Shopping is a lovely escape, a leisure, a mix of fun which is enjoyed by everyone around the world. Fancying yourself into the dangling outfits displayed on the mannequins, or enjoying your favorite meal into cuisine world, envisaging that only can usher the utmost desires of our heart and visualize the excitement out of the usual life we are living every day. Dubai Shopping Festival is that auspicious event where all these fantasies and dreams come alive! Light shows sparking into the sky, spectacular architecture manifesting into mesmerizing surroundings and the glamour beaming through every corner, the festival is indeed one of the biggest shopping celebration in the world.

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   The Dubai Shopping festival (or DSF) was originated in the year 1996 for the sole purpose to aid the retail commerce in Dubai. But eventually, it had received too much fame that it is now celebrated as one of the famous tourist attraction around the world and has even bagged its position in the Guinness book of world records. The event mainly occurs in the first month of every year and usually last till the end of the month. One of the main driving reason for which makes the Dubai Shopping festival more unique is their distinctive amalgamation of the high-end retail shopping and modernistic cum revitalizing experiences emanating from diverse entertainments and colorful events. 

   The event is mostly opened by Celebrity performances and its glorious light shows. There are tremendous offers and deals  swarming in all locations in order to lure more customers and in the end, it is finally turned into a huge shopping paradise. Whether they are children or families, couples of friends, or even solo backpackers, from Disneyland, multi-cuisine food festival to art lovers, there is always something to fill the excitement and enjoyment in people.

Locations :

   Dubai Shopping festival is scattered all over the city. Every shop in the street had deals and promotions to offer during that time. However, the prominent attractions could be located around places such as Global village, Shopping malls such as Dubai mall or Mercato shopping mall, hypermarts, Al Rigga streets etc.

But is Dubai Shopping festival only about Shopping? : 

   Even though it’s a shopping paradise offering jaw-offerings deals, but still there is much more to experience inside this amazing festival. Beautiful models rambling their glamour on the ramp show, or skillful artist displaying their performances on the streets or mix joyful music being staged by musicians, fire-shows streaming across by jugglers, the limits to entertainments is  just endless.

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Dubai shopping festival prominent attractions: The festival is although packed with diverse volumes of events, but the most prominent ones can be summarized below:


   The festival so  huge is usually launched with spectacular inauguration driving the whole atmosphere into a colorful carnival in itself. Picturesque parades marching between the crowds, artist showing their creative performances, accompanied by acrobats with their talented displays, dancers flowing into the musical ecstasy, there is much more to experience in this festive carnival. The carnival is repeated every weekend during the complete span of the Dubai shopping festival.

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Global Village:

   Ever wish to shop around the world in one place? The global village is the perfect spot for you then! Though it’s a part of the grand Dubai Shopping festival, but it is located at a considerable distance from the city which can be easily accessible by a cab or can be accompanied as a part of travel tours. Its unique concept is based on global integration, where different countries pavilions are set and designed with an appealing architecture and some of the popular products of their respective countries are displayed for people. Besides pavilions and shopping, it also comprises of various fun rides for kids, bustling water sports activities and food stalls for people to satisfy their hunger pangs.

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Children’s shows: 

   There are plenty activities and shows organized in this event to attracts more kids and families. The enjoyments when they feel while watching the people performing in circus and showing some remarkable talents, amazing cartoons displays, special shows organized by Dolphinarium of Dubai as well as World Olympiads of children, it keeps the excitement rolling in their hearts throughout the whole time.

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Lucky draw prizes:

   Lucky draws are arranged by Shopping malls and retailers mostly every week to engage more customers whereas people at the same time get the opportunity to avail some great deals and prizes by participating in them. These are sometimes circulated in gift vouchers and or scratch coupons for the prizes and discounts.

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How it continues to be successful? It always strenuous to keep consistency when you are organizing a grand event at a such an enormous scale, for which, there have been many effortful measures carried out to achieve the continued growth and business out of this mass event, one of which is the inception of diligent call centers and web pages  that open the doors for fresh contemporary ideas and opinions from public with reference to on-going activities. There were also new waivers schemed initiated by the Government for people implementing these events in the vision to simplify the overall process and boost private sector participation as well as retailers who also announce their promotional offers at the same time of the festival to benefit much more from their sales.

          Tourism fashion has been reshaping and evolving at a very fast magnitude nowadays. People around the world not only desire to travel for leisure or business, but they also look forward for this big era of shopping tourism. Dubai Shopping festival has proven to be one of the magnificent festival providing a vast integration retail shopping and rejuvenating shows and events thereby forming itself into a lifetime experience. Tourist traveling and attending this festival not only get the opportunity to enjoy retail shopping but also get the feel of enjoying culture and luxurious vibe this country had to offer!

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