For all the perfect reasons, the Mawlynnong Village in Meghalaya is referred to as God’s Own Orchard. Discover India had awarded the title ‘Asia’s Unsoiled and Cleanest Village’ in the year 2003. It is not only for being the cleanest village but it also has women empowerment and maximum literacy rate. Here listing top reasons why Mawlynnong in Meghalaya remains worth for more travelers.

1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the main aspect of this village. Since 2007 you can find proper functional toilets in every house. Alongside, you can also find bamboo dustbins. Plastic bags are banned and even smoking is strictly prohibited. To make everyone follow the rules strictly, defaulters are charged hefty fines. They even plant trees and sweep roads and gets their own manure. They convert it from a garbage dug and then put into a pit.

2. The tribal locals

Being the cleanest village in Asia, Mawlynnong is inhabited by people who are living there for years. It is inhabited by the Khasi tribe. Although they are tribals, they are very open-minded and have a better understanding of society. They have left behind the patriarchal rule by all means. The children belonging to this tribal group not only use their mother’s surname but even the youngest daughter gets the wealth which gets passed on from the mother. They support woman empowerment to the great extent. They have a 100 percent literacy rate. They are very popular for their hospitality towards their guests. It is one of the most well-known places for this quality.

3. Distinctive living root bridges

It is home to one of the most exclusive living root bridges in Asia. It has been declared as one of the most popular UNESCO World Heritage sites. This bridge hangs over a river. Aerial roots are connected to make this bridge. The huge rubber tree over here connects one with another. This is a site worth watching. It is very popular amidst the tourists. The place looks very mysterious with all the hanging roots all around and makes this place look even more interesting. This place is frequently visited by tourists.

4. Many interesting places to visit

There are various beautiful places to see in Mawlynnong. From the Sky View, one can see the bird’s eye view of India and Bangladesh which looks truly spectacular. The Sky View is a very popular place of attraction and is also a vantage point in Mawlynnong. The Bamboo Bridge is 85 feet in height and the view from there is truly breathtaking. When you reach the top, you can even get a beautiful view of Bangladesh.

The Mawlynnong Waterfall is another major attraction where you can go on a picnic and have a lovely time with friends and family. The gushing sound of the waterfall breaks the silence of dense jungle. It is a great place to rewind and have a great time.

The Church of Epiphany is a major place of interest in Mawlynnong. This 100-year-old structure has an old world charm and has a lot of greenery in its premises. The premises look calm and serene. It has various red and orange flowers. They blossom around the entire place.

5. The lip-smacking local dishes

Here in this small village, you can find a lot of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The main attraction of the food in Mawlynnong is everything is prepared from organic vegetables. They are delicious and healthy and even the meat that they use for cooking is mainly derived from the birds and animals that are bred in their houses.

There are various popular dishes here like Tungrymbai, which is mainly prepared from local spices, bamboo leaves and mesh of fermented soybeans, pork which is tossed and cooked in greens and bell peppers, smoked banana flower which is freshly cut. Another popular dish is Jadoh prepared with meat and rice.

6. Innovative methods of Waste Management

The residents who live here lead a very innovative life with a lot of advanced ideas to manage waste. They make the manure from the leaves that are buried and are used as a biodegradable waste. Non-biodegradable wastes are taken away from the village and are burnt. They even recycle and reuse the toxic materials like plastic and make swings and planters from it instead of just throwing them away. Open defecation has been eradicated from the village. Since all the houses have toilets of their own, this is a great initiative.

In recent years, since a lot of tourists have started to visit the village, the villagers are losing out on their privacy and there have been complaints of noise pollution. But still the village remains the cleanest village of Asia. Various other villages like Assam’s Shikdamakha seek great inspiration from Mawlynnong. This village is trying to outdo Mawlynnong. The village is involving its other inhabitants for spreading environmental consciousness. It is even involving its inhabitants in community cleaning.

7. Clean and green surroundings

Mawlynnong guarantees proper environmental sanctity to its people and to its other surrounding areas. The green and clean surroundings of the village is boasted by all the houses over there. There is rainwater harvesting in front yards, which the natural basins gives all the houses a completely different and unique look. The beauty of the place is even more enhanced by the lush greenery on all sides. People who live there and people who visit the place as a tourist falls in love with the place.

Even our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi cited this beautiful village of Mawlynnong as the cleanest village last year and it is truly a great example for its cleanliness. This remote village of Meghalaya has impressed everyone with its advancement, cleanliness, uniqueness, broad mentality and its environmentally conscious villagers. They have zero tolerance for littering and it’s honestly impressive for not only our country as well as for the entire continent. This is the reason why it has still sustained its cleanliness and it became a prime important destination for people visiting the place.

Best time to visit Asia’s cleanest village- Mawlynnong Meghalaya

The weather is pleasant and calm all throughout the year. It is still recommended to visit during the monsoon. If you are visiting during rainy season, you can see the entire village and the surroundings turning a lush green. It is an absolutely picturesque view to witness during the rainy season. It is also recommended to visit in the time of festival seasons like Behdienkhlam in July, Nongkrem Dance Festival is celebrated either in October or November and Wangala – between September and December. These are three important festivals celebrated in and around Mawlynnong village.

How to reach this beautiful village- Mawlynnong?

After receiving the title ‘Asia’s cleanest village’, Mawlynnong has become a famous tourist destination. It is well connected to various major cities such as Cherrapunji and Shillong. It can also be easily accessed by road. Some of the best ways to reach the village are as follows;

By rail: The nearest main railway station is in Guwahati. It is approximately 172 km. away. It is best to choose a taxi or bus ride after reaching the station to reach Mawlynnong.

By air: The nearest airport is in Shillong. It is 172 kilometers away from Mawlynnong village. There are several direct flights which you can take from Kolkata to reach Shillong. If you are visiting from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Bangalore, you have to look for a linking flight. After reaching the airport, you can either board a bus or hire a taxi to reach Mawlynnong.

By road: Most roads towards Mawlynnong remains in excellent condition. It is easy to find numerous buses transporting to nearby areas like Shillong and Cherrapunji and between the villages.

Where to stay in Mawlynnong?

At Mawlynnong, there are several cosy and comfortable homestays located close to nature. It is sure you can have the best time with the residents. Certain homestays are constructed with concrete and some are traditional huts. The accommodation is simple in Mawlynnong but it comes with all basic facilities.

What’s more? Plan for a trip to Mawlynnong and share your experiences with us!!

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