One of the most special episodes of travel that you’ll experience is your honeymoon – all the frames that meant nothing to your eye since then, will now start having a romantic connotation. Honeymoon, for most people, is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, and there’s a great amount of care, thought and meticulousness that goes into planning a honeymoon.

We at Visiit, are proud to say that we have facilitated quite a lot of amazing honeymoons with our best honeymoon packages, giving them travel-memories for them to remember for a lifetime, and maybe more! 😉 With all that ‘experience’ of facilitating honeymoons, we bring you a few things that we’d consider to be the prime factors in making a destination great for Honeymoon!!

1) Privacy:


Let’s admit it! For most of us, the honeymoon destination is just a trophy. We need a place that will help us spend a lot of time with our loved ones in our own little world. A honeymoon destination should be something that keeps the ‘little’ world not so little – endless roads with no interventions, deserted beaches, vast expanses of shady woods, or even a patio in a vast lawn would make your honeymoon a step more awesome and romantic!

2) Factors that encourage intimacy:

No… we aren’t talking about intimacy in its crudest sense, but more about things that bring you close. While boating your own on pedals would surely be good enough, why not a roller-coaster ride where you sit close? Or planning your stay in a place that has a private pool or a hot-tub? Or if you’d like it filmy, maybe a place like Meghalaya where the rains give you a chance to walk under a single umbrella?

3) Places that keep you relaxed:


Yes, going on a trip to the Golden Triangle could surely be good, but do you really wish to tick-off Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri off your list, and rush to to cover places, when you’re on your first trip with your beloved!? We’s say surely not! Try to look at places that have a lot to offer as an experience, and relatively less to look at, as sightseeing destinations! After all, in Honeymoon, your romantic interest matters more than the places of interest!!

4) Choose a first-time-in-life experience:

For most of us, our honeymoon is the first honeymoon of our lives (Let’s not talk about exceptions!) So, let the honeymoon become a ‘first’ for something else other than the obvious ones. A scuba-diving destination like Andaman or Maldives, and for the adrenaline-intense, maybe even skydiving, paragliding & bungee jumping in places like New Zealand would be something that they’ll remember for life!

5) A Place With A Romantic Connotation:


There are places that might be crowded, might not be relaxed and might not give anything as the first in life – but would still be ‘the’ honeymoon destination! The best example of this is Paris! Sharing a kiss at the Eiffel Tower or putting a lock on the bridge of Seine is, for some strange reason, considered romantic! If that is so, then why not flaunt it right?

With the ultra-wide range of honeymoon packages available with us, it was a learning for us with every honeymoon package we offer!! However, if there’s one thing that surpasses all these above-said things to make a honeymoon destination ideal, here it is – this is our Dhoni’s six:

6) Choose a place of common interest:

We’ve seen instances of couples going to places like Madurai & Hyderabad just because they love food, and to Uttarkhand because both of them are into trekking!! So, if you know your love so much, then you don’t need little things to make your honeymoon romantic, because there’s something relatively big that’s keeping your love bound together!!

Whatever be your interest in honeymoon, Visiit has the best and customized packages for you… for all the young couples who’ve been married for anywhere between 1 day and 100 years!! Happy Honeymooning!!



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