Hello, guys! We are excited to interview a fabulous couple Shayan and Kanika who manages travel blog – www.doseoflife.com. Though both are from different streams of life, they enjoy several things in common. One such is traveling. Follow the interview to know their ideas and views about traveling.

How do you fund your travel?

Shayan has a full-time job and several writing/freelance gigs. Kanika does some freelancing also in the fashion industry. We also have money saved up from family gifts and wedding money 🙂 We don’t travel THAT often but when we do, we make it worthwhile. It’s not luxurious but it’s not backpacker style either.

What do you friends and family think about your way of life?

They often don’t understand it. Some do and are impressed but when we take too many trips, they always look at it weirdly and wonder why we are traveling so much. Shouldn’t we have a baby and settle down, etc. they ask.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

We never have any favorite places. We always like to explore new places and take it as they are. We can’t pinpoint any one place and don’t think it works like that.

What destination is top of your bucket list?

Oh, this could be a long list. It keeps changing also. But Shayan always wanted to go Iceland or New Zealand. Kanika is more into places like France and Italy.

Have you been anywhere which turned out to be totally different to how you imagined? If so, how?

Yes, Sri Lanka. It was so much better than we expected. It was an amazing trip – lots of friendly people, amazing sights and wonderful overall.

Similarly, Cambodia (Siam Riep) wasn’t as good as everyone said it would be. Angkor Wat was ok…

What’s the greatest thing about traveling as a couple?

We learn from each other. We fight sometimes but it helps us grow in many ways. We help each other face fears and try new things.

Your top tips for couples planning an extended trip together?

Just like everything, be open to each other’s ideas. Learn to work through your disagreements and compromise

Do you plan to keep traveling indefinitely or do you see yourself settling down somewhere before long?

Well, our parents want us to own a house or a stable business. We know traveling indefinitely like a nomad isn’t in our stars but we want to travel as long as possible till we are old. It’s about balance and that is what we aim for in life. We really can’t get into either extreme.

What has travel taught you?

That you can’t listen to media about places. It also taught us patience, organization skills, learning about cultures and always try new things. Finally, it taught us to live in the moment and that you can’t always control things. Planning is good but leaving things up to fate and faith is also important.

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