Singapore is  a city that has been dubbed by many as a perfect blend of “East meets West.” There is great food that can be found at “hawker centers,” along with other beautiful sights and other activities to do.

There is also a lot of diversity that live on this tiny island that lives harmoniously. It is also easy to fly to other Southeastern Asian countries. Singapore is a great sunny place to visit on its own or to make it a stop on your tour of southeast Asia, no matter what it is not a set to be missed.

What to pack and bring is always on the traveler’s mind, and this list gives great tips on what you should always bring with you and what you should think about bringing for those “just in case moments.” One rule of thumb when it comes to packing is to don’t over pack! If you happen to forget something chances are that you will be able to find it in Singapore. If you follow this list, you will be all set to pack up and be on your way to Singapore.

Things to Always Pack

Swimwear & Sunnies


Singapore is a city that essentially has summer all year long. So you always want to pack your sunnies, sunscreen and a swim suit. These will come in handy when you want to go to the beach and or if you want to spend a day at the Botanic Gardens.

If your hotel has a pool, you will also want to have your sunscreen ready and make sure to bring at least SPF30. It is always hot and humid, and you will probably be sweating a lot, so make sure you bring enough sunscreen to reapply multiple times per day. The temperature ranges from 25 and 31 degrees Celsius and the humidity range from 70-80%, so it’s HOT!

You will want to bring swimwear to be able to cool down during long, hot days.

Bug Repellent (specifically for mosquitos)

Bug Repellent

It’s always a good idea to bring a bottle of mosquito repellent. You can make a travel size bottle, which should suffice, but you might want to decide on how long you will be in the city on how much bug spray you will want to pack.

You will want the bug spray for when you visit sites at night or do night activities. You don’t want to be focusing on swatting away bugs and mosquitoes instead of an emphasis on the beautiful sights around you.

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

It is no surprise that it is hot in Singapore and it is critical to stay hydrated all day and night. You want to pack at least two water bottles that will last you throughout the day.

You might come across some water coolers at the some of the public buildings or train stations to fill your water bottles up for free when they become empty. But it is important that you bring water bottles, this also helps to reduce down on costs of buying bottled water.



As mentioned above, it is sweltering, and you will be sweating a lot. You don’t want to forget your deodorant because you don’t want to have those sweat stains in your photos and you don’t want to smell.

If you are used to a certain brand of deodorant, you will want to bring your own, even though there are toiletries that are available at stores in Singapore. They can be extremely pricey and will most likely not have the kind of deodorant you like or are used to.  And it’s one less hassle to worry about.



Always be sure to check what country you are traveling to so that you know what type of adapter to bring. Singapore uses the G power sockets, so you will need a converter if you are going from a country that doesn’t use the G power outlets.

These are easily found at travel stores, and you will want to pack it so you can charge camera batteries, phones, or use hair dryers, etc.



A backpack or a day pack is a great thing to bring. Not only will it be convenient for traveling, but will be great to put your water bottles, maps and any knick knacks that you may pick up during the day.

Make sure you get something that is light and versatile, you don’t want anything heavy when you are going on and off trains or in and out of taxis or anything heavy on your back when you are just walking around.



Oh clothes, this is usually the hardest part of packing for any trip and the thing that tends to get overpacked the most. One thing you want to think about when you are packing clothes for Singapore is first, the weather and second, the activities you are going to participate in.

The best advice would be to bring clothes that are comfortable and light because it is so hot in Singapore.

Cotton T-Shirts are perfect for Singapore and a pair of comfortable sneakers. DO NOT bring flip flops for walking around, you will regret it! Tennis shoes are great for walking around because they will give you the most support and your feet won’t hurt as badly at the end of the day. Flip flops are perfect for the pool, but not for long walks.

For women, you may want to consider skirts and dresses or shorts, as they will be the coolest items of clothing to wear and easy to move around in. They are also versatile to take you from daily activities to night events.

You will also want to pack one nice outfit; it’s always best to pack at least one dressy outfit because you may want to enjoy a meal at a nice restaurant or you may want to go out one night and be dressed up. This would also be an excellent way to fit in for fancier occasions.

Now that we have gone through the essentials of what to pack for any day during your visit to Singapore. It’s time to go through distinct seasons you may be traveling in and what to pack if you happen to be going to Singapore during these times.

The first is Monsoon Season which takes place from November through January. Early November to early January you expect a lot of rainfall. Most malls and pathways are covered, however walking to and from the metro could get you drenched. You don’t need to pick winter clothes though, even though it is raining it is still warm.

Pack a Cardigan


There will be slight breezes during Monsoon season during the evenings, so a light and comfortable cardigan or two will be the great way to combat the chill and keep you comfortable and warm.

Rain Jacket or Light Jacket

Rain Jacket or Light Jacket

Don’t be caught in the rain with just a shirt on; you will want to pack a rain jacket or some light jacket so that you don’t get cold during the rain falls. It will keep you dry and comfortable.

These are an item you can spend a lot of money on, or you can get something cheap just for your trip, it’s up to you the type of expense you want your rain jacket to be.




There is a lot of rainfall during the monsoon season, so you do not want to forget this essential item. While a rain jacket will help in keeping you dry, an umbrella just adds extra protection and keeps your backpack dry or other items you may be carrying around, especially if you have to stop and look at a map, you do not want that getting drenched in rain water.




If you hate umbrellas, as some people do, then think about getting rain covers. They have these for phones, cameras, backpacks. They keep all your items free from rainwater. They are perfect for backpacking trips or day trips if you know you will be out and about during the rain of monsoon season.

There are also some miscellaneous items that you may want to think about bringing with you. These are considered “non-essentials” but will add to your trip. You may even have some of your own misc. Items that you always like to travel with. This list is just a suggested list or some things you may have forgotten that you want to pack.

Camera and iPhone

Camera and or iPhone

A camera is a journey essential. While most people nowadays only use their iPhone to take photos, you may want to consider also bring a digital camera along as well.

You don’t have to bring anything too fancy, although if you are a photographer, whether professional or amateur, you can make more elaborate camera if you would like. But in case your phone dies, or you run out of storage (which this very well might happen) you will want to have a backup to take photos on to captures beautiful moments and memories.



Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world and from time to time you may be asked to show your ID. So you want to make sure you have your ID or passport on you at all times.

You will already be bringing your passport and ID because of flying, just make sure to keep them on you at all times.

Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitizer

Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitizer

These may seem like a silly item to have on a packing list, but it is essential. They come in handy when you are out and about, and you need a quick hand wash before eating.

Singapore Dollars


You don’t need to worry about exchanging a lot of money before you reach Singapore. They have ATMs, which are safe and easy to use. They also have money exchanges located everywhere, which are also safe and easy to use.



Make sure you pack any prescriptions you will need. Also, bring any brand or type of medicine that you are used to and have to have. If you get headaches, you may want to bring ibuprofen or Tylenol.

But don’t fret too much on bringing over a lot of medications, they will be available over in Singapore. This is just a suggestion if you don’t want to have the hassle of having to go out and buy medicine.

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

This is another weird one, but it is an essential. You will be thankful that you brought plastic bags and sandwich baggies that come in handy for dirty clothes, wet clothes or dirty shoes. Your suitcase will thank you.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are great to put in your suitcase to keep it smelling fresh all throughout your trip. You won’t be having any more smelly clothes since you most likely won’t be able to wash clothes until you return.


Here’s a rundown of the most important aspects of what to pack. The beautiful thing about traveling to Singapore is that no matter what time of the year you visit, it will always be warm, which makes it a little bit easier on packing.

  1. Bring cotton lightweight t-shirts, comfortable tennis shoes, and a swim suit
  1. Dressed keep you fresh and warm and are versatile from day to night
  1. Be sure to pack one nice outfit
  1. A rain jacket is a must during monsoon season
  1. Sunscreen, bug repellent and deodorant are better to be brought from home as they are cheaper and cause less hassle
  1. Be sure to carry your ID with you at all times

Now that you have a guide to packing and know what essentials you should bring with you to Singapore. Keep in mind that you might deviate from the above list, especially when it comes to the miscellaneous items. Think about your trip and tailor your packing list specific to your journey. Remember less is more. So get to packing your bags and enjoy your time in Singapore!

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