Udupi is a famous place in Karnataka both as a tourist destination and pilgrimage centre. If you are a foodie, you would have definitely heard about ‘Udupi masala dosa’ that are really delicious. The tasty fillings in the dosa make it popular all over the world. There are several big and small eateries serving numerous types of dosas all around Udupi. Whenever you come across Udupi Hotel, ensure to taste masala dosas and dosas that shows the popularity of Udupi.

 1. Mary’s Island

St. Mary’s Island is a spectacular island located in Udupi, Karnataka.  It is filled with rock monoliths and white sandy beaches. This mesmerizing quaint island is a popular tourist destination with being a great geographical treasure. This island is a part of the four islands in the group and one of the top places to visit in Udupi. They are Daryabahadurgah Island, North Island, Coconut Island and the South Island. It is just 4 miles from the coast of the Arabian Sea. The crystalline rocks make it a wonderful site. The most alluring experience in this island is watching the sunset every evening.

2. Malpe Beach

Malpe is an enthralling beach which is a great place for rejuvenation and relaxation. It is located at a distance of just 6 kilometers from Udupi. The pleasant weather of the place makes it an ideal spot where you can indulge yourself in a variety of water sports. It is a great retreat to enjoy serenity and adventure. This seashore has four islands, that is, the St. Mary’s island, Kari Illada Kallu, Daria Gadara-Kallu, and Daria Bahadurgad. It is located on the mouth of the Udyavara River which is lined up by the palm trees and it is a picturesque location.

3. Krishna Temple

This beautiful temple is popular for various festivals like Hanuman Jayanti, Ramnavami, Paryaya festival, Deepavali and various other festivals too. Krishna Temple is a popular pilgrimage site where Lord Krishna is worshipped. This idol is adorned on a golden chariot. There is a silver plated window where you can find nine holes to offer your prayers. It is popularly called the Navagraha Kitiki and this temple is popularly referred to as the Mathura of South India. It is also a living Ashram as well as the birthplace of Daasa Sahitya. The Ashta Mathas managed the offerings at the Sri Krishna Mutt.

4. Manipal

Manipal is mostly popular for the Manipal University and it is located at a distance of 8 kilometers from the Arabian Sea. The IT Regional hub is located here which was previously a section of the Shivalli Village Panchayat. After the Kasturba Medical College, this sleepy town got a recognition. This town was selected for imparting medical education and multiple educational institutions are also set up over here. Even syndicate bank have their headquarters of the international branch here. Now this place has developed a lot and it is no longer a sleepy town.

5. Pajaka Kshetra

Pajaka Kshetra is popular for being the birthplace of Sri Madhavacharya. He was a Dvaita philosopher. This village is also famous for various other attractions. These attractions are believed to mark and depict the life of the philosopher. You can also find a huge banyan tree in this place. It is believed that the tree has been grown by the philosopher himself. Another major attraction in this place is the Madhava Mandir. This place hold lot of philosophical importance and religious significance too. It is a popular attraction for people visiting Udupi.

6. Anantheswara Temple

This 8th Century ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Anantheswara Temple is one of the oldest temple Complex in Udupi. The main shrine of Lord Shiva is made up of stone and it also houses other temples like Krishna Temple and the Chandramouleshwara temple. There is also a silver pot frame which has been installed very recently. Madhavacharya who was a popular Hindu philosopher used to render teachings to his disciples in the complex of this temple. It also holds great religious significance. It is filled with worshippers throughout the year.

7. Anegudde Vinayak Temple

Anegudde Vinayak Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha whose deity is that of a height of 12 foot. The idol is in the form of an elephant. According to the mythology Lord Ganesha has killed Kumbhasara by helping Sage Agasthya. The sage killed him while the demon was performing a penance. This act has been made to help the village which was in draught stuck. It is a peaceful and divine place. It makes it a perfect place for religious attraction. The idol has been naturally formed over here. People from various parts of India come to visit this temple.

8. Kodi Beach

Kodi Beach is the perfect place for the beach lovers. Here the River Suvarna meets the Arabian Sea and the scenic beauty of this place is simply magnificent. It is also popularly called as the Delta Beach as it is surrounded by water on its three sides. At Kodi Beach, you can also find a small port which is popular for fisheries. You can simply laze around or relax on the beach witnessing the beauty of the place all around. It is also popular for mouth-watering seafood and toddy which are all freshly prepared.

9. Kudlu Falls

This picturesque falls is also popularly known as the Sita Falls. It falls from a height of 150 feet. The entire place is surrounded by a dense green cover. This beautiful falls cascade down the Western Ghats on a hilly terrain. It is an enchanting waterfall where you can even try adventurous activities like trekking. The trekkers and nature lovers would surely love this place. It is a favorite destination among youngsters and adventure seekers. You can even enjoy the true essence of nature amidst the greenery all around.

10. Coin Museum Corp Bank

At Coin Museum Corp Bank, you can find an extensive collection of coins. It is also popularly known as the Corporation Bank Heritage Museum. Coins of varied dynasties can be seen over here. Some of them even date back to 400 BC. Here you can even understand the history of banking that exists in India since 1906. This extensive knowledge proves to be very beneficial to understand the banking system too. It was previously the founder house of the Corporation Bank itself. Now it is just like a financial temple. The market value of the coins here is approximately 4 million rupees. Here you can find 1400 variety of coins.

11. Vadabhandeshwara Temple

Vadabhandeshwara Temple is a beautiful temple that is located very close to Malpe Beach. It is dedicated to Balarama. He was the brother of Lord Sri Krishna. It was built by Madhavacharya. He had even constructed the Udupi Sri Krishna Temple. It is considered to be a sacred spot in Udupi. The seashore has a beautiful shrine of Lord Subramanya. You can even visit the nearby beach and spend some time witnessing the beautiful sunset over here.

12. Bramhavar

Bramhavar is located very close to the Udupi Railway Station. It is located on NH 17 and is an ancient religious centre. It literally means a settlement of Brahmins. It is an ancient cultural centre too. You can even visit the Mahalinga Temple and the Gopinatha Temple and the Janardhana Shrine. The temple highlights the beautiful Hoysala architecture.

13. Barkur

Barkur was previously the capital of the Tulu kingdom, popularly called Barakanur. It is located on the banks of the Seeta River which flows through it. Later it joins the majestic Arabian Sea. During the 15th and the 16th centuries, it was a flourishing port. Previously it had 365 temples of which you can still see the remains till date. The most popular temple here is the Panchalingeshwara Temple. You can also see an ancient fort and a few Jain settlements in Barkur.

14. Chaturmukha Basadi

Chaturmukha Basadi is a very popular Jain temple which is located at a distance of 50 kilometres from Mangalore. It is located on a rocky hill and the main deity here is Chandranatha. The Garbagriha here has four doorways. The temple is on a raised platform with 108 pillars. Large granite slabs are used for constructing the roof. It is referred to as Ratnaraya Dhama and Tribhuvana Tilaka Jina Chaityalaya.

15. Gomateshwara Statue

Gomateshwara Statue is dedicated to Lord Bahubali and is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Mangalore. It is a 42-foot statue located on a rocky hillock. It is the second tallest statue in Karnataka. It is a monolithic statue built in the honor of Veera Pandya Deva by himself. A festival that is held every 12 years is the most popular festival here. It is referred to as Maha Masthakaabhiskeka festival. Thousands of Jain devotees visit the place during the festive time.

16. Neminath Basadi

Neminath Basadi is a very popular Jain Temple which was constructed ages and ages back in the year 1329. It is located at a distance of 37 kilometers from Udupi. The main idol of the temple is Mulnayak Bhagvan Neminath. It is 54 feet in height and has been carved out of a single rock. There are other complexes too which house Lord Adinath Swamy, Padmavati Basadis, and Lord Mahavir. There is also the Bhujabali Brahmacharya Ashram.

17. Sri Venkata Ramana Temple

Sri Venkata Ramana Temple is popularly called the Padu Tirupathi and is almost 550 years old. An ancient idol of Lord Srinivasa is housed in this temple. The poojas in this temple are done as it is done in Tirupathi itself. The Annual Chariot Festival is very popular in Sri Venkata Ramana Temple. The Chakrotsav and the Laksha Deepotsava Festival are also celebrated in a grand manner.

18. St. Lawrence Church

St. Lawrence Church is located in Attur and it is 52 kilometers from Mangalore. It was built in 1845 and it is surrounded by placid greenery on all sides. It is located on the outskirts of Karkala, just 8 kilometers away from it. Apart from having a rich history, it is also a very popular place of worship. The Attur Festival celebrated in January is the major festival over here. Thousands of devotees visit during the festive season to worship every year.

19. Kere Basadi


Kere Basadi is located at a distance of 72 kilometers from Mangalore. It is a beautiful temple located amidst a lake. The place is surrounded by beautiful surroundings. There are four idols in this temple in the four carnal directions. They are four Jain Tirthankaras, that is, Bhagwan Ananthanath, Bhagwan Parsvanatha, Bhagwan Shantinath, and Bhagwan Neminath. You can also visit the stone monument at Kalla Basadi.

20. Jogi Gundi Falls

This beautiful falls is located between the Barkana Falls and Agumbe. Jogi Gundi Falls is located at a distance of just 17 kilometers from Hebri. It falls from a height of 20 feet into a huge pool. A great natural beauty surrounds the entire place. The water from this falls gets merged in the beautiful Malapahaari River. It was believed that Saint Jogi meditated in this place. So the name of this place has been named after him.

21. Onake Abbi Falls

Onake Abbi Falls is located at a distance of just 8 kilometers from Agumbe. It is very close to Someshwar. It is a beautiful and popular trekking destination where you can trek through the thick forests and the rocky slopes. The entire trekking duration from Someshwar to Onake Abbi Falls is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The water of the falls, falls from a great height of 200 feet which makes it look even more beautiful.

22. Ambutheertha

Ambutheertha is located at a distance of 73 kilometers from Sagar and 25 kilometers from Sringeri. River Sharavathi originated from here. It is a very scenic place with a thick forest. It is located in the middle of the Tirthahalli and the Hosanagara Road. Even the famous Jog Falls is located on this beautiful Sharavathi River. It is considered to be a sacred place because it is believed that Lord Krishna had pierced the earth here with his arrow for water. For this reason, the name of this place is Ambuteertha.

23. Achakanya Falls

Achakanya Falls is located at a distance of 16 kilometers from Tirthahalli. It is located very close to the Aralsuruli. It is situated at a short distance from the Ambuteertha. It is formed by the Sharavathi River. It falls from a height of 20 feet. It falls in 2 feet and it is popular for its surrounding natural beauty. It is a small waterfall which is at a distance of 89 kilometers from Udupi. It can also be visited from Shimoga.

24. Kaup Beach

Kaup Beach is 16 kilometers from the Udupi Railway Station. It is a gorgeous beach between Mangalore and Udupi. Ensure to watch the lighthouse that is located on top of the hills at the North side of the beach. It is a serene and peaceful place gifted with nature’s beauty. The British government has constructed the lighthouse and serves as a paradise for photographers. You can witness numerous palm grooves on the edges of the beach. It was home for various Jain temples and remained as a popular Jain Kshetra.

25. Ananthashayana Temple

Ananthashayana Temple is located 50 kilometers from Mangalore and 37 kilometers from Udupi. It is an olden temple situated in Karkala. The temple is devoted to Lord Ananthapadmanabha who is Lord Vishnu’s another form. It is situated close to Chaturmukha Basadi and Sri Venkata Ramana Temple. The temple houses a splendid statue of Lord Vishnu which is said to be carved out from a single stone. It looks like Lord Brahma arriving out of navel of Vishnu and Bhudevi and Sridevi at his feet. Currently, the Archaeological Survey of India protects and maintains the temple.

26. Barkana Falls

Barkana Falls is shaped by the Sita River. It is one of the most important sources for Karnataka hydroelectric projects. The meaning of the word Barkana is Barka- Mouse Deer and Kana is Home. While accessing the falls, you would find the first part of road muddy. It is best to go by jeep. It can be hired at Hebri or Agumbe. If you wish to reach the top, you need to follow a trekking route along the dense forest. It may take one hour to reach from the Malandur Village. Narasimha Parvatha Trek is practiced through this route. It is a 2-day trek usually started from Agumbe.

27. Jomlu Theertha Falls

It is located 12 kilometers from Hebri and 40 kilometers from Udupi. Shaped on Seetha River, Jomlu Theertha Falls consists of a collection of small flowing falls. It is a gorgeous place situated close to Belve Village. It is a popular picnic spot in Udupi and it famous among family tourists as they can spend a few hours in the midst of beautiful nature. It is completely safe to swim close to the falls. The place is completely packed with natural beauty.

28. Agumbe

Agumbe is 54 kilometers from Udupi. It is a popular and cute hill station visited by people from surrounding areas like Bangalore, Mangalore, Shimoga, and Udupi. It is one of the four mountains in the Western Ghats. It margins the mainland and distributes from the coast. It is usually praised as South India’s Cherrapunji. In South India, Agumbe receives the maximum amount of rainfall and said to be the second highest rainfall receiving place in the country. It is home to various rare species and medicinal plants such as Ficus, Eugenia, Hoiligarna, Listsaea, Myristica, and Garcinia. It is possible to get accommodations close to the bus stand. Several locals run home stays for travelers.

29. Bappanadu Durga Parameshwari Temple

Located 30 kilometers from Udupi and 28 kilometers from Mangalore, Bappanadu Durga Parameshwari Temple occupies the banks of Shambavi River in Bappanadu Village close to Mulki. Goddess Durga is the main deity of the temple and the main deity is worshipped in Linga form. It is the most temples in Dakshina Kannada. The temple was constructed around the 14th century. The temple houses a large drum which is popularly referred to as Bappanadu Dolu. During the month of April, annual festival is celebrated in a great manner in temple.

30. Marvanthe Beach

Located 52 kilometers from Udupi and 48 kilometers from Murudeshwar, Marvanthe Beach is a secluded place in Karnataka. It is separated by Souparnika River on one side and Arabian Sea on the other side. It is a picturesque spot to witness on the NH17 road that goes towards Udupi. The Kodachadri Hills remains as a mountainous backdrop to the beach. It is beautifully lit until late night. This beach is a safe place for swimming.

31. Kavaledurga Fort

Kavaldurga Fort is located 81 kilometers from Udupi. It is a beautiful ancient fort located on a hilltop at a height of 5000+ feet. The other name of the fort is Bhuvanagiri. The initial phase of the Kavaledurga Fort was constructed during the 9th century. Further, it was strengthened by the Cheluvarangappa, Belagutti King in the 14th century. It was again conquered and constructed by Keladi King- Venkatappa Nayaka. The fort lastly managed by the King Tipu Sultan. You need to do little trekking to reach this fort. This ancient fort offers a beautiful view of islands created by the backwaters of Varahi and views of the Western Ghats.

32. Sringeri

Sringeri is one of the must-visit places in Chikmagalur district. It is located 79 kilometers from Udupi. It is said to be an important pilgrimage spot in South India. It is popular for Sharada Peetham. It is the leading and first among the four peethams launched by the popular 8th-century holy person Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Sringeri is famous for various temples such as Vidyashankara Temple, Chennakeshava Temple, Sri Parswanath Jain Tirthankara Temple, Sharadamba Temple, Adi Shankara Temple, Malayala Brahma Temple, Kere Anjaneya temple, Kudremukh, Kigga, Sirimane Fall, Torana Ganapati Temple and Kigga.

33. Narasimha Parvatha Trek

Narasimha Parvatha remains as a popular spot for trekking. It is located 65 kilometers from Udupi, Karnataka. It is a two-day trekking trip. It is suitable for moderate to difficult trekkers, which it includes overnight camping on peak. Camping is permissible on the peak. During the trek, you can visit Sirimane Falls by taking an extra one-hour effort. It is a breath-taking experience to watch sunrise views from the peak. Kigga Temple and Sirimane Falls can be visited after reaching Kigga. It is recommended to hire a guide while trekking on this route.

34. Anejari Butterfly Camp

Being an enchanting little attraction, Anejari Butterfly Camp is situated in the midst of thick greenery of Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a favorite place for nature lovers and photographers where they can spend their leisure time watching beautiful birds and butterflies in their natural environment. They can even spend time by walking or trekking along the captivating trails via the reserve. Following this way, they can reach the Kodachadri Peak, which is Karnataka’s tenth highest peak.

35. Sri Indrani Panchadurga Parameshwari Temple

This temple is devoted to Goddess Durga. Sri Indrani Panchadurga Parameshwari Temple belongs to 11th century. It houses five lingas showcasing the Goddess and Vanadurga in form of stone sculpture. It is one among the Shakti Peethas. It is a large temple complex in Udupi.

36. Ratha Beedi Shopping Area

If you are interested to spend time shopping in Udupi, you should definitely visit Ratha Beedi Market. It is located close to the Krishna Temple. It is one of the popular places to visit in Udupi. You can find a large variety of religious items like holy figurines and incense. There are several temporary stalls and shops attracting a huge number of crowds, especially during festival time. If you are a fan of massage and Ayurveda therapy, you can purchase different kinds of oils here.

37. City Centre Mall

City Centre Mall is a famous shopping complex and must visit place in Udupi. It is a luxury shopping mall with showrooms, children’s play area, gaming zone, multi-cuisine restaurants, food court, service outlets, and showrooms. It is located at the hub of Udupi that is close to the city bus stand. It offers an excellent shopping experience for natives as well as tourists who enjoy entertaining, dining and shopping. It is a mall with five floors, basement car parking, and all the latest amenities. It is visited approximately by 7000-8000 people per day.

38. Mother of Sorrows Church

Mother of Sorrows Church was constructed and opened on November 25, 1880, by the Bishop of Mangalore N. Pagani. The annual festival meet takes place with a grand celebration in this church. The choir members sing melodious hymns and enhance the devotional contribution of the gathering. The main highlight is the candlelit parade with Blessed Mass in a beautifully decorated vehicle.

39. Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village

Located in Manipal, Karnataka, hasta Shilpa Heritage Village is a multi-dimensional social project that aims to conserve and restore cultural wealth of the nation in form of old-fashioned buildings, and articles of crafts, art and other objects of artistic interest.  Hastha Shilpa Trust manages the Heritage Village. In the last twenty years, the management has restored and relocated about 26 structures of high architectural value and fine craftsmanship. It is a treasure trove that should definitely be visited during your trip to Udaipur.

40. Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary

Located close to Kollur in the Udupi District, Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary occupied around 247 square kilometers. It shares its northwestern border with the popular Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary. It is divided into the tourism zone, butterfly zone, and core zone. The sanctuary remains thick with moist deciduous, semi-evergreen and evergreen forests of Western Ghats. It houses various animals like cane turtle, gaur, sloth bear, sambar, lion-tailed macaque, leopard, tiger and more. It is easily connected by roads.

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