Destination Wedding in Thailand

    Destination wedding is getting popular day by day. Over the years, Thailand has played host to several Indian weddings. Now, it has become an easy task when it comes to destination wedding in Thailand. The reason why Thailand is highly preferred is it has some of the best successful and spectacular settings perfect for lavish Indian beach wedding.

    Moreover, Thailand is one of the best places to get married as the country has beautiful beaches, resorts, hotels, rich culture and special wedding venues. Best time to get married in the country is on Valentine’s Day and New Year. Catholic, Christian, Secular, Thai, Buddhist and Indian weddings are hosted and celebrated in Thailand in grand style.

Here are the best wedding destinations in Thailand:

Koh Samui:

     Also known as Samui Island, Koh Samui is the most beautiful and famous island for weddings. Due to its spectacular scenery, white sand beaches, palm trees and attractive coral reefs. It is the second largest island in the country. There are a lot of local wedding planners and agencies which organize marriage ceremonies and complete the required paperwork.


     Beach weddings in Koh Samui have flower decorated wedding entrance, red carpet for groom and bride, beautiful flower decorations, dance performances, seating arrangements for relatives, tree swing and special photography & video sessions. Couples enjoy taking a beach walk and riding on a swing after the wedding ceremony.   A dinner party is arrange in the evening. There are live musical performances, cocktails, drinks, buffet, DJ and colorful lights in the party.


   All types of wedding ceremonies are host in Phuket as the island has a variety of venues for each and every style of wedding ceremony possible. Beach weddings in Phuket are much like carnivals.  There are DJs and swimming pool parties prior to wedding day.


   On the day of wedding, there are special photography sessions for groom and bride together at the beach, a stage for ceremony is decorats with flowers and seats for invitees and guests will be arrange in order. Most newlywed couples celebrate in Patong after the ceremonies. Patong is a big beach resort town in Phuket.

Koh Phi Phi:


      Weddings in Koh Phi Phi islands have special photography sessions for groom and bride at resort and beach, makeup and dress up of bride, stage decoration with flowers and cake cutting ceremony. Snorkeling, scuba diving, scooter riding and sailing are some fun activities that newlywed couples and honeymooners indulge in. In the evening, the couples have dinner at the same wedding stage decorated with lights.


   Each year, a lot of tourists visit Krabi which is one of the most famous wedding destination and a resort town close to the Andaman coast. Krabi has many function centers, hotels and resorts which provide venues for weddings and gatherings. The resorts and hotels in the town provide facilities like dressing room for bride and groom, bride chamber, guests rooms and more.


    There are special photography sessions for bride and groom after the ceremony. Games, dance, special performances, cake cutting ceremony, drinks & dinner as well as party at swimming pool take place in the evening. Newlywed and honeymoon couples love to do rock climbing and snorkeling in Railay beach in Krabi.

Thai Weddings

    Generally, Thai wedding ceremonies happen early in the morning. Monks will invite to pray and bless the couple. Then, the newlywed couples and the monks have lunch.


     If you request to serve Indian food for wedding party, you can simply rely on the best hotels in Thailand. Flower and decoration expenses are cheaper in Thailand when compared to India. All you need to do is consult Visiit tour operator, find a perfect destination for wedding and honeymoon and will get marries in a beautiful Thai paradise.

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