be open to exploring and experiencing new things and be ready to just stop relax and enjoy the sights around you. Thailand is a wonderful place and this list will be sure to make your adventure there amazing. Take the time to plan out our trip and make sure that you have a list of all the beautiful places that you want to trek to, so that you can have the experience and trip to remember for years to come.

12 Things to do in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a pretty beachside town ideal for family trips. It is one of the best destinations for people who are in search of some peace and relaxed holiday trip. Hua Hin has the highest density of world class golf courses anywhere in Thailand.

Here are some top exciting and fun loving activities you can enjoy doing during your stay in this beautiful town of Thailand:

  1. Take a Safari to the Khao Sam Roi Yot National ParkTake a Safari to the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

The name of this park in itself bears the true essence of its beauty as Khao Sam Roi Yot means ‘The Mountain with three hundred peaks’. This place is a treat to nature loving people as it is full of caves, limestone hills, islands, beaches and freshwater marshes. Some of the famous tourist destinations of this national park are Phraya Nakhon Cave with its incredible royal Thai pavilion and huge chambers, Kaeo Cave, Khao Daeng Viewpoint or the “Red Mountain”, Thung Sam Roi Yot Freshwater Marsh and Pala-U Waterfall which is also one of the largest waterfalls of Thailand.

  1. Visit the Hua Hin Railway Station

Visit the Hua Hin Railway Station in thailandWith a small walking distance from the main town the oldest railway station of Thailand is a must see place of historical value. Rebuilt in Victorian style in 1926 its main feature is The Royal Waiting Room that used to welcome King and his court on their visit to Hua Hin. The bright lively painted station along with the vintage steam engine will add charm to your photography.

  1. Get the feel of Venice, Italy- The Venezia

Get the feel of Venice, Italy- The Venezia in hua hinThis theme based open air shopping village has an imitation of the famous San Marcos square bell tower, Fontana di trevi and a 200-meter Grand Canal, with similar gondola rides of Venice. All these give you an illusion of being in Europe and you forget you are in South East Asia. The Venezia attracts tourists with its music gardens, 3D art galleries, mini trains, horse drawn buggies, and upside-down houses. This growing trend of pretty villages for shopping and recreation is gaining a lot of popularity in Thailand.

  1. Ramble through the Cicada Night Market

Ramble through the Cicada Night Market in hua hinIt is open every Friday and Saturday from 04:00 to 11: 00 p.m. and Sunday from 04:00 to 10:00 p.m. at Suansri, Hua Hin. The sparkling lights of Cicada market glitters through the dark night creating a mesmerising view. This market is mainly divided into four avenues namely Cicada Art Factory, Cicada Cuisine, Art à la Mode, and Amphitheatre. A large variety of Thai cuisine especially sea food can be enjoyed here along with the live music. This market also hosts a splendour of handmade crafts exhibited by budding artists and craftsmen.

  1. Climb the Monkey Mountain at Khao Takiab, Chopstick Hill

Climb the Monkey Mountain at Khao Takiab, Hua hinA breathtaking view of the beaches of this town awaits you when you reach the top of this Monkey Mountain, the name given to it because of the large number of monkey habitat. A remarkable 20-meter tall golden Buddha statue overlooks the Hua Hin coastline and can be seen from the beaches also.

  1. Splatter in the Vana Nava Water Jungle and the Mountain Water Park

Splatter in the Vana Nava Water Jungle and the Mountain Water ParkLocated just 5 minutes from city centre the Vana Nava Hua Hin adventure water park offers amazing nineteen different water slides including the Abyss- Thailand’s largest waterslide standing 28 metres high. Alternatively you can simply relax in the lazy river or at the Tree Top Lounge.  Another smaller water park which is located just 10km north of Hua Hin is the Mountain Water Park. It has nine exciting water slides, beach pool, kids’ pool, and area to play and get drenched in water. It is well equipped with life jackets and hygienic changing rooms. Wake activities for the experienced wake boarders and the beginners are also carried out in the man-made lake situated in front of this mountain. In all, these parks offer a full excitement to all the fun and water lovers.

  1. A Stroll through the Vineyard

A Stroll through the Vineyard hua hinHua Hin Hills house a large variety of Rhone grapes that make up the Monsoon Valley label wine. Vineyard tours include a return transport, wine and a delicious three-course meal or you can simply do some wine tasting to quench your thirst for some exotic wine.

  1. Admire the architectural monument Maruekhathaiyawan Palace

Admire the architectural monument Maruekhathaiyawan Palace hua hinBuilt in the early 1920s this summer palace is situated at the seaside. It was designed by an Italian architect for his ailing Master King Rama VI suffering from rheumatoid arthritis to maximise air circulation and extract the benefits of the seaside location. The Palace features a series of interlinked teak houses with tall, shuttered windows and patterned framework built upon pillars to form a covered ground-level boardwalk.

  1. Explore the Santorini Amusement Park

Explore the Santorini Amusement Park hua hinSantorini Park is inspired from the Santorini Greek Island. The walls are all white washed with windows painted beautifully in bright colors, stone paved paths and domes replicate the Grecian architecture of Santorini. The shopping complex, cafes and restaurants, live music and the amusement park offers something for everyone. The amusement park rides include Ferris wheel, carousel, water park, swings, and haunted house.

  1. Worship at Wat Huay Mongkol

Worship at Wat Huay Mongkol hua hinThis temple is dedicated to the most famous monks in Thailand, named Luand Phor Thuad. A huge 12 metre statue of the monk has been built and worshipped here. Locals believe building a huge statue will protect their families. People come and pray for good fortune, health, luck and happiness.

  1. Enjoy at Plearn Wan

Enjoy at Plearn Wan hua hinThis theme based village creates a nostalgic effect as you walk through the old times of Thai Chinese mixture of culture. The shops as well as a café and some guestrooms all designed and decorated in Thai style dated back to1960s.The village  is famous for its ‘nang klang plaeng’ (open-air movies), live music and temple fair festival which runs every evening from Friday – Sunday.

  1. Dine at 1000Sook Food and Farm

Dine at 1000Sook Food and Farm hua hinA mini farm based on a European theme has three main centres of attraction- restaurant, mini farm, and shopping outlet. A meticulously manicured landscape offers unlimited photography opportunities. The mini farm has domesticated animals like sheep, Shetland ponies, ducks, and rabbits. The horse-drawn buggy rides are for those who prefer to ride over strolling. The restaurant offers delicious Thai and Western cuisine options for reasonable prices and the speciality is the “Tom Yum soup”.

These are some of the wonderful fun activities you can enjoy indulging into while your stay in the pretty town of Hua Hin. Did you enjoy reading this article? Leave your comments below. Also subscribe to our newsletter for more information on travel destinations.


10 things you can do in one night at Bangkok

This is your ultimate guide to a night out in Bangkok starting with the family friendly places and going over to the single soul’s desires. Experience your pleasures and fantasies or do the most fun things over the course of one night in the spectacular city of Bangkok!

Watching skimpily clad ladies pole dance or having a whisky bucket or getting a sensual erotic happy ending massage, Bangkok will please all your senses and bodies included! You want to know why Bangkok is unofficially called the world’s pleasure capital, read on for the many tantalizing pleasures it has to offer!

The Lady boy Showlady boys in thailand

Bangkok is famous for its lady boy and yes you need to see at least one and get it off your bucket list! Bangkok has a lot of places offering the tantalizing lady boy shows and the most famous one is the Calypso Cabaret. See the supremely endowed and talented Katoeys who sing, dance on the stage.

Down a Bucketdown the bucket

Welcome to the Thailand’s world famous cocktail, the whisky bucket which costs you a cool 300 baht. Start your wild night by getting high on the Sangsom whisky, energy drinka and a coke which comes in the bucket. Khao San Road is full of street side bars where you can tipple the night away.

Go Sightseeing in a Tuk-Tukgo sightseeing in tuk tuk

The funnily named tuk tuk is actually a three wheeler vehicle which locals and tourists use to get around in the city. The fun of travelling in the tuk tuk at night is just amazing especially when you get your driver to act as a local guide and you can see 6-7 city attractions all lit up and beautiful by the nighttime.

Ring the Bell at a Go-Go Bar go-go bar in thailand

Coming here is a stimulating and erotic experience and Bangkok’s go-go bars are full of sexy suggestively dressed women swiveling around in the bar doing pole dances or even come and sit for a chat with you. Ringing the bell at the go-go bar buys all the women a drink on your table which makes you the most popular guy or girl for almost an hour!! Don’t miss it!! The best places for this are Patpong, Soi Cowboy or Nana.

Get a tattoo get a tattoo in thailand

Getting a tattoo is always an unforgettable experience and a cherished one. Just like the ‘Hangover’ movie, you could get one like Mike Tyson’s tiger or any other thing which you like and would like to display on your body. And getting it done at night can be a splendid and one of a time experiences.

Dinner Cruise on Chao Phraya Riverdinner cruise in chao phraya river in thailand

Enjoy the absolutely spectacular views of the Chao Phraya river at night while aboard a beautiful riverboat. Get on board with youor loved ones and enjoy the remarkable beauty of Bangkok’s landmarks as you take in their glory at night. Pamper and indulge yourself in the personal attention from the attendants on board the boat and enjoy an elaborate cuisine onboard prepared by the on-cruise chef.

Get a Foot Rub get a foot rub

Pampering yourself is the top thing to do or rather not-to-do in Bangkok. Walk into a cheap and roadside massage parlor to get a great and relaxing foot rub or foot massage. It gets you in the mood for more shopping or gets you a great relaxation in the middle of your night out. The prices are quite affordable too starting from 250 baht for one hour sessions and you can find them at San Road and Soi Rambuttri.

Get an erotic massageget an erotic thai massage

Erotic massages are the real deal in Bangkok and area available for both men and women. The services here range from the lingam massage for men and the yoni massage for women in which sexual organs are given the real pampering. They also offer body sliding massages or four hands in which two masseurs do their thingy. The more adventurous ones can try out their happy ending massages which has the option of ending with a blowjob or hand job or the full service ones which are self-explaining. The sexy and erotic pleasures of the body here can cost you 300 baht for a half an hour session plus the tip for the extra services.

Watch Muay Thai Live show Watch Muay Thai Live show

Muay Thai Live at Asiatique in Bangkok is a theatrical show combining entertaining dance performances with the ancient martial art of Muay Thai boxing. This is an spellbinding show for everyone which simply must not be missed at all! Running for 90 minutes, this show started performances in 2014 and runs every day at ‘The Stage’ which is a 600 seater theatre nestled incise the Asiatique, the riverfront night market.

Go Clubbing go clubbing in thailand

It’s party time every day in Bangkok! Being in Bangkok, you just need to party and there are numerous bars, nightclubs, pubs and discos on offer. They are open during the full week and stay open till late. You can have dinner at the ones with full service or have the famous ‘Shisha’ which is smoking from the hookah bars. Choose the ones with a rooftop bar as the city sparkles at night and looks brightly lit and this is the perfect time to get your selfie sticks out.

Rediscover Bangkok at night and experience the glitter and glam at night when the city sleeps but the people don’t. Whether you want to see the city’s landmarks, watch the sunset with your loved one or just

With so many options to explore and places to see at night, one night looks small in comparison! Do share your experiences with our readers and stay subscribed to our newsletter for more such exciting guides to help you plan your destinations and travel.

12 Things to do in Krabi

Krabi, Thailand, is a place full of resorts, forests, panoramic views, nightlife, white sandy beaches, waterfalls, pools, wildlife and around 80 islands near the coast with various activities to do like rock climbing, safari, boat rides, shopping, sightseeing, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, spas and what not offering variety of food and drinks in extremely impressive hotels, restaurants and bars which makes it a top most “must visit” destination among tourists.

  1. Relax at one of the most beautiful beach of Railayrelax in railay beach in krabi - Thailand

It is one the most stunning beaches with large cliffs on both sides thus approachable only by boat which makes it more fantasizing. You can opt from different bars to have a quality time or you can just roam around on the white sand having the most spectacular views around yourself. No traffic, no noise, you can feel the peace within or enjoy a loved one’s company. You can see lagoons, limestone cliffs, caves and forest all around.

  1. Rejoice in a boat riderejoice in a boat ride in karbi - Thailand

A fascinating activity to indulge in! One can hire a boat with or without guide and explore around 200 islands around the coastline. Watch the breathtaking views, clear waters, rocky islands and relax.

  1. Recharge yourself at the Emerald pool of Thung Teao Forest Natural ParkRecharge yourself at the Emerald pool of Thung Teao Forest Natural Park in krabi - Thailand

This beautiful place not only has amazing plants and variety of animals but also has a lagoon which is called the Emerald Pool which actually shows the nature at its best. The Emerald Pool’s water is naturally warm and crystal clear thus calling tourists to be a part of itself. No doubts that one will always feel rejuvenated after taking a dip in it.

  1. Feel the bliss at Tiger Cave Temple at Wat Tham Suafeel the bliss at tiger cave temple of krabi - thailand

Named after a tiger which lived in the cave, this temple is surrounded by lush greens and interconnected caves. You can see monks worshipping and residing in the temple. You can also explore all the caves where you will get to see various historical antiques. The main attraction is the “footprint of Buddha” which is at the top giving a panoramic view of various islands and Andaman Sea.

  1. Have a good time at Phi Phi Islandshave a good time at krabi's phi phi islands - thailand

Phi Phi islands are the most popular and scenic islands. Also famous for “The Beach” movie shooting, the Phi Phi Leh Island at Phi Phi has the most splendid beaches. The Phi Phi Don Island is famous among tourists thus always crowded, so you need to be the early one. Around 45 minutes from Krabi, it will give you eye popping views, a wonderful marine life, dynamic beaches and crystal clear waters.

  1. Get the local feel at Krabi Townget the local feel at thailand's krabi town

To get the local feel you need to visit this town which has retained its old culture along with all the amenities to get you entertained. You can find fresh caught fishes from the river running through the town to be served at the local restaurants. You will definitely be compelled to stay here and know more and more about the local culture.

  1. Show your shopping skills at the Night marketShow your shopping skills at Krabi's Night market

The night market in the Krabi town is one of the features which is not to be left seen. Very popular for around hundred of food stalls, this market is open in the evening from Friday to Sunday. Variety of sumptuous food, souvenirs sold by the locals, shows by school students are some of the flavor which you will get to see in the market.

  1. Luxuriate yourself at Ao Nang BeachLuxuriate yourself at Ao Nang Beach - Thailand

A very famous place for its nightlife, it gives you the perfect environment to gorge on some delectable food while listening to music. There are a number of restaurants and bars offering you freshly prepared cuisines and a variety of cocktails. You can also book different tour packages as this place is full of operators.

  1. Indulge in various activities like Rock Climbing, Kayaking, White water rafting, etcIndulge in various activities in krabi island

Krabi is a place which also offers you various leisure activities. You can become a beginner climber and enjoy scaling the limestone rocks. Various climber schools are available to teach you the basics and take care of you with complete security while you enjoy the moment. You can also go for kayaking, river rafting, and scuba diving and relish the extremely remarkable marine life.

If in case you just want to explore the quietness within yourself you can also lay down lazy on a hammock at the beach sides and just chill sipping on your favorite drinks or get yourself tanned taking a sunbath. Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of sunsets.

  1. Spoil yourself at a Krabi SpaSpoil yourself at a Krabi Spa

After enjoying all beaches, islands, caves and activities, just get indulged in a luxurious spa with natural ingredients which will help you in regaining energy to do more and more to make the most of your time. It will give you the epitome of relaxation and help you maintain a mental and physical balance throughout which you will remember for your lifetime and will always want to come back for.

  1. Get entertained by live music and exotic food and drinks at Soi RCAGet entertained by live music and exotic food and drinks at Soi RCA

This trip would be incomplete without your visit at one the most celebrated nightlife places, that is the Soi RCA. It is in a close proximity to the beach and surrounded by renowned restaurants on either sides. Any single guy entering the place is looked closely from head to toe by the bar girls standing outside. It has a very nice ambience in all its 12 bars: Lovely bar, Romantic bar, Black butterfly bar, Kitty bar, Amy’s 69, Climax bar, Kiss bar, Popcorn bar, Left side bar, Plamy bar, Ao Nang bar and Mushroom bar. Interesting names though!

There are bar games, entertaining music, vivacious atmosphere and drinks at reasonable prices. It opens at 5 pm till late.

  1. Get yourself over indulged in delicious food and breathtaking views at The HilltopGet yourself over indulged in delicious food and breathtaking views at The Hilltop

As the name suggests, The Hilltop is situated at a top location with outdoor restaurant which gives you a heavenly feel looking at the awe-inspiring views whilst enjoying your exotic meals and drinks. You can always plan a romantic dinner date or a lunch. Fresh sea food, magnificent surroundings are all you can enjoy there.  The menu includes local Thai and grilled dishes to serve your taste buds. Don’t forget to book a table prior as this place is always full. It’s open all days from 11am till midnight.

Would you not want to add this location to your bucket list?

# One can visit Krabi anytime in the year as you always get something to do but best time to visit is between November and April. The nearest airport, Krabi International airport, is 10km from the main city and 40 km from Ao Nang and is connected to Bangkok and various other main cities.

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Young Solo Trip to Thailand – A Divine Exhilaration

Planning a solo trip abroad? A trip to Thailand should be on your mind and very rightly your choice is spot on. Exotic temples, breathtaking beaches, thrilling adventure sports, happening nightlife, rejuvenating Thai massages, and mouthwatering Thai delicacies await you in the Thailand – The Land of Smiles. As Thailand is quite a tourist centric country, travelling solo is relatively easy if things are planned in advance. The country attracts a lot of young solo travellers from India and worldwide who are here to explore its culture, beaches, nightlife, and food.

How to reach Thailand from India?How to reach Thailand from India

India is connected to Thailand via numbers of flights that take off from various major cities in India. Most travellers fly into Bangkok and make it their base to explore the country. There are direct flights to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport provided by both domestic and international airlines from Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. If you want to land in Phuket, Pattaya, or Chiang Mai, you will also have the option of getting connecting flights.

Where to stay in Thailand?where to stay in thailand

There is no dearth of suitable accommodations to suit every budget in Thailand. Luxury hotels, boutique hotels, resort, to affordable hostels – you will find quite a few options that will meet your needs. Depending on the season the prices vary. So, by planning and booking in advance, you can find a good deal. Typically, solo travellers like to stay in guesthouses and hostels as this gives them a chance to meet like-minded solo travellers and exchange travel experiences with each other. In Bangkok, you can explore accommodations in Banglamphu area or Silom.

Experiences in Thailand:

Food:thailand food

Thai food has won the hearts of people from all around the world. So, when you are in the country enjoying the local delicacies are a must. The best place to do so are the local night markets where you can find a line of mobile kitchen shops selling noodles, spicy hot soups, fried rice, etc. Dining here will never make you feel that you travelling solo as the seating are often mixed and lively. If you are big on seafood you are going to love the food here – don’t forget to try Grilled Fish ( Pla Pao), Fried Rice (Khao Pad), Steamed Chicken on Rice (Khao Mung Gai), and Thai Shrimp Noodles (Pad Thai Kung). Some areas in Bangkok to explore street food are Chinatown, Phetchaburi SOI 5, Sukhumvit 38 and Talat Phu.

Massage:thai massage

Thai massage is famous world over. When in Thailand, you cannot do without a rejuvenating session of Thai massage. Thai massage focusses on pressure points in the body and typically starts from the feet and gradually moves to the head. There are massage parlours in almost every area in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand. But, for best experience always choose reputed parlours who have trained and professional staff. Even if it costs higher, it will be very much worth it. Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School is touted to be among the best places to get a Thai massage.

Full Moon Party:thailand full moon party

If nightlife and partying are on your mind on your solo trip to Thailand, then do check out the ‘Full Moon Party’ on Haad Rin Beach on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, for once in a lifetime experience. It is quite popular among tourists and takes place on the full moon of every month. Fire skipping ropes, booze, street performances, dance, and music are its top attractions. Like all such events, drugs peddlers are also known to be active here. So, if you plan to be there stay away from locals who tend to be over friendly and stay safe.

Places to visit in Thailand:

This tropical paradise in Southeast Asia is quite a diverse country and each city in this country has something different to its visitors. You cannot explore the country in just one visit. Such is the charm of Thailand – it will allure you visit again to experience it in all its beauty and glory. Depending on what you want to do here – be it exploring the culture, beaches or nightlife, you will have plenty of things to do.

Bangkok:bangkok in thailand

The capital of Thailand is a perfect amalgamation of the ancient and the new. Glorious temples and palaces, busy streets, lively markets, and happening pubs – you find it all here. Top attractions that should be on your list include the Grand Palace – the official residence of the King of Thailand, which also houses the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Pho famous for the huge reclining Buddha statue. If shopping is on your to-do list don’t head to the malls – instead, go shopping at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Since it is open only on weekend, make sure that your timings are right.

If you want to enjoy a couple of drinks and want to meet like-minded people, head to the lively Khao San Road towards the evening. This street comes alive at night with bars, pubs, cafes and lines of street food vendors. But, this area can get uncomfortably crowded at times and many travellers complain of petty crimes – so be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

Another thing that you must experience in Bangkok is the famous Calypso Cabernet Show. It is quite popular among the visitors here. The performers of the cabernet show are all lady boys! It is quite a show of beauty, music and dance that celebrates human spirit and diversity in a unique and eccentric way. It is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience and definitely warrants a watch.

Pattaya:pattaya in thailand

About 150 km from Bangkok is the resort city of Pattaya, often dubbed as the Sin City. With innumerable go-go clubs, beer bars and massage parlours, the city’s reputation as the sex city is not without valid reasons. Many young travellers are attracted to the place to have some fun and frolic on the beach.

Spend half a day on the Pattaya Beach and enjoy some water activities like jet skiing, windsurfing or paragliding. Indulge in a Thai massage as you lounge by the sea. The Pattaya beach is very touristy and hence can get really crowded at times to be relaxing. If you want to spend some time in a less busy beach, check out Jomtien Beach – a clean and nice sandy beach with cafes and bars, but relatively less crowded. If you want to get the panoramic views of the Pattaya city often seen in guide books, head to the Khao Pattaya viewpoint – a small hilltop between South Pattaya and Jomtien Beach.

Just 7.5 km west of Pattaya is the small island named Koh Laan, which boasts of clean sandy beaches. These beaches are not so crowded makes for a great place if you are interested in lounging by the sea and sun bathing. This island is easily reachable by sea through a ferry which takes about 45 minutes or a speed boat which will let you reach the island in just 15 minutes. Tawaen Beach is the most popular beach on this island.

Of course, now comes the most fun part in Pattaya – the nightlife. This is what Pattaya is rather infamous for. The Walking Street of Pattaya is the hub for the partying in Pattaya. Traffic is not allowed on this street from 7.00 pm to 3.00 am and during this time this street pulsates in the vibes of its own. Home to countless bars, pubs, cafes discotheques, cabaret venues and restaurants, this place makes your head dizzy with loud music, colourful neon light, and throngs of the crowd.

Well, not everything is so sinful in Pattaya – you must also check out ‘the Sanctuary of Truth’ – a colossal wooden temple that is an amalgamation of art, religion and philosophy and ‘the Big Buddha’ – one of the largest Buddha statues in the world.

Phuket:phuket in thailand

Phuket is mountainous island covered with rain forests and is famous for high-end exotic resorts, spas and happening clubs and nightlife. Home to some of the best beaches of Thailand, Phuket should be on your travel itinerary.

Phuket is located on the southwest coast of Thailand and is about 850 km always from the city of Bangkok. Given the distance you have to travel to be in Phuket, it makes sense to earmark at least 2-3 days for it. The fastest way to reach Phuket from Bangkok is via flight, but then it is also the most expensive way. If budget permits you should opt for a flight else you can travel by train and bus which can take anywhere between 13 to 16 hours. Take the night sleeper train from Bangkok to Surat Thani and then an early morning bus from Surat Thani to Phuket. You will start from Bangkok at night and will be basking on the beaches of Phuket by next afternoon.

In Phuket marvel at the beauty of the sheer limestone cliffs that crop out vertically from the sea waters in the Phang Nga Bay. Nestled in this bay are some of the exotic species of flora and fauna that you might be able to see. Do make it a point to check out two famous spots here – the James Bond Island and Koh Panyee. If you are a water sports enthusiast, you can indulge in activities like canoeing, kayaking, speed boat rides, etc.

Another day should be spent on the famed Phi Phi Island here. Also known as the Thailand’s super star island, this island lives up to its name with clear azure waters, sheer cliffs towering over the sea shore and the mysterious maze of rainforest jungle. Bask in the sun, meander on the beach and gorge on some delicious seafood delicacies.

You have not experienced Phuket in the truest sense if you have not taken a stroll on the Patong’s Bangla Road after dark. This street is the place to experience the happening night life in Phuket. After sunset, the Bangla Road on Patong Beach becomes alive with neon lights, blaring music, cheap beer, and many street performances. It is a friendly and happening place with a line of beer bars – each of them trying to compete with each other to allure customers.

After spending your time on the beach and enjoying the nocturnal life in Phuket, you must also check out the famous temple in Phuket Wat Chalong. Beautifully designed with tiny pieces of glasses, it looks exquisitely magnificent.

You cannot leave Phuket without watching Phuket FantaSea Show. FantaSea is huge and sprawls over an area of 140 acres at Kamala. With wonderful lighting effects, the FantaSea show is a fantasy show performed by trapeze artists and performing animals, on Thai culture with a mix of humour, love, magic and menagerie. The show is staged every day at 9 pm except Thursdays and Tuesdays.

Chiang Mai:chiang mai in thailand

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and beach parties, head to the North of the country to Chiang Mai. It is a large city with numerous temples and natural attractions but is relatively calm and laid back. A visit to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep – a venerated temple and one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Thailand, should be first on your to-see list. Another temple that must be visited is Wat Chedi Luang that dates back to the 14th century during the rule of the Mengrai dynasty.

Want to appreciate the ancient architecture of the place, then add Wiang Kum Kam the Underground Ancient City to your itinerary. Just five kilometres from Chiang Mai along the course of the river Ping, this ancient city dates back to the eighth-century Haripunchai Kingdom.  Stone tablets with ancient inscriptions, sculptures, earthenware, etc., are all over the place.

If you are a nature buff, add a trip to the Doi Inthanon National Park to your list. Home to a wide range of animal and bird species, it is truly a nature lover’s paradise. With about 362 bird species, it is also a great place for bird watchers.

For more advice on your solo trip to Thailand, do get in touch with the travel experts at