Nilabh Ranjan Bio

An avid traveler, explorer, and photographer. My interests are in adventure travel and discovering new places. I value the need to respect nature and give back to the local environment during my travels

My blog TravelEscape is the reflection of all our journeys and experiences in India. Additionally, you will get all the necessary and vital destination information and useful travel hacks to be used. I recommend you to read our popular guide on Kaziranga National Park.

How do you fund your travel?

Nilabh- I usually create a travel corpus at the start of the year and then use it for my upcoming travel plans. Additionally, couple of hacks like plan and book the flight and stay in advance is another way to save money on travel

Did your family/friends think you were crazy?

Nilabh- Yes, initially it was the case. However, gradually they all understand that travel is itself a sort of investment on individual 

What’s been your biggest challenge traveling together?

Nilabh-  When traveling together, I think the biggest challenge is to keep the group in sync on their taste, choice, and hobbies. Traveling together can be the greatest fun of life is all members sync and understand the value of group travel

Best & Worst Place you been to?

Best Place

Nilabh-The blue mountain of south India or popularly known as “the Nilgiris”.  The greenery that fills the Nilgiris, the stunning and clean waterfalls and peaceful lakes are more than enough reasons not to come back

Worst place

Nilabh- Well in a positive sense yes, Last year I went to Wayanad (In Kerala). We expected our booked homestay to be the very lively place, however, we found our homestay located lonely in the middle of the forest with no trace of habitat in around 3 Km. In a way, it was bonus offer for me as I want to be in loneliest place in India.

Your top tips for couples planning an extended trip together?

Nilabh- I would strongly suggest planning the trip in advance for the couple. You will save some money as well as avoid last minute rush or unavailability of the rooms. Try experiencing your stay at the home-stay and enjoy the local hospitality and cuisine. 
Do you plan to keep traveling indefinitely or do you see yourself settling down somewhere before long? 
Nilabh- I never wanted to travel on a one-way ticket, I enjoy travel and explore new places every now and then based on my time zone. I believe giving priorities to other aspects of life is also important.

What has travel taught you?

Nilabh- Travel is all about investing in yourself. So, travel taught me to experience & learn the vibrant culture of our country and meet some awesome people. 

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