Food is one of the most basic needs of humankind. Although clothing and shelter might also find a parallel mention, it is not as important as food. The human beings, in their early days have managed to live without clothing and shelter, but never ever have managed to live without food!

Food, which was once quite common to all of mankind, started to take its own forms and our thoughts depending on the geography, the temperature, the lifestyle, and the availability of resources in different places of the planet. This has given us a new word that has more grossly been misused than used – ‘cuisine’! you might have seen this word paired up with a lot of want to be restaurants that claim to be multi-cuisine, but just give a glimpse of a little Spice and herb and claim it to be from another culinary procedure.

In all the cuisines Around The World, some of them have managed to stand out and proclaim their superiority in terms of taste and awesomeness. Let’s discuss a few of those cuisines that have managed to stand up and stand out.

The first everything on this list has got to be the Mighty United States America!

United States of America:

The United States of America might not have a cuisine of its own. However, just like the Constitution and the idea of Democracy, the United States has managed to perfect whatever was given to it in a very crude form. Yes, the hamburgers belong to Germany, the pizza belongs to Italy and the french fries belong to either Belgium or Netherlands. However, we all went to associate these dishes not with the countries of origin but with the United States of America. It all has got to do with the brand United States. It has to be agreed that the United States did give a facelift to all these dishes. Hamburgers well just confined to Ham in Germany but the United States gave it chicken patties and beef patties. French fries were dressed in ranch, and the United States gave the idea of dressing them up with ketchup. Pizza in Italy was thin crusted and the United States came up with the idea of filling the pizza crust with cheese.

Even though the United States has messed up with a few dishes like that KFC and the overly sweet ice creams, we have to give this country that you credit of making food an industry as opposed to a habit.


With no intended references to people in today’s politics, Italy should be credited with inventing the idea of using simple ingredients and making some of the most robust dishes. You cannot just imagine the magic that a little bit of flour, cheese, and tomato can bring about.With these Limited ingredients, they have created an entire series of dishes that do not fail to the light the taste buds of every person across the globe. These dishes include but are not limited to the thin crust pizza, the pasta, the Lasagna and even a series of desserts like pannacotta.One of the things that make the Italian cuisine even more special is that they are quite agnostic towards the ingredients that they use. They wouldn’t hesitate to make different variants of a dish with one of it spicy, one of it tangy and one of it sweet.


Tne of the grandest contributions of Italy to the world has the different variations of one of the world’s most favorite beverages – coffee! Almost every coffee that ends with the letter O can be attributed to Italy – Cappuccino, Mochaccino, Macchiato And a lot more.


Maybe, food is one of the very few things that China has been original with! Legend says that the pasta of Italy where brought by Marco Polo when he visited China and pasta is nothing more than a Europeanised version of the Chinese noodles. The list of things that make it be a part of Chinese preparations as ingredients is nothing short of baffling. We are not even referring to the extremes but more of moderate Chinese dishes like pork, Duck and different varieties of fishes.

chinese food

China, being such a large country have different choices of cuisines right within the country. the Szechuan cuisine is something that we all know. It has an extra quotient of Spice that makes it quite distinct. The entrepreneurial and the frugal spirit of the Chinese also ensures that they achieve the maximum efficiency in terms of quality and taste by using a very minimal number of ingredients, and also the least expensive ones.


You can build a wall to protect your country from them, but you can never stop the Mexicans from exiting their culinary influence across all the cuisines of the world. Mexico has a mix of elements that include everything. There is spice, there is tang, there is zest, and there is so much more to Mexican cuisine.


The Mexican food can fit in any meal of the day. It is so full of nutrition and even the little elements like avocado, lime, tomato, and garlic at to the antioxidant properties along with the chilis. If you would like to have a Perfect Combination of Taste, health and the portioning then the Mexican cuisine is the one that you will need to look forward to!

The food from Mexico is literally a culinary Fiesta.


If there is a mention of food, it cannot be complete without the mention of India. India is a subcontinent, and each food has its own signature in terms of taste and awesomeness. However, there are things that are common to any cuisine across the country. It is nothing more than the spiciness!

Indian food

The food of India exhibits a distinct flavor of pungency, sourness, and spice that beautifully coexist to give out a dish that is distinct in taste. Much like the United States, India has also managed to unify the different dishes around the World – just that it happened at a time of History when India was among the very few known countries in the World.

The Persian Biryani and the Mongolian Samosa are synonymous with India more than their places of origin.

India has a legacy with beverages and desserts as well. The Sulaimani Tea of Hyderabad, the Filter Coffee of South India and Kumbakonam in particular, the Lassi and the Rasmalai of North India are a few dishes that put India as a bound name in the list of countries that flaunt their culinary awesomeness.

Ask any tourist they will tell you the importance of food, which is an integral part of their journey to another part of the world that they have never experienced. It is always a great idea and a good practice to understand the different cuisines around the world, and prepare yourself for the culinary experience that you will Treasure forever, both in your mind and in your taste buds!

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