Getaways are something which is now becoming more important in the bustling city life. Now a day’s people living in metros have to commute a minimum of two and half hours in the congesting traffic, for sake of their work. The taxing and sedentary work curtails their freedom of being relaxed and close to nature. So breaking away from these shambles brought by the urban life has become essential and in that sense Getaways become more important. But always you have to be careful is choosing the way you want to spend the weekend or short vacations. It should be taxing, instead is should be rejuvenating.

One such place for Chennaites is Mudaliar Kuppam. Situated in ECR about 83 KM from Thiruvanmayiur, it is an offbeat destination. It is a brackish water lagoon bordering Bay of Bengal.

What to enjoy in Mudaliar Kuppam?

Mudaliar Kuppam


It is Brackish Backwater with lot of aquatic vegetation like water hyacinth, green algae etc. Though the lagoon stretch for a very long distance, the real waterway opened for tourists is 3-4 km only. At times there might be some dryness and black water at few places which may be a eyesore but  in general it is serene water way that people can enjoy.

Mudaliyarkuppam Backwater


Pristine Beach You cannot see such cleanliness in city beaches. But it may not be good idea to swim in the beach, because of the depth. The local people advice not to do. But you can make body wet by lying near the water. There would good amount of calmness and privacy which we are not finding in any city beaches.  There are no vendors in the beach except for a tender coconut seller.  Tamilnadu tourism which is promoting this place provides camping tents. If you are going in a group, this would be really helpful. Only down side in this beach is that there are very few number of shelters, which are basically trees. You have to be under sun, most of the times. So you need to plan you timings accordingly. The beach is worth spending 2-4 hours of time.  We can also contribute ourselves in keeping the beach tidy.

Mudaliyarkuppam Beach


Boating is the main attraction of this destination. Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation has a boathouse by name Raindrop Boat House. They have variety of boats and charge us based on the timings. The Boat rides include pedaling boats, Rowing Boats, Speedboats, Motorboats, one-seater Kayaks(Self Rowing), water scooter and Banana Boat. There are absolutely no waves and ride is so placid.

Mudaliyarkuppam Boating


One can see birds while you boat along the backwater. This is truly a very good experience. Though I could not see so many varieties, it is said that they would be migratory birds like greater flamingo, Kentish plover, lesser different varieties of Plovers, Sandpiper, Terns, Gulls, Shanks and Storks depending on the season.  But getting to see this is few hours drive from Chennai can be great relaxant.

Mudaliyarkuppam Birds

Things to take care

  • There are no restaurants or shops in that location. It is better to take snacks and food as required while keeping the tidiness of the beach in mind. The boathouse staffs say that they deliver food in the beach. You can also try that.
  • Have cash to pay for tickets and other expenses.
  • An alternate set of clothes, towel etc if you want to take wet yourself in the sea. Even there are decent bathrooms in the boathouse to take bath.
  • Spread to sit, if you are not okay with sand
  • Good number of water bottles
  • Umbrella(s) can be handy if someone is not okay with direct sun.
  • Beach Set – Toys if you are going with children
  • Tips for the boatman are not encouraged by the boathouse authorities. But still, they may be nagging.


  • They place lonely unless you have a crowd. But mobile phone signals are working.
  • Have boathouse and boatman number handy.
  • There is some vegetation on the beach. Some locals are taking liquor there. So avoid going near that.
  • The boathouse provides safety jackets during the boating session.

Attractions Nearby

  • Monuments in Mahabalipuram
  • 7D- Theatre in Mahabalipuram
  • Satrus Dutch Fort
  • Thirukazhukundram Temple
  • Alamparai Fort

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