Dubai Shopping Festival and Events in November 2017

  Come to think of it, Dubai has always been an epicenter of too many activities all through the year… and November is not an exception to the awesomeness of this Emirate.

    However there are a lot of things that are specific to November that make Dubai an awesome place to visit in this month:

1) The Burj Al Arab

     There is no list of attractions in Dubai that would be complete without this amazing skyscraper. Covering the list of devices already high landscapes,  the Burj Al Arab is surely a delight to watch and to watch from.  what makes it even more awesome is the amazing number sunset that gives a shimmering orange as it goes down.


     The transition from the Sakthi warm climate to the pleasant hold of the evening is something worth waiting for as the day sets. Enjoy your cold evening with your loved one or with anyone for that matter. Prepare to get drenchs in the luxury of all the restaurants over there the night clubs and breathtaking views of Dubai nights cape.

2) Jennifer Lopez Concert

     It can’t get better with November because we have an amazing pop artist who is making her presence on the stage full of energy in Dubai. quit talking about this gorgeous lady who ushered the new Millennium in the song Waiting For Tonight.  Yes! It is Jennifer Lopez.


     On Friday the 17 of November EP 04 of Dubai dance To The Beat of Jennifer Lopez at the Autism Rock Arena. If you are a file from real good music and if you are a fan of this amazing artist then we need anymore a reason to go to Dubai this November?

3)  Desert Safari in the Evenings

    There is a lot more to Dubai then what we say I want this amazing developed infrastructure and cityscape their lies a dry arid that Dubai is still capable of transforming into an attraction that people will keep thronging for.  what makes these dry sandy deserts even if the kind of adventure the day offer!


      Try a trip of dune bashing on a 4×4 SUV or try dune surfing as if waves are made of sands!

4) Shopping


      Dubai and shopping are like conjoined twins – they can never be separated. You can never imagine a trip to Dubai without some shopping happening there.  Dubai shopping festival start closing in, you can expect to see a lot of shop that have discount and offers fabulous products, but without the hassle of the crowd.  If you are willing to let it on the price and not compromise on the experience, November is the month for you to visit Dubai!

5) The Experience of Stay:


       November is a perfect time for you to experience Dubai and the luxury of stay in Dubai. With the onset of the Dubai tourism season, You can expect Dubai luxury Hotels to be a lot cheaper than usual. With the ever-growing number of luxury hotels, you can expect your stay to be always available and be a pleasure as well. The only thing is that you will need to book early to get the best prices.

6) Parties:

     One of the things that is not quite extravagantly popularized when it comes to Dubai, is the nightlife. Dubai has a thriving party culture that opens up late in the night. With all those beer festival and every event that happens in November, you can expect Dubai nightlife to have a better but then all the other months of the Year excluding December.


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