Travel – it’s not a hobby… it’s not even a passion! To some of them, it’s lifestyle! And it gives immense joy for travelers to share the I’ll experiences that have contributed in building their personality!! Here’s one such ‘personality’ who has come to enthrall us with her experiences, and her ‘version’ of travel!!

How do you fund your travel?

It’s been merely two years of my blogging career; I have been on the move continuously to many destinations in India and abroad on invitations from Tourism Boards, Luxury Resorts, 5 star properties and even attending events sometime. But before this, I used to travel every two months in India and those trips were self funded.

Did your family/friends think you were crazy?

Their perception has still not changed a bit. My family considers me as the craziest and weirdest woman, who dared to leave her lucrative salary and a comfortable job, only to chase her dream of travelling. My friends are still wondering about my lifestyle, earnings and travelling job. So, I have stopped explaining myself to people and leave it to their imagination.


What’s been your biggest challenge travelling 

To be very honest, being a Travel Blogger, I do get a lot of lucrative opportunities to travel the world. But when it comes to finances, it is not so promising in the present scenario. Blogging is still at its nascent stage in India and it can’t be an alternative career option for an independent person. If I talk about the challenge of travelling, I can connect it with the finance only. So, sometime you have to balance your lifestyle for travelling.

Best & Worst Place you been to?

I have just come back from one of the best locations in the world. I am at a loss of words when it comes to describing Finland. This spectacular place did a spell on me so deeply that I don’t mind spending a few years in the country. I probably haven’t seen such gorgeous and breathtaking landscapes anywhere till date.

I have not been to any worst place so far. Every place has its own charm and I enjoyed every destination. Each place is enthralling. I celebrate that uniqueness everywhere.


Your top tips for planning an extended trip?

There can be many tips for planning an extended trip. Though it depends on the destination one is heading to. These are the basic tips that I follow before any of my trips irrespective of the destination…

  1. Do a proper research of the place. It is a must do thing before you step out of your house. Knowing the place in advance can make your trip hassle free.
  2. Always carry sufficient cash so that you don’t land up in any problem. Sometimes your card might not work, or there might be any ATM facilities, so carrying cash is necessary.
  3. Make a copy of your most important documents like passport, tickets, and Id proof and mail it to yourself and family. It works at the time of emergency when you lose one of those.
  4. Always share your accommodation details and one emergency contact with your family before you travel to any place.
  5. Always carry local currency if you are travelling to foreign locations.
  6. Don’t travel to any country without Travel Insurance.
  7. Learn a few words of the local language to communicate if needed.


Do you plan to keep travelling indefinitely or do you see yourself settling down somewhere before long? 

Travelling has become an addiction. Getting lost in the map has become my favourite game in life and when I derive simple pleasures from those unexplored corners, I call it “A Perfect Life”. Neither I will ever stop travelling nor am I intended to become a hippie. May be at some point, I would like to give back to my society, whatever I have been learning through my journeys. I am leaving it for the time. 

What has travel taught you?

Travelling has made me a better person in every sense. It evokes the sense of belongingness in you. It has made me realize what a small place I occupy in this Universe. It hasnot only broaden my prospective about life, but has also made me a responsible person. Travelling is a liberating and an enriching experience which sets you free and makes you realize the worth of those little things which we ignore most of the time. At least I can profoundly state that travelling has made me quite humble in life.

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