Malaysia is rich in history and is also renowned for its historical heritage and three days trip is not enough for visit. These are a few among them

1. St. Paul’s Churchsaint paul's church

A very famous and oldest church in Malaysia built in 1521 located at the summit of St.Paul’s Hill; it is now a part of Melaka Museum Complex.

Earlier a simple place of worship dedicated to the Virgin Mary built by a Portuguese nobleman, Duarte Coelho, was then expanded in 1556 with another floor and a belfry tower. Then the chapel was as Igreja de Madre de Deus which means the Church of the Mother of God. Also there is a burial where many eminent people were buried including the second Bishop of Funay, Japan.

  1. Hang Tuah’s WellHang Tuah's Well

A 6 meters deep well dug by Hang Tuah for his own use which is located in Kampung Duyong, Malacca, Malaysia . It was declared as a historical place under the Antiquities Act on 29th September 1977 and is now a renowned tourist historical monument.

  1. A FamosaA Famosa

It is one of the oldest European architectural buildings in south East Asia located in Malacca, Malaysia. The Porta de Santiago which is a small gate house is the only part of the fortress which still remains today.

Earlier it consisted of long barricades and four towers which were extended later due to population growth after 1586. In 1641 the Dutch came over and renovated the gate in 1670 and carved ANNO 1670 on the arch.

Then in the 18th century the fortress was given to the British who wanted to demolish it. But later the Gate was saved by Sir Stamford Raffles founder of modern Singapore.

  1. Fort Cornwallisfort cornwallis

It was built by the British east India Company in the late 18th century. Named after the Governor General of Bengal Charles Cornwallis, it is the largest fort.

It was generally used for administrative purposes than defensive. In the 1920s the Sikh police of the Straits Settlements captured the fort. Now it is one of the prominent tourist attractions.

There is a chapel at the fort where many marriages have been recorded. The fort also consists of the old cannons. There is also a 21 m skeletal steel lighthouse  in the northeast corner of the fort also known to be the second largest in Malaysia.

  1. Cheng Hoon TengCheng Hoon Teng

It is a Chinese Temple, oldest in Malaysia, which practice the Three Doctrinal Systems of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Located at the Harmony Street near various other famous tourist attractions, it covers 4600 m sq. area.

Rich in interiors, it also has a magnanimous main gate and various halls for worshipping. The main hall is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin.

An opera theatre is also a part of the temple. One of the most standout feature is the 7m red flag pole in the temple.

The architecture follows the principles of fengshui. Covered by a river and ground view, the temple was awarded a UNESCO award for its brilliant architecture in 2003 which makes it a must visit.

  1. Christ Churchchrist church melaka

Built in the 18th century, it is the oldest protestant church.

Earlier white in colour the church was then painted red in 1911 depicting the Dutch era. It consists of various tombstones, a church bell, silver alter vessels and many other things to see and admire.

Three Sunday services are held in the church which are a must attend if you want to feel the peace inside.

  1. Sultan Ibrahim BuildingLeaning Tower of Teluk Intan

It is a former state secretariat building. It was once the tallest building in Malaysia during the pre Merdeka era. Now it is a museum.

It has a colonial and Malay architecture which makes it a prominent monument.

  1. Birch Memorial Clock TowerBirch Memorial Clock Tower

It is a clock tower located in Ipoh, Malaysia. It was built to commemorate James W.W. Birch. It has a very large bell and four smaller bells to strike the chimes.

  1. Kampung Kling Mosquekampung kling mosque malacca

A very famous mosque also situated on the famous Harmony Street in proximity to other attractive destinations. Originally it was built n 1748 with a wooden architecture but rebuilt in 1872 with bricks.

The architecture and interiors makes it a call for the visitors having a blend of English and Portuguese tiles, Victorian chandeliers, iron lampposts etc.

  1. Bukit Chinabukit china

Also known as the Chinese Hill is a hillside in Malaysia. It was a gift by the Sultan of Malacca, Sultan Mansor Shah, on his marriage as their residence.

The seven wells of Zheng He also known as the Dragon’s Wells according to the fengshui lie in the foot of Bukit Cina. Till date only three of the seven wells are intact and the most astonishing thing is they never dry even in the worst draughts.

  1. St. John’s Fortst john's fort

It was built in the 18th century to guard against landward attacks, located at the top of St. John’s Hill. It was also a chapel dedicated to St. John. With excellent architecture it had only one entrance gate. It also has inland facing cannons.

  1. Sultan Abdul Samad BuildingSultan Abdul Samad Building

Built in the late 19th century, it comprised of various government offices. It is one of the biggest landmarks of Malaysia. It has a 41 m high clock tower with a one ton bell. It also has one of the tallest flagpoles in the world with a 95m height. Many important events like parades occur here.

  1. Kellie’s Castlekellie's castle

Known to be haunted by some people, this castle is located in Perak, Malaysia. This unfinished ruin building is now amongst the popular destinations for tourists. It is also famous for its “scariest” 24 hour comic challenge.

During the construction a Spanish Flu struck due to which a temple was also built nearby and thus the workmen also built a statue of Smith along with other deities.  The temple and the castle were connected through a tunnel.

  1. Atkinson Clock TowerBirch Memorial Clock Tower

Used as a ships point of reference this oldest standing tower is located in Sabah, Malaysia.It was built in the memory of Francis George Atkinson, Jesselton’s first district officer who died of Malaria at the age of 28 in December 1902.

  1. Leaning Tower of Teluk IntanLeaning Tower of Teluk Intan

This left slanted 25.5m tall, three storey tower, is known as the Malaysia’s equivalent to Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was used to store water in draughts for the people. It is an official national monument now attracted by various tourists. The ground and the weight of the water make it lean which is really a wonder to watch.

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, do visit these incredible historical landmarks to make your time memorable and worth spending.  

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