Interview with Travelmax

How do you fund your travel?

I did my post graduation in MBA, Marketing. Since then I have had a full-time job. I plan my travels around weekends, clubbing the public holidays. Come what may, I try to do at least two international trips and one high altitude trek every year. Of course, weekend trips are added bonus. Recently, I have started monetizing my blog and I am slowly moving towards traveling full time.

Did your family/friends think you were crazy?

A lot of travel certainly raises some curiosity among friends and family. They think this is some form of escapism from like getting married! But, for me, life happens when I am traveling. They do pose the question asking what is the need to travel so much. But, they have always been supportive of my decisions.

What’s been your biggest challenge traveling together?

Traveling together has always been fun for me. Be it with partner, friends, family or even strangers. But, the biggest challenge I face is how difficult it is to convince them to get in an exploratory mode, try and discover something about a destination which hasn’t yet made it to the popular lists. Something offbeat, off the tourist grid. Most of them always want to go to attractions listed on top of some review sites. 
Best & Worst Place you been to?
The best place I have to been to would be the Tiger Monastery near Paro, Bhutan. The experience of hiking till the top and just sitting there, glancing at the dense clouds near the horizon was certainly a blissful experience. I wouldn’t say there is any destination worthy of being labeled as the worst because what I gain from travel is not only bountiful views. I meet new people, learn about new cultures and lifestyle. These experiences always make a unique memory for each destination I visit. 
Your top tips for couples planning an extended trip together?
I would say not to make the trip hectic. You don’t need to visit as many attractions as you can. Just indulge in the best experiences, together as a couple. If possible, cover only one attraction in a day. Get some solitude. Traveling is a great way to know your partner better. So, spend more time holding hands at a peaceful spot rather than queuing up at a popular destination.
Do you plan to keep traveling indefinitely or do you see yourself settling down somewhere before long? 
I don’t agree with the notion that traveling and settling down are inversely proportionately. In this era of globalization, if you are traveling and still staying in touch with your friends and family, I would consider it as settled. If you wake up with a smile on your face every morning, you are settled. Sure, with added responsibilities in future, I might not travel as much as I am traveling now. But, I would never stop traveling till my body allows it.
What has travel taught you? 
If travel has taught me one thing, that is being humble and respectful towards others. You go to a destination and show disrespect towards the local culture, that is not acceptable. You need to understand the fact that the locals consider that destination as their home and you have not right to perturb the peace and culture they consider their own.

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