Uttaranchal, also known as Devbhoomi is a place full of scenic beauty. It has a small and beautiful village named Kasmoli. The place is loaded with natural beauty and you can see large mountains and fields where farming is done in full fledge. The village serves a perfect spot for hikers, mountaineers, trekkers and other tourists who like to visit hilly areas for a change. You will see that the area of Kasmoli is surrounded by greenery and the farms are full of crops. The place boasts about its beauty and serenity which lags basically in cities and townships.

However, since it is a small village so you will find very fewer options for hotels or other places where you can stay and you have to look for off road camps where you can get shelter and have an exhilarating experience visiting the place. Even camps are not well equipped and luxurious but that is how you get a raw experience of a place like Kasmoli. The drive to Kasmoli itself is a wonderful and thrilling fact because you have to ride between the hills which add thunder to the trip. So, if you are looking forward to having a visit to Kasmoli then a road trip will pay you well for experiences that are worth getting.

The hilly range of Kasmoli serves you with a great hike view and reaching the hilltop will give you the best feeling ever. It is true that Kasmoli doesn’t have much facilities or options for hiking but you can take it as a challenge and fulfill it by doing it all yourself and with few close buddies. After sunset, the place becomes more wonderful as the view of the sunset from the top is just amazing. Seeing the sun setting from the fields full of crops is an experience of a millennium. You can either set up your own camp or you will find few already set up camps that offer you services to stay and have some refreshment before proceeding ahead.

The camps are set up wonderfully and you will get to have some tea and snacks on your way to hilltop or other places. You will simply enjoy your halt at those camps and you can also have some memorable experience there as well. So, next time when you pay a visit to Devbhoomi don’t forget to drive to Kasmoli where you can have the actual thrill with your friends and bikes. The place has many things to offer you and it can satisfy your thirst for adventure in the best possible way. Apart from a random trip to Kasmoli you can also plan a trip so that you can have more time to explore the place patiently and can know more about the place in detail along with all the tourist attractions.

Do not forget to visit the off-road camps as they are the best thing you can see while your trip to Kasmoli.

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