Wayanad is a popular tourist destination in Kerala. It is one of the most visited and famous hill stations in India. Wayanad is located in the midst of mesmerizing wilds of Western Ghats in Kerala. Tourists from various parts of the world visit Wayanad. There are numerous tourist places in Wayanad and all of them are extremely mesmerizing and beautiful. The islands, waterfalls, caves, beautiful landscapes, forests and hills make Wayanad a retreat for travelers. It is a must visit place if you admire natural beauty in its perfect form.

Banasura Sagar Dam: It is located through Karamanathodu River which is a branch of River Kabini. It is the second largest dam in Asia and also said to be India’s largest earth dam. It is ideally located at the slopes of Banasura hills. King Mahabali is the popular ruler of Kerala and his son name (Banasura) was derived to the dam. In Western Ghats, Banasura Hill is third largest Peak. At the reservoir of dam you can see set of islands that serves as a beautiful sight.

Banasura Sagar Dam

The Banasura hills and the islands are perfect visual treat for people visiting the premise. The dam is situated nearby Karalad Lake. It is another popular tourist spot in Wayanad. Boating and trekking are best activities to indulge when you visit Wayanad. It is recommended to trek the dark jungles of Banasura Peak. The travelers can enjoy unique experience by boating in the dam and lake. You have an option to choose pedal boat or speed boat.

Chembra Peak: If you are willing to go for an adventurous trip or admire nature beauty in most soothing and relaxing way, you need to head to Chembra Peak. It is close to Meppady town and located eight kilometers in south of Kalpetta. Chembra Peak is the 2100 meters in altitude and said to be Wayanad’s highest peak. It combines Vallarimala in Kozhikode and Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiri Hills. It is simple to reach Chembra Peak by walking from Meppady town. It is clearly seen from all regions of Wayanad. It is the best destination for activities like trekking, camping and mountaineering.


Due to frequent loitering of wild animals, overnight camping is restricted in Wayanad. While you are traveling to this peak, you can see a lake in heart shape. It has never dried till date and serves as topmost attraction.  The name of the lake is hridhayathadakam. From the top, you can see Malappuram, Kozhikode and Niligiri districts. It is an amazing point to enjoy the nature’s beauty. As the entire area is surrounded by dense forests, it is hard to climb. It is worth to visit any time of the year.

Kuruva Island: Kuruva Island or Kuruva Dweep is a preserved river delta. It consists of group of islands in the midst of Kabini River. Kuruva Island is spread for almost 950 acres of area. It is populated with fauna and flora. When you enter deep into this island, you can see various attractive things. It is an awesome view to watch bridges in island made of bamboo and other rare varieties of trees. Kuruva Island is home to wide range of herbal plants, orchids, birds, etc.


As the island is covered by streams, you can choose to go for rafting or boat ride. It is the best way to enjoy and view the magnificent beauty of island. It is a popular spot for rafting and tourists from various countries visit this island especially for rafting. If you have enough time, you can go for a lazy and calm nature walk. The authorities maintain strict rules and picnic and partying is restricted in this island.

Pookode Lake: It is located 15 kilometers from Kalpetta. Pookode Lake is a beautiful and peaceful freshwater lake. It is situated amidst Western Ghats and evergreen forest. It is a popular and favorite tourist destination for travelers in Wayanad. In this lake, you can see lots of fresh water fishes and blue lotus. The blue water lilies are scattered throughout the water. Another main attraction in this destination is sight of rare birds and animals from the surrounding forest. Tourists can indulge in boating. Necessary boating facilities are present there. If possible, you can visit nearby shopping centre, children’s park and freshwater aquarium. The shopping centers are managed by the District Tourism Promotion Council.

Pookode Lake

Apart from these places, Wayanad is famous for various attractions like Thirunelli Temple, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Jain Temple, Lakkidi View Point, Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary, The Bamboo Factory, Phantom Rock, Neelimala View Point, Meenmutty Waterfalls, etc. Enchanting and hypnotizing, clean and pristine, Wayanad is filled with culture and history. Wayanad is the best tourist destination to enjoy nature in its best form. There is no need to confuse about accommodation since you have lot of options like resort, homestays and hotels in Wayanad. Plan a trip to Wayanad and feel like resting in the lap of nature.

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