The first impression that comes to mind when we talk about the state of Maharashtra is about the cities of Mumbai and Pune. Maharashtra is one of the most industrialized states in India and it can be best felt in the contribution towards the taxes and the GDP of the state. The state that is always on its feet and is the home to the maximum City that never sleeps has to have points of relaxation for people who are entangle in the bustling lifestyle. In that respect, Maharashtra gifts with a lot of hill stations that have still not lost their serenity.

Here are a few hill stations in the vicinity of Mumbai that can give any other hill station in the country a run for its money.


Situated at an altitude of about 1500 m from the mean sea level blessed with abundance of nature, Mahabaleshwar has all it takes to become a hill station that could you Captivate any person who is on the Lookout for a Getaway from the city of Mumbai. Mahabaleshwar has a lot of elements that make it a great spot for tourism. There are stunning places that provide great views of sunsets and sunrises. There are foods that talk about the history of the place and some of the most Epoch making events that have happened there. And also Amazing waterfalls that provide a good element of thrill to the onlooker.

The Pratapgad Fort was built by Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji. This was the place where the commander Afzal Khan was killed by Chhatrapati Shivaji proclaiming The Maratha Supremacy in the Deccan region. The Wilson point after naming the governor of Bombay is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar and gives you a spectacular view of the sunrise. And sunset point the origin of the river Krishna that flows through the states of Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh originate in the mountains of Mahabaleshwar and is literally considers to be a form of Lord Krishna, who is an avatar of Vishnu.

Khandala and Lonavala

These two hill stations are incomplete without each other. It can be consider to be the binary stars of tourism around Mumbai. Thanks to a song by Aamir Khan in the film Ghulam, the hill station has been quite famous ever since. There might not be a lot of attractions around 10 hill station that could be deem worthy of a bucket list, but there are a lot of places that give you an experience that is worth keeping in your memories for a lifetime. There are wild waterfalls, amazing viewpoints and trekking places that would give you a great experience of the wild side of the Western Ghats and how this place can beautifully combine peace with nature. Needless to mention, one of the most Elite and expensive living spaces in the world, The Aamby Valley City by Sahara situates on the Hills of Lonavala. Catch up on some Kulfi falooda, vada pav and Chiki to make your visit to this twin hill stations more complete.


A lot of hill stations are beautiful in the summers. But there are few hill stations that are beautiful in the rainy season. And if we have to compile a list of such hill stations, Matheran would be the first in the list. Matheran is so fragile in its ecosystem that no motor vehicles allow to get into the region of the hill station. The only two ways of getting into the hill station are either by walk or by horses. The abundance of places like waterfalls, viewpoints and trekking areas make Matheran a great place for you to enjoy a break from Mumbai. If you are not a particular about the experience of Reigns, you can consider visiting the place even in the summer then you can enjoy toy train ride. Make your visit to Matheran more complete with the best Vada Pav in the world at Karjat station.

Lot of cities have their own circle of getaways. However, in this regard, Mumbai is one of the most gifted places. Multitudes of hill stations give you a lot of options to enjoy your break from the strenuous lifestyle of the city. To rejuvenate yourself to be back to your energetic self again!

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