Are you planning for Mussoorie trip? If so, you should definitely include Happy Valley in your itinerary. Happy Valley or Mini-Tibet as it is commonly called is located on the outskirts of Mussoorie. Almost about 5000 Tibetan Refugees live in this region. When 14th Dalai Lama settled in Mussoorie, several Tibetans settled along with him. Thus, Happy Valley has been remaining as their shelter since 1995. Today, Tibetans have become an important part of life and culture of this beautiful land of Mussoorie. The art and culture enthusiasts love visiting these sites to see the foundation of the Tibetan struggle and their beautiful culture.

Dehradun, Rishikesh, Rajaji National Park, and Paonta Sahib are some of the most popular nearby places. This beautiful trail and the Tibetan settlement leads to Cloud’s End over here. Although the best time to visit it is from March to November, if you wish to take part in their colorful celebrations, then you should visit Happy Valley during December.


Happy Valley starts from the west side of the Library Point and then extends to the Cloud’s End. It is located at a distance of 2.5 kilometers from the Mussoorie Library Bus Stand which is very close to the IAS Academy. It is located at a distance of 42 kilometers from the ISBT Dehradun.

Famous For:

Happy Valley is popular for photography, shopping, religion, history, and nature. It is an attractive spot in Mussoorie and is a large Tibetan conciliation in Mussoorie. It has the IAS Academy, the Municipal Gardens and the Tibetan temples. In the year 1960, the first central School for Tibetan Children was opened by the Indian Government. The Shed Up Choephelling Temple is also located closely on the top of a cliff which is the highest point. Even the 1st Tibetan shrine was built over here which was consecrated by Dalai Lama.  Mahapandit Rahul Sanskrityayan who is the father of Hindi Travel literature had stayed in Happy Valley with his family.

How To Reach?

It is located at a distance of just 0.4 kilometers from Mussoorie. It can be easily reached in a bus, taxi or car which is easily available from the Mussoorie station itself. The Dehradun Railway Station is the nearest and the Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest to reach Happy Valley. If the weather is calm and pleasant, you can even walk to this place. You can even travel by a rickshaw to reach this place. It is recommended to explore the Happy Valley during morning hours.


There are various attractions in Mussoorie like the Mall Road, which is filled with restaurants and cafes, souvenir vendors, video game parlors and Library and Picture Palace.

Lal Tibba which is the highest point is located at a height of 2,346 meters above sea level. Kempty Falls is located at a distance of just 15 kilometers from Mussoorie and the waterfall falls from a height of 12 meters.

Landour is the quaint cantonment town popular for its unpolluted and panoramic views. From gardens to temples, to wooded estates, the place highlights everything of immense beauty.

The Municipal Garden is a beautiful picnic spot with a waterfall and lake inside it. Jharipani Falls is located at a distance of 7 kilometers from Mussoorie is filled with wildflowers, creepers, and shrubs.

Benog Tibba is a great place for trekking. It is located on the beaten track. It is dotted with various camping sites where one can sit with their friends enjoy a bonfire.

Mussoorie Heritage Centre is located at a distance of just 3 kilometers from the Library Bus Stand, which showcases and preserves the Heritage of Mussoorie and all the adjoining places.

Camel’s Back Road is a very popular location which is a very calm and peaceful. It is best to go for a 3-kilometre walk amidst the nature to enjoy ultimate serenity and tranquillity. There are various rock formations which looks like a Camel’s hump. It provides charming views of the entire place.

Gun Hill is the second highest peak in Mussoorie. The Cable car ropeway and balloon shooting are some of the activities popular here. It offers spell bounding views all around.

Bhadraj Hills is an extremely picturesque spot which has a trekking trail. The constructing landscapes and beautiful mountain views are filled with vast grasslands and dense forests all around.

Restaurants And Food Joints:

There are various restaurants in the Happy Valley region, like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant, Noodles and Company, Kalsang, Café Ivy, Little Lama Café, Lovely Omelette Centre, Emily’s, JW Café, Sushi & Maki, Momo’s Tibetan Restaurant, Sports on Tap and the Tavern.

Major Highlights:

The ShedUp Choephelling Temple is the major highlight of Happy Valley. It is located at the highest point on the Cliff. It was the first shrine to be built by Dalai Lama. It is the perfect example of true Tibetan architecture. The people of Mussoorie and Dehradun considers it to be very holy. There are various prayer wheels and idols of Lord Buddha inside the temple. It is carved with beautiful panels and paintings on the walls as well as on the ceiling. There is also a meditation hall. From this temple, you can even get a very picturesque view of the Hathipao, Dalai Hills and Benog Hill Circuit.


When you visit Happy Valley, you can even try shopping from nearby places like the Tibetan Market where you can get cheap clothing and other items. You can also purchase from colorful assortment of small stalls that is popular for electronic goods and clothing.

The Mall Road is the busiest shopping center here. You can get apparels, ceramic vases and electronic goods along with the prayer wheels.

Classic Emporium is a lovely place where you can get decorative items, British furniture, colorful lampshades, porcelain figurine and a huge collection of Tibetan sculptures.

Himalayan Weavers is another popular shopping area where you can buy great woolens like hand-woven shawls, scarves, stoles, and others.

Gandhi Chowk is popular for trinkets, mementos, Chinese vases, and carved wooden boxes.

Library Bazaar has been designed in a complete old Victorian style and is a very popular local market.


Some of the most important facilities offered for tourists include storage and locker, bathroom facilities, drinking water and many more.

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