Dubai is the perfect destination to spoil you as it offers everything that you have ever needed to do in life. The adrenaline rush and the thrill of the adventures at the Ferrari World can be experienced nowhere else. The enthralling beaches, the mega malls, the tallest skyscrapers and best of desert Safari – Dubai has it all for you.

1. Off for an early weekend

Yes, Dubai has its weekend starting from Thursdays until Saturday. It is much longer compared to what of have here. Although working on a Sunday is really unusual, but see the perks of it. Three days of absolutely no work and only fun is surely the best thing that can happen to you when you are on a vacation. The fun begins early there and lasts longer. So just gather up your friends and party there. The more the merrier after all.

2. Skiing time in the desert!

It is usually unheard of. But it is actually possible in Dubai. Even after being a desert place Dubai actually offers you skiing in the Dubai Mall. It has a huge skiing area with freezing temperature inside. It even has many slides and other rides inside for you and the kids and all of you can have a blast there. Ski Dubai is the most popular indoor ski resort and you can even play with the penguins there. Be assured of having loads of fun there.

3. Indulge in the man-made Islands

Dubai has one of the best man-made islands in the world. The Dubai Palm Islands is the only exclusive island in the world which is designed in the pattern of a palm tree. It looks spectacular from a helicopter in an aerial view. You can even add into some adventure to try the free fall from above. It will not only offer you the best adventure but also the breathtaking view of the Palm Islands from above. It will surely add on to your most memorable experience.

4. Just drive away

If you can drive a car and want to experience the thrill, Gasoline is the perfect thing for you. You can actually rent an XUV at Rs. 35 and just drive away as much as you want. Not only can you drive on the king size roads of the city but also on the vast desert. You can try dune bashing on the desert and it is exciting and super fun at the same time. You must try it in Dubai as in India you will hardly get a chance to do it. Remember the action sequences in the movies in the desert and just try them there.

5. Get a chance to ride a gold plated car

If you have any connections in Dubai who are in any way connected with the top shots there, you should seriously try this. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. In India, you will surely get a chance to rent a BMW or an Audi or a Mercedes, but riding a gold plated car is surely something out of the box. Dubai can actually spoil you to that extent to offer you to ride them. So extend your connections, and who knows! Maybe even you can give it a shot.

6. Try the gold vending machines

You can actually buy gold in Dubai from the gold vending machines. You have hardly ever seen that anywhere except for Dubai. You will surely get a chance to try that in Dubai. Dubai is popular all over the world for its pure gold and that too for dirt cheap price. Till now you have taken out cash for the ATMs but now you can even take out gold from the vending machines. You can even buy in bulk. Just enter the amount and the quantity required and just see for yourself how it feels to actually see the gold coming out of vending machines.

7. Walk on the clouds

You might have always dreamt of walking on the clouds but never thought of actually experiencing it. But with Burj Khalifa which is the tallest tower in Dubai, you can actually experience what is exactly feels to see clouds all around and walk over them. Well not technically of course! But it can actually make this almost impossible dream almost possible. That’s not a bad deal after all. So why not experiencing it while your stay in Dubai and spoil yourself a little more. But you will surely not regret it.

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