Hi, friends! Today we are going to interview another interesting couple – Charles Victor and Revati from India. Both work in advertising stream and focus on travel blogging during their spare time. Their travel blog different-doors.com is completely unique and holds a lot of interesting travel information. Hope you find their interview useful…

How do you fund your travel?

We both have day jobs in advertising that we’re extremely passionate about and the long hours we put into it make it even more worth it whenever we travel!

Did your family/friends think you were crazy?

Not at all! We come from a family of travelers, I have an uncle who spent most of his adult life as a nomad, traveling and working across the world, so making travel a life priority is something that our respective families are very understanding of. They get why we often choose to spend our holidays traveling over visiting them.

 What’s been your biggest challenge traveling together?

Travelling as a couple has its challenges. It puts any issues your relationship may have at the fore, it’s always important to balance out each other’s goals and expectations from a trip, and perhaps find some time to pursue your own interests separately if need be. Thankfully we think in exactly the same way, so we’re soul mates, not just when it comes to life at home but life on the road as well.

Best & Worst Place you been to?

Charles loves the energy of Barcelona and I (Revati) am pretty much obsessed with Paris. I don’t think we’d term any place we’ve been to as bad. But Phuket was crowded, too touristy and not much to call a beach. Kuala Lumpur apart from the food was pretty uninspiring too.

What’s the greatest thing about traveling as a couple?

The practical aspect is economies of scale (hotel rooms and car rentals turn out cheaper per head) but it’s also fantastic to have someone to share all of these fantastic experiences with, someone with whom to relive the memories and to see it from another point of view.

Your top tips for couples planning an extended trip together?

An open line of communication is key, so you’re both clear on goals, expectations and wants. Give each other the space to experience things alone if required. And learn to find a midway point on things you don’t agree upon.

Do you plan to keep traveling indefinitely or do you see yourself settling down somewhere before long? 

Travel is what makes our life complete. The whole world is on our bucket list, and we’re going to work to accomplish as much of it as we possibly can in our lifetime. We have a home-base in Mumbai currently, but that doesn’t stop us from jetting off anywhere at every chance we get.

What has travel taught you?

Travel will beautifully change you and you will never be able to explain how to anyone. And to always learn a phrase in the local language, preferably a greeting. It goes a long way!

Connect With Revati & Charles Victor

Blog: www.different-doors.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/differentdoorstravel
Twitter: @dd_traveller
Instagram: @differentdoors

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