Hi, Guys. Yet another Interview with a travel couple bloggers who traveled across North America, Europe & Asia and has 10 years of travel experiences. Introducing you Sandy and Vyjay from imvoyager.com.

Tell our readers about yourself?

We are a travel blogging couple and Traveling has been our passion and we love exploring world cultures, seas, mountains, nature, food, art, history and urban places. We set up ‘Voyager’ blog as a place to share our stories and experiences of our amazing travel journeys and aim to inspire other travel lovers to see what this amazing world has to offer through our stories, videos, and photos.

How do you fund your travel?

This is no issue as traveling is a passion, the brand association also helps.

Did your family/friends think you were crazy?

Not really, and even if they did who cares!

What’s been your biggest challenge traveling together?

Coordinating our individual schedules has been the greatest challenge.

Best & Worst Place you been to?

It is not possible to classify the places as best or worst, each place is unique and has its own character. Switzerland, Italy and France are some of our favorite countries. Of course, not to forget the countless treasures of India.

What’s the greatest thing about traveling as a couple?

Travel is a journey which is both outwards and inwards, traveling together helps us to understand each other better.

Your top tips for couples planning an extended trip together?

The top tip is to just go ahead and do it! Forget all the mundane things of routine life and submerge yourself in the travel experience and come back with memories for a lifetime.

Do you plan to keep traveling indefinitely or do you see yourself settling down somewhere before long?

We have a settled base and we keep traveling from there and head back. Travel is life and will be there as long as we live.

What has travel taught you?

Travel is a catalyst of tremendous internal transformation. Travel has changed our perspective of the world, its people, and culture dramatically. We now have a 360-degree view of the world and we realize that wherever you go, intrinsically people are the same.

Connect with Sandy & Vyjay
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imvoyagerdiaries

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