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Here find the 20 Fun Things to do in Singapore below,

Fun Things to do in Singapore

  1. Sister Island Marine Park

    Sister Island Marine Park

Amidst splendid blue waters, you can see Singapore’s biggest coral reefs here and wild dolphins splattering around. A wide variety of biodiversity and flora and fauna, this is a perfect place to go snorkelling alone or with a friend and make wonderful memories.

You can visit the many restaurants here or have picnic lunch after you apply for a camp permit with your friends and family.

  1. Whizz away on Segway Mini-Pro

    Whizz away on Segway Mini-Pro

At the Fullerton water boathouse, the Go Green mobility hub has Segway Mini pro’s on hire or purchase in which you can zoom around and explore all of Singapore. Learning it is fast and easy and takes just 5 minutes even for a novice!

Do take loads of pictures and do it with your friends and family so that you have someone to take your pictures and make it a memorable day out.

Visit all the nearby attractions on the Segway Mini-pro and experience the totally awesome feeling!

  1. Stand Up Paddling

    Stand Up Paddling

Wait, what I just write. Yep, you read it right. Stand up paddling is a sport which is best done in a country like Singapore which has no waves or high tides at all. It can be done by novices or experts and is really easy to do and the paddles can be rented by the hour.

You need another reason to do it? Well, Olympian athletes use Stand up Paddling for their muscle and balance training.

  1. Go to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

    Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Situated near the Chinatown MRT, this temple is of the Tang dynasty and is a place of worship for Buddhist locals. It is a unique temple as it is said to house a tooth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism at the top storey while a huge hall in the lower level has the monks and devotees chanting away.

It draws Buddhists from across the world who come and pay obeisance as its one of its kind in the world. Don’t miss it!

  1. Hiking at Mount Faber

    Mount Faber

Mount Faber’s Top is possibly the best place to get a gorgeous view of the entire Singapore as you trek upwards from the lower levels of the mountain. This is a not to be missed experience, especially for adventure and nature lovers. Splendid flora, fauna and the city views are just waiting for you once you start walking on this amazing path. You can easily park your vehicle at the Mount Faber Loop area and then walk from there.

A touch of history awaits you as you cross the murals under the mountain’s podium which made of copper!

  1. Visit Tiger Sky Tower

    Tiger Sky TowerPhotograph by Don Alexis Paciencia

This amazing and tall sky tower is the tallest observation tower in the whole of Asia and is the place to visit to enjoy lovely views of Singapore in its full glory. It is located 131 metres above sea level and you can watch breathtaking views of Singapore and also Sentosa!

  1. Marina Bay Sands Shows

    Marina Bay Sands ShowsPhotograph by Lily Fraser

This is just a not to be missed item on this list! Just taking a walk along this beautiful and enchanting pathway in Marina Bay Sands and you will witness the South Asia’s biggest water and light show!

The show becomes, even more, enchanting with laser effects on the lights and water with a soothing orchestral soundtrack playing in the background. And yes, it’s is free!

  1. Hog at the Streat 2017

    Hog at the Streat 2017

Streat is the one a year food festival which is eagerly awaited by all food connoisseurs. An array of food joints, small hawkers and huge crowds make this place the best open air festival ever for foodies of course!

  1. Ballet Under the Stars

    Ballet under the Stars

This is one open air show which absolutely should not be missed by anyone, ballet lovers or not! 2017 will see this event entering its 22nd year of existence. Singapore Dance Theatre presents its best dancers moving to a fusion of contemporary and traditional ballet dances which you should simply not miss! Other attractions include dinner from restaurants there or you can bring a picnic dinner at Fort Canning Green.

  1. Tree Top walking at Macritchie

    Tree Top walking at Macritchie

In Macritchie Reservoir Park, there is a stunning suspension bridge connecting the two end points in Macritchie and is an awesome walk amongst the tree tops affording an amazing view of the entire park. It is a not to be missed day for nature lovers as it is the perfect place for viewing the entire forest and the wildlife present within.

Just get lots of water and insect repellent as it’s a long walk and mosquitoes are present in good numbers.

  1. Mind Games

    Mind Games

It’s the perfect place to hang out for locals and tourists alike and a place where you can spend quality time with your friends or family. You just need yourself to be present and phones and IPads can take the day off! This place has all the board games you can think of starting from Scrabble to Pictionary and costs only 2$ per hour. Well, that cannot be beaten by anything!

  1. Esplanade Bay

    Esplanade Bay Singapore

Well, music lover rejoice! This one is for you solely! Music performances are held at Esplanade Bay in the open air and are free for all visitors. With stunning natural beauty as the background and starlit night and your friends and family by your side, it all seems to be just heaven!

  1. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

    Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

This is a wetlands reserve and mangrove swamps which have a great variety and abundance of flora and fauna. It’s an adventure lover’s dream come true and best of all, it’s free!

  1. Go Shopping at a Flea Market

    Go Shopping at a Flea Market

All the ladies and the men too come right in! Shopping at a flea market is one thing which you just have to do. Where else can you get a bargain like 4-5 pieces of clothing for just under 20$. There are many flea markets across the city but the best one is arguably at Scape. Come early to get the best deals and choice!

  1. Go MegaZip

    Go MegaZip

When you visit Siloso beach, you have probably heard people screaming upwards who are zipping down. Yes, that’s called Mega Zip, and you zip all the way from the highest point of Sentosa to a point which is lowest and far away. Do not miss this for anything as it doesn’t compare to skydiving or any other sport at all. Zipping away to glory and screaming at the same time, boy you gotta try that!

  1. Go Farm exploring

    Go Farm exploring

In far away places like Kranji, Singapore still has many farms tucked away which are a treat to behold. They are free to visit and you can soothe your eyes with the lush greenery and the domesticated animals. Have a quiet day here and it will take you back to the golden days of farming!

  1. Go Swimming

    Go Swimming

Go swimming at the pretty and awesome pools which are open to the public and situated right in the middle of heartlands. Beat the summer and enjoy the waters at this amazing place. They cost 1$ and have huge colourful slides, splash pools and lazy rivers which are perfect to enjoy with friends or family.

  1. National Museum

    National Museum

This is an architectural delight and pleasure to visit as it’s full of history and will amaze children and adults alike. The great big dome and the inviting galleries are a delight to watch which has been lovingly maintained by the museum team since the1850s. The entrance fees are zero and this is a great motivator to get your entire family and or hang out with your friends.

  1. Lego land

This is an awesome place to take your young children and yes their older siblings are likely to like it too. This is just the perfect place to enjoy the variety of activities on offer which has been designed like a theme park. It has more than 40 learning centres and rides and they are all designed towards learning something new.

  1. Hipster Hawker Stalls

    Hipster Hawker Stalls Singapore

Cool hawker centre stalls sell so many yummy traditional and new hip Singaporean cuisine and that too at dirt cheap rates. A full on beef belly burger with yummy gravy on it can be had for only 5$! This is awesome news for you to have a great lunch or dinner with your friends or family or hang out with your date.


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